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9 Must-Try Madison FL Restaurants | Best Restaurants in Madison, FL

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Fabulous food will fuel your fun as you discover all there is to enjoy in the lovely little town of Madison, Florida. Madison FL restaurants left quite the impression on me and I’m excited to share my favorite finds with you!

Established in 1838, Madison sits at the top of north-central Florida and is overflowing with Southern charm and hospitality. This may just be the perfect place to escape the hectic hustle and bustle of big city life and to get a glimpse of the true beauty of Old Florida.

Agriculture was a vital component when this area was settled by cotton and tobacco farmers. Today, farming here is quite different from modern irrigation and focuses on sustainability.

Important crops such as peanuts, corn, soybeans, mushrooms, and many vegetables grow in abundance. The farm-to-table movement helps the farmers, the local restaurants, and all those who revel in the deliciousness of the local cuisine, leading the visitor to some of the best restaurants in Madison, FL.

Nature provides plenty of land for hunting and bodies of water, such as Lake Frances, for fishing.

The humid subtropical climate makes Madison one of the most comfortable locations in Florida. There are undeveloped areas to explore as well as paved paths that invite walking, bicycle riding, and horseback riding.

Less than ten miles from town on State Road 6 is Madison Blue Springs State Park, a crystal-clear spring that is popular for swimming and scuba diving. All these indigenous amenities make for a nature lover’s dream.

Ask the locals what they like most about Madison and you will hear them brag about how cute, quaint, and historic it is.

They will be quick to tell you that it is a family-oriented town where faith and a strong work ethic are still embraced. Many, if not most, businesses are closed on Sundays.

They will mention that their small town of just over 3,000 residents was designated by VISIT FLORIDA as one of the “Best Little Towns in Florida”, and that they have an RV and Golf Resort, as well as a community college.

History is certainly evident in the many homes built in the 1800’s. These excellent examples of Neoclassical, Antebellum, and Victorian architecture are a photographer’s dream.

The Four Freedoms Park is a city-block area in the heart of downtown Madison. It has moss-draped oak trees, azaleas, a gazebo, and several monuments. Right across Base Street, you can view the county courthouse which was built in 1913. Two blocks south on Range Avenue, you will find the Treasures of Madison County Museum, which is a historian’s dream.

Keep reading for my list of the top nine restaurants to consider on your next visit to Madison, separated by category.


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9 Best Madison FL Restaurants


Norris Café

140 SW Range Ave /  (850) 973-2552

Owners Chris and Amanda Norris established Norris Café in 2014 and take pride in being a friendly spot in town for breakfast and lunch.

breakfast plate with bacon, eggs and toast

Local favorites Monday through Saturday include sandwiches, chicken or chef salad made fresh daily, milkshakes, and their own locally roasted Blue Quail coffee in an amazing variety of flavors.  

hamburger and waffle fries

 The wall décor is filled with positive messages such as “focus on the good”. The seating is comfortable while the atmosphere is folksy and welcoming.

turkey sandwich with bacon

Amanda kindly makes customers aware of their adjoining Daisy and Dukes boutique, connected by a barn door. Folks like to place their order, then browse through the boutique while the food is prepared. 

Sunrise Coffee Shop and The Wine Cellar Tasting Room

247 SW Rutledge Street  // (850) 973-1381

Filled with elegant antiques and a life-size 1000 pound bronze bear, Sunrise is definitely out of the ordinary.

Owners P. Conners and M. Sheppard offer fancy cakes and “little bites of heaven”, as well as soup, coffee, tea, champagne, and wine.

colorful cupcakes with sprinkles

Their monthly wine tastings feature live music. They promote their two other local shops that sell books and antiques.

Chef Sheppard encourages travelers to go see the beauty of nature in the cool of the early morning and then come be pampered with a relaxing meal. Open Thursday through Saturday.

bagel sandwich with ham lettuce and tomato

If it’s a hearty breakfast you’re looking for, either of these two fine cafes could be where to eat in Madison. 


Grumpy’s Diner & Pie Shop

244 SW Range Ave. // (850) 973-2802

Being a long-time resident, real estate agent, and artist, owner Jessica Webb knows everyone and every property in town. She is a fun and energetic wealth of information who could quite easily convince most any visitor to move to Madison. 

where to eat in Madison FL

Locals can’t seem to get enough of her burgers, salads, and daily specials like chicken and dumplings.

toasted sandwich with fries

Oh, and of course an ever-changing assortment of Grumpy’s famous pies.

banana cream pie

I can attest that the apple pie is the best I’ve ever had. Grumpy’s Dine & Pie Shop is opened Monday through Saturday. Visit this classic diner for one of the best places to eat in Madison. 

Smackin’ Lips Diner 

6190 S State Rd. 53 // (850) 973-3115

Open seven days a week with “Southern Cookin’ At Its Best”, this is a promising new addition to the local foodie scene. The colorful mural brings a smile to your face as you step inside, and in seconds the super enthusiastic staff greet you like an old friend. 

Mary, a wonderful server, brought a smile to my face when she said, “Let’s get you fed.”

Marv came out of the kitchen to make sure I was satisfied with my meal. When I told him that Garrett at the Chamber of Commerce recommended Smackin’ Lips, he laughed and replied, “Good, since he’s my brother-in-law!”

BBQ sandwich with fries

Whether you crave an omelet, a hamburger steak with gravy and onions, a chicken sandwich with “secret sauce” and fries, or (what I had) popcorn shrimp with cheese grits, the variety at Smackin’ Lips is fabulous. The owners also operate the nearby Ragans Family Campground.

Smackin’ Lips is a very appropriate name for this Madison restaurant. 

—  —


O’Neal’s Country Buffet 

558 W Base Street  // (850) 973-6400

This is an old-fashioned place known for fried chicken, greens, and banana pudding. Here you will find a crowd of hungry blue-collar workers and salt-of-the-earth folks, all talking about politics and religion.

BBQ buffet with fries and fried fish

The staff is extremely busy and will slow down slightly to converse. But if you tell them your troubles then I’m pretty darn sure they would promise to pray for you later.  Come here when seeking to serve yourself a heaping portion of fried food to fill your tummy.

—  —


Rancho Grande 

307 SW Pinckney Street  // (850) 973-2363

When you crave tacos and burritos in a most colorful setting, then head to Rancho Grande. The vibrant Mexican chairs and tables are matched by the equally vivid items available in the gift shop. 

Madison FL restaurants

Be sure to check the schedule, because there is often live music. It is also a perfect place to have a conversation in or practice your Spanish. Their mixed drink special includes a souvenir cup.

quesadillas with guacamole and salsa

For some south-of-the-border flair, visit this Rancho for Mexican food in Madison.

Cucinella’s Brick Oven Pizzeria 

201 SW Rutledge Street  // (850) 973-3388

Cucinella’s has served the best hand-tossed New York-style pizza since 1932.

Owners Jonathan and Karon Mazzella own multiple businesses, are active in the community, and he is a proud Army veteran. They are incredibly sweet and pointed out the very booth where they met each other nine years ago.  

box with a half cheese half pepperoni pizza inside

The staff is great and will often do extra thoughtful things like heart-shaped pizza for romantic couples.

box with sausage pizza inside

In addition to pizza, customers love calzones, salads, wings, garlic knots, and cinnamon knots. I enjoyed my chicken salad while taking in the serenity at Lake Frances.

Pizza in Madison?  Here’s your place. 

—  —


C & D Bistro 

144 SW Horry Ave. // (850) 973-2041

Owner Dan Sullivan left the noise of Los Angeles to find a quiet contentment in Madison. He opened C & D Bistro in April 2019 and appreciates the positive response it continues to receive. He states, “Our food is photo-worthy and takes your senses on a journey.” He created a beautiful and delicious strawberry sopapilla for me. 

C & D Bistro uses locally raised grass-fed beef and locally made buns for terrific hamburgers.

Folks really love the fish tacos, wings, and desserts. Dan says his most artistic dish is the salmon with carrots, asparagus, and red cabbage.

grilled salmon on a bed of salad

The outdoor seating area has a relaxed beach vibe and includes a fire pit and corn hole games. The addition of a pole barn and extra seating is underway.

grilled chicken over rice and vegetables

Talented staff uses their imaginations to offer extra entertainment such as fancy food carving and fire dancing. Fine food, and fine entertainment in this must-try Madison restaurant. 

shrimp and grits with cheese

—  —


La Piazza Bella  

683 W Base Street // (850) 973-2521

Owner Henry Mendoza and head chef Maria Garcia are celebrating one year in business. Along with front of house manager Polet Luna, they agree that the small yet wonderfully supportive community in Madison has been so welcoming and kind. In turn, La Piazza Bella helps to support the local humane society and the soccer team.

pizza with broccoli

Their most requested “Tour of Italy” includes lasagna, chicken parmigiana, and a stuffed shell. Other favorites are the shrimp salad and the cannoli.

Diners may choose to seat inside or on the outside patio. Open Sunday through Thursday until 9 PM and until 10 PM on Friday and Saturday.

breakfast bacon sandwich with fries

For fine dining in Madison with an Italian flavor, La Piazza Bella is a must-try restaurant. 

—  —

Which of these restaurants in Madison, FL do you most want to try? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Hollye Merton

Sunday 18th of June 2023

I used to go to Ken's when visiting my step mother in Lee. But they shut down years ago and now my favorite place is the La Piazza Bella. There tortellini is tremendous and the staff is always courteous. I have tried O'Neil's Country Buffet and it was OK. Lots of fried food. The selection wasn't as good as I had expected on the day I went. I will give it another try sometime to see if the selection is better.

Nice article. I am going there this weekend for my step mother's 93rd birthday and hope to take her out to eat with a friend from there and wanted to research places to eat. Thanks.

Sharon Torres

Sunday 7th of November 2021

Honestly I'm memorize with the culinary cultures of all restaurants. I'm looking forward to venture down to Madison, and to try a few of the restaurants. They all have their unique flavors and delicious plate. Can't pick one. There all are unique and amazing.

Angela Dowdy

Sunday 14th of November 2021

@Sharon Torres, if you read over the recommended restaurants a couple of times, I'm sure two or three will capture your attention...and once you've dined there they will also capture your taste buds and your heart!


Sunday 19th of September 2021

Thank you for this helpful post! I evacuated from New Orleans to Madison during Hurricane Ida and you really helped point me in the right direction. I spent 10 days at the Days Inn next to Smackin’ Lips Diner which was very convenient for solid breakfast & comfort foods. I tried several of the other restaurants and my favorite was the C&D Bistro. Very tasty, locally sourced food with a laid back vibe and friendly staff. I ate there twice and remember the Cuban sandwich fondly.

Angela Dowdy

Monday 20th of September 2021

@KLC, As the article's writer, I am beyond thrilled that you enjoyed some great food while in Madison. I'm also sure that they appreciated your business. Perhaps YOU can help ME pick some great foodie spots next year when I visit New Orleans. THANK YOU for being a foodie, for using some of my recommendations, and for keeping yourself safe during bad storms!


Monday 20th of September 2021

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you found the post so helpful and I'm happy to hear that you were safely able to evacuate! Stay safe and thank you for the additional restaurant suggestions.

Angela Dowdy

Monday 1st of February 2021

In response to L. McLeod & J. Wells, in the MONTH of research prior to my article "Franks's" was NEVER mentioned by locals or by social media. I WILL try to find it next time I visit Madison.

Angela Dowdy

Wednesday 14th of April 2021

@Marlies Jones, Hope you get to enjoy some of the eateries that I DID research and visit in Madison. Life is good and food is fabulous!

Marlies Jones

Monday 29th of March 2021

@Angela Dowdy, very disappointed that no one mentioned Frank’s Fry House... hmmmm, I am new to Madison but my husband is not. He introduced me to Frank’s almost immediately and I must say... it would have been mentioned if you spoke to a wider mix of locals. Been around for a very long time.

Corrinne Vernick

Sunday 31st of January 2021

I've never really been to Madison, FL. Tha I you for this wonderfully crafted article! I live how you encompassed the history of Madison too! That brick oven pizzeria, amongst others has me wanting to make a weekend getaway to Madison to take a foodie tour! Thank you for this!

Angela Dowdy

Wednesday 14th of April 2021

@Corrinne Vernick, Certainly hope you enjoy some of these great eateries in Madison, Florida real soon. Eager to know which ones you like. Thanks.

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