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9 Fun Things To Do In Amelia Island | Best Amelia Island Things to Do

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Amelia Island is one of the Sunshine State’s hidden gems. This little slice of paradise lies just off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida.

Things To Do in Amelia Island: Amelia Island

The vibrant coastal community of Amelia Island is blessed with warm weather all year long, charming historic neighborhoods, and natural beauty.

Amelia Island’s beautiful beaches and brick streets offer a long list of things to do for all visitors! Plan your own trip to Amelia Island, or you can discover some of the things that you can do there!

Top 9 Things To Do In Amelia Island

Plan A Day At The Beach

Amelia Island is the perfect place to go if you desire a beach vacation without crowds and with all the local charm. Choose from an impressive line of beaches that stretch thirteen miles along the coast of Amelia Island.

Things To Do in Amelia Island: Amelia Island Beach

Visit Main Beach Park for a sunrise, then relax with a picnic lunch while watching waves and enjoying coastal views. If you prefer water sports, Main Beach Park offers public swimming as well as beach volleyball courts.

During the evening, sit on the sandy shoreline of Peters Point Beachfront Park and watch dolphins. A trip to the beach is always fun regardless of what time of day it is.

The pristine white beaches of Amelia Island are a perfect place to enjoy the sun. So if you’re wondering what to do on Amelia Island, make sure to take full advantage of the natural wonders. You won’t be disappointed with this coastal retreat!

Go Horseback Riding

4600 Peters Point Rd. // +19047531701

Come along on a horseback riding tour of Amelia Island and enjoy a wonderful afternoon in the sun. 

Amelia Island Horseback Riding lets you ride into the sunset. A variety of daily rides, sunrise rides, and sunset rides are available, which offer beautiful ocean views as the horses amble along. 

Things To Do in Amelia Island: Horseback Riding

Do you prefer to watch the sunrise? Then, consider taking a ride in the morning—just bring your camera with you. During the horseback riding session, you will hear stories about the area from the guide to enhance your riding adventure.

It will surely be a magical experience if you decide to explore together with these beautiful creatures. Relax on a horseback ride along the coast while taking in the scenery of this attractive destination!

Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach

Florida 32034

Discover why Fort Clinch is one of Florida’s top historic sites by taking a stroll through the 50 blocks of cobblestone streets in historic downtown Fernandina Beach.

Victorian-era architecture’s dramatic elegance and charming ambiance have helped make this city an official National Register listing. In addition, it is a popular destination for history enthusiasts, with more than 350 historic buildings on Main Street.

Things To Do in Amelia Island: Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach

You can walk along the docks and watch the passing boats, then stop for a drink or lunch at one of the restaurants.

Explore old Fernandina Beach by foot or by cycling and sample the seafood specialty dishes while admiring the Victorian architecture along Centre Street.  The atmosphere is guaranteed to make you feel good.

Visit Amelia Island Museum of History

233 .S 3rd St. // +19042617378

Exhibits at the Amelia Island Museum of History offer a fascinating look into Florida’s past. This museum features a broad range of shows about Amelia Island, the Civil War, shipwrecks, and more.

It is located in the old Nassau County jail, and tours give visitors a glimpse of life behind bars. In addition, there is a re-constructed jail cell where visitors can explore and discover life as a prisoner. 

Things To Do in Amelia Island: Amelia Island Museum Of History
Photo Credit: When lost in…..

Every room in the museum provides insight into the history of the area and an orientation screen depicting different decades. 

The museum has an interactive childrens’ area perfect for parents with young kids, featuring a footbridge zip line. Enjoy a guided tour and discover more about Amelia Island’s rich history!

Take A Boat Tour With Amelia Island Charters 

1 South Front Street Dock E // +19043351162

Discover Amelia Island from a whole new perspective by taking a scenic boat tour! It will allow you to see natural wildlife and parts of the island you wouldn’t usually get to experience.

You can choose from a family fishing trip or a private nature tour to see Florida’s stunning east coast while you enjoy the peace and serenity of being on a boat.

Things To Do in Amelia Island: Amelia Island Harbor

A variety of charter tours are available throughout the season at Amelia Island Charters. In addition, there are family fishing excursions, private wildlife nature tours, eco-tours at the Great Florida Birding Trail, dolphin watching cruises, snorkeling tours to Cumberland Island, historical sightseeing tours of Amelia Island Plantation, and the John’s Pass History Experience.

Taking a tour of the island gives you an excellent opportunity to learn about its history while admiring the breathtaking views. So bring your lunch, and take the cruise of your choice!

Go On A Paddling Adventure

3 S. Front St., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 // +19045575307

Amelia Island has plenty to offer if you are the adventurous type who is constantly on the lookout for fun things to do. Amelia Island Kayak Excursions help you enjoy your day on the water regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced paddler.

Things To Do in Amelia Island: Paddling Adventure
Photo Credit: Jennifer Huber

Paddle through the calm water of the Amelia River and explore the area’s salt marshes on a guided tour. In addition to half-and full-day river trips, two- and six-hour overnight excursions are also available for those who prefer paddling alone.

Experience a day out in nature in the leafy shade of majestic cypress trees while being led to some of the most beautiful spots. This is one of the best things to do in Amelia Island for paddlers of all skill levels and newbies looking for adventure.

Dine At SALT

17 N. Fletcher Ave., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 

SALT is the place to be while you’re here, so don’t forget to make a reservation while you’re in town. Aside from being one of Florida’s five-diamond restaurants, this restaurant is known for its creative dishes.

Watch the Atlantic Ocean while enjoying your meal or a drink. A fine art intended for consumption is the skill with which Richard Laughlin crafts his dishes.

Things To Do in Amelia Island: Dine At SALT
Photo Credit: robertnebel

They use local ingredients to create delicious food. Though the chef’s inventive menu changes seasonally, did you know that he also makes unique dishes for each guest? 

Visitors look forward to dining at the chef’s table in the kitchen with the “Dine with the Chef” experience. You’ll get to sample different dishes one after another. In addition, the restaurant also provides diners with the opportunity to sample the “Chef’s Adventure Tasting Menu,” featuring seasonal dishes.

Those who love textured and flavorful dishes should undoubtedly try the foie gras terrine wrapped in pickled mullet belly and topped with hamachi mousse. 

Take A Tour Of Marlin And Barrel Distillery

232 S. 8th St., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 // +19045563837

Take a tour of Marlin and Barrel Distillery after you have lunch at one of the restaurants. Learn how Venture Vodka, rum, and gin are made and experience some of the unique flavors.

Aside from grapefruit and orange liqueur, they make a Smoked Pepper Vodka ideal for Bloody Marys and a Vanilla Bean Espresso Rum, which is slightly sweet.

Things To Do in Amelia Island: Marlin & Barrel Distillery
Photo Credit: Hillarie Furman

The tour gives visitors a chance to sample the distillery’s specialty spirits and teaches them how and where they are made. Observe the distillation of vodka from wheat and sugar cane, the crafting of rum, and the creation of liqueurs from the finest citrus in Florida.

Additionally, guests get the opportunity to sample these unique offerings directly from the stills before they are aged in barrels. Also, they will get to see some of the oldest stills running in operation. It won’t be long before you want to take a bottle home to remember your visit to the distillery.

Grab A Drink At The Palace Saloon

117 Centre St., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 // +18444412444

The Palace Saloon is set right in the middle of downtown Fernandina Beach along Crockford Drive. Founded in 1879, the saloon was one of the first bars in Florida, serving as a great window into the town’s history. The building has been the scene of several significant events, including two fires in the late 1800s.

Once, it was a gambling hall underneath an old boarding house, frequented by authors, celebrities, and former presidents. Despite its ghostly history, it still pours drinks today and is just as popular as ever!

Things To Do in Amelia Island: Chad DeGrove
Photo Credit: Chad DeGrove

This historic bar is a great place to grab a drink before heading out for dinner or a night out. Six nights a week, the Palace Saloon hosts live music and local comedians looking for a fun and intimate venue to display their talents.

If you’re in the mood for a historical drink, check out the oldest bar in Florida, where ghosts of outlaws and soldiers roam. There’s plenty of history to read up on!

Summary Of The Top 10 Things To Do In Amelia Island

From art and history enthusiasts to nature lovers, there are plenty of things to do in the Amelia Islands and not feel bored for even a minute.

Once you experience the natural beauty here, you are guaranteed to come away with unforgettable memories. From its miles of untouched beaches great for surfing to the historic mansions and grand gardens, there’s something here for everyone.

You’ll find there are many ways to enjoy your stay at Amelia Island, so see for yourself what Amelia Island has to offer, and come and visit one of the best places for shrimp, sports, and fun!

It’s easy to get lost in the abundance of leisure, excitement, and adventure on Amelia Island, losing sight of its rich history and heritage.  So, as you explore this beautiful barrier island that lies just off the coast of northeastern Florida, be sure to stop by some of the historical sites as well to appreciate this diverse region truly.

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