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10 Best ICON Park Restaurants | Best Places To Eat (and Drink!) at ICON Park Orlando, FL

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If you’ve believed Orlando goes no further than theme parks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the different neighborhoods in this sprawling city, excellent entertainment, and dining options.

ICON Park, located on the west side of Orlando not far from the I-4 corridor, originally owned by hotel and resort developer Harris Rosen sold due to economic changes until the current iteration, part of the International “I” Drive experiences to I-Play, I-Stay, and I-Dine, includes the ICON Orlando Observation Wheel (formerly known as the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye), SEA LIFE Aquarium, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and several restaurants, bars, and shops, with a carousel, StarFlyer (super high swings), and small train attracting tourists and locals alike. 

While ICON Park includes national favorites like Outback Steakhouse, Ben & Jerry’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Carrabba’s Italian Grill, many local, regional, and specialty restaurants provide a selection of more Orlando specific cuisine.

The 10 Best ICON Park Restaurants

Ole Red

8417 International Dr // (321) 430-1200

Throughout this section, don’t be shocked if I seem to be gushing over the chef. He’s brilliant.

The relaxed atmosphere at Ole Red contains touches of glitz and glam. It’s a large, open, airy, country bar with Blake Shelton’s all-black attire by the entrance. For the glitz of Gwen Stefani’s outfit, you must ascend to the second level.

The quirky gift shop is around the corner from the entrance.

Farm tractors, tools, and amusing sayings are strewn about the walls and hung from the ceiling. One word sums it up: eclectic.

Though Monday and Tuesday music starts around 3:30pm, music typically resounds from 11am until about 11pm.

During our visit, we had just met our server, Alex, well experienced with both fine dining and this particular establishment and had begun to peruse the menu when I realized I needed to wash my hands. 

The bathroom has a vibrant jungle print with ferns and vine, but the best part is the wall outside… the confessional booth (which looks exactly like it does on The Voice).

Jessica, our venue contact person, provided a big surprise … She invited Executive Chef Mark Boors, on site that day, out to meet us.

He’s designed the menus for the restaurants in Nashville and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and is currently finishing the High Roller menu for the restaurant in Las Vegas.

“We’re known for burgers and BBQ. It’s a scratch kitchen – we do 98 percent in-house. We’re proud of our food.” Mark tells us as he reviews the menu for us, “Taking you to the “Must Haves,” the nachos, and the tater tot poutine. My favorite burger is the Southern Gentleman, a unique one to Orlando. I do that with a 24-hour brine and then we vacuum seal it and then a sous vide and there’s a quick pick up on the grill, so that it’s done quite well. Personally, I think that’s one of the better pork chops I’ve ever had.”

He speaks to menu changes that he wants to make, one sandwich that isn’t quite where he wants it to be, and the hybrid products made with local favorites, like pimento cheese. The advantages of the Nashville success allowed him to anticipate the success of the hot Nashville Chicken Waffle entrée as an Orlando favorite. He’s also considering a Grouper Blackened Reuben with a Southern flare with a pineapple cole slaw. Come back later in the year to try it.

Ole Red opens in Las Vegas and Mark Boors coordinates the food with the special, high roller experience on a third level high-end lounge experience in Vegas as well as a rooftop bar. Extravagances already planned include two-pound lobster corndogs and Wagyu tacos.

Mark Boors, Ole Red’s Executive chef, asked us if we trusted him to offer us a tasting menu. Um, yes, please! He was kind enough to take our dietary restrictions under consideration and presented:

Tater tots with poutine and cheese curds on the side with a fresh easy fried egg and corn scattered through. The Bang Bang shrimp dish looks like a piece of art with the tails intact. They offer smoked brisket with tater tots shaped like hush puppies with a very dense potato.

ICON Park Restaurants: Ole Red Smoked Brisket

The Southern Gentleman burger, perfectly prepared, with a special secret sauce was definitely a flavor we’ve not seen before. I think it’s’ a jalapeño and peach jam and then with layered breads, a beef patty, and a fried green tomato, on a bed of lettuce too thick to eat in one bite. The bone-in pork chop lives up to the hype as being even better than a New York strip served over scrumptious garlic mashed potatoes with shards of melted cheese and heavy gravy (we thought it was too good to be hidden). It’s a super thick chop but remains moist thanks to that extensive process in the kitchen.

For the truly over-the-top item, look no further than dessert. Everyone we speak to recommends we Do the Trio. So, of course, we do. There’s a cheesecake, today a Reese’s peanut butter, a hot fudge brownie a la mode (Blake’s choice), and a banana custard with Nilla Wafers, each served in a miniature jelly jar.

Here, in Orlando, Mark’s fine turning the next menu updates. Done twice a year, he tells us the biggest seller is the Alligator wings. Yes, they really are alligator. He sources them from a farmer in Louisiana who sends him the back legs of the alligator. Here in Florida, the tails and the leather is used, but we don’t know what happens to these hindquarters. Full of funny anecdotes about restaurant life in Orlando and Ole Red, he’s been with the company 3 years.

For a delicious meal, go to Ole Red any time. For great music, avoid lunch Monday or Tuesday but go any other time and live music will likely be available. It’s a great excuse to return for another good time at ICON Park.

Ole Red hosted us for our meal as part of the VIP Media Passport for Visit Orlando. All opinions are my own. 

Tapa Toro

8441 International Drive // 407-226-2929

Tapa Toro opens its doors to hungry customers in search of their modern Spanish cuisine as The Wheel at ICON Park, formerly known as the Orlando EYE, towers over it.

We are immediately greeted by staff, move from a table by the bar to the chef’s table near the paella pit, and observe as the chef prepares flavorful seafood paella while scents waft across, whetting our already rabid appetites.

We consider Fitzgerald a blessing as he acts as our server, photo model, introduction, and new best friend. He was born in Bucharest, Romania, and was given this distinctly Irish name in honor of our late president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Fitzgerald was the ideal host, providing us with thoughtful advice over tapas, gluten-free meals, and iced water with lemon or Coca-Cola products as needed.

It’s crucial to go over special needs with the staff if a patient has celiac disease. For instance, the delicious-smelling and appearing potatoes are deep-fried with breaded items and are therefore off-limits to celiacs. For lunch, I chose salmon, which was served with rice, asparagus, and the biggest capers I’ve ever seen. They were among the saltiest foods I’ve ever tried, so I cut into them to check the flavor.

My colleagues, another travel writer and the Visit Orlando representative were much more daring with Pulpo Gallego (fried octopus and seafood combination), or the most delectable tapas I’ve ever seen outside of Spain.

They advise serving two to three tapas per person because the little savory dishes can be combined to serve as the main course or served separately and shared.

We valued Paula’s advice and tried to take the best of both worlds. With beef empanadas, patatas con chorizo, ham croquettes, and tomato-rubbed bread, she expertly matched flavor profiles because she’s been here before.

When we asked for pepper, Fitzgerald promptly provided it.

Chef revealed his skills with the shrimp paella in a paellera (paella pan). The experience was even more wonderful because of his jovial smile.

Tapa Toro Shrimp Paella

At Tapa Toro, there are numerous photo opportunities in addition to the red carpet. From the flamenco dancers in the foreground by the bar (prepared for nights when music and dance are offered) to the magically moving pictures along the wall in front of the restrooms, reminiscent of Hogwarts mobile portraits that are occasionally too quick to capture.

Visit Tapa Toro for a delicious meal where you’ll be treated like beloved family. Ask for Fitzgerald.

Tapa Toro hosted us for our meal as part of a press trip with Visit Orlando. All opinions are my own.


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The Star Bar at ICON Park

8265 International Drive // (407) 640-7009

For some Out of This World cocktails, look no further than The Star Bar, located at the base of the StarFlyer at ICON Park. This giant swing attraction remains a focus of the area, especially at night when the colorful lights compliment the glow of the Wheel at ICON Park.

For some liquid courage before or after the StarFlyer which offers unparalleled 360-degree views of Orlando’s skyline, stop at the private lunge or outdoor terrace for a drink. It provides perfect seating to watch those that ride before and after you.

The Star Bar does feature live entertainment several nights a week with everything from acoustic sets to DJ nights. Many think of this as THE place to finish the night and shine bright. It’s a celestial destination that offers a unique and unforgettable experience with the breathtaking views from the StarFlyer, creative cocktails, late night atmosphere, and live entertainment, it’s a great place for anyone looking for a “stellar” night. 

Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant 

8409 International Drive // (321) 430-0600

For my birthday this year, my best friend in Orlando from our local writers group, offered to take me to any restaurant I liked. Having visited so many excellent restaurants, it didn’t take long for me to remember having heard of a chocolate pinata at Uncle Julio’s that’s a great experience as well as meal… perfect for a birthday celebration. She was “in”, and we planned to meet at the restaurant when it opened. I remain grateful that ICON Park has free parking in the parking garage from the 4th through 7th floors.

Arriving just as the restaurant opened for the day, it was nice to explore the restaurant with soothing dark wood finishings and Mexican inspired high back chairs with tufted seat booths comfortably set on either side of the main rooms. The bar to the right offers flat screen televisions, lovely traditional art, and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages.

More seating outside on a covered patio allows for al fresco dining with the ICON Park crowds available for additional entertainment. It’s not far from the carousel and train which also adds to the atmosphere.

Known for their fajitas and signature swirl margaritas, their commitment to made-from-scratch Mexican food remains paramount.

Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant  Chicken Fajitas  

Their special deals of the day frequently focus on their fajitas and that day was no different. Our server mentioned the outstanding fajitas deal for two for just under $50. They also offer enchiladas, tacos, bowls, and salads. Churros, sopapillas and that chocolate pinata round out the dessert menu. 

Their mild salsa and chips are fresh and served promptly. My friend prefers spicy salsa, and they were able to easily accommodate.

They also make your guacamole fresh tableside so if you’re ready for a new recipe or way to create your guac, this could be the place for you to learn.

But I’d had my eye on that chocolate pinata and hadn’t even been sure that I’d want to eat “real” food on my birthday so asked for it first. Surprisingly, I received push back so did order the fish tacos – a white fish. I don’t eat rice and beans so was offered French fries, side salad, or vegetables.

I ultimately chose carrots over the Brussel sprouts and was surprised to receive a large plate of raw, cleaned carrots, cut in large circles. That wall in front of the kitchen filled with colorful vegetables in wire baskets must’ve lost half the orange items that day. My friend ordered the queso birria tacos served with rice and beans. No surprise we needed to go boxes at the end of the meal. 

When it was finally time to receive the pinata, I was surprised when the server handed me a thick bat about the length of my forearm. She explained the shell of the pinata was strong and it was necessary. Somehow, my Babe Ruth instincts came out and I started “warming up.”

The tray holding the round pinata swinging from its wire contraption. They’d spelled out “Happy Birthday” in chocolate syrup with small bowls of melted chocolate to dip the pinata offerings in and mounds of whipped cream outlined the board, nearly as big as the table. Our dreams of fruit, chocolate, and whipped cream were dashed however, when the server explained the whipped cream is the chef’s special concoction mixed with Kahlua. I’m allergic to alcohol and my friend doesn’t drink. No substitutions available, I was disappointed.

But… batter up! I was ready, the camera was ready, and I struck the pinata with a … THUD.

Nothing happened. 

She wasn’t kidding. This is a hard shell. Dark chocolate with drizzled white chocolate decoratively appointed, it wanted its moment to shine. 

I straightened my shoulders, grasped the bat with both hands, and took a more solid swing. 


Two more swings before the pinata broke sufficiently to release its largesse of large pineapple chunks, full size strawberries, and slices of churros.

The server accepted the returned bat and expertly broke the remaining sections of pinata off the wire, asking before making the effort to break off the top circle which was especially structurally sound. But of course!

She broke the dark chocolate into more manageable bite sizes and removed the wire from the table.

Time to dig in. 

The fruit fresh and, my friend assured me, the churros delicious, we dunked them in the melted chocolate until we were full and asked for large boxes to go – the boys will love the dark chocolate and churros. I received the bulk of the remaining fruit, my fave, and enjoyed it throughout the rest of my birthday.

For special occasions, I highly recommend the chocolate pinata – just be aware of the Kahlua infused whipped cream.

Sky Bar

8375 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, // +14076017907

For one of the most unique places for a drink in Orlando, look no further than the 400- foot skyline view from the Sky Bar, located within the Wheel at ICON Park. While you’ll want to book your reservation well in advance since availability is limited, ten of you (all 21 or over) enter the private VIP capsule (rain or shine but held for severe weather) to enjoy bottomless beer, wine, or Prosecco. If you’d like other drinks, stop first at the Deck Bar to place your order.

Wheel Icon Park

From the middle to top of the Wheel, you’ll enjoy great views of the Orlando Skyline, Universal Studios, and Disney World. 

Keep in mind The Sky Bar maintains a “smart casual” dress code, so no shorts, flip flops, beachwear, or athletic wear is allowed. 

With two full rotations of the Wheel, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy this unique and memorable experience with your group of friends.

Yard House

8367 International Drive // (407) 351-8220

Our beer loving friends tell me that the Yard House is their favorite place to try local, craft, and imported draft beers. With over 100 to choose from, it can take years to get through them and the handcrafted cocktails, but some have been inspired to be more systematic in the process and really dig deep into why they love each beer so they can choose their true favorite. These are probably the same guys that brewed beer in their bathtubs twenty years ago. Now it’s more than a cottage industry and Yard House does it well.

The indoor-outdoor seating allows for great options depending on the Florida weather that day. It was warm when we visited so indoor it was. The high ceilings create a surprisingly welcome atmosphere with friendly, attentive staff.

My top times to visit the Yard House are for lunch or for happy hour period. Happy Hour, Monday through Friday can be experienced from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM or late-night Monday through Wednesday from 10:00 PM to close. 

While my friends might spend a year trying all the different beers, I have no problem trying many of their different appetizers or pizzas, which are half off during Happy Hour. They offer enough for a meal. While my daughter enjoys their four-cheese spinach dip, friends love the Miguel’s queso dip and their Poke nachos, it’s the chicken nachos and chicken lettuce wraps that meet my dietary needs and tastebuds without alterations. That’s a joy.

Other offerings include hand battered chicken tenders, classic sliders, Wisconsin fried cheese curds, blackened ahi sashimi, fried calamari, boneless wings, Gardein® wings, the carnivore pizza, pepperoni, and mushroom pizza, three cheese pizza, Margherita pizza, and a BBQ chicken pizza.

Yard House Wisconsin Cheese Curds

During happy hour, their specials are $2.00 off draft, beer, wine, spirits, and cocktails, $3 off and 9 oz. Wine, and $4 off half yards. 

Since I’m not a drinker, I had no idea that a “yard” of beer is a glass approximately 3 feet high with a bulb at its base. Yard House doesn’t actually serve true yards anymore, but these half yards contain about 32 ounces of beer.

In addition to these happy hour specials, their regular menu appetizers also include avocado toast, and onion ring tower, firecracker shrimp, a jumbo Bavarian pretzel, Hot and spicy edamame, Steamed edamame (always one of my favorites), guac and chips, Grilled Korean BBQ beef, Shitake garlic noodles, sweet potato fries, and a Cali roll stack.

They typically offer two soups and three salads before you reach all the combinations offered when proteins are added. They’ve mastered the art of combining chicken or shrimp or salmon and even tuna for a more complete meal.

With seven types of tacos, it’s unlikely you’d leave hungry. My go to is the Baja Fish Taco. My daughter likes the shrimp taco – both Baja and blackened. 

It’s their Gardein® dishes that has many people returning often. Their orange chicken makes up for the dirth of great Chinese restaurants in the area. You should try your childhood mac and cheese all grown up with their re-stylings. Many find one thing and stick with it, like the Gardein® Nashville hot chicken and pancakes or hand battered chicken, while others amongst us are trying to work our way through the menu, like some of our systematic beer loving friends. 

We quickly learned that, if you’re in the mood for a burger, this is a great place to stop to eat. While I prefer their basic hamburger in a lettuce wrap rather than hamburger bun, their Beyond Burger meets the needs of my vegan family members – also in a lettuce wrap. The staff is very accommodating to dietary restrictions and has always reassured us about the processes they use to avoid cross-contamination, though they carefully remind me they can never be 100% certain cross contamination wouldn’t occur.

When you’re in the mood for a great sandwich, Yard House remains the place to get favorites with a twist like the double decker BLT, a grilled chicken & avocado, Korean BBQ Chicken Cheesesteak, a beer battered fish sandwich, or your childhood favorite grilled cheese and tomato bisque (see? Elevated). 

If you come with a big appetite, you’ll want to pay special attention to their steaks and chops. My go to here is the filet mignon, always grilled to my specifications (thank you, chef!) and served with fresh carrots, asparagus, and creamy mashed potatoes. I don’t think it’s ever required the au jus. Others, though, get the Korean ribeye or Thai grilled pork chop, or even the 20 oz bone-in ribeye and shrimp. They’ve got something for every palate.

My pasta loving friends swear by the Fontina Vodka penne. One of Yard House’s chicken dishes, they tell me it’s a “spectacular tasting” dish with sauce like they have when they travel to Italy. My friends who like the cilantro lime chicken aren’t as effusive but remain dedicated to the “fresh, light flavors that don’t make me feel so stuffed.”

Yard House Vodka Penne

As you may know, the desserts always fascinate me. Whether it’s something I want to try or something I want to try to make myself at home, I love seeing what pastry chefs and executive chefs choose to finish the meal. Here, they offer a mini cheesecake brulee as your sweet under 700 calories. Over that calorie count, you’ll find a Brookie, bread pudding with crème anglaise, and the chocolate fudge cake. They tell me they’re considering gluten free dessert options, especially since they make a point of having a menu for “gluten sensitive” individuals. Maybe by my next visit?

They do offer a gluten free bun if you prefer that to a lettuce wrap. You just need to remain vigilant and educated about the alcohol choice as celiacs can’t have wheat, barley, or rye, the base component for many types of alcohol. 

The Yard House remains a favorite because of its wide, welcoming space, wonderful staff, and wealth of options on the menu. 

Sugar Factory

8371 International Drive Suite 70 // (407) 270-7082

This sweet little Sugar Factory confectionary tucked in under the left side of the Wheel at ICON Park as you face it from the carousel offers a wealth of confections you’ll remember from your childhood but, for me more importantly, ridiculous ice cream concoctions that could use an army to complete.

Step into the world of sweet indulgence at the Sugar Factory, where a dining experience is more than just a meal, it’s a candy-coated adventure! From the moment you enter this whimsical wonderland, your senses will be transported to a land of pure sugar bliss.

The dining menu offers a range of savory and sweet dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving. From gourmet burgers to hand tossed pizzas, the options seem endless. Our favorites include. 

But it is the “Sweet Surrender” desserts that truly steal the show. Their “Wow” worthy creations include the towering King Kong Sundae (16 scoops of ice cream? An army. You need an army!), the over-the-top Insane Milkshakes that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for your taste buds, and the candy shop offering a rainbow of sugary delights from those childhood classic favorite sweets to exotic treats. 

Sugar Factory Ice Cream Sundae

Well known for their celebrity endorsements, don’t be surprised if you run into a famous face at The Sugar Factory. It adds to their cache. Don’t worry, they’ve always been super pleasant as they, too, get to indulge their sweet tooth.

Another thing about the Sugar Factory? It’s one of the most instagrammable places in ICON Park … and that’s saying something with all the attractions here from the Wheel to the StarFlyer to SEA LIFE Aquarium, Madame Tussauds, and the Museum of Illusion. The combination of whimsical décor and fabulous over the top desserts makes it irresistible. 

It’s truly a sweet escape that delights and dazzles and feels like a one-of-a-kind experience with each new dessert you choose. 

Tin Roof

8371 International Drive // (407) 270-7926

The Tin Roof at ICON Park is a true hidden gem, offering a deliciously eclectic menu for all taste and dietary restrictions. For those who are gluten free or vegan, fear not! The Tin Roof has got you covered with a range of options that are sure to delight your palate.

If you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing, try the vegan hummus platter, which features a generous helping of hummus, cucumbers, carrots, and celery. Or, for something more filling, try the gluten free shrimp and grits, which are made with a flavorful Creole seasoning and served with a side of creamy grits.

Many consider the chefs even better than the entertainment and the claim “better than bar food” is right there on the menu. For those of you fortunate to avoid dietary restrictions, their tacos, quesadillas, burgers, loaded tots, sloppy joes, and made from scratch chicken tenders and wings help keep everyone full and happy as they make an evening of it here at ICON Park.

Tin Roof Sloppy Joes

You see, the menu is only half the fun at the tin roof! The live entertainment is also something to behold. Whether you’re in the mood for some smooth jazz, sultry Blues, or even some upbeat pop, the tin room had had something for everyone. And they have. Really wild, exciting things like. Music trivia bingo. Instead of the typical numbers on your bingo card, you will see song names and music titles listed and must match them to win the game.

From holiday celebrations like Saint Patrick’s Day, to Drag Queen Bingo (not for the easily offended), there’s always something new and innovative going on at the Tin Roof. 

iLounge Istanbul

8395 International Drive // (407) 630-6001

Disclaimer: I based this section of my article on the experiences of friends because I don’t smoke and am actually allergic. For those of you who enjoy hookah smoking, leaving it out didn’t seem fair. I discovered that using a hookah is intended for inhaling smoke, in this case from flavored tobacco or CBD products, which is then filtered through water.

With plush seating and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, the decor is stylish and upscale and will make you feel right at home at iLounge Istanbul. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the slick, contemporary ambiance. The aroma of tobacco and CBD hookahs fills the air, which might be unfamiliar to non-smokers. The iLounge Istanbul manages to keep its upscale and sophisticated atmosphere despite the smoke.

You may be astounded by the range of choices as you peruse the menu after taking a seat. A wide variety of craft beers, cocktails, and wines are available and each one has been thoughtfully chosen to please even the most discriminating drinker. Just reading through the cocktail list is bound to elicit a chuckle or two. 

The iLounge Istanbul is a hookah smoker’s paradise, offering a huge selection of premium hookahs in a wide range of flavors.

iLounge Istanbul Hookah

Non-smokers can enjoy a few drinks, some Turkish food (described by some as the best in Orlando!), and the exotic aromas of flavored tobacco and CBD at the iLounge Istanbul, which offers a singular experience. 

You might want to try one of the famous hookahs if you’re feeling daring. A smooth and flavorful smoking experience is provided by carefully crafted blends.

And from the patio, you might have one of the best views of the Wheel on the entire block.

Be aware there might be a $10 cover charge at the door on weekends.

iCafe de Paris Creperie

8465 International Drive // (407) 203-3000

As soon as you enter the iCafe de Paris Creperie at ICON Park, you are transported to a typical, though larger, Parisian cafe. You’ll think you’ve just entered a cafe on the streets of Paris thanks to the charming decor and welcoming ambiance. Beautiful pastries, delicate macarons, and mouthwatering Parisian crepes line the display cases, beckoning you to savor the treats at your leisure.

The seating areas are more like what you would expect in a Parisian cafe, with small tables and chairs scattered throughout the space. Take a moment to peruse the display cases, marveling at the array of sweet and savory treats on offer.

With a wide range of options, the breakfast menu is a feast for the senses. iCafe de Paris Creperie has something to sate every craving, whether it be for a traditional croissant, avocado toast, a fluffy omelet, or a rich and decadent macaron.

The star of the show, however, are the specialty Parisian crepes. These sweet crepes are delicate and delectable, expertly made, and bursting with flavor.

Every crepe is a work of art, so savor every bite, whether it’s the traditional cinnamon fold or the decadent Nutella and banana.

iCafe de Paris Creperie Crepe

You can’t help but appreciate the inviting setting and welcoming staff as you indulge in your meal.

It is, in other words, a location where you can savor the best French cuisine while enjoying the quaint ambiance of a typical Parisian cafe. It’s the ideal place for breakfast, a quick bite, or a leisurely meal with its inviting display cases and cozy seating areas, friendly staff, and delicious menu.

If you’re looking for a memorable dining experience in Orlando, look no further than the restaurants at Icon Park. Located right under the iconic wheel at Icon Park, which offers stunning views of the city skyline, these dining options allow you to indulge in delicious food. But it’s not just the restaurants that make Icon Park a must-visit destination.

With the plethora of activities, including live entertainment, shopping, and attractions like the StarFlyer, Madame Tussauds, Orlando, and SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, there’s something for everyone at Icon Park.  So whether you’re a local or a tourist, dining under the wheel at Icon Park is an experience you won’t want to miss.  

I’m grateful to live just 30 minutes away so can return to ICON Park regularly to see what’s new and participate in the concerts, festivals, and holiday celebrations.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.