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15 Best Merida Breakfasts | Where to Find the Best Breakfasts & Brunches in Merida, Mexico

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Looking for where to find the best breakfast in Merida? Or maybe you’re hunting for a great spot for brunch? Check out my list of the best Merida breakfasts and brunches with options ranging from traditional Yucatecan dishes to organic vegan dishes. 

When you visit these restaurants be on the lookout for paquetes, or packages – many restaurants offer combos that will include tea, coffee, or juice and a small plate of fruit at a discounted price. 

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15 Best Merida Breakfasts, Mexico


Calle 51 492C, Parque Santa Lucia // 999 458 0655

Soco is the first place I take out of town guests and the place I would recommend to you if you (sadly) only had time for one breakfast in Merida.

Soco is a local bakery that has taken their bakery items and worked them into a full breakfast menu. 

My favorite dish is the SOCO version of eggs Benedict which is made on their homemade puff pastry and topped with a hollandaise sauce made from the seeds of a pumpkin that is local to the region. 

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - SOCO

If you’re looking for a lighter start to your day try the vegetarian omelet that’s filled with roasted vegetables and goat cheese. Even though I’m not a vegetarian I prefer this omelet to their ham and cheese omelet – it’s that good!

Also, I’m obsessed with their molletes – something I don’t normally order at a restaurant because it’s such a simple dish. But at Soco it’s made with their homemade bread which makes all the difference! 

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - SOCO

Also, my coffee drinking friends tell me they have a fantastic espresso that’s guaranteed to wake you up.

Te Extraño, Extraño

Calle 56 # 426 x 47 y 49 // 999 921 1304

Another one of my favorite places in town, I spent so much time here that I started referring to it as my office. Here you can expect to find contemporary takes on local dishes such as huevos motuleños and chilaquiles.

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - Lagala9

The menu also features international selections including avocado toast, local fruits with granola and a honey granita, a smoked turkey ham croissant with mascarpone and spinach cream, or French toast. 

Te Extraño, Extraño not only has a delicious breakfast menu but it’s also one of the most stylish places in town. The building houses 2 art galleries and retail space in addition to the restaurant. The attention to detail that went into the renovation is seriously impressive. 


Multiple Locations 

Merci is a recent discovery of mine since returning to Merida. 

Here you can expect to find international favorites such as the ubiquitous avocado toast, a Croque Monsieur or the quiche of the day served with a small green salad.

You can also choose from local favorites such as chilaquiles or cazuelita de huevos- a small casserole dish filled with eggs, asparagus, Serrano ham, toasted bread and topped with parmesan cheese before being baked off. 

The bacon hot cakes caught my eye and if you have a sweet tooth the French toast looked delicious. 

Merci also has several vegetarian options including a green omelet filled with spinach, zucchini, pesto, and avocado.

On Sunday I brunched at Merci I went for the lobster roll– a butter brioche roll slathered with a mayonnaise infused with a local chili before being generously filled with chunks of lobster. 

brunch Merida breakfasts

It made for a really decadent brunch! Although- I must admit it was difficult to choose between the lobster roll and the brunch special of the day: macaroni and cheese baked with shrimp. That just gives me a reason to go back as soon as possible!

Merci serves breakfast Mon-Fri from 8-12 and Saturday and Sunday brunch is served all day, from 8-5. 

Ojo de Agua

Av. Andrés García Lavín 334 

Imagine my surprise when I learned one of my favorite brunch spots in Mexico City opened at a Merida location!

With the walls covered in fresh fruit, it’s almost like walking into a market but it gives you an idea of what to expect- a meal that is fresh and healthy. 

Ojo de Agua Merida

Menu options include local favorites such as molletes and chilaquiles but you can also find lighter options including a breakfast bowl full of brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, a local cactus, topped with an egg and finished with a balsamic drizzle! 

Be sure to order one of their freshly made juices to go along with your breakfast. They have a huge selection ranging from pre and post-workout juices to detox blends and even an anti-aging power juice! 

Their first location in Merida is on the north side but here’s to hoping they open a location in Centro soon… That being said, it’s worth the visit to the north side!

El Barrio

Calle 45 #493 A x 58 y 60 // +52 999 197 4745

 When it comes to the food at El Barrio, I don’t think you can go wrong with anything you order and I think I’ve tried the entire menu! 

The huevos rancheros and chilaquiles were very flavorful, as was the breakfast sandwich. However, the dish that I ordered the most would have been the gemelos (two biscuits covered in a sauce from local chili pepper, spinach, and sausage) or the enchiladas enmoladas- filled with chicken and covered in a rich molé sauce! 

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - El Barrio

All of the dishes at El Barrio feature fresh ingredients and herbs, and the homemade salsas are some of the best in the city! 

Manjar Blanco

Calle 47 496, Zona Paseo Montejo // +52 999 923 0003

Manhar Blanco is a go-to favorite of mine for lunch, but they also have a great breakfast menu as well. Much of their breakfast menu is made of dishes that incorporate local ingredients such as longaniza Valladolid (a famous sausage from a nearby town) and chaya, a superfood that is often compared to spinach even though chaya is actually more nutritious. 

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - Manjar Blanco

You can also find their version of other local dishes as well as choices such as hotcakes and omelets and some great offers on packages that include tea or juice and fruit as well. 



Calle 62 354 x 41 y 43, Centro // +52 999 923 1385

When you arrive, grab a seat outdoors on their gorgeous patio and check out beautiful hanging vines and creative artwork displayed all over the walls while you wait for your menus. 

I’m a sucker for a good molé, so I’ve ordered the enmoladas, which are tortillas in a dry roasted tomato sauce topped with a dark mole and fresh vegetables like tomatoes and avocados several times.

Be sure to ask what their agua del dia is – these are waters that are flavored, usually with fruit. I love the chaya and pineapple one the best.

Also, look for their specials- sometimes they do things like tortas ahogada (drowned sandwiches) that you’ll want to try as they’re not easy to find in this part of Mexico. 

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - El Apapacho

This is another place for coffee lovers as well- my caffeine-addicted friends loved the tableside presentation of their drip coffee. 

Roses and Xocolate

Paseo de Montejo 480, Zona Paseo Montejo // +52 999 924 2992

Roses and Xocolate has a really beautiful and relaxing atmosphere with attentive staff. And while it’s a bit pricier than other Merida breakfast places it’s definitely worth the visit.

Start your meal with a choice from their bread basket –  the chocolate croissant is a favorite of many. I also love their chilaquiles verde – the salsa verde was so flavorful with fresh herbs and roasted tomatillos. 

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - Rosas Xolate

Because it’s a bit more upscale this is a great place to take out of town guests to experience one of the best brunches in Merida. 

Chilakillers Morning Foods & Treats

Calle 57, x Calle 56 y Calle 58 // +52 999 177 9208

Chiakiller’s is a great breakfast place right in the heart of downtown Merida. As you can likely tell by the name, the specialty here is chilaquiles. 

Here you can choose the ingredients to build your own custom-made chilaquiles. I chose to add shredded chicken, eggs, avocado, and the spiciest salsa they offered. They offer a number of delicious and freshly made salsas to choose from. They’re also known for their freshly made juices that go well with your breakfast.

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - Chilakillers

Maíz, Canela y Cilantro

Calle 70 464 // 999 923 3424

This is one of the better places in town for a healthier breakfast. Maiz, Canela y Cilantro has many vegetarian and vegan options and healthier versions of classics like whole wheat pancakes.

The service and atmosphere are both casual and relaxed and with their open kitchen allowing you to watch the food being prepared it feels like a visit to your mom or grandmother’s house. There is also a small coffee bar in the restaurant where you can get your caffeine fix – be sure to try the cafe de olla, a type of coffee popular in other parts of Mexico but not as easy to find in Merida. 


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Bistro Cultural

Calle 66 #377C x 41 y 43 // +52 999 204 9358

Bistro Cultural’s artwork and greenery displayed throughout the restaurant give the restaurant a trendy vibe. The atmosphere is very laid back and comfortable to enjoy an early breakfast in Merida.  I was craving some comfort food, so I decided to shy away from the traditional Mexican cuisine and ordered a Croque Monsieur. It was filling and the cheese was perfectly toasted- exactly as it should be!

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - Bistro Cultural

Other menu items include several variations of omelets, other versions of the Croque sandwich, egg dishes, and croissants. Or, you could opt for one of their paquetes if you’d rather.


Multiple Locations 

Siqueff is a tasteful restaurant that perfectly blends Yucatecan and Lebanese cuisine and has been in operation since the ’30s. The family-run business puts a lot of heart into their dishes, mixing two delicious cuisines to create recipes that are tasty and have kept their customers coming back for years.

Some of their creative dishes include the Arab eggs with kafta which are eggs cooked in a pan with olive oil, oregano, kafta, labane, and pita bread. They also offer things like chilaquiles and artisanal pancakes.

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - Siqueff

Pan & Køf.feé

Calle 61 405A, Centro // +52 999 922 4434

A great bakery and coffee shop set inside a stunningly restored building with a small but well-executed weekend brunch menu. What’s not to like?

And, to top it all off, it’s set near Santa Ana park- my favorite location in Merida! 

The bakery has all your favorites like flaky, buttery croissants, quiches, and even a pizza that was so popular it got added to the daily menu! 

Merida breakfast Merida best brunches

On weekends you can try their brunch menu with options that include steel-cut oatmeal, a grilled cheese croissant, poached egg toast made with their homemade bread, or the famous pizza! And who doesn’t love pizza for breakfast?

Casa San Angel

Remate de Montejo 1 x 49, Centro // +52 999 928 0800

Located in a hotel by the same name, Casa San Angel is open to the public and features a great breakfast. I usually order the huevos divorciados, which are similar to huevos rancheros, but they have two salsas that are served on corn tortillas with all the fixings. 

You could also try their huevos motulenos, as they are known to do a great version of them as well. 

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - Casa San Angel

The restaurant also has a great atmosphere – the lobby features hand-painted walls, beautiful arches, and plants everywhere. The architecture alone is worth visiting.


Calle 22 273, Monterreal // +52 999 944 1603

Pilgreen’s is one of the best places in town for vegan and vegetarian options, as well as gluten-free and raw vegan choices. Some of their menu options include Mediterranean poached eggs with hummus, waffle sandwiches, acai bowls, and matcha hotcakes. 

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - Pilgreen

Pilgreen is also known for its freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, and frappes. 

El Bistro at Mansión Mérida

Calle 59 #498, Centro // +52 999 924 4642

If you want to get a feel for Yucatan culture, El Bistro is a great restaurant to try. The patio is open and is absolutely great for people watching, as you can see people stroll by on the nice warm days while you sit and enjoy a tasty breakfast.

They offer all of your favorite breakfast options, both of Mexican cuisine and Western cuisine as well. Mansion Merida is one of my favorite restaurants in Merida for omelets, they’re always perfectly cooked. 

The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico - Mansion

Which of these Merida breakfasts restaurants do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below!

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The 14 Best Restaurants for Breakfast and Brunch in Merida, Mexico

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