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The 14 Best Concord CA Restaurants

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Concord, California, is a significant suburb with a population of around 150,000. It is a charming town with a diversified population and a fascinating history.

Though often neglected by visitors, the East Bay suburbs have incredible flavors. As an example, consider the Concord community in northern Contra Costa County. Concord’s cuisine scene has its own particular taste.

With over 350 restaurants and 27 distinct ethnic cuisine selections, it’s lovely, tranquil, and diverse. From posh to funky, eclectic to ethnic, you’re sure to uncover a favorite new eatery or cuisine your first time here.

Taco lovers, craft beer fans, and exotic cuisines will all find a home here. Even gourmets would love the great dining options around!

If you’re wondering where to eat in Concord CA, visit these high-quality, family-run restaurants, to satisfy your stomach with delicious food. Check out the fourteen top restaurants in Concord that I hand-picked for you!

Where To Eat In Concord CA | The 14 Best Concord CA Restaurants


5100 Clayton Rd., Concord, CA 94521, United States // +19259691887

When it comes to amazing meals in Concord, Fiore is unmatched. It is one of the most popular neighborhood eateries. The location is a lively cafe that feels like an oasis in the middle of a suburban shopping mall.

The menu includes homemade Italian pizzas and salads topped with in-house artisan cheeses. They also have a full bar where you may have dinner or cocktails by the pool.

The food was excellent. Our entrees comprised lamb shank braised with a lamb demi glaze, salmon Livornese in a tomato lobster sauce, and the pork chop special.

Where to eat in Concord CA | Fiore Lamb Shack

Everything was delectable. The service was excellent; it was prompt, pleasant, and courteous. Fiore is a hidden treasure among Concord restaurants!

Brasas De Brasil Churrascaria

1631 Willow Pass Rd., Concord, CA 94520, United States // +19258223474

Brazil’s Brasas Brazilian Restaurant is a sophisticated Brazilian steakhouse with stone elements and a salad bar where grilled meats are served tableside.

They serve grilled meat cooked over an open flame using natural charcoal in the Brazilian way. Brasas Do Brazil provides the best all-you-can-eat, fixed-price dining experience with consistent table-side service.

Watch as your rotisserie-grilled meats are served table-side, along with an endless selection of gourmet salads, vegetables, homemade desserts, and exotic drinks. Brasas do Brazil can be among the top birthday restaurants in Concord for a unique lunch or dinner because it offers this one-of-a-kind experience.

The mashed potatoes had a thick, creamy texture. The bacon was extremely delicious and thick! Because I like my meat well-done, servers usually ask how you want your cut.

Brasas De Brasil Churrascaria Mashed Potatoes

The drinks were fantastic. The drinks all had a great natural flavor. The eight drink samples were ordered. The pineapple margarita was undoubtedly my favorite.

There’s nothing better than trying Brazilian cuisine in a beautiful setting. A must-visit in Concord!

La Tapatia Méxican Restaurant and Cantina

1802 Willow Pass Rd., Concord, CA 94520, United States // +19256851986

I adore La Tapatia; they serve delicious traditional Mexican cuisine. The structure is an old-school diner, but the decor is current and stylish. They also have a fantastic patio area, which adds to the experience.

La Tapatia is located in downtown Concord, just a few minutes away from the main drag. The service was prompt, kind, and very great.

I ordered the Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, which was by far the largest I’d ever seen. The tomato, cilantro, and onion were so colorful that they overshadowed the shrimp themselves.

The shrimp were enormous, juicy, and fresh. Overall, it was a joy for both my tastebuds and my tummy! The other dishes ordered by our party were the Shrimp Diablo, Enchiladas, and Enchilada/Tamale combo.

La Tapatia Méxican Restaurant and Cantina Enchiladas

This is a great place to go if you want Mexican food in the Concord area.


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Brothers’ Chicken Peruvian Rotisserie

1825 Sutter St. D, Concord, CA 94520, United States // +19258223145

Longtime admirers of Brothers’ Peruvian rotisserie chicken were thrilled when the restaurant relocated from its initial takeout window in the back of an international market to its new, larger location.

You can place a very quick order for Brothers’ Pollo a la Brasa — a deeply flavored, juicy, mahogany-skinned bird. 

Try the entire, half, or quarter rotisserie chicken with French fries, green salad, and a side of Brothers’ delectable aji sauce.

Brothers' Chicken Peruvian Rotisserie Rotisserie Chicken

Empanadas, tamales, salchipapa (sausage with french fries), and yuca frita are among the other Peruvian specialties served by Brothers.

It is the greatest place in town to get a Peruvian roasted chick, so give it a shot; you won’t be disappointed!

Vons Chicken

1930 Salvio St., Concord, CA 94520, United States // +19253345323

Vons Chicken, which originated in Korea, has lately grown from its U.S. beginnings in Sunnyvale to new East Bay sites in Oakland, Fremont, and Concord.

Prepare your napkins as you spread a range of finger-licking sauces over your choice of Korean fried or oven-roasted chicken.

The original Fried Chicken has a little heat that lays beautifully on the tongue and pairs well with a cold beer or beverage to cool you down. The Honey Butter Chicken is like candy, sweet, delicate, and buttery. The entire piece of chicken is delicious, right down to the bone, and marrow lovers will appreciate crunching the end caps to get to the marrow.

Vons Chicken Honey Butter Chicken

Finish each piece of chicken with their milky slaw and fresh sour pink Korean radish, and your palate will be satisfied.

Do you want something a little more substantial on the side? Along with traditional Korean dishes like kimchi fried rice, mandoo (pot stickers), and rice cakes, you can also get French fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings.

Vons Chicken is an excellent place to go if you can’t decide amongst the best Concord CA restaurants.


2151 Salvio St. Suite I, Concord, CA 94520, United States // +19253097774

Lima, located in the middle of downtown Concord, serves classic Peruvian cuisine, beverages, and a few surprises.

Their ceviches are a must-order, featuring different fish or shellfish marinated in a spicy citrus marinade and served with sweet potato, thinly sliced red onions, and corn.

The braised lamb shank and the fish special were both excellent. Both Papa a la Huancaine, sliced cooked potatoes in an Andean cream sauce, and the fresh fish marinated in a spicy citrus-based marinade known as Ceviche Limeno were outstanding.

Other main courses, such as the tallarin Verde with bistec, Lomo saltado, and aji de gallina, are sure to please. Lima also has a kid’s menu that includes chicken strips, sausage and fries, and pesto noodles.

Lima Lomo Saltado

Our server was quite knowledgeable and helpful with his food recommendations and beverage descriptions; the Pisco-based drinks are a must-try. Although the restaurant might be somewhat boisterous, there is an outside dining area. It is an incredible find among the Concord CA restaurants.

Chopan Kabob

2699 Monument Blvd., Concord, CA 94520, United States // +19256895488

Chopan Kabob is an Afghan/halal restaurant located in Concord and San Ramon.

By far one of the greatest Chapli Kabobs I’ve ever had. It was a huge ground beef burger with crushed coriander, garlic, and red pepper flakes that were smashed extra flat on the griddle for maximum browning, craggy edges, and taste.

Their dishes come with rice, a side of green salad, a massive half-moon of Afghan flatbread, and the spicy cilantro-based, vinegary hot sauce that you’ll want to smear over everything. Daal, aushak (steamed, leek-filled dumplings), and sabzi chalow, spinach served in a housemade masala sauce are vegetarian-friendly recipes.

Chopan Kabob Daal

Bolani, a baby blanket-sized fried flatbread filled with your choice of leek/herbs, potato, or pumpkin, is one of the appetizers.

Bolani comes in a pizza box if you wish to order takeaway, so you may have a quick snack on the way home. Alternately, take a seat in the modest outside dining area of Chopan Kabob and savor it there.

I really mean it when I say this is the place to go if you want any Afghan food in Concord! Just too good, really!

La Fritanguera

1819 Colfax St., Concord, CA 94520, United States // +19254466141

La Fritanguera is a small but adorable restaurant. Unfortunately, there isn’t much space inside, but they converted a portion of their private parking lot into outside dining.

What an excellent concept. With extra seating, more people can be accommodated! I enjoy dining outside since it is cool and comfortable, and I appreciate the fresh air.

If you have never tried Nicaraguan food and you’re still wondering where to eat in Concord CA, you would be wise to start with El Nica, the ultimate taster.

The food is superb! Very tasty; your platter contains both sweet and savory flavors. Most platters include beans and rice, salad, fried plantains or plantain chips, and beans and rice.

We ordered Camarones a La Jalapea, which was shrimp in a creamy sauce with onions and jalapenos. Wow! I could eat that sauce on its own with just white rice. Churrasco with Queso Frito on the side was also requested.

The steak was well cooked and not at all dry. Your bite gets flavor from the queso. Additionally, we had Buuelos, Arroz con Leche, and Pollo Asado. Amazing lunch!

La Fritanguera Pollo Asado

They also provide a signature Nicaraguan drink, cacao, composed of rice, milk, and chocolate, and served ice cold—a delicious beverage!

The best place to get traditional Nicaraguan food, so if you’re thinking about where to eat in Concord CA, come here!

Casa Del Alfajor – Rico Pan Bakery

1665 Willow Pass Rd., Concord, CA 94520, United States // +15103767157

Casa de Alfajor is a family-owned bakery that offers a wide range of bread and pastries from several Latin American countries and sweet and savory options.

The namesake alfajores, which are soft shortbread sandwich biscuits filled with rich dulce de leche, are available in coconut, chocolate, and white chocolate flavors.

Casa Del Alfajor - Rico Pan Bakery Alfajores

Another must-try dish is the barbacoa torta ahogada: The crusty bread holds up nicely but softens to the right bite after being drenched in a fiery tomato and chile de Arbol sauce and filled with succulent barbacoa. It is unquestionably delicious!


1975 Diamond Blvd. Ste. C 160, Concord, CA 94520, United States // +19252652120

“Eureka!” in Willows Shopping Center has an upscale cuisine of burgers, mains, local brews, and whiskey in an elegant, warm, and vibrant setting. Eureka is unquestionably one of the best burger places in Concord. If you’re wondering where to eat in Concord CA, here are a few reasons to put Eureka on the top of the list.

They focus on modernized American classics. There is also a large selection of American craft beer and small-batch whiskey. “Eureka!” is a trendy, casual place to eat, drink, and mingle.

In a nutshell, their Gourmet Burgers, Beer, and Bourbon are fantastic. The Fresno Fig Burger is a must-try for first-timers. It’s a delectable blend of fig marmalade, creamy goat cheese, bacon, tomatoes, red onions, arugula, and spicy porter mustard.

Try the 28-Day Dry-Aged Bone Marrow if you’re searching for something juicy, fatty, and luxurious. It has bone marrow shiitake butter, grilled onions, horseradish mustard aioli, and roasted Roma tomatoes.

Eureka! Bone Marrow

I strongly advise you to visit Eureka! It features a pleasant environment and an excellent outside dining area. Definitely worth visiting if you’re wondering where to eat in Concord CA.

You can listen to live music and attend unique activities throughout the week. You’re sure to have a fantastic time whenever you visit!

Luigi’s Italian Delicatessen

2709 Clayton Rd., Concord, CA 94519, United States // +19258252030

Luigi’s Italian Delicatessen has been serving hearty sandwiches and takeaway specialty products in a no-frills setting since 1974.

If you’re looking for the most fantastic casual places to dine in Concord, Luigi’s is one of the most popular restaurants to try.

For decades, this humble Italian restaurant has been a local favorite for its legendary sandwiches.

Luigi's Italian Delicatessen Sandwich

They’re baked with fresh bread and enough stuffing for two meals. The relaxed atmosphere, homey sentiments, and pleasant servers will put you at ease every time you visit. Due to its popularity, there may be a line, but it’s worth the wait!

The Luciano Pavarotti, which consists of turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, a plethora of sprouts, and garlic mayo, will satisfy any hungry foodie. The portion size is impressive for the price, and it can serve as both lunch and dinner! Highly recommend it for a great Italian meal in Concord!

Luna Ristorante

2118 Willow Pass Rd. # 100-B, Concord, CA 94520, United States // +19256914080

Luna Ristorante is a peaceful location where you may sip wine and dine on homemade Italian dishes prepared with imported ingredients and fresh pasta.

Luna Ristorante is one of the most incredible downtown Concord restaurants for a genuinely Italian lunch. Luna Ristorante prepares delectable Italian food using only the finest ingredients worldwide. 

For an authentic Italian meal, get the Ravioli, Porcini mushrooms, and ricotta cheese in a marsala cream sauce with truffle oil would also appeal to any gourmet. Choose from their large wine collection to pair with your pasta.

Luna Ristorante Ravioli

This is one of the local places perfect for a casual, delicious lunch or an intimate evening date with a loved one! If you’re thinking about where to eat in Concord CA, think no more.

Canasta Kitchen

2118 Mt. Diablo St., Concord, CA 94520, United States // +19258223996

Canasta Kitchen is a Mexican restaurant in Concord that is roughly a three-minute walk from renowned Todos Santos Park.

We came for breakfast and ordered the Mexican Benedict, which consists of fried eggs, sliced ham, and a muffin topped with chorizo and Mole sauce, as well as the Mole Chilaquiles, which consists of crispy tortilla chips smothered in dark mole sauce and topped with two fried eggs, salsa, sour cream, and onions.


Everything, even the server, was incredibly efficient and friendly. This modest restaurant has a lovely ambiance, with window seating and tables on a raised level accessible by a small ramp.

There is also seating on the sidewalk patio. If you are looking for where to eat in Concord CA, and want a great laid-back atmosphere with fantastic food, I definitely recommend this restaurant for Mexican food in Concord!


2035 Diamond Blvd. Ste. 100, Concord, CA 94520, United States // +19253347794

Puesto, a family-run Mexican Artisan Kitchen and Bar inside The Veranda Shopping Mall, specializes in gourmet tacos, margaritas, and other Mexican staples. So if you’re still wondering where to eat in Concord CA, wander off to Puesto.

This award-winning Mexican Artisan Kitchen and Bar is unquestionably one of Concord’s top restaurants. It’s the coolest location if you prefer to try something new, with its bright, expansive, modern, and uniquely stunning interior built by acclaimed architect Paul Basile.

For a special event, pick from a range of indoor rooms and a sizable patio, from the lively Limon Lounge to the elegant Pina Patio, for a more private gathering.

Their tasty and filling Filet Mignon Perfect Burrito is one of my favorite foods. A spicy pistachio serrano salsa is offered on the side, along with a flour tortilla, crunchy melted cheese, marinated filet mignon, herb lime rice, and avocado.

Puesto Burrito

Visit with friends and family for an Instagrammable dining experience and a creative menu full of excellent Mexican dishes and amusing cocktails.


Which Concord restaurants are the most frequently suggested for a quick lunch?

The best places in Concord for a fast lunch include Luna Restaurant, Fiore Restaurant, and Urban Remedy.

What Concord restaurants are famous for serving food until midnight?

The top-rated late-night restaurants in Concord include Luna Restaurant, Fiore Restaurant, and Urban Remedy.

What are the most popular restaurants in Concord?

The most popular restaurants in Concord are Alpine Pastry and Cakes, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, and Eureka!

Where To Eat In Concord CA: Wrap Up

When it comes to dining, Concord has a lot to offer. You could visit only a few specific sites of Concord restaurants out of the hundreds, but several are very noteworthy.

Maybe you’re seeking a quiet spot for a casual supper with excellent food and courteous service.

Or perhaps you want to go somewhere more informal and entertaining where you can enjoy live music or an exciting nightlife environment? Whatever your culinary needs are, Concord has you covered.

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