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The 9 Best Restaurants in Bellevue Downtown | Bellevue, WA

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Where there is food, there is love. And believe me, you will find a lot of love in the gorgeous city of Bellevue. It’s beautiful and artistic, with creative exhibitions, waterfalls, and extensive gardens that will be a meditation spot for you. 

We had such a nice trip to Bellevue! Everyone we encountered was very nice and friendly, the streets were clean, and the restaurants were modern and pleasant, with exceptionally good food. 

restaurants in Bellevue downtown - the city

I care a lot about my food needs in every city I visit, and all I can say is that in Bellevue, you will have a great food experience.

In addition, I will guide you through my story of enjoying and experiencing these magnificent restaurants. We prepared a list of the best restaurants in Bellevue downtown.

The Best Restaurants in Bellevue Downtown

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
Cantinetta Bellevue

Monsoon BellevueLamb
13 Coins BellevueCrisp Bacon

The 9 Best Restaurants in Bellevue Downtown

Bis on Main

10213 Main St., Bellevue, WA 98004, United States +14254552033

Bis on Main is a spectacular restaurant in Bellevue, offering elegant vibes that circle around you and make you feel important. The emphasis here is on well-prepared seafood and shellfish, a variety of bubbles, and delicious classic cocktails that will make your dinner unforgettable. 

The people that run this place know that restaurant visitors are very important, so here, hospitality is on a higher level, and everything is done following this concept of customer orientation. 

We found an equal emphasis on excellence in food while having dinner here, eating fresh Mozzarella & Heirloom Tomato Salad made with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients.  The Caesar Salad was also great and freshly prepared to show the great bond restaurant people have with quality ingredients.

Downtown Restaurants in Bellevue: Bis on Main Caesar Salad

For entrees, we chose Braised Berkshire Pork Shank and Grilled Prawn Linguine. I liked the combination of olive, zucchini, tomato, basil, and white wine. 

 If we had a decent appetite when we entered the restaurant, the appetizer only enhanced it.  We chose Penn Cove Mussels as our recommendation for an appetizer. 

This was such an astonishing downtown Bellevue restaurant that I would visit more often. People here do what they always do; they make food with love and patience to have long-term, satisfied customers. 

And for sure, we are one of them. 

Cantinetta Bellevue

10038 Main St., Bellevue, WA 98004, United States +14252336040

I really love Italian food, homemade pasta, and beautiful decor modeled in Tuscan style. That’s why my impressions of this place are very favorable. 

Cantinetta is a modern Bellevue Italian restaurant with expertise in preparing Italian food with organic ingredients in a Tuscan way of cooking. 

We sat outdoors on the beautiful patio, smelling the flowers around us and enjoying the nice weather. 

Prepare yourself for the greatest seasonal food served in a cheerful Italian ambiance.

We ordered different drinks, appetizers, and a main course. People here are focused on you and your needs, your comfort, and your happiness.

For appetizers, we had burrata. They combined it with fresh figs and fig jam,  and it was a very creative combination that made you feel different.  Burrata was very fresh and delicate.

Cantinetta Bellevue Burrata

Rigatoni was prepared with braised beef ribs and foraged fungi. Mushrooms were true forest mushrooms, which proves the mission of the restaurant to use fresh fruits and vegetables. 

I enjoyed a great evening with my friends at a lovely, cozy restaurant. The servers never left you with an empty glass of water. They were nice, friendly, and caring

Other dishes I recommend are pappardelle bolognese, gnocchi, which were delicious, and a sorbet for dessert.

Enjoy this beautiful place and the marvelous food in the dark but cozy ambiance, and feel important in Cantinetta Bellevue Italian restaurant. 


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520 Bar & Grill

10146 Main St., Bellevue, WA 98004, United States  +14254500520

The highlight of this place is the lovely outdoor patio, which makes this downtown Bellevue restaurant easy-going and charming. Yet it still has all the other advantages as one of our chosen restaurants.

We started our night in the bar, where we had hand-crafted cocktails made with quality spirits. What I really liked about this place is the experienced bartenders who can make you excellent cocktails and customized ones. 

My attraction to this place became more pronounced when we ordered our dinner. The salad we ordered, 520 Steak Salad, contains a variety of tastes, with romaine and spring mix greens with chipotle ranch dressing. 

For dinner, we had Grilled Salmon served with asparagus and mashed potatoes. Our other choice was Steak Gorgonzola, based on a recommendation of one of our servers. 

520 Bar & Grill Grilled Salmon

I really liked the restaurant’s tacos, three street-style tacos served in warm corn tortillas. This place also has great burgers and sandwiches, such as Beyond Patty Melt and Cajun Chicken Sandwich. And, of course, our guilty pleasure that night, the 520 Burger.  

This is a wonderful place to have your meal and favorite beverage.  This restaurant sets a high standard for the quality of the food and the service, which provides the reason why we will visit this downtown Bellevue restaurant again.

Tavern Hall

505 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States +14254547500

We visited Tavern Hill, the closest restaurant in the area where we were when we decided to have lunch. This place is located in the northeast corner of Bellevue Square. 

As soon as we arrived, I felt relaxed vibes, which inspired me to sit with my friends and watch some games. This restaurant is a laid-back eatery, giving you an entertaining feeling, a place with many tablets and TVs, and, of course, an extensive beer list. 

What else could we wish for?

Well, the answer is tasty food, and we are happy to give a positive answer to this question. We were very satisfied with the food, and we really liked the customer service. 

This restaurant has bread and malted flatbread dough that is really very good, made daily in-house. If you love pizza, we suggest you order the tasty Ultimate Pepperoni with mozzarella, double pepperoni, and tomato sauce. Another pizza miracle is Rosemary Mushroom & Guanciale, with an emphasis on white truffle oil and Ricotta cream. 

Tavern Hall Ultimate Pepperoni

After consuming exceptionally flavorful pizza, we ordered Mac & Cheese and Shrimp & Grits.  This restaurant has an interesting list of non-alcoholic cocktails, and my choice was Business Lunch, with Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Honey, New Orleans Bitters, and Smoked Maldon Sea Salt.

My friend ordered a Classic Cheeseburger, and he was generous and gave me a bite. I was speechless. Very, very good. 

We had a great experience in Tavern Hall, and we are looking forward to visiting this place again. 

Wild Ginger Bellevue

 508 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States +14254958889

Wild Ginger Bellevue will give you a whole new experience with recipes, flavors, and new views of experiencing the food. In Wild Ginger Bellevue, you will be welcomed with warm greetings, treated like family, and be an essential part of the restaurant ambiance. 

In this family restaurant, you can try different dishes from international cuisines.  I had Chicken Chieu salad, together with Mongolian noodles and Indian butter chicken.  

Wild Ginger Bellevue Indian Butter Chicken

This restaurant combines food from the culinary scenes of China and Southeast Asia, bringing a creative range of tastes. In Wild Ginger Bellevue, you experience sweet, sour, salty, spicy, and bitter food. The proof of this is delicious chicken pad Thai and outstanding Chinese sausage & shrimp fried rice. 

For desserts, we have chocolate mousse and coconut gelato, and both stand out in the world of desserts.

This Bellevue restaurant will give you all the comfort you need to have a relaxing dinner or light lunch. Everything here is calm and gives you the freedom to experience the food from Asian food in a downtown Bellevue restaurant. This restaurant has lovely decor that makes you feel comfortable. 

This restaurant has an extensive wine list and we suggest you try different wine pairings with the menu. Enjoy this place, and let yourself try different tastes and flavors. Wild Ginger encourages you to do that. 

Central Bar + Restaurant

10475 NE 6th St., Bellevue, WA 98004, United States +14255787878

Central Bar + Restaurant in downtown Bellevue has amazing appetizers and meals. We came here for lunch, and everything was expertly prepared, the food presentations were engaging, and the servers were attentive and customer oriented. 

We had burrata that was incredible, as was the coconut prawn appetizer. A dish that you should have because it really impressed us with unique and bold flavors is the restaurant’s salmon. I also had macadamia halibut, and it was awesome. 

This Bellevue restaurant gives you super cool vibes and excellent meals. When I tried the excellent fries and spicy hot wings, I said to my friends that I would definitely come back and visit this restaurant. I also tried the steak tacos, which had great flavor.  Overall, you can’t go wrong with the menu! Everything here is perfect. 

Central Bar + Restaurant Fries and Spicy Hot Wings

We had a tasty lunch, and it turns out that we had a happy hour in this place. 

So, if you are in the Bellevue area, have a nice lunch in this classy place with fantastic service and great food, served in hot and generous portions. It’s one of the best restaurants in Bellevue downtown.

Monsoon Bellevue

10245 Main St., Bellevue, WA 98004, United States   +14256351112

Monsoon Bellevue is a different restaurant that sets apart from the other restaurants. It is a restaurant that offers specialties from Vietnamese cuisine with a modern note in sourcing local and handmade food. 

This downtown Bellevue restaurant gives you an opportunity to feel different and explore your own preferences when it comes to food.  

I will give special compliments to the lamb, which was tender and flavorful, and the peppered chicken wings. The standard Brisket Pho was also delicious, and the broth was prepared with tender, easy-to-chew meat. The imperial rolls were also really good and flavorful. The ahi tuna rolls were interesting and wrapped in a lettuce leaf.

Monsoon Bellevue Lamb

The ambiance is really nice. The bar is advanced and provides different options when it comes to alcoholic drinks and quality spirits, and the bartenders are very professional in their work and make the ambiance more entertaining.

This place has personalized fashioned wall signs and custom wall art that makes your dinner more enjoyable. 

I absolutely love Asian cuisine, and this restaurant delighted me with its food and drink options. Everything was perfect, and we were very satisfied with the service and the food in general.

If you want Asian cuisine in Bellevue, this place is perfect for your tastes. 

13 Coins Bellevue

900 Bellevue Way NE #100, Bellevue, WA 98004, United States  +14254551313

I still feel the vibe of happiness when memories come back from the dining time we had at 13 Coins Bellevue. We had such a wonderful time in this comfortable place with great service and divine food.

We had fantastic food combined with attentive staff who made sure that everything was going smoothly. The service was fast, and we didn’t wait for ages to taste the splendid dishes this restaurant has. 

I was thoroughly impressed by the wings and steak, prepared in an exceptional way. The wings were very juicy and fried to perfection. The steaks were juicy and tender. We can also recommend the pasta dishes on the menu. 

13 Coins Bellevue Steak

I highly recommend the crisp bacon, scrambled eggs, and banana French toast as a meal that really took our breath away. Given all this, we recommend this place without a second thought. Everyone deserves to have an extraordinary meal while traveling.

Buon appetito. 

Foodies Also Ask

Where can you find the best restaurants in Bellevue Downtown? 

You can expect to find modern downtown restaurants in Bellevue that will make you feel special and give you profound satisfaction. Our list contains a range of interesting Bellevue restaurants where you can sit in a new-fashioned decorated area with futuristic notes. In our chosen downtown Bellevue restaurants you will find extraordinary food from different international cuisines. You will have a chance to try heavenly good Italian pasta and interesting Asian dishes. 

Are these restaurants expensive?

It depends on the restaurant and the dish you order, but many restaurants are on the higher end of the price range. The food is a little pricey, but we can say that it is worth it because you get outstanding food in locations featuring great ambiance. 

Do these restaurants offer takeout or delivery options?

Many of these restaurants offer takeout and delivery options. 

Restaurants in Bellevue Downtown: Conclusion 

Our list of the best restaurants in Bellevue Downtown has been prepared carefully after detailed research. If you perceive food as something that should stand out in your daily life,  Bellevue is definitely the place for you. Here you will find diverse, flavorful, and tasty international food.  

Many of these restaurants organize different events for your special occasions, such as baby showers, birthdays, and engagement parties, featuring live music. 

All these eight restaurants in Bellevue downtown are worth visiting if you want to experience something extraordinary. So, what are you waiting for? Come and explore the international cuisine in Bellevue.

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