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The 22 Best Restaurants In Costa Mesa, CA | Must-Try Costa Mesa Restaurants

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Grabbing a bite to eat has never been such a difficult task as it is in Costa Mesa. With so many amazing and unique options for food and drinks choosing where to eat is no easy feat. No matter what you‘re looking for, Costa Meca’s restaurants are incredibly diverse and full of flavor inspiration from all around the planet.

I’ve teamed up with Travel Costa Mesa to bring you this post detailing my favorite foodie finds from my recent visit to the city to help them promote their new Eatcation campaign. 

One thing that I quickly noticed and had to adapt to many of the best restaurants in Costa Mesa is located in malls and shopping centers. Even the Michelin star restaurant that I dined at was in a shopping mall! 

I’m not used to this as many of the restaurants in Oklahoma City (my hometown) or in Merida (my adopted hometown) are more standalone establishments. 

But, given that Costa Mesa is home to South Coast Plaza — the largest shopping mall on the West Coast, it’s not a surprise that there’s heavy mall culture to be found in Costa Mesa.

Also, you’ll notice many of the best Costa Mesa restaurants are located in three specific shopping centers- CAMP, LAB, and SoCo Collection. As you eat your way through Costa Mesa you’ll become very familiar with these three spots. 

We took a look at some of the best local spots in Costa Mesa that offer something for everyone, so you and your taste buds can start making reservations. Let’s dig in!

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My Top 3 Picks of The Best Restaurants In Costa Mesa, California

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
Taco MaríaDungeness Crab Tostadas and Striped Bass5/5
Tavern+Bowl Costa MesaBeerbeque Chicken5/5
Din Tai FungPork Xiaolongbao Buns and Pork Fried Noodles5/5

The 22 Best Restaurants in Costa Mesa

Folks Pizzeria

2937 Bristol Street || +1 714-617-4888

Folks have an ever-evolving menu that changes seasonally meaning you always have a reason to go back. However, they do keep some of the fan favorites on the menu year-round. 

Order a salad to start out your meal but be ready for a full stomach because the salads at Folks are very large. We had the chopped salad as an appetizer and the three of us sharing it couldn’t finish it. 

My favorite dish (that is available all year) was the meatballs with Sunday gravy. The slow-simmered sauce has bits of brisket, chicken thighs, and pork cheek in it. Thankfully they serve an amazing crusty bread to sop up the last of the sauce- you’re not going to want any of it to go to waste! 

restaurants in Costa Mesa

The Italian sausage pizza is also another classic that brings a little taste of Europe all the way to California. The naturally leavened dough had the perfect chew to it, the sauce tasted fresh and tangy and I loved the big pieces of Italian sausage. 

Photo Credit: Folks

Folks also carry a nice selection of natural wines to go along with your meal. 

We Olive & Wine Bar

3313 Hyland Avenue || +1 949-284-0609

For a little bit of charm and shopping, check out We Olive & Wine Bar for unique blend wines and oils for you to try out and enjoy.

Try some oils from various olive blends and enjoy some locally created wine while you get ready for dinner or as a break in shopping.

They offer small glasses and let you make your own flight if you are just stopping by. The convenient location is right next to Taco Maria inside the SOCO shopping center. I created my own wine flight while I waited for my table to become ready at Taco Maria. 

Taco María

3313 Hyland Avenue || +1 714-538-8444

If you are looking for one of the best authentic Mexican restaurants Costa mesa has to offer, then you will be blown away by Taco María.

Taco Maria is one of only two restaurants in Costa Mesa to have received a Michelin star, the other being Hana re sushi bar, which I hope to be able to try on my next visit. 

This buzzing spot is always busy and has an exciting atmosphere with plenty to look at and take in. If you’re dining alone be sure to ask for a seat at the bar so you can see the chefs in action. It was something akin to synchronized swimming the way the chefs called out orders, fired up dishes, and perfectly plated each dish. 

Photo Credit: Taco Maria

The menu is semi-prix fixe meaning that there are 4 categories with 2 options in each category for you to choose from. Since it is a Michelin starred restaurant I went all out and chose the 4-course dinner with the wine pairings. I found the price to be reasonable at $84 for the four courses and $42 to add the 4 wines. $126 for a 4-course wine dinner from a Michelin star restaurant isn’t bad at all.  

Some of my favorite dishes of the night were the Dungeness crab tostadas and striped bass served with fingerling potatoes in an anchovy sauce. 

Photo Credit: Taco Maria

As a (half) Mexican person living in Mexico, it’s oftentimes difficult to impress me with Mexican food but Taco Maria managed to do it!

Pro tip: You’ll want to call for reservations well in advance.

Fill Bakeshop & Creamery 

1767 Newport Boulevard || +1 949-873-5075

For the diner looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, there is no better spot than Fill Bakeshop.

You may have to wait in a line that often goes out the door, but that’s easily justifiable with Fills Hawaiian-style donuts that have a very unique texture for a satisfying bite. The unique texture comes from donuts being made from a mix of rice flour and traditional pastry dough. 

The result is a donut with a chewy texture, unlike any other donut that I’ve ever tried. Unique flavors and toppings include Thai tea Butterfinger, jasmine milk tea, strawberry shortcake, and cookies and cream.

Fill’s is always playing with their menu and in fact, were debuting the Thai tea Butterfinger the day of our visit meaning we were some of the first-ever people to try it! 

Donuts are made fresh daily and the store stays open until they sell out, which they often do. 

The Straw: Modern Milkshakes

1215 Baker Street Suite A || +1 714-852-3772

Almost nothing beats a classic milkshake on a warm day and The Straw has found the perfect recipe to appease your hunger.

These milkshakes were voted to be the best in America by Travel & Leisure and just one look at their stunning presentation makes it easy to see why!

Photo Credit: The Straw

Many restaurants in Costa Mesa change their menu, and here is where the menu is always being updated so you can try out a new and exciting shake with every visit. 

Menu options include The Bangkok Betty with mango and coconut cream that was inspired by the popular Thai mango sticky rice dessert or the Campfire that might take you back to your childhood as it contains roasted marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. 

The Straw also has a line of adult/boozy milkshakes and craft beers. 

Old Vine Kitchen & Bar

2937 Bristol Street || +1 714-545-1411

This stylish and cozy bar offers something for every wine lover to try out. You can try wine by the glass to see what is catching your attention or stop by to pick up a bottle of one of your favorites.

A nice salad will be the perfect complement to their bloody Mary’s and stopping by for brunch is always a great idea with the outdoor seating option adding to any weekend morning.

Brunch menu items I’m dying to go back and try include the lengua (beef tongue) omelet, rabbit mole, or the omelet with slow-cooked goat meat. 

Photo Credit: Old Vine

If you’re not feeling that adventurous you could try the southern brunch (biscuits with pancetta gravy – yes please), the pizza omelet, or the savory baked French toast. 

The dinner menu not only has 4 different 4-course tasting menus for you to choose from (original, Italian, vegan, and vegetarian) but also a wide range of dishes including swordfish belly, Indonesian shrimp curry, grilled lamb chops and pulled duck leg. 

Photo Credit: Old Vine

Rooster Cafe

750 St Clair Street || +1 714-754-1944

If you are looking for a diverse breakfast or brunch spot that offers a great mix of options, Roosters is a great spot to grab some breakfast with a small café feel. 

At his Costa Mesa breakfast restaurant, there’s a lot of healthy options like scrambled eggs, sausage, and avocado toast, with a variety of menu options offering exciting blends of flavors and sizes for every eater.

They also have heartier dishes like their huge breakfast burrito that I tried. It was stuffed with scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, cheddar cheese, and your choice of bacon or Portuguese sausage. This would be a great hangover meal to soak up last night’s libations!

Photo Credit: Rooster Cafe

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous, try out the Elvis sandwich which is a slice of French toast topped with peanut butter and bananas with a drizzle of chocolate and powdered sugar to top off the ultimate sweet-lovers breakfast.

Wild Goose Tavern

 436 E 17th Street || +1 949-722-9453

Dive bars all around America have inspired many other restaurants and Wild Goose is trying to bring back some old-fashioned neighborhood vibes to Costa Mesa. 

There is always plenty of nightlife at the Wild Goose and the food will keep you around all night as you try some of what they describe as “elevated pub grub”.

Wild Goose Tavern Costa Mesa
Photo Credit: Wild Goose Tavern

Favorites include the wild boar corndog poppers or bison chili. Come on Tuesday’s and you’ll even find $2 tacos.

mexican food costa mesa
Photo Credit: Wild Goose Tavern

Other menu items that caught my attention were the Nashville hot chicken sliders, the short rib grilled cheese, or some seriously impressive burgers I saw being delivered to the table next to ours. 

Wild Goose takes what we all love about dive bars and brings them into the 21st century with flavor and options galore. 

Playa Mesa

428 E 17th Street || +1 949-287-5292

An excellent atmosphere with plenty of Mexican spice to liven up the mood, Playa Mesa makes any night a blast with great energy and people to enjoy a meal or drink with.

Playa Mesa’s Mexican chef and staff are committed to preserving authentic dishes. Menu inspiration came from both coastal Baja and mainland Mexico and draws from the chef’s personal travels throughout Mexico. 

Playa Mesa’s menu features options such as shrimp enchiladas, mussels in a lamb broth, crispy fish tacos, and honey beer-battered squash blossoms. Also, be sure to start your meal with the Mexican street corn- it’s the best I’ve ever found outside of Mexico! 

Photo Credit: Playa Mesa

Regular readers know about my love of mezcal and Playa Mesa has a bar stocked with an impressive mezcal selection. My bartender was very knowledgeable about the mezcals they had behind the bar and walked me through selecting a mezcal I had never tried before. 

Playa Mesa brings some of the best flavors from Mexico right to your plate in California.


2930 Bristol Street || +1 714-556-0176

Grabbing a bite to eat for brunch can be an exciting and unique experience at Habana.

Their brunch had an impressive array of options and a great aesthetic. The Sunday brunch buffet options give you the freedom to eat whatever you feel like and have plenty of unique options to expand your tastes.

Plenty of seafood (even paella!) and made-to-order omelets ensure that no guest leaves with an empty stomach and the bottomless mimosas are always a nice bonus.

Marugame Udon

3333 Bristol St #1073 || +1 714-619-5688

Not many restaurants in Costa Mesa offer a traditional Japanese meal, but Marugame Udon has everything you’ll want for a reasonable price.

The traditional Udon is excellent and gives you a unique blend of flavors normally found across the Pacific.

The menu isn’t massive, but whatever you order will be an exciting experience and the efficient staff will have you taken care of in no time. This is great because you can often find an intimidating line snaking out of the place. 

But, not to worry, Marugame has it down to a science. Get in line and place your order and you’ll be assigned a table as you make your way down the line collecting your udon and whatever tempura dishes to go along with it. 

By the time you reach the end, pay and dress your udon your table will be ready. 

This makes a great alternative to waiting for a table at Din Tai Fung, which is located directly above Marugame. Or, you can do like we did and put your name on the waitlist at Din Tai Fung (they text you 15 minutes before your table is ready) and have a bowl of udon before going upstairs for the famous dumplings!

Din Tai Fung

3333 Bristol Street (located inside South Coast Plaza) || +1 714-549-3388

An internationally renowned name, Din Tai Fung offers you some of the best Chinese food in all of the restaurants in Costa Mesa.

You’ll want to make a reservation beforehand, but even if you don’t it is absolutely worth the wait.

The Pork Xiaolongbao buns are an essential starter to any meal 

and the pork fried noodles are a great second course.

The gorgeous interior design and convenient location make this spot a great option after a long day of shopping.

ARC Food & Libations

3321 Hyland Avenue Suite F || +1 949-500-5561

ARC would be my go-to restaurant for a first date or romantic night out. The lovely atmosphere and lighting come to life at night and are the perfect location for a date night with plenty of ambiances.

Photo Credit: ARC

The wood-fired oven and grill give each dish a little extra something to the bite and keeps the whole place smelling amazing throughout the night.

Plenty of drinks and dishes make this a location you’ll never want to leave once you are settled in.

Must try dishes are the award-winning massive to the point of being intimidated burger

Photo Credit: ARC

and the premium steaks. 

Photo Credit: ARC

Wine Lab

2937 Bristol Street Suite A101B || +1 714-850-1780

Blending the atmosphere of an upscale bar with the fun of a chemistry lab, the Wine Lab makes for a fun evening with great food and more wine than you know what to do with.

Come for the bottle or try out the test tube wine options that let you find just the taste you want for your perfect wine.

Photo Credit: Wine Lab

Tapas and cheese help the wine go down and the atmosphere will have you trying every wine on the menu without even realizing what time it is.


3333 S Bristol Street || +1 714-557-5679

Costa mesa food options are plentiful and AnQi offers an exciting upscale Asian cuisine that is sure to impress.

The interior design is nothing short of breathtaking and transports you to the heart of Asia with décor and design that is truly unique.

The menu offers a premium take on traditional Asian dishes with garlic noodles being locally famous.

Photo Credit: AnQi

No matter what you order, the atmosphere alone will be enough to make the experience worth the trip and leave you wanting to come back soon.

Mi Casa

296 E 17th Street || +1 949-645-7626

Just as the name suggests, Mi Casa hopes to make you feel comfortable and at home whenever you stop by.

Try some chili Rellenos or any number of tacos or enchiladas for a tasty meal in a welcoming environment. Come during happy hour and mingle with the locals for a great time and great chat.

mi casa costa mesa
Photo Credit: Mi Casa

If you are feeling a little adventurous at the end of your meal look for the churros for a tasty treat that will leave you wanting more the second you finish your plate.

Mastro’s Steakhouse

633 Anton Boulevard || +1 714-546-7405

Finding a steakhouse in Costa Mesa just got a lot easier with Mastro’s steakhouse offering an upscale dining experience for the steak lover.

Photo Credit: Mastro’s

Even the walk into the restaurant feels fancy with the gorgeous ceiling décor captivating you as you walk in.

The meals on offer are plentiful and the cuts of meat are unlike any other in the area.

For an extra special dining experience, you can book a special room with a direct view into the kitchen to see behind the scenes.

Umami Burgers

2981 Bristol St Suite B-2 || +1 714-957-8626

Umami burger offers a great casual burger joint with plenty of personalities for the diner looking for a nice lunch option.

The cool interior design features several posters that make the room feel more alive and the buns come with a logo burned into them for some added photo potential.

Photo Credit: Umami

The burgers come in a very neat package and look very appealing on the plate that goes great with some fries or a salad.

East Borough Vietnamese

2937 Bristol Street || +1 714-641-5010

This stylish little Vietnamese joint offers a great mix of flavors and options to the diner looking to try some Vietnamese-style cuisine. Restaurants in Costa Mesa seem to have everything for almost all tastes and preferences!

This restaurant has plenty of options and offers everything from authentic Vietnamese noodles to Bahn mi sandwiches so that everyone can find something they like on the menu.

Photo Credit: East Borough Vietnamese

Try variations on traditional Vietnamese food that has been adapted and evolved into a very unique and appealing style that offers a unique shock of pleasure to the pallet.

Toast Kitchen and Bakery 

1767 Newport Boulevard || +1 949-873-5057

Toast is a kitchen and bakery that brings some southern style to California with a very pleasing and upscale twist.

Every dish looks like it was plated specifically for Instagram and there is plenty of passion in the meals.

The Nashville Hot Chicken over biscuits was delicious but heavy for sure- this would be another great hangover dish or something to share with a friend. 

The lomo saltado offers a unique take on the classic Peruvian dish and the Thai chilaquiles is a Thai-Mexican fusion that the locals can’t get enough of. 

Meiji Seimen Costa Mesa

1113 Baker St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, United States // +17145455175 

Simple and cozy Japanese restaurant with a varied menu known for its handmade udon and soba noodles. When you arrive at this place, you will directly feel at home. The staff is polite and knowledgeable, and they are always ready to give you suggestions. 

Meiji Seimen Costa Mesa: Fried Squid

We started with fried squid and assorted tempura, and both were really good. I would order the squid again because it has a mayo sauce to dip. We also ordered the shabu shabu udon, which was very red, making it spicy and delicious. Finally, the mountain veggie udon had a variety of veggies that I enjoyed.

There are plenty of other options on the menu, such as deep-fried beef, large shrimp tempura, cold noodle with hot dipping sauce and many more authentic Asian dishes.  

Tavern+Bowl Costa Mesa

1875 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, United States // +19494382320

 If you are looking for a fantastic spot to bowl or just grab a drink and food with friends and enjoy their crunchy pizza and epic drink specials, this is the right place for you. 

They have good bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapenos. The pretzel is vast and incredible. The spinach dip is nice and homemade. The Mac n Cheese is good, and the cheese sauce is made from scratch. 

Tavern+Bowl Costa Mesa: Spinach Dip

The tavern-style spinach with artichoke dip is spicy with a dash of snake eyes hot sauce and fresh-grilled jalapeños served with corn tortilla chips, carrots, and celery, which is a delightful experience. 

Do not hesitate to try out the “Beerbeque Chicken” with red onions, cilantro and barbeque sauce for the main dish. If you’re looking for some delicious comfort food, this is the perfect spot!

Must-Try Costa Mesa Breweries

Nothing is quite as satisfying as enjoying a cold beer that is being brewed right next to your table.

Breweries are a great option for some additional ambiance to your dining experience and there are several outstanding breweries located within walking distance of both CAMP and the LAB.

Gunwhales has many great in-house ales and IPA options. Their hazy and west coast IPA’s offer a nice refreshing end to any warm Californian day.

I also was able to try Salty Bear’s hazy citrus IPA. It was maybe my favorite beer I had during my time in Costa Mesa. The citrus was light and crisp but the hoppiness balanced it all out perfectly. 

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What are the best restaurants in Costa Mesa that provide takeout?

Some of the most popular restaurants in Costa Mesa that provide takeout are:

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Which of these restaurants in Costa Mesa do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below! 

Disclaimer: This post was produced in collaboration with Travel Costa Mesa. All opinions remain my own, as always. 

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Patty Brown

Monday 2nd of August 2021

How could you possibly do a review of the best restaurants in Costa Mesa and NOT INCLUDE WAHOO’S FISH TACOS, with 3 locations in Costa Mesa and IN ‘N OUT BURGER???

Both places offer the VERY BEST of their noted cuisine.


Saturday 13th of March 2021

How about La Cave . Voted #2 Steakhouse in Orange County by O.C. Register 2020. 60 years exactly as it sits. No alterations .


Saturday 13th of February 2021

You forgot Shuck and more importantly their breakfast concept Paragon Cafe

Phil Esparza

Saturday 13th of February 2021

I will try some of the restaurants you have suggested. Though I was a little disappointed that you left out the “Water Grille”. The food is maybe a little pricy, but no more than Mastro’s and the atmosphere is definitely lighter and less stuffy than when “Scott’s” was residing in that location. But, that is just my opinion. And I reside in Placentia, so I will travel to enjoy fine dining. Sincerely, Phil Esparza

Andy Simonoff

Sunday 10th of January 2021

Shocked Vaca wasn't listed here I find it one of my all time favorites. One of the best local restaurants in my opinion

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