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The 8 Best Restaurants in Bellevue Square | Bellevue, WA

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Bellevue Square is a shopping center in Bellevue, Washington. The mall has many retail stores with anchors Macy’s and Nordstrom. Bellevue Square also offers concierge services, valet parking, and a children’s play area. It is a great place to go shopping and buy things that will remind you of the art museum and all the design and craft exhibitions that this city has. 

Also, something you should not miss is the Bellevue Botanical Garden, directing your attention to the wide variety of Pacific Northwest plants from all its magnificent woodlands and wetlands.

Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue is a vibrant city with a cultural spirit that is contagious. This beautiful city in Washington State, across Lake Washington from Seattle, also has exciting culinary scenes that make your trip more lovely.  

But let’s go to Bellevue Square.  Bellevue Square attracts many visitors over the year, and we are happy to say that we are among them, visiting this class-A mall that is privately held and not owned by a public Real Estate Investment Trust.

For all lovers of food that excites you, we prepared a list of the best restaurants in Bellevue Square. This list features the restaurants we visited and made us love this city even more.

My Top Three Picks of the Best Restaurants in Bellevue Square

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
Duke’s  SeafoodPesto Salmon 
Cactus Bellevue Square Green Enchilada
Mix Poke BarTako spicy tuna

Best Restaurants in Bellevue Square

Wild Ginger Bellevue

508 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States  +14254958889

Wild Ginger Bellevue is a pleasant place to come with your friends, family, or date. They also have takeout and delivery options.

We had an amazing night having an incredibly nice dinner and listening to the stories of this successful place that has been a shelter for all visitors of Bellevue Square after a tiring day. 

Wild Ginger has been a staple in the Seattle area since 1989. 

The food here originates in regions throughout Southeast Asia, ranging from China to Indonesia and beyond.

They offer traditional dishes from these distinctive regions and insist on house-made ingredients. We were happy to choose this place after a busy day in Bellevue Square, exploring the city, walking, and talking. 

We had amazing dishes. I have to say that my favorite is Spicy Chili Sambals; it was spicy in a way to gently wake you up from a winter dream.

We also had fresh Coconut Milk, delicate Egg Noodles, Pungent Oyster Sauce, and more, all from scratch. 

The dishes and drinks that were the group picks for prizes were the Sichuan Green Beans, the Seven Flavor Beef, and the Kickin’ Mango cocktail

Sichuan Green Beans

To achieve the sublime flavors of the East, there is space for discussion when it comes to fresh and healthy ingredients. There is no substitute for the time-honored customs of these rich and ancient cultures.

Food is on point, just the right spice and taste. Must-visit restaurant in Bellevue Square. 

Cactus Bellevue Square

535 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States  +14254554321

This is a place where the food is amazing, with staff extremely accommodating to your needs. You can explain your food preferences, and they’re available with good advice for drinks and food. 

Even when it is busy, they still make sure each table has everything they need and is being taken care of properly.

The food arrives fairly quickly, as expected, given the level of service. I recommend the Green Enchilada Bellevue Square restaurant. It was my favorite enchilada I’ve ever had.  

Green Enchilada at one of the best Restaurants in Bellevue Square

Castilla Restaurant and Tapas Bar

 504 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States  +14256252931

This is a Spanish restaurant in Bellevue Square, with a tapas bar where you can feel the passion and inspiration of Spain in the Pacific Northwest.  

We came for dinner and would have loved to stay longer because everything was perfectly done. We had a great drink and great food. 

I ordered Spanish-cured meat charcuterie. All I can say is that the cheese was fantastic. We loved the cheese, and it is the reason why we would order this dish once again. 

The Spa Chicken was recommended because it was tender and very tasty.  And I really enjoyed it. 

Others in the group had Shrimp Fajitas and Veg Quesadillas, and their food was also fresh and tasty. My friend got the Butternut Squash Enchilada, and my other friend got Lamb Tacos.

 The menu is large and interesting. We couldn’t ignore the fact that Chimichanga with chicken sounded good, but we will have to try that on another visit. Everything I have had here is great.  

Just a very good choice when choosing your Bellevue Square restaurant. Such a good choice, in fact, that we came back for a second visit.

This visit had more of a seafood focus.  We liked the Paella, with an appropriate amount of all ingredients. We ordered Seafood Enchiladas; they were brilliant and packed with loads of flavor. We were happy that we were not disappointed. There is no risk for that since everything is thoroughly executed. 


We did have one outlier in our seafood feast. They ordered a Brisket Burrito and pronounced it the best they had. It came with great Chips and Salsa

The presentation in this restaurant was gorgeous, and the staff was pleasant, personable, and yet professional.

We finished the night with Sangria and a couple of margaritas. For a great Mexican restaurant in Bellevue Square, we highly recommend Castilla.

Duke’s Seafood

500 Bellevue Way NE Ste. 212, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States    +14255052247

Duke’s  Seafood offers seafood concepts that celebrate the seafood culture. 

This place offers flavorful,  sustainable, wild seafood and grass-fed burgers in a gathering place that is friendly, comfortable, intimate, unpretentious, and filled with personality. 

You will enjoy all-natural, healthy ingredients.

Duke’s food is free of hormones, antibiotics, and harmful chemicals.

As a group, we are happy to say that we tried many dishes that grabbed our attention on the menu, and of course, based on the server’s recommendation.

We can sum up our favorable assessment of what Duke’s has to offer with three words: It’s all good!

The food was really something that stands out from the crowd. I strongly recommend their Clam Chowder. The Coconut Prawns were fresh and tasty. And their Crab Dip was good, with needed flavors to give you the desired pleasure. 

Clam Chowder

As a quality seafood restaurant, the Pesto Salmon was one of the highlights of the meal. Only sustainable seafood, vegetables, and meats, resulting in exceptional flavor and generous portions. 

The Wild Alaska Salmon was perfectly cooked, and the pesto sauce was fresh and flavorful. I was impressed by the quality of the ingredients and the care that went into preparing the dish.

A simple walk across Bellevue Way, and you’re there. Our suggestion is to end the meal with the Marion Berry dessert with ice cream. The perfect way to end one amazing night at an amazing Bellevue Square restaurant with amazing food. 

What The Pho!

160 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States  +14255029454

I came here with my friends and had an excellent meal. Our servers were very professional, even with all tortur, asking them about certain dishes. 

The menu has an extensive number of choices beyond just Pho. It was a pho with a lot of vegetables, prepared using vegetable broth. In addition to the pho with beef, we also ordered a non-soup bowl of noodles with pork and shrimp and an egg roll appetizer.


All the food was delicious, and we were very stuffed. We were happy with the ambiance; everyone was happy and enjoying the meal.

It’s a big restaurant with plenty of tables, and quite busy, which says a lot about the quality of this place. The staff is entirely Vietnamese, and the food is authentic. The person that was sitting next to us was from Vietnam, and he confirmed that. 

We each topped off the evening by ordering a Vietnamese iced coffee, which was also good. 

For a taste of Asian food in Bellevue Square, visit What the Pho. 

MIX Poke Bar

403 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States +14254542217

This is another place that will always give me good vibes. Mix Poke Bar is where I had the best poke. 

They have a good rewards program too. This is something that I really like; I like to be rewarded.  

A word of caution; do not be surprised if you see a long line. However, it is worth waiting.  

The poke here is really delicious. Salmon with spicy mayo sauce is our favorite! Definitely worth the drive to Bellevue Square if you live close. 

Grilled salmon

We were served immediately and with big smiles. Our night started with Calamari – it was incredibly tender and delicious, and then each of us had these huge bowls of pho noodles.  

I got the Tako, spicy chopped tuna, and ahi, with masago, ogo, seaweed salad, beta-glucans and iodine for the win, pickled ginger, cucumber, and a few others. Super delicious. 

The pho is always perfect, and the meat is tender. Pho is also great paired up with Vietnamese egg rolls

Definitely a return visit to this Bellevue Square restaurant will be in order in the near future.

Tavern Hall

505 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States  +14254547500

It was a really warm night punctuated with a soft wind when we entered Tavern Hall. 

We started our night with drinks. We were in a good mood, and the service led to an even better mood. And, of course, amplified by the ambiance and the cool vibes this place has.

Because it was really warm, I ordered the strawberry lemonade and it was a real refreshment. 

For an appetizer,  we all ordered Soft Pretzels with all the sauces, a good shareable group choice, as they are quite large. One pretzel was soft, while the other was crisper. We still enjoyed both. For our entrees we got the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Shrimp and grits, grilled cheese, and a classic burger.

Everything tasted great! 

For dessert, we ordered a Cookie Skillet with Ice cream on top, and it was delicious!

Cookie Skillet

Located in the main commercial area, this Bellevue restaurant meets all the requirements you can expect from a relaxed and delicious place. We highly recommend it because we care for you and we want to have the best trip in Bellevue. 

And this place is surely one of the pieces that would be missed in the puzzle for a great stay and night. 

Central Bar + Restaurant

10475 NE 6th St., Bellevue, WA 98004, United States  +14255787878

We came here for an evening dinner. It was Saturday, and we really wanted to have fun and not stay hungry. And, of course, that came true because everything was tasty and in accordance with high standards and quality. 

I like the restaurant; it has a good atmosphere, and the food is good. I got Blue Cheese Sliders with a Margarita for starters, and everything was perfect, including the service. 

Classic margarita

My friend tried a vegan version of a Beyond Burger with Basil Pesto Pasta, Blasted Cauliflower, and Avocado toast. And the Beyond burger stood out among all of them. 

The steak fries were crispy but fluffy on the inside, just the way I like them. My Chicken sandwich was delish.

I suggest this place for an outstanding atmosphere for socializing, including ambiance and a well-decorated bar. Service and menu options are great as well. 

Another suggestion, besides having a nice night among people and making new friendships, is to visit this place for brunch. We came here the next day for brunch, and it was fantastic! My ham and cheese omelet was on point.

I will definitely would come back to this Bellevue Square restaurant and try other menu items.

Foodies Also Ask

What kind of restaurants in Bellevue Square can we expect? 

Bellevue is home to a wide variety of cool restaurants, and the restaurants in Bellevue Square are no exception. You can have a glimpse at all of these restaurants and taste everything from chicken to seafood. You can expect to find a range of interesting dishes from different international cuisines, such as Mexican and Asian cuisine. For instance, you can have different chicken entrees, dishes with rice, seafood, lamb, sandwich, brunch options, and other foods. All these dishes are prepared with fresh and quality ingredients. Get ready to experience diverse cuisine as you deserve. 

Are these restaurants expensive?

It depends on the restaurant and the dish you order. There are many pricey restaurants, but they are not overpriced when considering the quality of the food and the service itself. 

Do these restaurants offer takeout or delivery options?

Many of these Bellevue Square restaurants offer takeout and delivery options. Some also offer catering services for special events and occasions.

Wrapping Up: The Eight Best Restaurants in Bellevue Square.

There are many food options if you are visiting Bellevue Square and doing some shopping. Restaurants in Bellevue Square will offer you diverse culinary tastes that will meet the needs of you and your company. 

You will find casual-dining restaurants, seafood destinations, steakhouses, places with attractive Asian cuisine, family restaurants, and places with live music, fancy places where you can have fun and quality food. 

Bellevue Square is the place to be, whether you’re looking for a relaxing place or a place where you can drink, dance and feel entraintain yourself. 

Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant in Bellevue Square, request a table, and enjoy the delectable sensations that greet you.

Let’s enjoy fantastic cuisine, great company, and an unforgettable experience at Restaurants in Bellevue Square. 

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