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The 7 Best Bars in Holland In Holland, MI

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If you’re visiting Holland, Michigan, and looking to experience the city’s vibrant and eclectic culture, you’re in for a treat. Holland is a wonderful city in Michigan that offers plenty to eager travelers. Part of your trip to Holland would be to visit the Windmill Island Gardens or the Holland State Park, Nelis’ Dutch Village, and perhaps even the beautiful Window on the Waterfront. As you can imagine, the city has deep Dutch roots, so most things have a Dutch theme, perfect for any American travelers who haven’t had the chance to travel to the Netherlands. 

Holland, MI

But it would be a shame not to supplement your trip by visiting some of the city’s most popular bars. Whether you’re a beer lover, cocktail enthusiast, or foodie, Holland has a range of bars to suit all tastes and preferences. These bars serve all kinds of drinks, from traditional local brews to magnificent cocktails. Moreover, Holland’s bar scene is exceptional; from traditional Dutch pubs to trendy rooftop bars with panoramic city views, there’s something for everyone. So, let’s explore the seven best bars in Holland that will make your trip unforgettable.

The Seven Best Bars in Holland

Parrots Lounge

234 S. River Ave., Holland, MI 49423, United States // +16163964577

Located on the edge of the Holland Historic District, Parrot’s Lounge is a short walk from the magnificent Holland Central Park, a popular gathering place for locals and travelers. The bar is in the district’s center on one of the busiest streets, meaning you will eventually pass through. There’s no better time to sit down for a drink after a busy day of traveling and sightseeing. 

Parrot’s Lounge has a laid-back vibe. It’s an open bar, as some would call a “dive bar,” with dim lighting and dated decor, perfect for a fun night out in Holland. Locals love Parrots Lounge for this very reason – the atmosphere. In my opinion, it was hard to get noticed by the bartenders, and we had to wave a few times for them to spot us. Other than that, the drinks weren’t overpriced and were made exceptionally well. We had the Blue Hawaiian and Parrot Bay Breeze, the bar’s signature drinks. 

Blue hawaiian

So if you want to loosen up after a busy day in Holland, Parrots Lounge provides the perfect opportunity.

Office Bar & Grill

490 S. Waverly Rd., Holland, MI 49423, United States // +16163944115

Office Bar & Grill is located in the eastern part of Holland, between Van Raalte Farm Park on one side and the Pilgrim Home Cemetery on the other. Upon entering the bar, you’ll be greeted by a vibrant, electric atmosphere and a traditional “American” bar feel. Locals say Office Bar & Grill is one of the best bars in Holland because of the atmosphere. But in my opinion, the bar gets an exceptional rep because of the staff. The staff are all friendly and charming. They’ll take your order and bring it in no time. We went for a Cold Beer and some French Fries before ordering a Rocky Mountain Burger

Rocky Mountain Burger at one of the best bars in Holland

The burger was exceptional, and the service, as mentioned previously, was top-notch. Office Bar & Grill also hosts karaoke nights on Saturdays and has tons of bar games, like pool and darts. There’s also a “no biker and gangs” sign. The locals say biker gangs aren’t allowed in the bar and that the bar is a popular place for blue-collar workers to rest and relax after a busy day. But don’t let that fool you from the fact that Office Bar & Grill is one of the best bars in Holland to visit any time of the day. 

Tap Room

441 US-31, Holland, MI 49423, United States // +16163962439

Tap Room is a cozy and intimate bar in Holland, Michigan, in the same neighborhood as Office Bar & Grill. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be transported to a bygone era, with dark wood paneling, vintage beer signs, and classic rock playing on the jukebox. In every sense of the word, Tap Room is a “hole in the wall” type of bar in Holland. 

The vibe at Tap Room is relaxed and laid-back, with friendly and welcoming staff and a diverse crowd of locals and visitors alike. The bar is small and intimate, with limited seating options and a long wooden bar table. The bar’s specialty is hot dogs. We tried Gourmet Dogs with a side of French Fries and a big beer. The service was exceptional, and the staff were very welcoming. 

Gourmet Hot Dogs

Other than that, Tap Room is quite small, so it’s best to come in early to snag a spot before it gets crowded. Moreover, don’t expect much from the menu besides specialty hot dogs, burritos, and pizza. But in my opinion, Tap Room is a charming and unique bar in a less popular part of Holland. 

Hops at 84 East

84 E. 8th St., Holland, MI 49423, United States // +16163968484

Located in downtown Holland, Hops at 84 East is a traditional pub that serves some of the best local craft beers on tap we’ve ever had. Locals mentioned Hops at 84 East as a “must-visit” bar in Holland, so we went there for a night out and were fondly amazed at the atmosphere of the place.

Hops at 84 East is a very rustic and “old town” bar that you often see in movies. The bar is quite narrow, with a long bar table on one side and seating options on the other. This place gets quite crowded on a busy night and even during the day. But what we loved about Hops at 84 East was the food. Hops’ menu is truly exceptional. There’s a breakfast menu, lunch menu, and dinner menu. Since we went at night, we ordered the Wagyu Steak Fries with a Blackberry Sunset. What’s unique about Hops is the specialty menu, which changes daily. Just ask the barman about it, and he’ll explain everything. 

Wagyu Steak Fries

The food was delicious and wonderfully prepared, just like the pictures. And in my opinion, It was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. I couldn’t have imagined that’s something I would say about a bar in Holland, Michigan. If you ever find yourself on 8th street in Holland, visit Hops at 84 East, as it is one of the best bars in Holland. 

Obstacle No. 1

92 W. 8th St., Holland, MI 49423, United States // +16169948370

Obstacle No. 1 is a very classy and modern bar in Holland. It’s unlike the other places we visited and had quite a stylish look and feel. The bar is known for its great cocktails, wine, spirits, and food. It’s a seating-only bar with plenty of space and fast and exceptional service. 

We were greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere upon entering the bar. The staff rushed to help us find a table and took our orders. Since the place is known for its cocktails, we tried one of its specialties, the Obstacle No. 1 Cocktail, made with bourbon, maple syrup, walnut, cardamom tincture, and Angostura Bitters. But we didn’t want to drink on an empty stomach, so we ordered the Smoked Chicken Empanadas and Warm Goat Cheese. The locals said the place had a wide variety of delicious cheeses, so we had to have some and try it for ourselves.

Obstacle No. 1 Cocktail

The service was exceptional and fast. The food was prepared like in a five-star Michelin restaurant, and the drinks were magnificent. In my opinion, Obstacle No. 1 was the highlight of our bar-hopping adventure, and it’s definitely one of the best bars in Holland – by a mile!

Skiles Tavern Inc.

154 E. 8th St., Holland, MI 49423, United States // +16163967836

Skiles Tavern Inc. is a bar in Holland with the best pizza. Locals mentioned the bar had great beer, so it made sense to pair both and see what happens. Pizza is the bar’s specialty, so ordering a large Pepperoni Pizza and local craft beer was a no-brainer decision. 

But the bar offers much more than pizza and beer. While their drinks menu is limited, the food isn’t – perfect for a hungry foodie. Their menu has tacos, sandwiches, and a handful of other food items. But if you’re going to order food, we highly recommend going for pizza. 

Pepperoni Pizza

The atmosphere was also top-notch. The place is big, doesn’t get crowded or noisy, and the staff is super friendly and welcoming. There are several pool tables and big TVs for sports games. Skiles Tavern is a wonderful bar in Holland, and it’s even better if you’re going with friends.

The Curragh Irish Pub

73 E. 8th St., Holland, MI 49423, United States // +16163936340

The Curragh Irish Pub is very much a traditional Irish pub in Holland. Of all the places we went to, The Curragh had the best atmosphere, as all Irish pubs do. There’s live music and live performances, sports watching, and they even host quiz nights. 

We went there on game day, and the place was buzzing! While the game was partly to blame for the loud atmosphere, we still had a wonderful time. The staff came in to take our order, and we went for an Irish classic – Fish and Chips with a pint of Guinness

Fish and Chips

I must say the place isn’t cheap, but we had a great time; well worth the buck! Their menu also includes burgers, sandwiches, traditional Irish dishes, desserts, soups, salads, etc. There are also daily specials, brunch, and late-night menus. On the drinks front, The Curragh offers a wide selection of whiskeys, from Irish to scotch, bourbon, and Michigan whiskeys. For non-whiskey drinkers, there are cocktails, beers, and soft drinks. 

Despite being on the high-end of most bars in Holland, we highly recommend The Curragh Irish Pub. 


What are the best bars in Holland, Michigan?

Holland, Michigan, is a city with plenty of bars to sit down and have a great time. But we recommend the following seven:

  • Parrots Lounge
  • Office Bar & Grill
  • Tap Room
  • Hops at 84 East
  • Obstacle No. 1
  • Skiles Tavern Inc
  • The Curragh Irish Pub

Are bars in Holland, Michigan, cheap?

The bars in Holland range from cheap to highly expensive. It varies from one bar to another, so you should check the prices if you don’t feel comfortable overpaying.

Do bars in Holland serve Dutch food?

Holland, Michigan, has a deeply rooted Dutch culture, history, and heritage. Naturally, some bars do serve Dutch food, but the vast majority serve food you’ll find in most bars across the United States.


Whether you’re looking to relax after a busy day or sightseeing or go for a night out and enjoy yourself, many bars in Holland are there to help make a memorable night. After exploring some of the best bars in Holland, Michigan, it’s clear that this charming city has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife.

Whether you’re looking for a trendy and modern spot to grab a craft beer or a classic and longstanding bar with a homey atmosphere, Holland has it all. We hope the seven bars on this list are more than enough to help you sample the unique culture of Holland, Michigan. 

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Parrots Lounge? Really? That place is a sh** hole. It's dirty and dingy and the restrooms are disgusting. I'm honestly shocked this place made the list.

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