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The 7 Best New Restaurants in St. Augustine, FL

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In St. Augustine, you will have a chance to visit restaurants with tasty food created by people who love cooking and have dedicated their lives to this special art.  We can add the fact that St. Augustine is a city that has many things to offer to travelers. It would be smart if you start planning your trip to this city immediately. 

It is a very charming city with many historical stories and heritage. St. Augustine is a city in northeastern Florida, a clean and exciting city that will capture your attention as soon as you arrive. 

We had such an amazing time visiting this city! The weather was nice, warm, and sunny and complementary to our good mood. 

And when it comes to food, as we said before, do yourself a favor in your spare time to visit the restaurants in St. Augustine. 

This article will guide you through the journey of visiting all new restaurants in St. Augustine. 

If you are planning a trip to St. Augustine, make sure to add these new restaurants in St. Augustine to your list. 

Trust me, by the end of this journey, you will dream about all the places that we will present to you, so you can experience the unique flavors to create a real festive moment for your stomach and heart. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Sit at your favorite spot at your home, have your favorite drink, and let us transport you to this incredible city and its culinary masterpieces. 

My Top 3 Picks of the New Restaurants in St. Augustine 

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating

Boat Drinks
Miami Vice
Gaufres and GoodsGyro
Llama RestaurantOctopus 4/5

The 7 Best New Restaurants in St. Augustine

Forgotten Tonic

6 Aviles St., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States +19048279055

The name of this restaurant is Forgotten Tonic, but believe me, the tonic you have here you will keep to yourself, as if a diamond.

This is a very chic place, a fancy place where you can book a table with your friends and have an enjoyable night. We all need nights where freedom will be the only thing that we care about. 

When we entered the restaurant, we knew that the night would be our night, with a  soft craziness.  Because this is a place where you can escape from your comfort zone and be in a mood to enjoy your meal and drink. 

Because guess what? You deserve that!

This St. Augustine restaurant is a hidden neighborhood gem located in the heart of St. Augustine’s historic art district. Here you will meet a modern twist on freshly prepared food with ingredients that you would love to have in your kitchen and modify your meals with modern tips brought from American cuisines. 

If you love drinking wine, this restaurant has an expensive wine list, and good wine is something that you will receive here for sure.

Our choice for appetizers was Fried Green tomato because I love tomatoes, and Montenegro meatballs for the same reason; I love meatballs. 

New Restaurants in St. Augustine: Forgotten Tonic Fried Green Tomato

These appetizers were so good, and, to be honest, I was really stuffed after them, but, of course, we didn’t come for appetizers. 

We ordered different cocktails, such as Sunrise Over Hanauma Bay and Forgotten Tonic with a navy strength gin, French herbal liqueurs, quinine, lime, and seltzer. A Mojito was also proudly located on our table, together with a Pina Colada. Needless to say, all were good. 

As you may already know, I love Caesar salad. I give regular thanks to the inventor of this salad, and I ordered Caesar salad and was fully satisfied. 

From the main menu, we ordered the Fresh Catch with seasonal fish, stir fry ancient grains, and a Fish Burger, which was smartly served on a pretzel bun with French fries.

We finished the night with Brown Butter Cake. 

Here, you don’t have to worry about drinking. You can have cocktails, liqueur, beer, vodka, whiskey,  and other different quality spirits. 

You should be already eager to visit this place. Well, you will be grateful if you do that. Nice ambiance, food and drink, staff that are around you and care for you, and of course, the chance to sit in a fancy new restaurant in St. Augustine. 

Prohibition Kitchen

 119 St. George St., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States  +19042095704

As we walked in Prohibition Kitchen, I had a warm feeling that this is was a place where I would like to come again and bring my favorite people, have dinner with them, and try different specialties. 

While enjoying the live environment that will completely entertain you, you will experience a unique, spacious, retro-chic watering hole with a wide list of cocktails. 

This gourmet pub is definitely a place for you if you want a space where all your troubles will be gone. 

This is a great place with superb food, good service, and amazing ambiance.

We loved this place even more because we had long walks through the shops, and this was a great place to stopo and drop.

A lead-off dish that was ther first thing to defeat our will not to order a lot was Booy Peanut butter. The shake was strong and rich, and it was unforgettable. 

The Root Beer Float was also good, and we suggested adding rum.

We also had a Short Rib Grilled Cheese and Cheese Beer Soup.  It was something that connected this restaurant with unique things. 

Prohibition Kitchen Cheese Beer Soup

The live music made the night more interesting and fun. We additionally ordered the wings and the burger. It was a real pleasure to enjoy them.

Other great selections were the Mushroom Burger and Rib Grilled Cheese, which easily became among my favorites. 


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Boat Drinks

56 St. George St., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States  +19042740094

This new St. Augustine restaurant is another nice place that made us fall in love the minute we sat on the balcony and experienced the calmness of the surroundings. 

This place stands out of the crowd when it comes to frozen cocktails and casual bites; all served in a colorful two-story space. 

My first thought was that it was easy to picture myself having a meal with my childhood friends in a nautical, tropical tavern and oyster bar. 

We didn’t think a lot. We went straight to the seafood, prepared with fresh ingredients. A superb choice for you if you love seafood. 

We had plenty of Boat Drinks and all were good. I will highlight the tropical taste of Miami Vice as a drink following an interesting description on the menu.  With the drinks, we ordered appetizers, Chicken skewers and Spicy Shrimp

Our group was conversational, and we started a friendly conversation with the experienced and friendly servers. The laid-back attitude this place has was a great addition to the charm of it. It would be a pity if we didn’t mention the perfect Burger this place has. A scrumptious shrimp and smoked fish dip was fantastic. 

We also had two dozen oysters. They had three different types of oysters to order and we really enjoyed the taste of the Grilled Oysters with vinegar and pepper sauce. It was just awesome. Charbroiled Oysters and Misa Oysters were also amazing. The skewers were excellent and perfectly seasoned.

Boat Drinks Grilled Oysters

We were Very happy to have found this new restaurant in St. Augustine! The drinks are a little slice of heaven, creatively executed, and the food is out of this world. 

Believe me, this place is a place that you shouldn’t miss.

It’s so tropical and modern. I can’t wait to be back and have one of the delicious rum drinks from the huge rum selection.               

A must-visit new restaurant in St. Augustine.  

Gaufres and Goods

212 Charlotte St., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States  +19048295770

We came to Gaufres and Goods for a cold beer, and we were happy when we saw the menu and all the imported beers this place offers to its visitors. 

It has lovely outdoor seating, offers homestyle Greek and Polish dishes, and provides a nice ambiance that will make you feel cool and fun. And who doesn’t like this kind of place? 

I had Polish beer, and my friend sitting next to me had wine since this restaurant has an extensive selection of wine. And it is really a real pleasure to have quality wine in a great atmosphere. 

The location of this new St. Augustine restaurant is small and quaint, but the food here is something that will instantly strengthen the bond you have with this place. 

 Absolutely delicious hardy, homemade food is featured in a lovely ambiance with a friendly and caring staff.

We asked our server what to order, and his recommendation was the Gyro. It really exceeded our expectations. We also ordered stuffed cabbage, a kielbasa plate, and bigos (hunter stew). I must point out that I had never tried hunter stew, so I was hesitant. But in the end, I am happy that I experienced it; it’s a meat stew with a strong sauerkraut flavor.

Gaufres and Goods Gyro

We all had different dishes and all of them were wonderfully seasoned and cooked, which acknowledges the quality of this place in the best way. The pierogies were delicious, and the baklava was a perfect dessert and was twice the size I expected. 

No matter if you are a fan of Polish or Greek dishes, everything here is exceptionally good. I had the Greek special with spinach pie stuffed with olive leaves, and it was something extraordinary.

This is one of those little St. Augustine restaurants hidden down a side street that you really have to visit and enjoy the decor and food, which is carefully prepared, paying attention to all details. 

If I could eat here every day, I would.

So, if you’re searching for fantastic food in St. Augustine with tasty food and a friendly ambiance, look no further than Gaufres and Goods! 

Cortesse’s Bistro

172 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States  +19042170705

This St. Augustine restaurant was the right place for us on a day when we were craving something extraordinary. Cortesse’s Bistro is a cozy place with friendly vibes and lovely decor.

The location is also good; it is about five minutes from downtown. We popped in because we really needed something to eat. Our intention was to sit inside, but we sat on the outdoor patio. 

We had homemade gluten-free pasta and tuna, and took advantage of a wine list featuring delicious wine. This was our choice after exploring the fantastic menu. Here, you will have a classy experience and not feel bored, even a little bit. 

My friend ordered risotto and eggplant together with a rotini roll. He was a little selfish and he didn’t want to give me a bite, but in the end, we managed to try the eggplant, and we understood the reason for his selfishness.  

The staff was really friendly and helpful with proficient communication skills. One of the servers brought me sangria, which was really good.

The house special was lamb with saffron rice, spinach, and Greek yogurt. It was wonderful, and more than my stomach could handle.  The lamb outside was crisped with rosemary, while the inside was juicy and tender, falling off the bone. 

Other dishes we recommend are Spaghetti, Meatballs, and Chicken Marsala

Cortesse’s Bistro Meatballs

We really loved this St. Augustine restaurant. Everything here blew my mind; sitting in the courtyards is something you should experience. The food is delectable, and the ambiance is intimate and divine.

I can’t wait to go back!

Preserved Restaurant

102 Bridge St., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States +19046794940

Preserved Restaurant is a lovely restaurant in St. Augustine where you will experience different dishes from French influenced Southern cuisine, magnificently presented in Southern heritage style. 

We had a chance to have dinner in this beautiful restaurant and enjoy the food prepared with ingredients from local farmers. It was really an authentic experience, and we had an enjoyable time talking with the main chef. 

The decor also is authentic; this place is located in a renovated old house and gives you vintage vibes. You have sitting options inside, outside on the broad porch, or in a detached courtyard. 

We had Vegetable Middlins, a delicious mix of local vegetables, mushrooms, and an interesting locally sourced rice. The Seared Scallops are also something that you can’t miss. 

Preserved Restaurant Seared Scallops

Preserved has an extensive wine list that gives a good selection of wines by the glass.  We started with sparkling wine so we could toast. 

We also liked the roasted oysters. They were warm and perfectly combined with Parmesan and garlic. 

Our mains were fresh fish and a fantastic pork chop. And we also had shrimp. 

We had this amazing experience sitting on the outside patio, enjoying the style this place has. The Victorian house ambiance here is appealing.

This was an excellent dining experience in a one-of-a-kind, new St. Augustine restaurant. We recommend it. 

Llama Restaurant

415 Anastasia Blvd., St. Augustine, FL 32080, United States  +19048191760

In the heart of St. Augustine, you will find a tiny little place called the Llama Restaurant. This restaurant is pure perfection. We came here for a drink, and we were immediately blown away. 

This cute restaurant serves high-end Peruvian food. and, believe me, you will be easily absorbed in the food. The taste of the food and the presentation itself is excellently delivered, and you will immediately know that you are in the right hands. 

Sitting here and admiring the best of Peruvian cuisine, you will want to try everything; different food types, and awesome desserts. 

We ordered Peruvian corn snacks and Peruvian beer, which was an icy, frosted mug of Cusquena lager that gave a refreshing feeling.  One of the attentive servers brought us Chichamosa, which was additional enjoyment. It’s a drink made with Champagne, purple corn, pineapple, lime, and spices. It was an intriguing flavor,and a lovely purple color from the corn.

I enjoyed the Ceviche Nikkej. It was so flavorful, and it was one of the best seafood dishes of my life, together with the citrus and salmon I tried here. 

We are happy to say that we had wonderful food and a wonderful night in this small but excellent new St. Augustine restaurant.

The octopus we had was tender and soft, and the lamb was also very well prepared.

Llama Restaurant Octopus

This restaurant offers a nice ambiance,  a unique decor, with traditional Peruvian food but with many modern twists that are a great addition to the Peruvian masterpieces.  We recommend having the traditional Papa la huancaina, Veggie Saltado, and Vegan Ceviche.

This new St. Augustine restaurant should be sampled by all visitors to the area. 


Are there any unique dining experiences in the area?

You can expect to find modern new restaurants in St. Augustine that will make you feel satisfied with the ambiance and healthy food. St. Augustine offers different restaurants where you can have pasta, meat, and nice seasonally sourced salads. Most of these restaurants have good locations, reachable by foot. In our chosen restaurants, you will find extraordinary food made by talented chefs, following unique ingredient combinations. 

As a vegetarian, will I be able to find some good options at new restaurants in St. Augustine?

We are happy to answer with a positive answer. Of course! Most restaurants in the area are more than happy to offer different dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan options, and non-gluten options. Just pay attention to well-written menus or ask the staff for their recommendations!

I’m in the mood for some live music or entertainment with my meal. Where can I find that in new restaurants in St. Augustine?

You’re in luck! Places like Prohibition Kitchen have live music. There, you will have a chance to listen to live music and have a cheerful Friday, so needed after a busy week. Also, other restaurants provide live music, so feel free to check their website and make sure on which day there is live music.

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