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The 7 Best Vallejo Mexican Restaurants | Vallejo, CA

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As a history lover and summer admirer, I have always wanted to visit Vallejo and feel the friendly people’s behavior and energy that this peaceful city brings to its visitors.  

I had wanted to visit Vallejo since I watched the 50 First Dates. I was attracted by the clean water, warm environment, and cozy restaurant with a beautiful nature view.

Actually, many people say that Vallejo is a historical, adventurous, and diverse city. This city has a rich history and offers different recreational activities as well as cultural activities. 

There are many interesting spots where you can dine, drink, and feast. 

If you want to sample authentic Mexican cuisine, below is a list of many of the Vallejo Mexican restaurants I have visited, and I truly loved them. 

All of them offer unique gastronomic experiences, excellent food, and service, and they are the best of the best when it comes to learning about the Mexican way of life and the country’s culture. 

Reading about the Ten Best Guanajuato restaurants, I became interested in experiencing and exploring the Mexican food culture. Hence, it was inevitable to search for the best Vallejo Mexican restaurants during my trip to this city in California’s San Francisco Bay Area.

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7 Must-Try Vallejo Mexican restaurants

 Sabor Salinas (Los Arquitos Restaurant)

630 Broadway, Vallejo, California, USA

As a morning person and one who prefers to get up early, jog, and have a well-deserved breakfast, I highly recommend tasty omelets and corn tortillas. These dishes are one of the tastiest dishes this place has. One of the best Vallejo Mexican restaurants opens at 9 am, which is a suitable time for those who want to catch the day but at the same time have a good sleep and not be in a rush.

Vallejo Mexican Restaurants : Sabor Salinas Omelette

For warm and pleasant nights, Sabor Salinas offers a wide collection of delicious beers and a good michelada. On the other hand, I don’t really recommend horchata at this restaurant.  

This place has good parking and always gives you a chance to grab a delicious super burrito and consume it outside since the restaurant provides takeaway service. 

If you decide to stay inside you will enjoy it too since the place is simple and cheerful. You will not feel uncomfortable because of the large tables and friendly staff.  In terms of prices, this place has average prices and this is one of the things that it should be praised for.

Jalapeños Mexican Food Restaurant

 5201 Sonoma Blvd. #27, Vallejo, CA 94589, United States

As a fan of margaritas, I recommend this place initially because of the delicious margaritas. And not to mention the food. The food is really outstanding; chips with red and green salsa, enchiladas, super Pollo Burrito, shrimp Quesadilla, oysters, and a very tasting and amazing molcajete. I listed those because I managed to try them, even though I still cared about my weight.  I left other gastronomic masterpieces to try another time when I visit one of my favorite places of all Vallejo Mexican restaurants. 

Jalapeños Mexican Food Restaurant Margaritas

Next time I promise myself I will try and enjoy cucumber jalapeño, a drink that was suggested by the nice bartender who is very knowledgeable about drinks and seafood drinks.

This brings me to the demeanor of the restaurant staff. It is a very caring and helpful staff. If you have some second thoughts about making a decision, the servers are there to help, anticipate your needs, and answer all your questions. 

I personally appreciate it when someone guides me to what fits me the most. Here, you have that. In my case, that was strawberry shortcake. I was thinking about the dessert, and after an excellent product presentation, I didn’t hesitate to try the strawberry shortcake. It was delicious.

And what is life without music? Here you can enjoy entertaining karaoke, dance, and have fun. If you like a great combination of delicious food and fun music, this is the right place for you.

This place also provides different promotions and events. We attended Taco Tuesday, and it was a really good, soft taco with great music in the background. 

I will mention that if you had visited this place before, as I did, you would be eager to get your food as soon as possible. In my case, the service was a little slow, but it is easy to forget that when you taste it. The tables are clean, and the place is well-decorated and interesting. I noted the wall above the tables with historical characters.  I am looking forward to visiting this Mexican restaurant in Vallejo again.


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Los Molcajetes 

901 Redwood St., Vallejo, CA 94590 707-563-5710

Of all Vallejo Mexican restaurants, I was the most interested in Los Molcajetes. This is one of the places I call the place with soul. You will get the impression that you have known the

staff your whole life, especially when the kind server tells the story about the Reyonos Family who have built this kingdom of food miracles bringing the cuisine secrets of their homeland.

It is a family Mexican restaurant in Vallejo where you can feel at home. If you bring your kids, there is a kid’s menu offering interesting dishes such as chicken nuggets,  cheese quesadillas, and bean and cheese burritos.

Prices are reasonable and competitive..

I was delighted with the dish I had when we went for dinner. It was Molcajete Mariskada, a dish with different types of seafood, hot salsa, Chiles de Arbol, and in my opinion, the king in the Mexican kitchen, his honor, the garlic. 

Also, I highly recommend the Vegetarian Tostada, which I mainly tried because I have many friends who are vegetarians. Try tortilla soup if you want something fluid and taco salad if you prefer salads. 

If you want to order a burrito, you can choose any type of burrito, since Los Molcajetes has the most delicious burritos served with rice, a choice of whole, refried, or black beans, with sour cream, guacamole, cheese, and sauce.

Los Molcajetes  Burrito
portrait of mexican burritos prawn queiro served with mango salsa

Los Molcajetes is definitely one of the Vallejo Mexican restaurants that you must visit. 

La Piñata Taqueria 

809 Broadway, Vallejo, CA 94590, United States

This restaurant with a specifically decorated space is one of the Vallejo Mexican restaurants that you can miss. 

Previously, I mentioned my vegetarian friends. Well, this place has an extra delicious veggie burrito; it’s almost unbelievable. Also, for all seafood lovers, a shrimp burrito is a dish that will make you like the seafood even more. The food is very fresh, and the roast meat is unforgettable, soft, and juicy.

The restaurant is actually a yellow track with tables outside where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful weather of Vallejo. We sat there and ate pickled carrots, which were also very delicious.

If you are a person who prefers tacos and does not experiment with spicy Mexican food, you can also choose taco plates. It’s only $2, and you will get a satisfying plate. 

La Piñata Taqueria  Tacos

You will get nice portions of taqueria mix, grilled onions, peppers, etc., and a little bag of tortilla chips and salsa with your taco plate!

The location is really pleasant and parking your car is available.

Mi Jalisco Restaurante

1400 Tennessee St., Vallejo, CA 94590, United States

If you prefer quiet and laid back places, tasty food, and great service, Mi Jalisco Restaurante  is the right place for you. It’s a family Mexican restaurant with weekly specialties.

The prices are reasonable, and the customer service is very helpful and caring. Something that I would like to point out is that when we visited this place, we paid with cash, which is something usually not practiced, but it turns out you get a discount if you pay with cash.

As a dish, I recommend the Gyro Platter; the lamb left me speechless. Other meals include a  falafel wrap, delicious beer-battered fish, chicken fajitas served with rice, beans, and tortillas, and carnitas tacos. 

Mi Jalisco Restaurante Chicken Fajitas

And, of course, if you have a chance, do not miss Taco Tuesday. We had missed it, but we will definitely visit this place once again. It is on our list.

A very lively Vallejo Mexican restaurant for you to visit. 

Elvia’s Sazon Mexican Street Food

400 Georgia St., Vallejo, CA 94590, United States

As the name implies, this is a Mexican street food restaurant, different from the other Vallejo Mexican restaurants. We accidentally decided to eat here, and that was a very good decision. 

I ate a very tasty carne asada burrito and my friend had horchata. The food is flavorful and authentic.  The service is fast and friendly. I like their blue t-shirt with the company name on it. 

If you are a picky person and care a lot about the quality of ingredients, this is the place for you. One of the girls serving there told us that they source their ingredients locally.

You can come with your friends or family since this is a family restaurant.

You can have spicy nachos; the nachos served are huge. Also, tacos dorados, enchiladas, and carnitas tacos are my favorites here.   This is my new favorite go-to place for Mexican food in Vallejo.

Elvia's Sazon Mexican Street Food Carnitas Tacos
colorful plate of three mexican carnitas street tacos with cilantro and red cabbage

Tacos Jalisco

3420 Sonoma Blvd., Vallejo, CA, 94590, United States 707-647-0554

And last, but not least, restaurant of all Vallejo Mexican restaurants is the Tacos Jalisco restaurant. 

This place is clean and has great customer service. The food is amazing. The servers give you a chance to choose which ingredients you prefer to be included in your burrito and what kind of beans you prefer, and they make it exactly as you ordered.

My choice is a Mexican sandwich stuffed with guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, mayonnaise, and Monterey cheese. I recommend this dish especially because it is your choice of meat to be added.  

Here, you can have beer, wine, and margaritas and experience all this in a lovely ambiance.  If you don’t drink alcoholic drinks, you have a nice selection of non-alcoholic drinks. Here I can eat burritos with all sorts of sauces. They have homemade salsa. My favorite is Salsa Verde de Tomatillo and Habanero. And, of course, green salsa, which I managed to try because of my friend’s advice.

Tacos Jalisco Burrito
Mexican burrito with beef, beans and sour cream

Prices are similar to other Vallejo Mexican restaurants. 

Enjoy your visit to this lovely restaurant. I already envy you! 

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Which one of these Vallejo Mexican restaurants do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below!

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