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7 Amazing Things To Do In Redmond WA | Best Redmond Things to Do

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Popularly known as the home of Nintendo of America and Microsoft, Redmond is a fantastic city in Washington State. A bicycle race and parade are held every year along with local food and activities in the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.” 

Redmond is in the center of the area’s best attractions, located in the western part of the state, about fifteen miles east of Seattle, Bellevue, and the Sammamish River Valley. 

The city’s parks and trails offer ample opportunities for outdoor activities, while Redmond Town Center, the city’s largest shopping center, is home to 110 shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Below, you can find some things to do in Redmond WA to help you build the perfect itinerary.

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 Top 7 Things To Do In Redmond WA

Microsoft Visitor Center

15010 NE 36th St Building 92 // +14257036214

Things To Do In Redmond WA: Microsoft Visitor Center

Microsoft has had a fantastic journey of growth and excitement from a garage startup to a global technology leader.

As soon as you step inside the Microsoft Center, you’ll find yourself surrounded by sounds, sights, and demonstrations that are all made with the same idea; Microsoft believes that great software can help everyone realize their full potential. 

Apart from employees of Microsoft, visitors are also welcome to the Microsoft Visitor Center.

Experience everything from the latest Microsoft research innovations to the very first computer when you walk through the doors of the Microsoft Visitor Center.

Things To Do In Redmond WA: Microsoft Visitor Center

Besides seeing the most advanced technology worldwide, you can also explore the future of AI by interacting with new technologies. With Xbox Gaming and Minecraft, you can put your gaming skills to the test.

The visit will also allow you to look at Microsoft’s modern workspace, a Forza simulator, a LinkedIn photo booth, and many other features.

Experience some of the company’s most exciting innovations for your home and business through hands-on exhibits.

This is an interesting place to learn all about the unique discoveries that make Microsoft a world leader in computer and software technology. Some of their new products are on display, and you can interact with the people involved in the software creations.

This is one of the exciting things to do in Redmond, WA, even if you are not a geek or too keen on new technologies. 

Downtown Park 

16101 NE, Redmond Way

Redmond Downtown Park is a special gathering place where art and park are indistinguishable. It is known for its creative energy and exploration. It is a hallmark of every great city that it has a place that serves as a destination, an icon, and a catalyst for economic growth.

I noticed that the enhanced pedestrian environment in and around the park stimulates the economic activity in the neighborhood. Downtown Park provides a venue for community gatherings and celebrations in a beautiful setting.

Here you can see more than 2000 plants and 117 trees, which will provide more than half of the park with a tree canopy when matured. Additionally, the park contains a raised lawn with trees, deck, splash pad, pavilion, the artwork titled Buoyant by Jill Anholt, and a dining grove.

There is no proper playground, but at one end of the park is a large grassy field full of trees and a perfect walking path for a game of tag or a cartwheel contest. The Dining Grove is on a raised deck filled with colorful benches and tables, including a precious miniature version. So, if you are looking for relaxing things to do in Redmond, WA, dedicate an afternoon for an enjoyable picnic at the park.

Evans Creek Preserve

4001 224th Ave NE

Things To Do In Redmond WA: Evans Creek Preserve

Evans Creek Preserve, which stretches over 213 acres, is an excellent outdoor area that everyone enjoys. The creek is home to many kinds of wildlife in the expansive fields where children can run around and observe. Many animals can be found here, including black bears, deer, beavers, hawks, and songbirds.

The place is ideal for hiking and birdwatching, with plenty of rich flora. Loop trails are around 3.5 miles long and for pedestrians only. The park has two trailheads. The older trailhead is located on 224th Avenue NE, while the newer trailhead is located at 3650 Sahalee Way NE.

In this quiet and calming scenery, you’ll soak in the much–needed respite from the noise of urban life.

Things To Do In Redmond WA: Evans Creek Preserve

K1 Speed

2207 Bel-Red Rd // +18555177333

Now comes the fun part! Get ready for the best indoor go-kart racing in the Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, and King County areas. Here you will experience a totally different type of racing surface from the standard asphalt surface. With its slightly lesser grip than asphalt, you can drift as much as you want.

Things To Do In Redmond WA: K1 Speed
Photo Credit: K1 Speed

I tried almost everything there was to be tested, the pool tables, and televisions. Each location features fast indoor electric go-karts, state–of–the–art safety barriers, private meeting rooms, and an arcade. The 1/5 mile indoor kart track is professionally designed.

If you want to experience the thrill of indoor go-karting, check out K1! It delivers an unforgettable experience for friends, families, and businesses. There is something challenging and accessible for people of all ages and skill levels on the track.

Once you’ve raced (and won) against your family and friends, visit the Pit Café for snacks and drinks before your next race.

K1 Speed is the area’s premier entertainment and event venue. It’s perfect for date nights, family outings, team–building activities, birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and more.

Things To Do In Redmond WA: K1 Speed
Photo Credit: woolennium

Mac and Jack’s Brewery

17825 NE 65th St // +14255589697

As a home brewery, Mac and Jack’s Brewery was founded in the early 1990s by two friends, Jack Schropp and Mac Rankin.

From a small garage-based brewery to one of the largest breweries in the country, the craft brewery has grown significantly since 1993. During the process, they learned everything from how to brew at scale to distribute their beer.

As a company, they have nothing more than a passion for good beer and believe that people will recognize quality over originality when they taste it.

The crew consists of twenty beer fanatics, many of whom have been there for decades or more. They are pretty stubborn about their beer and really amazed me with The African Amber. This is, in my opinion, their best beer! You shouldn’t leave without trying it! It accounts for 95% of the brewery’s production.

Most of their beer is only available on draft, but you can purchase their unique beers in cans or bottles.

I also tried some of their other popular beers like the Serengeti, the Blackcat, the Theoretical Mass, the Basket Case, and the Sum’Shine Pale Ale. 

Things To Do In Redmond WA: Mac and Jack’s Brewery
Photo Credit: camknows

Marymoor Park

6046 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE

Things To Do In Redmond WA: Marymoor Park
Photo Credit: Dennis Westover

Are you looking for things to do in Redmond, WA, including some sports like football, baseball, or cricket? What about flying a radio-controlled plane or climbing a 35-foot free-standing structure? In Marymoor Park, you get all that, plus a dash of relaxation. With its regional trail and many lawns for picnicking, it is ideal for a solo venture or a family visit.

Marymoor Park stretches for over 640 acres and gets over three million visits every year. It’s quite an attraction in the area. No wonder why that is; the park offers so many activities like biking, hiking, and rock climbing. Simply put, everyone is promised to have a great time here. 

The park also houses a velodrome, an off-leash dog park, a memorial garden for pets, and a designated landing area for radio control planes.

If you happen to be in Redmond during the summer, don’t miss out on one of the park’s many events, including movie nights, concerts, and festivals.

Seasonal Events

It has been more than 70 years that people have been enjoying Redmond Derby Days. There is a parade with floats and drill teams, a 5K race, and a bicycle race during the annual three-day event in downtown Redmond.

Art forms, such as animated and musical expressions, 2D and 3D, are featured in the Digital Art Festival. It’s held in November at various locations throughout the city for a week.

Redmond Lights make you feel festive during the holidays. In December, the one-day event includes tree lighting at city hall, followed by a walk to the Redmond Town Center shopping mall along the Sammamish River.

Wrapping Up On The Things To Do In Redmond WA

I found Redmond to be one of the most passionate places in the Pacific Northwest. Even though the city enjoys a remote location in the shadows of Seattle, it still drew me in it. Redmond possesses a diverse and eclectic culture, with an endless array of attractions, restaurants, parks, trails, and more.

There are numerous things to do in Redmond, WA, ranging from famous landmarks to shopping destinations, wineries, golfing, and more. Redmond is world-renowned as the region’s hub for technological innovations. And for museums, head to nearby Bellevue.

However, I am genuinely geeking out over the connections to the city’s lush natural surroundings and myriad shopping, dining, and lodging options. So take a trip to Redmond and have a blast!

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