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7 Must-Try Saratoga Springs Restaurants | Best Places to Dine in New York’s Spa City 

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If you’re visiting Saratoga Springs, New York, this year, you might be looking for “Health, History, Horses” – after all, that’s our slogan, and we wear it well. Saratoga offers health in many ways, but the healing mineral waters are the most sought after. We also have a plethora of hot spots featuring our rich history everywhere you turn, and one only needs to say the word ‘racetrack’ to experience stories about the oldest organized sporting venue in the country. How about Saratoga Springs restaurants?

The food scene in the Spa City has exploded over the years as well: Southern Louisiana fare, Italian, Mexican, pub foods, hole-in-the-wall finds, BBQ, Sushi, Indian, Steak Houses, Farm-to-Table – you name it, we’ve got it. Here are seven restaurants you simply can’t miss when in town. 

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The 7 Best Saratoga Springs Restaurants

15 Church 

15 Church Street // +15185871515

Locals love Saratoga, partly because contractors tend to restore historic buildings to their yesteryear glory – rather than bulldozing them and starting new; it’s exciting to watch many restaurants and other businesses find their new homes inside. 

15 Church is one of these. 

The waitstaff is very friendly and willing to share what the day’s specials are and which are their favorite dishes. The atmosphere is cozy, and people lean toward each other in conversation. Or, you can choose to dine on The Patio at 15 Church – a delightful open-air space right next door. 

A great choice is their Prime Filet Mignon Center-Cut with gorgonzola butter, garlicky spinach, crispy onions, red onion marmalade, and bone marrow demi. They also serve fresh fish dishes and chicken, rabbit, and duck selections from their extensive menu. 

Saratoga Springs Restaurants: Prime Filet Mignon Center-Cut

Alongside their brandy, Scotch, and Port choices, their wine list offers an array of bottles or by-the-glass options. 

Country Corner Café

25 Church Street // +15185837889

There are a few great breakfast eateries in our Spa City. Still, my favorite is the Country Corner Café right off Broadway, located in another historic building nearing its 200th birthday. You can eat downstairs or next door in an upstairs open space with plenty of tables and old-fashioned items of interest.

Everything is fresh and bought locally. The restaurant serves breakfast bowls, make-your-own omelets, eggs benedict, pancakes, waffles, rancheros, yogurt, and lunch options – such as sandwiches, salads, and soups. 

Saratoga Springs Restaurants: Breakfast

I enjoy the staff – they are attentive and friendly, but they leave me alone between bites and chatting with friends who’ve met me for breakfast.

Try their ½ and ½ – a mix of orange and cranberry juice – a super refreshing beverage and a step up from the usual. 

Mama Mia’s

185 Ballston Avenue // +15185837783

Sometimes, the best surprises come in the least expected places. Mama Mia’s is an Italian restaurant like that, tucked into a nondescript strip mall in Saratoga. It seems like a quaint little pizza shop when you first walk in. Once you look around, though, you can take in the walls painted with scenes from Italy, and the smells of Italian dishes simmering in the kitchen, to know it is so much more. 

Owner Giuseppe oversees every little detail, often visiting the tables to ensure people enjoy their dinner. A variety of homemade pasta made on premises, seafood, chicken, veal, and hand-tossed gourmet pizzas are among the offerings from their extensive menu.   

I usually choose their eggplant rollatini – fresh eggplant rolled with ricotta cheese and topped with melted mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. Leave room for dessert; those are homemade as well!

Saratoga Springs Restaurants: Eggplant Rollatini

Mrs. London’s

464 Broadway // +5185818100

Mrs. London’s Bakery is one of the Saratoga Springs restaurants I make sure to take anyone visiting me. Not only does it serve a great tomato and cheddar soup, salad, and several fantastic sandwiches, the bakery is my favorite stop for the freshest desserts – and makes me feel like I’m in a Parisian shop at the same time. 

The line is often outside the front door and sometimes winds down and around the sidewalk, especially during the busy weekends on Broadway. But, stay! You won’t regret it.

I usually choose one (or three) of their famous sweets – and there are shelves filled with them. I enjoy them with a hot cup of coffee or an iced tea if the weather is warm. 

Saratoga Springs Restaurants: Mrs. London's

The bakery has several cozy tables inside and a patio for outdoor seating if you prefer the fresh air and people-watching along the main drag in town.   

Phila Fusion Noodle Bar

54 Phila Street // +5182260400

For a few reasons, Phila Fusion is one of my favorite amongst the Saratoga Springs restaurants. It’s located on one of the most historic streets in town, with several eateries, music venues, retail shops, and sports bars lining both sides. So it’s an easy stop during a day of exploring the area.

Phila specializes in noodle dishes, fresh sushi, craft cocktails, and my ideal must-have, piping-hot Crab Rangoon. I’ve tried many of their menu items and have been happy with them, but I suggest ordering their pad-thai with chicken and extra peanut sauce for your entrée. If you lean towards fruity cocktails, my favorite is the ‘flying iguana.’

Saratoga Springs Restaurants: Crab Rangoon

On a side note – they also have another restaurant – located next door. It’s called Sushi Thai and has a more formal setting than its sister. 


44 Lake Avenue // +15185840192

Scallions Restaurant is a fabulous, hip restaurant right off of Broadway. Inside, the artwork is everywhere – on the walls, shelves, and even carved into the bright and colorful tables throughout the comfortable space. It’s one of the hippest Saratoga Springs restaurants.

If you like dishes that lean towards the gourmet side, using flavors and items other eateries might not marry, this is the place for you. Everything is fresh and filling, with homemade soups, delicious salads, seafood items, and more.

Try their salmon salad – the cooked-to-perfection filet is set atop greens with a delicious dressing drizzle. The side dressing is creamy, with a tangy flavor. You can either pour this over the dish or dip each fish bite – as I do.   

Saratoga Springs Restaurants: Salmon Salad

Brasserie Benelux

390 Broadway Avenue // +5186826950

When I first walked into this Belgian restaurant in Saratoga Springs, I wondered how true it would be to the foods I remembered my mother cooking during the years I grew up.

Firstly, let me say that everything on the menu sounded tempting; shareable plates, fresh salads, fish and poultry dishes, and decadent desserts; I really wanted to try one that honored my German heritage. 

I chose their world-famous Jager Schnitzel as my entrée. The pork loin was pounded thin, breaded, and browned on both sides. Chef Armand Vanderstigchel (the USA-born son of a Dutch immigrant) smothered this ample portion with a rich hunter mushroom sauce, home fries, and a side of red cabbage. I was in Heaven!

Saratoga Springs Restaurants: Jager Schnitzel

I chose a just-baked apple-blueberry bread pudding with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. The menu is extensive, meaning I will return (many times) to try other featured items this Belgian gem amongst the Saratoga Springs restaurants offers.

7 Best Saratoga Springs Restaurants: Conclusion

Saratoga Springs has over 200 places to choose from when you want to eat in town. From great little hole-in-the-wall eateries to upscale 5-star restaurants, there’s something for everyone. The flavors are diverse, and many countries are represented here. So, no matter what kind of food you’re hungry for, chances are the Spa City offers it. I’ve lived here since 2000 and still haven’t tried them all. Trust me – it’s a happy problem and something I’m more than willing to change!  

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