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The Best Sushi In St Pete, FL | 6 Must-Try Places

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Rolling into St. Pete with a craving for sushi? Well, you’ve docked at the right harbor! St. Petersburg, or as the locals lovingly call it, St. Pete, is not just a city kissed by the sun and adorned with mesmerizing beaches. 

It’s a culinary gem tucked away in Florida’s Gulf Coast. From the wafting aromas of food trucks to fine dining with sunset views, St. Pete’s food scene has been steadily capturing hearts (and stomachs!).

 And amidst this gastronomic renaissance, sushi stands tall, wrapped in seaweed and a whole lot of love. Whether you’re a fan of the classic California roll or have a penchant for adventurous sashimi, this city will surprise you. 

But with sushi spots popping up on every corner, where does one start? I’ve embarked on a tasty journey, armed with chopsticks and a voracious appetite, to curate a list of the 6 Must-Try Sushi Spots in St. Pete. 

Ready to dive deep into a sea of flavors? Let’s go!

My Top Three Picks of The Best Sushi In St Pete

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
The LureBacon-8-her Roll5/5
Sushi IncThe Red Dragon5/5
Rain Japanese Sushi Bar & ThaiBig Dog” Specialty Roll5/5

The Best Sushi Restaurants In St Pete

Sushi Inc

270 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, United States // +17278009977

There’s a whimsical charm to St. Pete’s dining scene, and just when I thought I’d tasted it all, I stumbled upon a gem: Sushi Inc. 

Tucked amidst the bustling streets, this casual haunt boasts an array of traditional sushi, signature rolls, and some lip-smacking Japanese fare that extends beyond the raw.

On my latest visit, my excitement was palpable. After all, I am a huge sushi aficionado. The steamed bun appetizer set the stage – soft, pillowy, and the perfect preamble to what lay ahead. 

Then came the parade of rolls! The Candy Cane Roll was a delightful dance of flavors, while The Uptown Funk truly hit the right notes. The Red Dragon was fiery and fierce, and the classic California Roll? As comforting as ever.

red dragon rolls on a plate of sushi The Best Sushi In St Pete

Every bite sang of freshness and meticulous crafting. What added to the charm was the service – attentive, swift, and brimming with suggestions. A splash of sake, chilled to perfection, was the icing on the cake. 

If you’re ever in a quandary about what to order, just ask – you’re in for a treat. And here’s a pro tip: Don’t miss out on their General TSO’s Chicken. Word on the street is it’s legendary!

To sweeten the deal, they have this irresistible “happy hour” menu. I mean, who can say no to $2 off on sushi? But remember to time it right; the clock ticks till 07:00 PM. 

And for those who love a breezy evening, their outdoor seating and full bar elevate the experience! Best Sushi in St Pete ever!

Umami Sushi Hibachi Restaurant and Bar

3942 Tyrone Blvd N, St. Petersburg, FL 33709, United States // +17278002799

Sometimes, the best culinary treasures are hidden in plain sight. Nestled among the regular storefronts is a revelation for sushi in St Pete: Umami Sushi Hibachi Restaurant and Bar!

Walking in, the ambiance sets the stage. Modern interiors juxtaposed with quirky neon signs, underlined by an eclectic yet chill playlist – it’s a vibe. But let’s cut to the chase. When they say “all you can eat,” they aren’t kidding. 

spicy tuna rolls

The true star here? The expansive menu that stretches as far as one’s sushi dreams. Every piece I tried was a testament to freshness and artistry. Lightning-quick service ensured every sushi roll arrived just as I was craving another bite. 

And trust me, from the staples like spicy tuna and salmon to the specialty rolls and hand rolls; I sampled a bit of everything. And the brilliance didn’t stop there. The Tom Yum soup was an aromatic journey. And the sashimi? Absolute perfection.

But let me let you in on a little secret – the sesame balls. They’re something of a revelation. Crunchy, sweet, and an absolute must-try. And if you’re leaning away from sushi for a moment, their array of dishes, from teriyaki meats to udon, ensures you’re spoilt for choice.

Dive in, and thank me later!

The Lure

661 Central Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, United States // +17279148000

Venturing through downtown St. Pete, you might stumble upon a place that’s bursting with life and color – The Lure. 

At first glance, the vibrant brick walls tell a story, beckoning you to come closer, dig in, and let loose. This isn’t your ordinary sushi joint; it’s an artful blend of flavors, cultures, and fun – pool tables included!

One step inside, and it’s evident: this spot screams ‘unique.’ Every visit to The Lure brings with it a promise of a culinary adventure. On my recent outing, I dared to dive deep into their eclectic menu. 

For starters, the Red Dragon and Hollister rolls were impeccable. But then came the showstopper – the Bacon-8-her Roll. Trust me when I say it’s sushi, but not as you know it. A delightful curveball for the taste buds!


Even if raw fish isn’t your jam, there’s plenty to rave about. From tapas to fish tacos and a seaweed salad, that’s the stuff of legends; the variety ensures every palate is catered for. And if you’re looking to end on a sweet note, their fried Oreo is a decadent dream.

So here’s my two cents: when in St. Pete, let the bustling Central lead you to this haven. The Lure is an invitation to dine differently, to expect the unexpected, and relish every bite. 

Mr Sushi

1310 34th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713, United States // +17273296777

 Stepping into Mr. Sushi is akin to embracing a sensory hug. You’re not just in a restaurant; you’re enveloped in an experience.

From the first steps, the air is tinged with tranquility – soft melodies serenading and blooms gracing the counter. The energy here? It’s palpable, positively charged, and it’s echoed in the staff’s warm welcomes and attentive service.

Let’s talk about their sushi prowess, shall we? The menu boasts a mosaic of options, each one a testament to the chef’s dedication. The Avocado Sushi Roll? Fresh, creamy, and rolled to perfection. 

Avocado Sushi Roll

Each piece showcases meticulous artistry, and it’s evident there’s a heart and soul behind those kitchen doors. The rolls don’t skimp on the fillings; they’re meaty and rich in flavors.

Now, a little shoutout to the Crab Rangoons – they’re magical, transforming an ordinary bite into a melt-in-your-mouth moment. And if you’re adventurous, the Takoyaki balls won’t disappoint. They’re little globes of goodness that will have you craving more.

So, if you find yourself wandering the streets of St. Pete, let your senses guide you to Mr. Sushi. It’s more than a meal; it’s an adventure for the heart, soul, and, of course, the taste buds. Dive in and feel the magic!

Rain Japanese Sushi Bar & Thai

5267 Park St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33709, United States // +17275451781

We often hear the term hidden gem thrown around, but when you step into Rain Japanese Sushi Bar & Thai, it truly resonates. Nestled in St. Pete, this relaxed eatery gives a delightful nod to vibrant palettes in its décor and dishes.

On my quest to discover the best of St. Pete, I chanced upon this marvel, and what a culinary encounter it turned out to be! Far from the ostentation of some eateries, Rain has a charm that’s endearingly subtle. 

Its unassuming ambiance, offset by limited yet striking decorations, sets the stage for a gastronomic journey that dances between the best of Thai and Japanese cuisine.

Each dish is a testament to creativity and mastery. Delving into the menu, I was impressed by the artful play of flavors, all designed to elicit pure satisfaction.


The Hangover Roll had an almost mischievous twist, while the classic California and Key West rolls maintained their iconic taste.

But, if you’re in for a treat, the “Big Dog” specialty roll is not to be missed. Fresh, impeccably crafted, and presented with panache – it’s a sensory delight!

A sip of their Thai tea added a sweet note to the evening. And the gyoza? Simply delectable. Here’s a fun tidbit: the sushi masters aren’t just skilled; they’re wonderfully amiable, adding to the overall warmth of the place.

Rain isn’t just about food; it’s an experience that melds two rich culinary traditions. So, next time you’re in St. Pete, make sure to take a flavorful detour here. Your palate will thank you! It has one of the best sushi in St Pete.

Mori Sushi

1136 94th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702, United States // +17278736445

Stepping into Mori Sushi, located cozily within St. Pete’s bustling mall, is akin to finding an oasis of authenticity amidst the commercial. The ambiance is laid-back, with the familiar hum of conversations and laughter echoing in the background, setting the mood for what’s to come.

My visit was driven by whispers of its culinary artistry and boy, it didn’t disappoint! Each dish reflected a deep reverence for Japanese traditions, coupled with a flair for innovation. 

The speed and warmth of the service only added to the charm. There’s an artistry to getting that perfect fish-rice-filling ratio, and Mori Sushi nails it every time. The tuna and salmon? So scrumptious, they glide seamlessly, melting in your mouth in an ecstatic dance of flavors!

salmon sushi

If there’s a rollercoaster of taste here, it’s the Godzilla roll. And for the adventurous? Do not miss the monkey brain appetizer (don’t worry, it’s a delightful crab-stuffed mushroom treat) that is fresh, fragrant, and fabulously flavorful.

What struck me most about Mori was its inclusivity. From elaborate, sauce-drenched sushi to straightforward rolls, there’s something for every sushi aficionado. Not a fan of raw fish? Their vegetable sushi rolls stand as testimony to their diverse palette, perfect for beginners or those seeking a palate cleanser.

Topping off my meal was a salad, brought alive by house-made dressings that I’d return for in a heartbeat. For those with a penchant for genuine Japanese culinary gems served with love and finesse, Mori Sushi is a place for sushi in St Pete that’s a must-visit. Prepare to be swept off your feet!

Questions Foodies Ask About Sushi In St Pete

Is it easy to find vegetarian or vegan sushi options in St. Pete?

Absolutely! Many sushi restaurants in St. Pete have expanded their menus to cater to vegetarians and vegans. From vegetable rolls to tofu-based dishes, there’s something for everyone.

Are there any fusion sushi places in St. Pete?

Yes! The city’s food scene is known for its experimental spirit. Several restaurants combine flavors from different cuisines, creating a unique sushi experience that’s distinctively St. Pete.

Are reservations needed for sushi restaurants in St. Pete?

While many sushi joints welcome walk-ins, it’s always a good idea to make a reservation, especially during weekends or at popular spots. St. Pete’s sushi scene is buzzing, and places can get packed quickly!

Any recommendations for unique sushi rolls to try in St. Pete?

Absolutely! While every restaurant has its specialties, keep an eye out for rolls with tropical fruits, local seafood, or unique sauces. Some places even have rolls inspired by St. Pete’s vibrant history and culture.

Wrapping Up: The 6 Best Sushi Restaurants In St Pete

With its balmy breezes and radiant sunsets, St. Pete has long been a haven for those seeking a serene seaside escape. But what many don’t realize until they find themselves navigating its vibrant boulevards is that the city is also a gastronomic treasure trove!

Here, sushi is reimagined and reinvented, but always with a nod to tradition. Each roll, sashimi slice, or hand-crafted nigiri tells a story – of cultures merging, age-old techniques meeting modern flair, and the freshest ingredients finding their perfect match.

What’s intriguing is the vast diversity on offer. St. Pete has something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned sushi lover with a penchant for the exotic or a newbie taking tentative first bites. 

The city’s sushi spectrum is broad and tantalizing, from daring fusion rolls that challenge your taste buds to the comforting familiarity of classic offerings.

And it’s not just about the food. St. Pete’s sushi scene is as much about ambiance as it is about flavors. With each establishment, there’s a new atmosphere to immerse yourself in.

In wrapping up our sushi journey through St. Pete, it’s evident that the city’s love affair with sushi is not just a passing trend. It’s a deep-rooted passion, a testament to the city’s evolving culinary landscape and its unyielding spirit of innovation. 

So, the next time you find yourself wandering the streets of St. Pete, let your senses guide you!

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