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9 Best Camden Restaurants | Top Places to Eat in Camden, Maine

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Whether you’re visiting Camden or have been living in the city for a while, finding the best restaurants Camden, Maine has to offer can make the city more interesting. There are several eateries to choose from in the city.  You can find:

  • family-friendly restaurants
  • restaurants suitable for a date night
  • restaurants for a special event
  • restaurants for an on-the-go meal

Maine is also known for its delicious seafood, so you can also find quality seafood restaurants in Camden, Maine that will satisfy your craving for a decadent lobster dinner. Depending on the occasion, you may want to enjoy your meal at a restaurant with a scenic view. Camden restaurants on the water make dinner even more enjoyable and provide a backdrop for stunning pictures to help you remember your special event.

If you want your next dining experience to be memorable for your family, date, or coworkers, here are some of the best restaurants in Camden, Maine to choose from.

Top 9 Camden Restaurants

Fresh & Co.

1 Bayview Landing // +1 207-236-7005

This restaurant offers international dishes as well as delicious seafood.

Since the menu is varied, Fresh & Co. is an ideal choice for a business meeting or large family dinner, so that everyone can find something they will enjoy.

restaurants Camden Maine

The eatery was voted one of the best seafood restaurants in Camden, and you can choose from appetizers like calamari or dinner entrees like lobster ravioli and cob with herbed pasta.

There are also vegetarian options like falafel or moussaka, an eggplant-based traditional Greek dish.

Fresh & Co. has a variety of sandwich options as well, so whether you’re in the mood for a burger, a lobster roll or prefer a vegetarian or vegan sandwich for a filling meal.

Camden Maine restaurants

The restaurant is ideal for romantic dates and other special occasions due to its elegant yet welcoming atmosphere.

restaurants in Camden Maine

The staff is friendly and attentive, which makes it easy to plan your event ahead of time and request that an area of the restaurant is reserved for your special event.

Hartstone Inn

41 Elm Street // +1 207-236-4259

Hartstone Inn is a refined dining establishment that is one of the top restaurants in Camden for getting a seafood meal that you won’t soon forget.

In addition to choosing from a variety of crustacean and fish dishes, Hartstone Inn provides several gluten-free and vegan options for diners with special dietary restrictions.

best places to eat in Camden Maine

If you have an important business meeting or want to take someone special in your life out for a fancy dinner, Hartstone Inn is the place. The restaurant provides a comforting and sophisticated atmosphere and the service is exceptional.

Camden Maine restaurants on the water

Hartstone Inn also offers an impressive wine selection to bring out the flavors of your meal.

In addition to an exquisite dinner, you can also enjoy a decadent dessert, such as the dark chocolate brownie with caramel and vanilla bean ice cream. Or maybe you’d prefer the pumpkin cheesecake with spiced whipped cream and a gingersnap crust.

top restaurants in Camden Maine

Hartstone Inn is also a wonderful place to make friends and family for a holiday dinner that features both unconventional and traditional fare.

Franny’s Bistro

55 Chestnut Street // +1 207-230-8199

Franny’s Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Camden, Maine if you’re looking for tasty, classic American fare. The restaurant is comfy and gives you a warm, welcoming feeling as soon as you enter.

Whether you want an appetizer like calamari or you prefer a salad made from fruits and vegetables grown locally, Franny’s Bistro is the restaurant to visit.

The eatery also features several seafood and surf and turf dishes, as well as a variety of cocktails to complement your meal.

best restaurants Camden Maine

You can choose from hearty dishes like roots and grits, which feature delicious roots vegetables on a bed of creamy grits. The bistro also offers a Roast Poussin that is one of the best in the city.

best restaurants in Camden Maine

Franny’s Bistro is also one of the top waterfront restaurants in Camden, Maine.

If you want to visit a restaurant during your visit to Camden that makes you feel at home and offers updated versions of some of the dishes you’d make in your own kitchen, this eatery has what you’re looking for.


5 Bay View Street // +1 207-230-8713

If you’re in the mood for quality bar fare and want to hang out with friends and family in a casual, friendly atmosphere, you’ll want to check out Camden, Maine restaurants like Hoxbill.

places to eat in Camden Maine

You can choose from gluten-free and vegetarian options, as well as traditional bar food and a wide variety of seafood options.

best restaurants in Camden Maine

If you want a plate of fresh oysters or shrimp prepared several ways, prefer a pasta dish with fresh herbs or want to try Hoxbill’s pizza with chorizo and rib meat, you’ll be satisfied with your meal and you’ll likely want to visit the restaurant again.

places to eat in Camden Maine

The restaurant is family-friendly but also includes a full bar and outdoor seating so you can take in the view while you enjoy your meal.

Harbor Dogs

1 Public Landing // +1 207-230-4397

The lobster roll is one of the foods Maine is known for. The state offers some of the tastiest seafood in the country, and lobster rolls are just as easy to obtain as a hamburger in Camden.

If you want fast food, need to get takeout for entertaining guests at home or want to get a great meal during your lunch break, Harbor Dogs is the place.

This seafood fast food restaurant is appealing to visitors as well as those who have lived in Camden for years. You can get the lobster roll with buttered lobster seasoned with fresh herbs and Old Bay or dressed with a mayonnaise-based dressing.

seafood restaurants in Camden Maine

If you’re trying to watch your carb consumption, you can get all the deliciousness of a lobster roll on a bed of Romaine lettuce.

The service is quick and the team is friendly and able your questions, especially if you’re ordering a lobster roll for the first time.

The restaurant is located in the parking lot near the Main Street harbor, so you can order your food and enjoy it by the water.

Natalie’s at Camden Harbour Inn

83 Bay View Street // +1 207-236-7008

If you have an adventurous palette and want to try something new when you’re visiting Camden, take your loved one or friends to Natalie’s.

The restaurant is in the Camden Harbour Inn, which is one of the nicest places to stay when you’re in the city.

The gourmet restaurant has several innovative seafood dishes, as well as options for vegetarian and vegan diners.

best restaurants in Camden Maine

The salads at the restaurant include both vibrant vegetables and edible flowers, as well as dressings flavored with infused oils, fresh herbs, and citrus fruit.

You can also order lobster prepared in a variety of ways, and once you’ve finished dinner, you can stay overnight at the Inn.

best restaurants Camden Maine

The Drouthy Bear

50 Elm Street // +1 207-236-2327

Want to plan a fun night out with friends? Check out The Drouthy Bear next time you’re in the mood for pub food and want to try one of the best restaurants in Camden, Maine for fish and chips or beers on tap.

Camden Maine restaurants

You can also enjoy some traditional bar food like nachos or order a serving or two of fried oysters.

The restaurant has a rustic feel that makes you feel comfortable as soon as you step inside. The Drouthy Bear has some of the best fish and chips in Camden, and if you enjoy French Canadian food, you can even order a serving of poutine.

The pub is especially popular among family and friends during the holiday season since it’s near the Christmas by the Sea Festival Parade.

restaurants Camden Maine

Large groups of friends and family members often visit The Drouthy Bear after attending a Christmas event in the city or shopping for holiday gifts.

River Ducks Ice Cream

19 Mechanic Street // +1 207-322-7129

After you’ve enjoyed dinner at one of the best restaurants in Camden, you can stop by for dessert at River Ducks Ice Cream.

You can get a large cone with ice cream in your favorite flavors, a fruit parfait topped with whipped cream and chopped nuts, frothy milkshake or a banana split to share with friends.

The bright colors that adorn the ice cream restaurant make the eatery stand out, and the ice cream shop is near Megunticook Falls, so you can enjoy more tourist attractions after picking up your ice cream.

restaurants in Camden Maine

The ice cream restaurant is family-friendly and the service is top-notch so you’ll want to visit again the next time you’re in Camden.

Long Grain

20 Washington Street // +1 207-236-9001

Long Grain is one of the top restaurants in Camden for quality Asian fare.

There are lots of delicious Thai dishes to choose from that include beef, chicken and seafood, as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes.

You can try pad Thai, as well as several curry-based soups; the restaurant also offers grilled and sautéed meat dishes with fresh vegetables for a meal that is both healthy and filling.

places to eat in Camden Maine

There are also several salads to choose from, along with tasty seafood dishes like spicy mussels that make the meal especially memorable.

Just remember to let your server know the spice level you desire for your dishes since each meal is packed with flavor and spices that are suitable for adventurous palettes.

Which of these restaurants In Camden, Maine do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below!


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Jimmy Lobs

Saturday 7th of August 2021

Thinking of eating at few places What do you recommend from Fresh and co Peter otts. Waterfront Frannys Thanks for you time

Chris Jaeger

Saturday 14th of August 2021

@Jimmy Lobs, We grew up here in Camden and you will be very happy with all. Seriously. Stay 4 nights and try them all. But get reservations at those that take them and plan a decent wait at those that do not. My first choices are Fresh and Waterfront but they are all equal in value and in quality.

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