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7 Must-Try St. Augustine Restaurants on the Water | St. Augustine, FL

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Are you ready to dive into the enchanting world of St. Augustine’s culinary scene? Today, we’re setting sail on a mouthwatering adventure to explore the best St. Augustine restaurants on the water. 

So, grab your favorite pair of shades and a beachy hat, and let’s embark on this delectable journey together!

Nestled along Florida’s northeastern coast, St. Augustine is a charming historic city with a rich tapestry of culture and history. 

Often dubbed the “Nation’s Oldest City,” St. Augustine has been enchanting visitors for centuries with its cobblestone streets, Spanish colonial architecture, and breathtaking waterfront views. 

But what truly sets this coastal gem apart is its thriving food scene that seamlessly combines Old World flavors with modern flair, all served up with a generous side of sunshine and sea breezes.

With an abundance of fresh seafood, local ingredients, and a unique fusion of culinary influences, St. Augustine’s restaurants are a food lover’s paradise. 

And what better way to experience the city’s culinary treasures than by dining al fresco, surrounded by the gentle lapping of waves and the rustle of palm trees? That’s right, my friends – today, we’re focusing on the crème de la crème of waterfront dining in St. Augustine.

St. Augustine Restaurants on the Water

From casual beachside shacks to elegant dining rooms with panoramic ocean views, St. Augustine’s waterfront restaurants have something for everyone. 

So whether you’re a seafood lover, a die-hard fan of Southern comfort food, or simply someone who loves good food with a view, you’re in for a treat!

Join me as we navigate through the azure waters of St. Augustine’s culinary scene, uncovering hidden gems and fan favorites alike. 

Get ready to set your taste buds tingling because the best St. Augustine restaurants on the water are waiting to be discovered! 

With every bite and sip, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the city’s flavors and vistas, making memories that will last a lifetime.

So, let’s hoist the anchor and embark on this epicurean adventure together as we discover the best St. Augustine restaurants on the water. 

Trust me; it’s a gastronomic journey you won’t want to miss!

My Top Three Picks of the St. Augustine Restaurants on the Water

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
Kingfish Grill on the WaterFried Scallops5/5
Hurricane Patty’sFish and Chips5/5
Salt Life Food ShackCalamari4.5/5

The Seven Best St. Augustine Restaurants on the Water

Kingfish Grill on the Water

252 Yacht Club Dr., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States // +19048242111

Tucked away in the picturesque Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor, I stumbled upon a hidden jewel that I just couldn’t wait to share with you all. 

Kingfish Grill, a vibrant and inviting spot, is exactly what you’d dream of discovering on the sun-kissed Florida coast. 

This treasure has earned its reputation as one of the top St. Augustine restaurants on the ocean, thanks to its wonderful island ambiance and tasty seafood specialties.

From the moment I arrived, I was charmed by the brightly painted deck chairs dotting the garden and the bright orange walls inside, creating an ambiance that instantly made me feel like I was on vacation. 

The island attitude of Kingfish Grill was perfectly in sync with the coastal surroundings, making it an ideal spot for a laid-back dining experience.

As a seafood lover, I was in heaven. The menu featured an impressive array of dishes, with everything from seared fish to fresh sushi. 

One evening, I had the pleasure of dining beneath the canopy of twinkling lights, the gentle sound of waves lapping against the shore providing a perfect soundtrack to my meal.

fried scallops

I decided to sit outside on the patio to fully enjoy the refreshing river breeze while listening to the soothing live music. 

My taste buds were in for a real treat – the crispy calamari, creamy goat cheese, succulent oysters, and flavorful tuna nachos were all divine. 

The variety of dishes at our table catered to every palate, from seafood enthusiasts to steak lovers and even those craving a juicy burger.

Each dish was nothing short of perfection. I couldn’t help but rave about the fried scallops – they were, hands down, some of the best I’ve had in ages. 

The attentive and friendly staff truly made the experience even better, ensuring our glasses were always full and our plates arrived promptly despite the bustling atmosphere.

Whether you’re in the area for a daytime adventure or an evening out, I wholeheartedly recommend stopping by Kingfish Grill On the Water. 

You won’t be disappointed by the delectable bites and refreshing drinks available at the bar. Trust me; this is one waterfront dining experience in St. Augustine you won’t want to miss!

The Conch House Restaurant

57 Comares Ave., St. Augustine, FL 32080, United States // +19048298646 

Imagine basking in the warm Florida sun, craving a taste of the tropics paired with a refreshing waterfront view. 

That’s precisely what I found at The Conch House Restaurant, a beautiful spot where Caribbean-style seafood, steaks, and drinks are served up in a sea-themed setting complete with a bar, lounge, and outdoor patio. 

Trust me, this place is every bit as cool as it sounds!

As I approached, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the tiki bar at the end of their dock. 

The lively steel drum band playing Caribbean tunes and covers created an irresistible atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to order a drink and soak in the ambiance while waiting for a table. And let me tell you, the wait was absolutely worth it!

Although they don’t take reservations, and it can get busy, especially if you’re eyeing one of those adorable tiki hut tables, the line moved quickly, and I didn’t wait for more than 30 minutes. 

As a bonus, there was even a small tank with live alligators to keep us entertained during our wait.

Once seated, I couldn’t resist trying their famous Bloody Mary. This delightful concoction was not only good-sized but also delicious, garnished with a skewered green olive, a plump shrimp, a slice of lime, and the classic celery stick. It was the perfect start to an unforgettable meal.

For our main courses, we opted for the grilled Mahi (catch of the day) and the fried shrimp. Now, you might think there’s nothing shocking about a fried shrimp basket, but The Conch House proved me wrong. 

I can honestly say that it was the best fried shrimp I’ve ever had, perfectly cooked, with a delicious batter, tasty French fries, and some top-notch hush puppies. 

My friend, who ordered the Mahi, was equally impressed with their choice.

To top it all off, the stellar view of the marina was simply unbeatable. On a beautiful weather day, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a delicious meal while gazing at the picturesque surroundings.

I can’t help but call The Conch House a true leader among St. Augustine restaurants on the water. While it may not be the cheapest option around, every bite and sip felt well worth it. 

So, the next time you’re in town, don’t miss the chance to treat yourself to a taste of the tropics at The Conch House Restaurant!

Cap’s on the Water

4325 Myrtle St., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States // +19048248794

Cap’s on the Water, located just a short drive from downtown, is a staple among St. Augustine restaurants with ocean views.

This charming beachside eatery boasts several options for oceanside dining, including a rustic dock that provides the perfect setting for watching the sun dip below the horizon.

This local favorite is well-known for its evening cocktails, and I couldn’t resist trying one myself. Of course, their selection of fresh seafood is also legendary, and I was eager to sample the menu. 

I quickly discovered that arriving early was key to securing a prime spot, as the place fills up rather quickly. 

But trust me, even if you have to pass the time with an extra glass of wine while waiting for the perfect table, you won’t mind soaking in the breathtaking view.

During my visit, I was impressed by the incredibly attentive and accommodating staff, who truly made the experience special. 

As the sun began to set, I was treated to a stunning waterfront view that was worth every minute of waiting.

For our appetizers, we followed our server’s recommendation and chose the grilled octopus. Served on a bed of arugula and drizzled with balsamic vinegar, it was an absolute delight. 

As we moved on to our entrees, my friend opted for the seafood trio, while I chose the blackened tuna

Our server kindly swapped the sides accompanying my tuna for the mashed potatoes and asparagus that typically come with the crusted fresh fish. To top it off, she even added a side of teriyaki glaze for me to try.

The fish was nothing short of fantastic; seasoned to perfection, beautifully cooked, and utterly delicious. 

My friend’s seafood trio was a generous plate of fried fish, shrimp, hush puppies, and mouthwatering crabcakes, packed with fresh crab meat and seasoned just right, that he couldn’t get enough of. We couldn’t help but love every single dish.

From the captivating water view to the melodious tunes playing in the background, the impeccable service we received from our fantastic server Claire, and the heavenly food we couldn’t help but savor, we were beyond pleased with our entire experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend Cap’s on the Water for a memorable meal and a wonderful dining experience. 

Whether you’re visiting with family or planning a romantic evening, this restaurant is guaranteed to impress.

Hurricane Patty’s

69 Lewis Blvd., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States // +19043427338 

If you’re seeking a laid-back spot with the intoxicating scent of the sea and a view of the mesmerizing sunset, then look no further than Hurricane Patty’s. 

Situated near the harbor, this charming restaurant is perfect for those sun-soaked beach days when all you crave is some delicious seafood in a relaxed atmosphere. 

No need for high-end furnishings or fancy attire here – just come as you are and prepare to indulge!

As we settled into our table outside, the marina view provided a stunning backdrop for our meal. The first dish we tried was the hurricane shrimp, and let me tell you, it was outstanding! 

I opted for the fish and chips and can confidently say I’d recommend it to anyone. The fish was perfectly battered and fried, while the tartar sauce added just the right touch of tanginess.

My friends tried the combination seafood platter and the fried crab cakes, both of which received rave reviews. 

The seared crab cakes, however, could have used a little more flavor, so we’d likely skip them next time. But the ahi tuna nachos? They were simply wonderful, making our taste buds dance with delight.

By the end of our meal, we were positively stuffed and didn’t have an inch of room left for dessert. Hurricane Patty’s had truly satisfied our craving for great seafood in St. Augustine.

So, I wholeheartedly recommend stopping by Hurricane Patty’s for a memorable and mouthwatering oceanfront meal in St. Augustine. 

With its unbeatable waterfront views and tantalizing seafood, you’re in for a true culinary treat! 

River & Fort Restaurant & Roof Top Lounge

12 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States // +19044818396

I couldn’t contain my excitement as I stepped into River & Fort Restaurant & Roof Top Lounge in Downtown St. Augustine. 

The tasteful decor effortlessly combined modern finishes with a classic touch, setting the stage for what promised to be an unforgettable dining experience.

The location itself was nothing short of amazing, offering splendid views that took my breath away. 

We snagged a cozy little spot on the outdoor patio, and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation for the culinary delights that awaited us. 

And let me tell you, the food didn’t disappoint. It was hands-down some of the best I’ve had in a long time.

While they don’t accept reservations, we were fortunate enough to visit during lunchtime when it wasn’t too busy. 

However, the staff did mention that during dinner service, it’s not uncommon for guests to wait 45 minutes to an hour for a table – a testament to the restaurant’s growing popularity.

We ordered fried green tomatoes as an appetizer to kick off our meal. I must say, they were easily the best I’ve ever tasted. 

Expertly seasoned and delightfully crispy, these tomatoes set the bar high for the rest of our meal. 

For my main course, I chose the filet, which was cooked to perfection. Lightly seasoned, it allowed the natural flavors of the meat to shine through. 

Paired with asparagus and grilled potatoes, it was a well-balanced and satisfying meal.

My friend opted for the ocean platter, and it was nothing short of amazing. The scallops were succulent, and the shrimp and lobster were cooked just right, making for a delightful seafood medley.

If you ever find yourself in St. Augustine, I wholeheartedly recommend River & Fort Restaurant & Roof Top Lounge. 

With its stunning views, exquisite cuisine, and inviting atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a memorable waterfront dining experience. It’s one of the best St. Augustine restaurants on the water.

Beaches at Vilano

254 Vilano Rd., St. Augustine, FL 32084, United States // +19048290589

Beaches at Vilano is a stunning St. Augustine restaurant on the water that boasts a gorgeous view of the Vilano Fishing Pier and river. 

With both indoor and outdoor seating options, the picturesque setting on the water near the pier had me captivated from the moment I arrived.

Our taste buds were treated to a mouthwatering array of dishes. We enjoyed shrimp and grits, the fresh catch of the day. 

Our friendly server recommended blackened, which was a fantastic choice!

We also ordered flat iron steak, Mediterranean pasta, a bacon cheddar burger, beaches caprese salad with chicken, and the Caribbean jerk chicken

Every single dish was a hit, with no disappointments in sight. Each plate was visually stunning and bursting with delectable flavors that left us craving more.

The restaurant is conveniently located next to the fishing pier and docks, where several boat companies embark on their scenic tours. 

This added an extra layer of excitement to our meal, as we could watch the boats come and go while savoring our delicious dishes.

If you’re looking for the best St. Augustine restaurants on the water, I wholeheartedly recommend Beaches at Vilano. 

With its breathtaking views, tantalizing cuisine, and laid-back vibe, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable meal.

Salt Life Food Shack

321 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine, FL 32080, United States // +19042173256

If you’re ready to embrace the surf culture and beach life without any hesitation, then Salt Life Food Shack is the place for you.

This fun, casual, and light-hearted bar and restaurant along the Atlantic embodies the spirit of St. Augustine Beach.

We dined on the rooftop, overlooking the stunning beach below. With bright lighting, colorful cocktails, and a general sense of warmth, we quickly ordered plate upon plate of their delicious fried shrimp.

I must say, the calamari was hands down the best I’ve ever had – thick pieces, perfectly fried, with a light breading that left me in awe. 

We also tried the grouper sandwich, the burger, the poke bowl, and the tacos. Each dish was fresh, cooked to perfection, and paired with mouthwatering sauces that elevated the flavors.

To our delight, we caught a special where sushi rolls were only $6.99 – an incredible deal! We couldn’t resist trying the crab and avocado roll, which was absolutely amazing. 

And let’s not forget to mention the fantastic Mai Tai and Painkillers we sipped on while enjoying our meal.

Adding to the lively atmosphere, we were treated to live music from a talented guitarist with a beautiful voice who played a nice selection of tunes.

All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend Salt Life Food Shack for a fun, beach dining experience in St. Augustine. 

With its laid-back vibe, tasty dishes, and cheerful ambiance, it’s a must-visit destination for foodies and beach lovers alike. It’s one of the best St. Augustine restaurants on the water.

Foodies Also Ask

Is fresh seafood a staple in St. Augustine’s food scene?

You bet! St. Augustine is renowned for its fresh seafood offerings. Many restaurants source their fish, shrimp, and shellfish locally, ensuring you’ll enjoy some of the freshest and most flavorful seafood dishes around.

What is the dress code like for most restaurants in St. Augustine?

The dress code in St. Augustine’s restaurants varies, but for the most part, you’ll find a casual and laid-back atmosphere. 

Some upscale dining establishments may require dressier attire, but many eateries welcome patrons in beachwear, shorts, and flip-flops. 

It’s always a good idea to check the restaurant’s website or give them a call to confirm their dress code before you visit.

Are reservations necessary for dining in St. Augustine?

While some St. Augustine restaurants on the water accept reservations, many popular waterfront eateries operate on a first-come, first-served basis. 

It’s a good idea to call ahead or check the restaurant’s website to see if reservations are accepted. 

If not, be prepared for a potential wait during peak dining hours, especially in the evenings and on weekends.

Wrapping Up: The Seven Best St. Augustine Restaurants on the Water

As our mouthwatering expedition through the seven best St. Augustine Restaurants on the water comes to a close, it’s impossible not to be swept off our feet by the tempting food, awe-inspiring views, and treasured moments these incredible venues have to offer. 

Each of these restaurants boasts its own unique charm, reflecting the lively food scene that St. Augustine is known for.

Be it a long-time resident or a first-time visitor, these waterside dining spots provide an unparalleled experience that captures the very heart of coastal living. 

The stunning vistas of the ocean, bay, and marina seamlessly blend with each meal, transforming every dining event into a special celebration. 

As you enjoy your refreshing beverages and indulge in the sumptuous dishes, the soothing sensation of dining by the water is hard to miss.

The food scene in St. Augustine is as varied and rich as its storied past, featuring an array of flavors and cuisines to delight your senses. 

From ocean-fresh seafood to melt-in-your-mouth steaks, imaginative sushi rolls, and enticing Caribbean-inspired fare, there is something to satisfy every palate. 

Moreover, the warm and hospitable staff at these restaurants ensures that you feel right at home, turning your dining experience into an enduring memory.

Additionally, the laid-back and casual atmosphere at many of these eateries makes them the perfect spots to relax and reconnect with loved ones while appreciating life’s simple joys. 

Whether you’re dressing up for a memorable evening or simply grabbing a bite after a leisurely day at the beach, the ambiance at these waterfront restaurants encourages you to fully embrace the present moment and relish the memories you create.

So, the next time you find yourself in St. Augustine, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the incredible culinary adventures that await you along the shoreline. 

These seven best St. Augustine restaurants on the water are more than mere places to eat – they’re destinations that offer a genuine taste of the easygoing coastal lifestyle that locals and visitors alike adore. Bon appétit!

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