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Best Thai Food In Holland MI | 7 Must-Try Thai Restaurants In Holland, MI

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Holland’s place in American culinary culture has expanded over the past decade, along with its notoriety for being a pit stop on the hippie trail. 

Thai restaurants are one of the most popular eateries in Holland. With so many fine-dining Thai restaurants to choose from, narrowing down your favorites can be challenging. 

I’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of seven restaurants offering the best thai food in Holland, Michigan.

The Best Thai Food In Holland MI

Pho Mekong Restaurant

143 Douglas Ave., Holland, MI // +16162988979

Pho Mekong Restaurant is an excellent place for people who like to try trendy food. The exotic atmosphere is worth the visit here. 

It is a great place to enjoy Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, with a great chef in charge. You can try nicely cooked pork spring rolls, Thai tofu, and cold pork roast here. 

Thai Food In Holland MI: Pork Spring Rolls

The chef at this restaurant cooks good mango sticky rice, grilled pineapple, and ginger ice cream. Of course, it’s nice to order delicious root beer or good orange beer. 

Thai Food In Holland MI: Mango Sticky Rice

Pho Mekong has great jasmine milk tea, ginger tea, and soy coffee among its drinks. You can also order dishes as a takeaway if you want to enjoy the delicious meals at your home. 

Taste of Asia

520 Butternut Dr., Holland, MI // +16167963286

Featuring both Laotian and Thai specialties, Taste of Asia will not disappoint. Experience authentic cuisine at its finest when you dine here. 

It may be challenging to choose your food since the menu includes various delicious items such as crab soup, tomato basil soup, and chicken lemongrass.

Thai Food In Holland MI: Crab Soup

Try one of the many dessert items such as watermelon salads, custard desserts, or sesame ice cream if you’re still hungry after the meal. 

Grab a drink with your meal, and don’t forget to try their coconut juice and soy coffee to get a feel for the culture!

Rock ‘N’ Thai

3006 W. Shore Dr., Holland, MI // +16162988770

Holland’s Rock ‘N’ Thai restaurant is one of the city’s more popular restaurants and cooks some of the best thai food in Holland Michigan. I think it’s an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, and that the menu is varied enough to keep most people from getting bored. That’s one of the reasons why it has the best thai food in Holland Michigan.

A variety of Thai dishes can be found on the menu at this restaurant. The taste of their crab soup, chicken lemongrass, and shrimp pad Thai will leave a lasting impression on you.

Thai Food In Holland MI: Shrimp Pad Thai

The Rock ‘N’ Thai Cafe is well known for its great service and friendly staff that are always willing to assist you. You can try grilled mango, ginger ice cream, watermelon salads, and grilled or raw mango to gain an excellent impression of Rock’ N’ Thai Cafe. 

Delicious strawberry colada is the perfect complement to a nice meal. If you visit this place, order ginger tea, coconut juice, or jasmine milk tea.

Lemongrass Thai Sushi

977 Butternut Dr. Suite #3, Holland, MI // +16163777440

Aside from their famous house specialties and other customer favorites, Lemongrass Thai Sushi offers delicious and reasonably priced cuisine.

They serve their entrees in a relaxed, welcoming environment that you and your friends and family will enjoy.

You’ll be blown away by their inventive menus and attentive service, whether you want to try something new or just enjoy some old favorites.

You can order nicely cooked duck roll, spicy salmon, or steak wrap from their menu. There are also tasty dishes such as grilled pineapple, watermelon salad, and sticky rice. 

Thai Food In Holland MI: Spicy Salmon

Drinks such as root beer, pia colada, or strawberry colada are frequently ordered at this place. In addition, there is great iced green tea or Thai iced tea available here.

Siri Thai Kitchen

301 N. River Ave., Holland, MI // +16163925990

When you want great food, Sri Thai Kitchen is the place to go. There is something for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans, and they can cater to parties and special occasions. 

Authentic Thai cuisine can be found at Siri Thai Kitchen. It’s the place to go if you want Thai chicken, crab rangoon, shrimp pad see ew, and drunken noodles.

Thai Food In Holland MI: Crab Rangoon

The vision of Sri Thai Kitchen is to bring traditional Thai food to Holland and surrounding areas in Michigan so that you can experience the great taste of Thailand without leaving the country.

Panera Bread

3067 W. Shore Dr., Holland, MI // +16167382400

The menu at Panera Bread includes various cuisines, healthy dishes, and comfort food. The ambiance of hospitality at this place is greatly influenced by the staff, which is very lovely here. In addition, you’ll appreciate the low prices offered here. 

Stop by this cafe for a break and try their Thai Chicken Soup, chicken salads, and other bread soups. You’ll also love their bagels. 

Thai Food In Holland MI: Thai Chicken Soup

This place is known for its food delivery service. Their great staff works hard, stays positive, and makes this place great. Enjoy!


3435 W. Shore Dr., Holland, MI // +16167389687

Known for exceptional fast food, Zoup is an outstanding restaurant. The restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and tasty food. Here’s why it has the best Thai food in Holland Michigan.

They have delicious Sweet Thai Chicken that will blow your taste buds away! Also, don’t forget to try the lobster bisque, chicken sandwiches, and hot sandwiches. 

Thai Food In Holland MI: Lobster Bisque

A delicious cup of tea can also be enjoyed after a long day at work. Restaurants like this one have a cozy atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and makes you have a good time.

Best Thai Food In Holland MI

I hope that you’ve realized that there are a lot of outstanding Thai restaurants in the Holland area! 

Although many Thai restaurants in Holland have a similar menu, the small details matter. 

So, whether you want something while in the mood for fine dining or just want a tasty lunch from one of the best food trucks in Holland, this list gives you a variety of options. Have fun!

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