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The 10 Best Restaurants In St. Augustine Florida

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St. Augustine has numerous charms: it is an ancient city built by the Spanish in 1565, it has a stunning bay front setting complete with a 400-year-old stone fort and national monument, the Castillo San Marcos at the water’s edge, and it is a national treasure.

Its food culture is anything but stuffy and predictable as it is the oldest continuously inhabited city in America (450 years old). The food scene in St. Augustine is expanding, providing a wide variety of new and exciting dining options.

Restaurants in St. Augustine Florida: St. Augustine

St. Augustine is the place to be if you want to experience the ultimate gastronomic experience. The oldest continuously inhabited city in the country, located on Florida’s northeast coast, boasts every type of food you can imagine.

Choose from premium restaurants with award-winning cuisines to more casual diners serving local specialties that will satisfy your palette. Here are ten excellent restaurants where you can experience fantastic food!

My Top 3 Picks of The Best Restaurants In St. Augustine Florida

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
Catch 27Flounder with Pearl Couscous (Catch of the day)5/5
Casa Benedetto’sVeal Parmigiana5/5
Columbia RestaurantFilleted Snapper5/5

The 10 Best St. Augustine Restaurants

Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille

46 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States // +19048247765

Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grille, located in one of St. Augustine’s oldest bay front buildings, serves delectable New Orleans-style foods such crawfish etouffee, jambalaya, burgers, po’ boy sandwiches, and salads.

The casual and festive dining room is a cozy place to dine with friends, but many diners are drawn to the outside patio, which is strung with romantic and cozy white lights and overlooks the bay front. Harry’s is also known for its family-friendly atmosphere, with a children’s menu and Mardi Gras beads for the kids.

The seafood dishes are, without a doubt, the best in the area. The fried green tomatoes were delicious, with perfectly ripe tomatoes and a well-seasoned batter. 

The Boudin balls were nicely blended and fried evenly with a lovely crunch. The crab cakes were the best. The jambalaya was more than enough for two individuals, including juicy chicken. The scallops were also delicious!

Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille Jambalaya

If you’re looking for the best place to eat Cajun food in St. Augustine, you should stop by here.

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Prohibition Kitchen

119 St. George St., St. Augustine, FL 32084,  United States // +19042095704

This gastropub and lounge is one of St. Augustine’s best-rated restaurants, offering innovative food options in a retro-chic setting.

This charming restaurant with a bright atmosphere is ideal for those who enjoy a fast-paced and energetic environment.

In this all-American pub, enjoy delectable cuisine made by Executive Chef James Greaves while listening to live music.

I ordered a burger and upgraded the meat. This was one of the finest burgers I’ve ever tasted, if not the best. The meat was well cooked, and the bun given was toasted. The burger worked nicely with lettuce, mayo, bacon, and avocado. The fries were also delicious.

Prohibition Kitchen Burger

Even better was the service from the doorman, who saw we needed a floor table without asking.

Give them a try if you’re in the area and looking for a high-quality restaurant; even if there is a wait, it will be worth it!

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Catch 27

40 Charlotte St., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States // +19042173542

Catch 27 is one of the most talked-about seafood restaurants in old St. Augustine. The menu is great because they are committed to offering fresh, locally caught seafood from Florida waters, seasonal foods, and local veggies. The ambiance is stylish, sophisticated, and relaxed.

We had the Curry Salmon Empanada as an appetizer. It wasn’t greasy at all, and the curry flavor was delicious and not overpowering.

I had the catch of the day for my dinner, a flounder with pearl couscous in a white creamy sauce and vegetables.

Catch 27 Flounder

My friend ordered the Grits with Flounder, which was also delicious. The grits were baked, making them thick, and serving them with datil peppers made them look like a slice of pie. Collard greens were also offered alongside the flounder as a side dish.

If you appreciate local quality seafood restaurants, I highly recommend them. It’s one of the best places in St. Augustine that offers fresh, delicious seafood dishes!

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Casa De Solana Bed & Breakfast

21 Aviles St., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States // +19048243555

This is the spot to stay if you want to wander the old town and enjoy the scenery. Everything is only a few short blocks away. 

Because this is a historic structure, expect low ceilings and odd angles. However, the courtyard is nicely designed.

Breakfast is served here as a home-cooked meal made on-site. In the afternoon, they also provide complimentary wine and baked cookies.

First, we had a mixed fresh fruit bowl. We then ordered massive fresh egg omelets with spinach, cheese, ham, bacon, potatoes, and toast. They even catered to my gluten-free friend’s requirements with the identical meal, down to the gluten-free toast.

Casa De Solana Bed & Breakfast Omelet

This is the perfect place out of all local restaurants in St. Augustine Florida if you are looking for something off the beaten path and also romantic!

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Casa Benedetto’s

197 Blackford Way, St. Augustine, FL 32086, United States // +19044715999

After shifting twice since it first opened its doors in 2009, the owners of this eatery chose St. Augustine as its final home. For your palate’s satisfaction, the restaurant delivers real Italian meals.

With its relaxed environment that is ideal for social gatherings, this is one of the greatest spots to eat in St. Augustine. Don’t go any further for the top birthday restaurants in St. Augustine since you’ll adore the big room yet intimate layout made possible by soft lighting and home decor.

The handcrafted recipes are ideal for anyone looking to taste Italy in Florida. The dishes are cooked to order and are based on traditional Sicilian immigrants’ recipes that came to America in the early 1900s. And the recipes are absolutely delicious!

We began with fried calamari with a fantastic homemade marinara sauce. Next, we ordered favorites like Veal Parmigiana and Chicken Scarpariello for our meals.

Casa Benedetto's Veal Parmigiana

The dinners were served with warm bread, butter, and a tasty homemade side of caponata. It comes with a salad of fresh and crunchy greens. The Veal Parmigiana was perfectly prepared and came with marinara sauce. Delicious!

The Chicken Scarpariello with mushrooms and authentic Italian sausage was also delicious. Both come with your choice of delicious pasta on the side.

Visit there if you want to eat leisurely real Italian food in St. Augustine. You won’t be let down; trust me.

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135 King St., St. Augustine, FL 32080, United States // +19042936373

With its atmosphere being perfect for social gatherings, this is undoubtedly one of the hippest restaurants in St. Augustine Florida. For the health-conscious, delectable smoothies, flavorful salads, and fresh wraps are ideal.

You’ll adore its cool and hip atmosphere, with pop art and cheerful wall colors that will really make you smile all the time. The dishes are lovely, have inventive names, and all ingredients are local.

Both of the wraps we ordered, the Terminator and Sweet Harvest, were excellent. The meal included tortilla chips, and we also ordered a barbecue dip.

Crave Wrap

Overall, I highly recommend having lunch at Crave if you’re downtown and looking for a cheap, healthy lunch!

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The Press

525 FL-16 #101, St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States // +19042178254

With its all-American food blended with European and Asian flavors, this is one of the most visited restaurants in St. Augustine Florida.

The restaurant offers lovely cuisine that has won over both locals and tourists, whether you’re looking for breakfast or brunch. But, of course, you’ll also adore this place’s comfortable atmosphere.

It’s one of the more laid-back restaurants in the neighborhood, with a pub-like atmosphere and helpful staff who will go above and beyond to meet your needs.

For lunch, we split a sizable Caesar salad and the Cabernet Mushroom Swiss Burger. Those two items provided enough food for the two of us.

The Press Caesar Salad

The Caesar salad was outstanding. They make their own dressing, and it was excellent. Their handmade buns are light and fluffy, and the hamburger was perfectly cooked.

All in all, a wonderful lunch experience. If you’re nearby, you should keep The Press in mind for a satisfying dinner. Although they are only a few miles from St. Augustine’s Historic District, the trip is worthwhile.

It’s definitely one of the best places to eat in St. Augustine, Florida.

Salt Life Food Shack

321 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine, FL 32080, United States // +19042173256

This restaurant is ideal for beach lovers with its open-air setting, relaxed ambiance and beach vibe. The restaurant serves various meals featuring seafood, tacos, and award-winning beer. This seafood restaurant, located just across from the St. Augustine pier, is renowned for its breathtaking views.

With the custom-built saltwater tank in full view, you’ll experience the beach ambiance the restaurant is known for, even if you’re indoors. Enjoy your dinner while listening to top-notch live music.

The calamari was the greatest I’ve ever eaten; it was thick, nicely fried, and had a light breading. The tacos, burger, poke bowl, and fried grouper taco were all prepared with care, perfectly cooked, and went nicely with the appropriate sauces.

Salt Life Food Shack Calamari

We also caught a special, and sushi rolls were at a fantastic price of $6.99! The crab and avocado roll was also on the menu. Oh, and let’s not forget how delicious the Painkillers and the Mai Tai were.

This restaurant made us feel like locals rather than tourists. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. If you’re in St, Augustine, don’t miss it!

It’s one of my favorite seafood spots in St. Augustine Florida.

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Raintree Restaurant

102 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States // +19048247211

Located in St. Augustine, Raintree is a famed restaurant that serves exquisite cuisine in a restored 1879 colonial Victorian mansion. If you enjoy history, you’ll enjoy this restaurant, which is one of the few surviving structures from St. Augustine’s post-Civil War boom phase.

The beautiful foliage that surrounds the white, two-story white house is the ideal setting for a relaxing supper. But, of course, delectable foods are a must-try. 

They’re a fusion of Mediterranean, Asian, and American cuisine, meticulously prepared for your visual pleasure.

We began with a cup of lobster soup and the evening’s special appetizer; sausage stuffed mushrooms. Both products were excellent.

My friend got the eggplant Parmigiana, while I had the filet mignon and shrimp. My filet was cooked to medium-rare perfection and served with mushroom mornay sauce.

Raintree Restaurant Eggplant Parmigiana

The mashed potatoes were delicious, as were the mixed vegetables that were served. The lunch also featured a delicious mixed salad. This place is a must-try and one of the best restaurants in St. Augustine, Florida.

Columbia Restaurant

98 St. George St., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States // +19048243341

The magnificent Columbia Restaurant is located in the historic center of St. Augustine, the nation’s oldest city, which was founded in 1565.

Enjoy Spanish/Cuban food while dining in their dining rooms, which feature hundreds of hand-painted tiles and Spanish-style fountains.

We began with a lovely sangria that was moderately priced. Next, the waitress brought warm bread to the table, and we began with scallops in an overly buttery sauce.

The garlic flavor, on the other hand, was fantastic. Our entrees were the filleted snapper, which was light and delicious, and the paella, which was flavorful and substantial.

Columbia Restaurant Paella

I finished the evening with a cafe Leche. Overall, a wonderful experience! I love this restaurant, and I highly recommend paying a visit to this must-try gem.


Is St Augustine a foodie town?

Augustine has risen to the top of the list as the greatest “foodie” town south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Is St. Augustine a party town?

St. Augustine’s vibrant nightlife is never dull. The historic city and surrounding neighborhood teem with bars, pubs, and restaurants, allowing visitors to choose their favorite hangouts. Alternate between going to the same bar every night and trying something new.

Is there a downtown area in St Augustine?

The historic “Old Town” district is the heart of downtown St. Augustine, and it’s where you’ll find the city’s top attractions and several excellent restaurants, shops, galleries, and more. Many of the buildings in downtown St.

Final Thoughts About The 10 Must-Try Restaurants In St. Augustine Florida

So, If you’re looking for a dining experience that transcends restaurants, St. Augustine is the place to go. Here, you’ll find that all the most incredible tastes speak to one another in perfect unison. And no matter what food you crave most, St. Augustine will have your belly smiling from ear to ear.

When you’re done enjoying the restaurants in St. Augustine Florida, be sure to savor the city itself. There’s no better way to experience unique history than by taking an old-fashioned trolley tour or a horse-drawn carriage ride along the uneven cobblestones of Flagler Avenue. 

Streets lined with brightly colored clapboard buildings and an Old Spanish atmosphere will ensure you never forget your trip to this historic gem of a city. 

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