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Best 8 Mediterranean Food In Costa Mesa | Top Mediterranean Restaurants In Costa Mesa CA

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The city of Costa Mesa is located in the heart of Orange County, just north of Newport Beach. However, Costa Mesa is more than just your average Orange County suburb. The history of this city runs deep and has lived on in the many murals that adorn its buildings today. Shopping, dining, and entertainment abound in this urban setting, located just minutes away from the beach and lagoon.

When it comes to food, one of the cuisines that stands out is definitely the Mediterranean. In this article, I’ll go over the best Mediterranean food in Costa Mesa.

The Best 8 Mediterranean Food In Costa Mesa

Mediterranean food can be described as the cuisine of the Mediterranean basin, a culturally defined region that includes countries on the Mediterranean Sea and lands around it. Today, Mediterranean cuisine has spread its flavors everywhere globally, and Costa Mesa is not an exception. This article will help you find the most delicious Mediterranean spots in Costa Mesa that are worth your visit, and giving you insight into the best Italian food, Greek food, and Mediterranean food in Costa Mesa. 

Basil Mediterranean Grill

1907 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92627 // +19492006481

Welcome to Basil Mediterranean Grill, a vibrant restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of delicious Mediterranean foods featuring homemade recipes from their chefs. They have an excellent selection of dishes to choose from, made from scratch using the very best ingredients to please any palate. From classic dishes like their hummus, tabbouleh, and babaganoush to their signature items like the Koobideh and Chicken Saaj, they hope you will enjoy dining with them as much as they prepare your meal for you.

Mediterranean Food In Costa Mesa: Hummus

Worlds of flavors await you in buttery saffron rice and grilled eggplant, grilled chicken breast marinated in Mediterranean spices and a creamy tzatziki sauce served on fresh pita bread. Basil Mediterranean Grill is the perfect place for friends, family, and colleagues to gather to enjoy fine food in a comfortable atmosphere. Enjoy Greek food in Costa Mesa without leaving the comfort of home. Tops my list for the places with the best Mediterranean Food In Costa Mesa.

Mediterranean Food In Costa Mesa: Chicken Breast With Tzatziki

Silver Trumpet Restaurant and Bar

3350 Avenue of the Arts, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, the United States // +17144428593

Silver Trumpet Restaurant and Bar, located across the street from Segerstrom Center of the Arts, provides outstanding cuisine with serene lake views. Discover a daring new burst of culinary delights as you indulge in a symphony of seasonal flavors.

The upscale cocktail lounge ideal for everyday Happy Hour events is immediately recognizable to customers thanks to the restaurant’s sensual interior design and features and its almost floating outside terrace.

A lakeside patio outside the Silver Trumpet gives spectacular views of the property’s wide lake and grounds, teeming with turtles, koi fish, and birds.

Here, I had the ideal breakfast. Located inside the Ave of the Arts hotel in Costa Mesa, this restaurant is open to the public and doesn’t require you to be a hotel guest to dine there.

I choose the french toast, coffee, a mimosa, and a side of bacon. The thick french toast was excellent and was topped with orange chantilly cream, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. 

I must have been (correctly) identified as someone with a sweet craving because two miniature pitchers of maple syrup were given to me. The perfectly crunchy bacon provided the perfect counterpoint to the french toast.

I tasted my friend’s eggs benedict and was in awe. The hollandaise was outstanding! If I weren’t in the mood for something sweet, I’d absolutely give this meal some thought. My experience was raised to a solid five stars thanks to the waitress’ outstanding service.

Pom & Olive

1400 Bristol St. C, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 // +17147541974

Add Mediterranean ambiance to your dining experience with Pom & Olive’s flavorful cuisine, featuring various Mediterranean favorites. Choose from a fresh, tasty, and healthful menu, like hummus and falafel, Dolmades and tzatziki, Spanakopita, Lentil Soup, Tabbouleh salad, a variety of Shawarmas, Kababs, and stews cooked to perfection over an open flame.

Mediterranean Food In Costa Mesa: Shawarma

Their dishes are accompanied by an extensive menu of desserts and refreshments, including baklava, cheesecake, Pomegranate Bellini, Ginger Lemonade, and much more.

Mediterranean Food In Costa Mesa: Baklava

They have a cozy outdoor patio for warm-weather dining and private rooms for special gatherings. As a Mediterranean restaurant, they are influenced by the region’s natural beauty. They welcome you to experience the unique flavors and rich history of Mediterranean cuisine in Costa Mesa. Discover the taste of the Mediterranean region, healthy, simple, and flavorful. 

Casablanca The Restaurant

1976 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, the United States // +19494237990

Excellent fusion cuisine from North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia). A distinct, elegant Maghreb and Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy) cuisine. An Exploration of “Casablanca The Restaurant’s” Cuisine. a Moroccan culinary tradition in Orange County for over 30 years. Although it doesn’t seem like much from the outside, this establishment has a wonderful atmosphere inside. When we visited, this location also featured belly dance, which was a lot of fun. I ate like five dishes because I was so hungry. It’s a place with exquisite Mediterranean food in Costa Mesa.

The Caesar salad and the Mozzarella and Tomato Salad were my first choices. Although I don’t like tomatoes, the mozzarella cheese and the Caesar were both excellent. Both make for excellent starts.

I then got 2 entrees. The lobster tail-topped angel hair pasta came first. Although the lobster tail was small, the dish was great because I also ordered the bison steak due to my extreme hunger. 

With potatoes and asparagus, the steak was well-complemented by the incredibly soft meat. Extremely filling and juicy. The sauce accompanied the meat, which I loved. Dinner was quite satisfying.

They also have an excellent bar and beer selection. A wide selection of alcohol is available. And now for dessert! The Crem Brûlée. Really tasty! The recommendations were excellent. The servers were terrific, and they paid great attention to our party. I’m quite happy with them. I heartily urge you to join us for dinner. Service and cuisine are top-notch!

My Greek Kitchen

204 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, the United States // +19497223911

Just a solid location with consistently 5-star service. I’ve come here several times and have never been disappointed by Tasos and the team’s skill in producing a delectable Greek feast.

Consistency is essential when operating a well-oiled machine, and My Green Kitchen excels at it.

Chicken souvlaki that is juicy, succulent, and flavorful; fluffy and fresh pita; perfectly seasoned octopus; flavorful and juicy gyros; and amazingly flavorful veggies and salads…

Although recently a little weird because they’re using kadaifi rather than pure filo (I have no idea why), the baklava was still excellent. MGK is reliable and affordable, offering huge quantities that are packed with the finest ingredients. Don’t miss out on this Costa Mesa institution because it offers the best Mediterranean food in Costa Mesa.

Al Forno Caffe

1525 Mesa Verde Dr. E, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 // +16572320100

Al Forno Caffe offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for casual get-togethers with family or friends. Al Forno Caffe’s brick oven pizzas are complemented by classic Italian-American fare, including salads, multiple kinds of pasta, and other entrees.

Mediterranean Food In Costa Mesa: Pesto Pizza

Try some of their plates such as Beet Salad, Asparagi Genovese, Pesto Pizza, Penne Ala Norma, Roasted Sea Bass, Tagliata di Manzo and desserts like Rosemary Lemon Panna Cotta and Chocolate Mousse Tart. In addition, the venue features reclaimed wood tables and banquettes and a bar boasting a selection of Italian wines that complement their menu perfectly.

Al Forno Caffe is an unpretentious Costa Mesa eatery serving classic Italian dishes. It’s modern but not trendy; a casual place where you can come in jeans or a suit and have a great meal with friends, colleagues, and family. Al Forno’s “casual eatery” is a beautiful addition to the city of Costa Mesa. With rustic décor, exposed brick, and a live music stage, Al Forno Caffe has everything needed for an exceptional Italian dining experience in California. Definitely worth the title of best Mediterranean food in Costa Mesa.

Darbari Persian Grill

1866 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, the United States // +19496508080

The best Mediterranean food in Costa Mesa I’ve ever had, without a doubt. Since it was such a beautiful day, our party of six people came here and sat outside.

I placed an order for the combo koobideh, kabob torsh, which is a sour beef with pomegranate and walnut marinade, mast o mousir, and torshi a pickled sour vegetable. Everything was tasty and satisfied my need!

The rice was generous and delicious, and the meat was tender. The mast o mousir is a must-have, and the torshi was amazing. They also provided us with some lavash on the side, although I wish it had red onion and butter for the rice to eat with the red meat.

Although it was still tasty, I would have liked a little more marinade on the kabob torsh because I prefer it to be somewhat acidic and rich with walnut paste. Nevertheless, you should come here if you want to eat great, wholesome Persian food.

Parking is accessible in the restaurant’s back parking lot and on some nearby streets, just off Newport’s main road. Give it a try!

Mezzet Mediterranean Restaurant

3333 Bear St. #118, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 // +17145403365

Make your next meal a trip to the Mediterranean in one of the best Mediterranean Restaurants in Costa Mesa. Mezzet Mediterranean Restaurant is a great place to stop for a light lunch or early dinner or stop in for cocktails and appetizers. The restaurant has a casual, modern setting with an engaging bar and a cozy private patio – perfect for enjoying a meal or drinks outdoors. So whether you are looking for a hearty meal or just some drinks and small bites, they will have something that fits the bill. 

Mediterranean food has a way of comforting all of your senses, and they aim to do just that at Mezzet. Their menu features salads, kebobs, fish, lamb, pasta, and pizza with the freshest ingredients.

Mediterranean Food In Costa Mesa: Kebobs

They use only the finest ingredients such as imported feta cheese, Mediterranean mint, and their famous hummus recipe that takes time to prepare but is well worth the wait. A fun-filled culinary adventure awaits you at Mezzet, where the tastes of Spain, Morocco, Lebanon, Greece, and Italy reign supreme, all in one Costa Mesa Mediterranean restaurant.

Mediterranean Food In Costa Mesa: Hummus

Wrapping Up Mediterranean Food In Costa Mesa

Mediterranean cuisine includes a wide variety of dishes and products due to the complex history of the Mediterranean and its different people. Its roots reach back into antiquity, while its modern form began in the mid-19th century with the regional cuisines of France, Italy, and Spain. Since then, Mediterranean cuisine has evolved in complexity and diversity.

Open kitchens, live music, and an atmosphere of celebration can be enjoyed at Costa Mesa Mediterranean Restaurants. All of these Southern California restaurants are committed to providing delicious plates that are both fresh and authentic so you can truly enjoy your meal.

Enjoy the Mediterranean dishes at Costa Mesa and make your visit memorable.

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