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The 7 Best Mexican Restaurants In Holland, MI

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Holland, Michigan, is a charming city on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, best known for its stunning tulip festival and beautiful beaches. This picturesque town attracts tourists from all over the world, who come to experience the unique culture, natural beauty, and delicious food scene of the town’s Dutch heritage. But when it comes to satisfying your taste buds, there’s nothing quite like the savory and spicy flavors of Mexican cuisine. 

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, sitting at a Mexican restaurant in Holland, Michigan, is an experience worth traveling for. While the city might not be best known for its Mexican cuisine, we assure you it’s well worth the buck. In this article, we’ll explore the seven best Mexican restaurants in Holland, Michigan, where you can indulge in authentic dishes, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, and take a break from your travels. 

Dutch style buildings in Holland, Michigan

So grab your favorite snack and join us on a culinary journey through Holland’s finest Mexican eateries.

The Seven Best Mexican Restaurants in Holland

Don Miguelito Mexican Restaurant

11975 E. Lakewood Blvd. #9, Holland, MI 49424, United States // +16163922965

Don Miguelito Mexican Restaurant is a hidden gem worth visiting. Located in the Northeastern part of town, Don Miguelito is a Mexican restaurant in Holland that packs a big punch. 

Looking at the restaurant from the surface, it might not look like much. But that’s where most people get it wrong. The restaurant has an authentic Mexican vibe and feel and exquisite food. Don Miguelito’s menu has everything you would expect in a Mexican restaurant, like tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tostadas, etc. We tried the Stuffed Poblano and Fish Tostadas

 Stuffed Poblano Peppers at one of the best Mexican restaurants in Holland

The waiters quickly took our order and made us feel at home. The taste was exceptional, and the ingredients were fresh. And the service was also top-notch and everything we had hoped for. We also asked for the hot sauce, and boy, was it spicy! 

If you’re ever craving authentic Mexican food in Holland, Don Miguelito is the restaurant to eat at. 

Taqueria Vallarta

275 E. 8th St., Holland, MI 49423, United States // +16168487778

Few places have managed to satisfy our taste buds as much as the tacos at Taqueria Vallarta. Located near the Macatawa River, Taqueria Vallarta is a cozy Holland Mexican restaurant that warmed our hearts. 

In my opinion, the food was the best we’ve ever had at a Mexican restaurant, especially the tacos! We know tacos are a cliche when dining at a Mexican restaurant, but we saw the photos on display, and we had to try them. To no one surprise, the tacos were exquisite! Every bite was like a slice of heaven. We ordered four Tacos Pollo Asado, and it was everything we hoped for. There was an abundance of meat, and the tacos were full of roasted veggies. 

Tacos Pollo Asado

But Taqueria Vallarta’s menu is much more than tacos. The authentic Mexican dishes are in abundance, and the portions are huge. In addition, the restaurant has daily lunch, dinner, and drink specialties if you’re into that thing. Also, we have to mention the exceptional service. Not only were we greeted and seated by the staff, but they took our order and immediately brought the food. It felt like we didn’t even wait for five minutes! 

If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican restaurant in Holland, Taqueria Vallarta is a must-visit. 

El Rancho

770 E. 16th St., Holland, MI 49423, United States // +16167961200

When we entered El Rancho, our first thought was to try an authentic Mexican grill dish. We took a look at the menu and saw the specialties section. My eyes flashed when I saw the Steak Ranchero. I asked the waiter, and he said the steak is made hot off the grill with guacamole salad and ranchero sauce

Steak Ranchero

The staff was super friendly, and the service was quality. Then, they brought the stake. The meat was cooked to perfection, and every bite was flawless. The atmosphere was also top-notch and authentic Mexican, and we appreciated the privacy. There’s plenty of seating space, and the place is well-decorated. In my opinion, El Rancho is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Holland, and it quickly became our favorite place. So, if you’re looking to have the same dining experience we had, put El Rancho on your bucket list.


495 W 17th St, Holland, MI 49423, United States // +16163943069

Right off the bat, Margarita’s atmosphere is authentic Mexican. The restaurant is quite small but cozy. We went on an empty stomach after our trip to Lake Macatawa. We were super excited and dying to try some classic Mexican food. To our surprise, the menu was unexpectedly big. Margarita’s menu includes tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, salads, quesadillas, burritos, and a ton of house specials. They also serve vegetarian dishes, and they even have a kid’s menu. So, we ordered the Chicken Fajitas with Nachos and a Wet Beef Burrito

Chicken Fajitas

The place wasn’t overly expensive, and the service was quick and exceptional. And let me tell you about the fajitas and burritos. Simply extravagant! Our order was well prepared and looked lovely. We had a wonderful time at Margarita’s but weren’t particularly fond of the decor. 

With that said, you’re not supposed to pay much attention to the chair. So, in my opinion, Margarita’s is a tiny and authentic Mexican restaurant in Holland that’s well worth the buck. 

Tamales Plus

816 Lincoln Ave, Holland, MI 49423, United States // +16164051380

When we saw Tamales Plus, there was only one thing we were going to order. Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish made with corn dough and filled with meats, beans, and cheese. We didn’t see many tamales on the menus of other Mexican restaurants in Holland, so we had to have some. 

The star of the Tamales Plus menu is, of course, tamales! They were inexpensive and came in small services, so I ordered a bunch of pork, beef, and chicken tamales. They were excellent! I loved every bite, and they were even gluten-free! 

pork, beef, and chicken tamales.

In addition to the tamales, Tamales Plus also offers other Mexican specialties, such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. All are made with the same attention to detail and quality ingredients as the tamales and are equally delicious.

What sets Tamales Plus apart from other Mexican restaurants in Holland, Michigan, is its authentic and homey feel. The staff is warm and welcoming, and they make sure the food is made with love and care. Tamales Plus is the perfect spot to grab a quick and satisfying lunch or dinner or to stock up on tamales for your travels. I highly recommend Tamales Plus, as it is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Holland. 

Tacos Fiesta

11972 E Lakewood Blvd, Holland, MI 49424, United States // +16163930161

Tacos Fiesta is a casual and vibrant Mexican restaurant in Holland that will satisfy your craving for authentic Mexican cuisine. The atmosphere is lively, with colorful decor and a bustling vibe that adds to the overall experience.

The menu features a variety of traditional Mexican dishes, but the show’s real star is the tacos. Made with fresh ingredients and flavorful seasonings, in my opinion, these tacos are some of the best in Holland, Michigan. From classic beef and chicken to more unique options like tongue and chorizo, there’s a taco to suit every taste. 

loaded nachos

We ordered the Fajita Con Cilantro Y Cebolla and Nachos for an appetizer. The tacos were delicious and made to perfection. But Tacos Fiesta offers other Mexican specialties, like burritos, fajitas, and enchiladas. The level of customer service was the highlight of our dinner. The staff is super friendly and ensures each customer feels welcomed and satisfied. 

If you’re looking for a taco restaurant in Holland that has the best tacos around, look no further than Tacos Fiesta.

Taqueria Azteca

2027 N Park Dr, Holland, MI 49424, United States // +16164163028

Yet another Mexican restaurant in Holland that specializes in making authentic Mexican tacos is Taqueria Azteca. What sets this restaurant apart is the cozy and casual atmosphere and the authentic dining experience. 

In my opinion, we had the most enjoyable dining experience at Taqueria Azteca out of all Mexican restaurants in Holland. The menu features an extensive selection of traditional Mexican dishes, with a focus on the classics like tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. The ingredients are fresh and of high quality, and the flavors are bold and satisfying. One standout dish is the Tacos al Pastor, which is made with marinated pork and topped with fresh cilantro and onions, and served with a side of tangy pineapple salsa.

mexican al pastor tacos in yellow corn tortillas with beer

{image} Tacos al Pastor {image}

In addition to the delicious food, Taqueria Azteca also offers a wide variety of Mexican drinks, including horchata, tamarindo, and agua frescas. These refreshing beverages perfectly complement any meal, especially on a hot day.

Taqueria Azteca is yet another fantastic spot for all foodies wanting to try authentic Mexican food in Holland. 


What is the most famous Mexican dish?

Tacos are by far the most famous Mexican dish. So if you want to dine in an authentic Mexican restaurant, try their tacos. 

What are the best Mexican restaurants in Holland, Michigan?

While taste is subjective, we believe the best Mexican restaurants in Holland, Michigan, are:

  • Don Miguelito Mexican Restaurant
  • Taqueria Vallarta
  • El Rancho
  • Margarita’s
  • Tamales Plus
  • Taco Fiesta
  • Taqueria Azteca

What Mexican dish should I try in Holland?

Holland’s Mexican restaurant scene features a vibrant and rich selection of authentic Mexican dishes. If you’ve had Mexican food before, you’ve probably had tacos, burritos, or fajitas. In that case, we recommend trying tamales, an authentic Mexican dish that not many Mexican restaurants in Holland serve. 


If you’re a foodie visiting Holland, Michigan, you won’t want to miss out on the city’s amazing Mexican restaurants. We’ve reviewed seven Mexican restaurants in Holland, and each offers something different and unique. In addition, each of these restaurants specializes in a particular Mexican specialty, whether that be tacos, tamales, or any other Mexican dish. 

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