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11 Quintessential Oklahoman Meals You Must Experience During Your Visit to Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma is known for a lot of things, including being the origin of the electric guitar, having far too many tornadoes, the famous spook light story, and of course, the musical. Being from Oklahoma has a lot of perks, but the best has to be the food.

Whether you’re looking for the best chicken fried steak, real southern barbeque, or a classic serving of biscuits and sausage gravy, you are certain to find a food you’ll love here.

If you’re coming to Oklahoma City to visit loved ones, tour a college, on business, or to find a new home, I wanted to share with you the top restaurants in town serving up meals that are Oklahoma trademarks!

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11 Quintessential Oklahoman Meals You Must Experience During Your Visit to Oklahoma City

Sonic Drive-In

Multiple Locations

Sonic was originally called Top Hat Drive-In when it was established in Shawnee, Oklahoma in the early 1950s. You can ask just about anyone here what they’re go-to meal is at Sonic Drive-In and they’re bound to give you a wide list of favorites.

Sonic Drive In
Photo Credit: Sonic Drive In

Easily one of the best things available there are tater tots. They make them crispy enough to crunch, but soft enough to melt in your mouth. You may not think tater tots from a fast food place is a good idea, but you haven’t tried these yet!

Sonic Drive In
Photo Credit: Sonic Drive In

If you’re looking for a classic Oklahoman combo, be sure to order the ched ‘r’ bites with a side of ranch dressing as a side dish to a hamburger, chicken sandwich or one of their classic foot-long hot dogs.

Sonic also has a ton of amazing drink options like shakes and many ice cream creations, but I prefer to wash everything down with one of their slushies or limeades.

My favorite flavor would easily be the fresh lime but most people love a classic cherry limeade!

Sonic Drive In
Photo Credit: Sonic Drive In

Ann’s Chicken Fry House

4106 NW 39th Street // +1 405-943-8915

Ann’s Chicken Fry House is a homey, 1950s inspired, Route 66-themed diner in Oklahoma City that makes southern food the way it should be made, with love.

What started as a gas station along Route 66 in 1948 later became a restaurant known as Three Bulls Steak House.

It was 1971 when what we now know as Ann’s was born, quickly becoming an Oklahoman tradition. Not only can you find what many believe to be the best chicken fried steak in all of Oklahoma, but you can also find fried peaches and fried green tomatoes as well.

The chicken fried steak is served with a side of delicious white gravy, two scoops of mashed potatoes, and a bread roll. The portions are quite generous.

anns chicken fry house oklahoma city

The staff is always friendly and the prices can’t be beaten. If you’re visiting, take note that Ann’s only accepts cash, so have some handy!

Hideaway Pizza

Multiple Locations

Who doesn’t love a great slice of pizza?

Hideaway Pizza Oklahoma City
Photo Credit: Hideaway Pizza

My favorite place to eat pizza in OKC is the Hideaway Pizza off Western Avenue. For starters, this place is huge. It’s two stories and never feels overly crowded.

Anyone in Oklahoma will tell you to try the delicious Cimarron pizza.  This isn’t for the faint of heart, as it is loaded with bacon, ham, huge pieces of sausage, and jalapenos for an added kick. There is a creamy alfredo sauce base that pairs perfectly with the fresh parmesan cheese.

Hideaway Pizza
Photo Credit: Hideaway Pizza

My personal favorite is Canadian bacon, jalapeno pizza dipped in their signature ranch dressing.

From their menu of side dishes, I most love the 50/50 – a combination of fried mushrooms and cheese sticks. Don’t forget to ask for both Ranch dressing and marina sauces for dipping!

Hideaway Pizza Oklahoma City
Photo Credit: Hideaway Pizza

If, for some odd reason, you’re not in the mood for pizza Hideaway also offers salads, sandwiches and baked pasta dishes.

Hideaway Pizza Oklahoma City
Photo Credit: Hideaway Pizza

Be sure to grab a piece of Mama Murphy’s frozen lemonade pie to finish off your meal.

Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

1309 S Agnew Ave. //  +1 405-236-0416

Not every restaurant that has amazing food has to be trendy. Cattlemen’s is a proper old school, no-frills steakhouse that has unbelievably great food.

Cattlemen’s is, in fact, the oldest operating restaurant in all of Oklahoma City, having opened its doors all the way back in 1910!

Many notable figures have made Cattlemen’s a stop on their visit to Oklahoma City. Famous names like Gene Autry, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, and Reba McEntire have all graced this steakhouse. In the early ’90s, George Bush Sr. dined at Cattlemen’s during his presidency.

Cattlemen’s is one of my top five favorite steak restaurants in OKC for good reason. For starters, their steak is consistently perfect, no matter how you order it.

Also, on top of all of the regular menu items you’d expect to find at a steakhouse, they also have Rocky Mountain Oysters (aka lamb fries) if you’re feeling adventurous.

Cattlemans Steakhouse Oklahoma City, OK
Photo Credit: Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

What are Rocky Mountain Oysters? Try them first and then ask what they were. I promise you they’re delicious, but you may not eat them if you know what they are first!

My favorite steak at Cattlemen’s has to be the T-bone. It is incredibly tender and you get a large portion. There are over ten different steak options, including a Cattlemen’s strip sirloin and filet mignon if you’re feeling fancy.

Cattlemans Steakhouse Oklahoma City, OK
Photo Credit: Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

There is an incredible housemade salad dressing that you have to try as well. All of this, paired with one of their own brews on tap, is a perfect dinner in Oklahoma City.

Cattlemen’s also does breakfast, offering omelets, hotcakes, Texas toast sandwiches, French toast and of course, steak and eggs.

Cattlemans Steakhouse Oklahoma City, OK
Photo Credit: Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

Beverly’s Pancake House

3315 Northwest Expressway // +1 405-848-5050

Another restaurant with great prices and friendly staff is Beverly’s Pancake House. Yes, you could stop by Waffle House if you’re craving breakfast, but Beverly’s is far superior in my opinion.

My top two choices are the messy plate (if you’re hungover or in the mood for a splurge meal) and omelets. They have a variety of different omelet options including a ham and cheese omelet or a vegetarian omelet if you’re looking for a lighter start to the day.

The dish Beverly’s is most known for is their “chicken in the rough” – a half fried chicken served unjointed with fries and honey butter rolls.

Beverlys Panckake House

Another of their most popular dishes is their pancakes. Picture three homemade blueberry pancakes served with a side of eggs and your choice of sausage or bacon. It’s a great comfort food spot for breakfast, especially after a big night on the town.

Beverlys pankcake house OKC

Or, if you’re looking to extend your night out, Beverly’s is open twenty-four hours a day.

Nic’s Grill

Nic’s Grill is another amazing diner-like restaurant. If you’re in the mood for a burger, this is the place to go. The burgers there are made with juicy, hand-packed, never frozen beef that is grilled to perfection before being topped with the freshest of toppings.

The most popular burger at Nic’s has to be the “Cheese and Everything” – topped with mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and grilled onions. Or, you can build your burger as you like with grilled onions, jalapenos, mushrooms, and thick-cut bacon.

NIc's Grill Oklahoma City
Photo Credit: Nic’s Grill

You can also watch the cooks create your meal as you wait, which is pretty cool.

Nic’s has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, and even GQ France Magazine. The burger joint is so popular that there is often an impressive line out the front door of people waiting to try what many consider the best burger in all of Oklahoma City.

Be aware, Nic’s only accepts cash so make sure to hit the ATM as you make your way there.


5137 Classen Circle // +1 405-840-3339

Edna’s is definitely more of a bar than a restaurant but, since their signature drink is called the Lunchbox, I decided that even though it’s a stretch, it had to make the list. That’s because no stop in Oklahoma City would be complete without visiting Edna’s for a Lunchbox.

An Edna’s Lunchbox is their famous drink, made up of equal parts Coors Light and orange juice mixed with a shot of amaretto. I know, I know– it doesn’t sound great but somehow it works. It works so well, in fact, that the bar has served more than 2 million Lunchboxes since opening in 1980.

Edna's lunchbox
Photo Credit: Edna’s

The Lunchbox even helped Edna’s to be become named one of the 50 Best Dive Bars in the World! It’s so famous in fact that you can even buy a Lunchbox flavored chapstick to take home as a souvenir of your time at Edna’s.

Before her passing, Edna herself was one of the big draws to the bar. Quite the local character, anytime someone would play “Great Balls of Fire” (the Jerry Lee Lewis version, of course) Edna would jump on top of the jukebox and dance for the crowd.

Edna’s does have a small bar menu with offerings including mac & cheese bites, loaded fries, nachos, and chicken finger baskets, but I’m not sure anyone actually comes for the food.

Also, while you’re there, be sure to deface some government property and decorate a dollar bill to staple to the wall, adding to the collection of countless others you’ll find adorning the space.

Leo’s BBQ

3631 N Kelley Ave. // +1 405-424-5367

Nothing says you’re in the south like barbecue does.

Leo’s BBQ was featured on the TV show Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives for a reason. This converted corner store has some of the best authentic BBQ you can imagine. Many people believe the secret is that the meat is hickory smoked.

Out of everything on the menu, I’d suggest getting the Super Leo’s Special. It shows you what real, Oklahoma-smoked food tastes like.

Leo's BBQ Oklahoma City
Photo Credit: Leo’s BBQ

You’ll get to try tender smoked ribs, links, classic beef brisket and bologna. This dish also comes with some of the best potato salad and baked beans that you’ve ever had.

Leo's BBQ Oklahoma City
Photo Credit: Leo’s BBQ Oklahoma City

You’ll want to top it all off with a delicious slice of Leo’s famous strawberry-banana cake.

Be sure to note that Leo’s is closed on Sundays and Mondays, and they are now offering online ordering for takeout if you want to avoid any waiting.


Multiple Locations

Braum’s is one of the staples of the four-state region. There are a few things on their menu that stand out, but I have to suggest their biscuits and gravy. You will receive a generous serving of Braum’s freshly baked, perfect flaky biscuits that are slathered with a rich country sausage gravy.

This isn’t fancy food, but it’s delicious comfort food that every Oklahoman is familiar with.

After all, which of us raised in Oklahoma doesn’t recall field trips to the Braum’s farm where we scooped ice cream out of cardboard containers with wooden spoons while trying to manage to stand downwind of what we’ll politely call “farm smells”?

Speaking of their ice cream, Braum’s is famous for their ice cream. You can have their ice cream in one of their famous banana splits, made into a milkshake or sundae or you can go classic, in a cone.

Braums Ice Cream
Photo Credit: Braum’s

Choose from flavors like French Vanilla, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Rocky Road, or even Brownie Batter or their famous Butter Pecan.

Braum’s also does a great burger if you’d like to make a full meal out of your experience. My favorite is the jalapeno pepper jack burger.

Braums Ice Cream
Photo Credit: Braum’s Ice Cream

Classen Grill

5124 N Classen Blvd. // +1 405-842-0428

Have you ever heard of fried herb mashed potato balls? Well, now you have.

That is one of the tastiest things that Classen Grill offers and it’s an Oklahoma staple. Imagine butter, garlic, cheese, and potatoes all mixed together in tater tot-like form. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

On top of that, you cannot beat their other amazing breakfast options. They serve one of the best breakfasts in Oklahoma City and you can often find local politicians seated at a table next to you.

They serve freshly squeezed orange juice that is out of this world, alongside savory and rich eggs benedict. You also can’t go wrong with a side of house-made grits.

Other menu favorites include Huevos Rancheros, a California omelet, French toast, or my favorite- the breakfast chicken enchiladas, hold the black olives.

eggs benedict best brunch in OKC

They often offer brunch deals and give discounts to law enforcement and military personnel.


2601 NW Expressway // +1 405-848-5597

Junior’s is a dining experience unlike any other in Oklahoma. Located in the basement of a building, you will find red decor, leather chairs, and an old school atmosphere that makes you feel like you stepped into a classic film.

Junior’s became popular back in the day when big oil money was at its height in Oklahoma. In fact, at one time it was such a hotspot for oil business it was known as “The Oilman’s Oasis.” Some of Junior’s customers have been frequenting the spot for more than forty years!

Today, many people go there to enjoy a few drinks and appetizers before their meal.

Amongst the appetizers, they offer incredible shrimp options that all taste fantastic. My favorite is the half dozen shrimp on ice to get your meal started, plus there is a dozen option as well if you’re with a larger group.

Juniors Supper Club OKC

If you’re interested in more traditional appetizers, they also offer chicken strips and nachos that are great. If you’re feeling very adventurous and want to try something very Oklahoman, try the chicken livers and gizzards combo appetizer.

When it comes to adult beverages, I’d suggest the dessert cocktail. It’s a smooth mix of bourbon poured over vanilla ice cream.

They make amazing steaks and are known for their surf and turf combination.

grilled steak best Kiev restaurants

Be sure to start your meal with their Caesar salad, prepared tableside, as it’s an Oklahoma legend.

Ok, here’s a bonus for you — I know it’s not technically in OKC but my list wouldn’t be complete without it.

Eischen’s Bar

109 S 2nd St, Okarche, OK // +1 405-263-9939

An honorable mention has to be given to Eischen’s Bar. It may be located a little outside of Oklahoma City, but once you arrive you’ll see why it’s worth the drive.

Nothing says Oklahoma like fried chicken with a side of fried okra served on sheet paper with plain white bread, pickles, and onions.

Eischen's Chicken Bar Oklahoma
Photo Credit: Eischen’s

The chicken is juicy and fried to perfection and the okra is hot and the perfect state of crunchy.

It also hits the table quickly, which is a big plus.

Eischen’s is actually the oldest bar in the state of Oklahoma, having been established in 1896 by Peter Eischen. Local legend has it that it is the only bar in the state to survive Prohibition because they began selling their (now famous) fried chicken.

Eischen’s has been featured on Diner’s Drive-In’s and Dives and The Food Network’s episode of Where to Find the Best Fried Chicken Ever, among many other television, newspaper and magazine features.

I’m telling you, people literally visit from out of state to try this fried chicken, it’s that good! Sip an ice-cold beer and you’ve got yourself a complete meal if you ask me.

Also, and I know this sounds completely random, but Eischen’s also makes a killer Frito chili pie. If you’ve never had one, their version is simple and classic but the homemade chili makes all the difference!

Be aware: Eischen’s is cash only but they do have an ATM on-site if you forget to bring cash. Eischen’s is also closed on Sundays.

Where to Stay in Oklahoma City-

Ok, so you’re going to need a base as you explore all of these Oklahoma eateries. I have the perfect suggestion for you.

The Sheraton Downtown is one of Oklahoma City’s best hotels and I was fortunate enough to work with them during my visit home.

Sheraton Downtown Oklahoma City

One of my favorite things about the hotel is the location- perfectly situated in downtown Oklahoma City, literal steps away from many of the best things to see and do in Oklahoma City.

If you’re in town for an event, the Sheraton offers a direct connection to the Cox Convention Center, making it the perfect place to stay when you’re in town attending a concert or conference. Both the Chesapeake Energy Arena and Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark are also located near the property.

Sheraton Downtown Oklahoma City

Also, the hotel has awesome access to Oklahoma City’s new streetcar, making getting around not only easy but fun.

The Sheraton has multiple options for dining as well- everything from their own onsite coffee shop to their inhouse bar and lounge, to Block 23 – their restaurant serving up delicious Modern American cuisine. When the weather is good be sure to check out their patio restaurant, a perfect place to meet up with friends for food and drinks before going out.

Sheraton Downtown Oklahoma City

As great as the property was, it was the staff that really stood out during my visit. By my second or third day I was on a first-name basis with several of the staff and they were always friendly and willing to go above and beyond to make my stay as great as possible.

To book your own stay visit their website by clicking here or search below for today’s best rates.

These are just a dozen of the best places to grab a bite to eat or a delicious cocktail in and around Oklahoma City. I hope you try a handful of these amazing options the next time you’re visiting OKC.

Grab yourself some fried chicken, locally brewed beer, and a slice of Mama Murphy’s frozen lemonade pie, and you’ve got yourself an authentic Oklahoma experience. Have fun and save room for seconds!

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Thursday 21st of July 2022

Ouch, what a list Anne's used to be my favorite, and saw better days before they closed the doors some time ago. Sonic is hardly with a cherry limeade slush anymore. And totally shocked that you left out del rancho's steak sandwich supreme. That is the end all be all of quasi fast food go tos in Oklahoma, taco mayo used to have a mean grilled stuffed Mexicali burrito that I'm sure is an okie thing and can't be sure they still have it because they are as easy to find as a taco tico these days... How did you come up with this list?


Friday 22nd of July 2022

I came up with the list from being born and raised in Oklahoma and having lived in Oklahoma City for nearly thirty years.


Monday 13th of January 2020

You really put Sonic & Braums on here? Bro. Kendall's in Noble. Ken's in Amber. You made it to Eischens so local location is no excuse. Gawd. Sonic & Braums.


Thursday 9th of January 2020

I think you nailed it. Let’s road trip to Eischen’s next time you’re here. Reading your description reminded me how much I love that place, so I’m ready to get face down on some fried chicken!


Friday 10th of January 2020

Yes! That sounds so good. I haven't been in forever. We definitely should!

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