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15 Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City | Must-Try SLC Restaurants, Updated April 2024

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Salt Lake City has over 200 restaurants. That’s one of the most diverse restaurant scenes in the country. Not only do they have amazing traditional cuisine, but their chefs are constantly innovating and trying new techniques. 

If you’re looking for American, Indian, French, Japanese – they have it all! 

Salt Lake City

Depending on what you think about it, Salt Lake City is either Utah’s capital or home to the LDS church. 

However, did you know that Salt Lake City is an emerging dining destination? There are plenty of delicious restaurants in Salt Lake City, so much so that it’s earned the title of “Restaurant City USA.”

So, If you are planning on visiting SLC anytime soon, or if you are a local who would like to discover some local favorites, here is the list of the ten best restaurants in Salt Lake City.

Hey, we’re the Foodie Flashpackers, experts at reviewing restaurants in the USA, and committed to trying out the best foods available to us! In this article, we’ll review the food scene in Salt Lake City, UT.

The 15 Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City, Utah

Valter’s Osteria

173 W. Broadway, Salt Lake City // +18015214563

Valter’s Osteria (formerly Valter’s Restaurant) is one of the best restaurants in Salt Lake City. There are similarities between this restaurant and high-end restaurants in New York or San Francisco, not only because it serves good food but also because it presents itself as a high-end restaurant.

Valter Nassi, owner and founder, has created an authentic Italian dining experience that transports you directly to his mother’s kitchen in Italy. 

There may be changes in the menu, but the chopped Agnelli salad, Tutta pasta di Valter, lasagna made with Valter’s mother’s sauce, butternut squash and sage ravioli, or “pizza” carne are always favorites. A must-try is the lemon gelato with local honey and salt!

Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City: Lasagna


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Oquirrh Restaurant

368 E 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, United States // +18013590426

Oquirrh Restaurant in Lafayette is a place that prides itself on serving local fare and desserts, all crafted from area-sourced ingredients, complemented by a thoughtful wine selection. 

Their dinner and brunch have garnered accolades, and after a visit, it’s easy to see why.

This cozy spot exemplifies the farm-to-table ethos, with a menu that’s both elegant and ever-changing. It’s refreshing to find a place where the creativity of the dishes shines through, offering new and unique flavors without skimping on portion sizes—a rarity in restaurants of this caliber.

What stands out at Oquirrh is the balance between high-quality food and approachable price points. 

The food is crafted with remarkable care, presenting dishes that are both inspired and satisfying without leaving you feeling like you’ve overpaid for too little.

The ambiance adds to the overall experience; it’s intimate and subtly romantic, perfect for those who appreciate a setting where you can actually enjoy a conversation without straining to hear over background noise.


Among the must-tries is the rigatoni with a gin-based vodka sauce—a dish that’s as intriguing as it is delicious, especially when paired with Elouan Pinot Noir. 

The freshness of the pasta, possibly made in-house, adds to the dish’s appeal. Another standout is the house radiatore pasta with mushrooms, a dish so good it could easily become a daily craving. 

The quality of the mushrooms and the pasta’s perfect pairing with the same pinot noir underscore Oquirrh’s commitment to excellence.

Their sourdough bread is a testament to their attention to detail, rivaling some of the best I’ve had and further elevating the dining experience.

I’d recommend Oquirrh to anyone in Lafayette looking for quality meals at fair prices in a comfortable setting. It’s the kind of place you’ll want to visit again.


18 W. Market St., Salt Lake City // +18015199595

Takashi serves innovative Japanese cuisine and exceptional sushi in a modern and fresh setting. 

Fresh fish is always available on the menu, so you can always expect great food. 

There is always a line here at Takashi’s, so plan on waiting, especially on weekends. My advice? You can show up for lunch or dinner right when the restaurant opens if you have a group reservation beforehand. 

My favorite sushi rolls on the menu are the crunchy Ebi, sunshine, and summit rolls, as well as the deconstructed azekura and the nigiri sampler (my all-time favorite). 

Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City: Sushi Rolls
Sushi Set sashimi and sushi rolls served on stone slate

They also have some of the best panna cotta you will ever taste; I kid you not.

Nomad East

1675 E 1300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, United States // +18018839791

Nomad East in Lafayette is a revelation for pizza enthusiasts. This spot knows how to deliver on the promise of unique, hand-tossed, wood-fired pizzas, bringing together flavors and combinations that are genuinely inventive.

Our order included a classic pepperoni pizza, the innovative ‘children of the corn’ pizza, and a burger that could easily stand out in any lineup for its perfect seasoning and cook. 

The side salad that accompanied the burger was a fresh complement, highlighting the kitchen’s commitment to quality across the board.

What sets Nomad East apart is the attention to detail with their pizza. The sauce on the pepperoni pizza was a standout—rich and flavorful, a rarity that elevated the whole experience. 

The pizzas boast a thin crust that remains crisp, avoiding the dreaded sogginess, and showcasing fresh ingredients that sing together on each slice.

pepperoni pizza

The ‘Children of the Corn’ pizza, with its chorizo topping, was particularly memorable for its depth of flavor. It proved that adventurous combinations can result in something spectacular.

Waiting so long to visit feels like a missed opportunity, but it certainly won’t be our last time there. 

Given its popularity, especially on a Friday night, snagging a reservation seems like a wise move. 

The ambiance of the restaurant adds to the allure, creating an inviting space that complements the innovative menu.

Service here is as exceptional as the food, rounding out an impressive dining experience. For anyone in Lafayette looking for a pizza experience that’s out of the ordinary, Nomad East is highly recommended. 

It’s a place that combines creativity with culinary skill, all set in a warm and welcoming environment.

Handle Salt Lake (HSL)

418 E. 200 S., Salt Lake City // +18015399999

For a truly amazing dining experience in Salt Lake City, you should head over to HSL. The restaurant offers one of the best New American dining experiences you can find in the city. 

It’s really quite simple: the food is delicious, the service is always fantastic, and the restaurant itself is absolutely beautiful. 

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They take great pride in sourcing all ingredients fresh from local farmers and producers, which shows up in the dishes they serve and their taste. Plus, you can’t beat their attractive prices and diverse menu.

If you’re just stopping by for the first time, I recommend ordering the delicious General Tso’s cauliflower and trying something from each section of the menu – bites, cold, hot, hearty, and dessert. 

Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City: General Tso's Cauliflower

Whether it’s a weekend dinner out, a special occasion with friends, or a girl’s night out, HSL is the perfect place for great food.

Urban Hill

510 S 300 W #100, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, United States // +13852954200

Urban Hill in Lafayette redefines the dining landscape with its expertly crafted and visually stunning menu. 

Every dish I’ve tried here is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to flavor, freshness, and innovation. It’s not just eating; it’s experiencing a wide array of tastes that surprise and delight at every turn. 

This place is a sanctuary for those who love food, providing a culinary journey that’s memorable for its quality ingredients and the skillful way they’re brought together.

The service at Urban Hill shines, especially on nights when every table is filled. The staff manage to maintain a perfect rhythm, attentive to your needs but giving you space to enjoy your meal and company. 

They strike an ideal balance, making you feel both valued and relaxed throughout your visit.


The menu covers a range of dishes done to perfection, from burgers and pork chops to scallops, each seasoned and cooked with precision. Even the salads leave a lasting impression. 

The ambiance at Urban Hill adds another layer to its appeal. The interior design skillfully blends modern aesthetics with comforting touches, creating an atmosphere that’s both stylish and inviting. 

The use of light woods, earth tones, and contemporary metals, alongside the striking wine bottle display, makes dining here feel like you’re part of a living, breathing art piece. It’s a setting that’s warm and welcoming, yet undeniably chic.

While the prices reflect the upscale experience, dining at Urban Hill feels like a worthwhile indulgence. 

Whether it’s a special occasion or simply a desire to treat yourself, the restaurant delivers on expectations, making every penny spent feel justified.

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana

260 S. 200 W., Salt Lake City // +18013223556

There’s no better pizza in the city than the one from Settebello, located only a few blocks from Salt Palace Convention Center. 

The pizza here is authentic Neapolitan, cooked at nearly 1000 degrees to produce the best pizza ever, with a light, fluffy crust, imported San Marzano tomatoes, and toppings that are so flavorful and fresh that you’ll feel transported to Napoli. 

After living in Italy and becoming enamored with the art of authentic Italian pizza, owners Mike Brooks and Brad Otton decided to bring it back to the U.S. 

They have expanded their family-owned business to two locations in the Las Vegas area, several in southern California, and one in Salt Lake City. 

Settebello’s Margherita pizza, made with crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil, is the restaurant’s best-selling pizza. If you’re dining at Settebello for the first time, I recommend ordering the Margherita. 

Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City: Margherita Pizza

In second place, my favorite is Diavola, a dish made with red bell peppers, garlic, fresh mozzarella, and basil. And when you’re done eating, don’t forget to finish off with a homemade gelato. 

The Copper Onion

111 E Broadway #170, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, United States // +18013553282

This spot offers a refreshing take on New American cuisine, setting itself apart with a focus on dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. 

Nestled in a modern, inviting setting, this restaurant marries casual dining with a hint of sophistication, making it a versatile choice whether you’re out for a relaxed meal or looking to enjoy a leisurely brunch over the weekend.

The menu is moderately priced, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of flavors without breaking the bank. 

The beverage selection complements the dining experience, with an assortment of beers, wines, and crafted cocktails available. 

But what truly enhances the meal at The Copper Onion is the staff’s professionalism paired with genuine warmth and helpfulness, creating a welcoming atmosphere that encourages diners to linger.

I decided on the fried chicken sandwich, accompanied by fries, and was pleasantly surprised to find it surpassing all expectations. 

The chicken was perfectly crispy and flavorful, while the fries were golden and crispy, making for a memorable meal.

fried chicken sandwich

The restaurant’s chill vibe, coupled with the staff’s friendliness, added to the overall positive experience. 

To top it off, the latte I ordered was expertly made, highlighting the restaurant’s attention to detail even in their coffee offerings.

Considering the popularity of The Copper Onion, especially during dinner hours, it’s a good idea to make reservations to secure a spot. 

Parking is straightforward, with street parking and a parking garage attached to the restaurant, which offers free parking on weekends—a handy tip for visitors.

Located in the bustling Downtown area of Lafayette, The Copper Onion stands out as a dining destination worth exploring. 

With its combination of great food, inviting ambiance, and exceptional service, it’s a spot that promises not just a meal, but a dining experience that’s likely to draw you back for more.

Fresheis Lobster Salt Lake City

356 E. 900 S., Salt Lake City // +18018291032

It’s no secret that SLC has some fantastic restaurants, but not all of them are known for their seafood. This is where Fresheis Lobster comes in to break the mold. 

Heaven forbid I should mention the cliché “crab legs,” because that’s not what this Maine import is about. 

The Maine lobster on a hot dog bun served with mayo, butter, and seasoning at Fresheis is really good and delicious. It’s so simple, yet so divine.

Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City: The Maine Lobster

When you’re in the Park City area, you can get your lobster fix at their iconic food truck, their first brick-and-mortar store in Park City, or their relatively new downtown location.


878 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102, United States // +18015320777

Pago presents a unique approach to dining with its emphasis on locally sourced fare, setting it in a snug yet modern backdrop. 

The restaurant’s essence is captured not just through its food but also through its commitment to creating a space where simplicity meets sophistication. 

The cozy dimensions of the venue add rather than detract, fostering an environment where culinary delights take center stage.

Here, the changing seasons dictate the menu, offering patrons a taste of the freshest local produce transformed into inventive dishes.

This commitment ensures that each visit brings with it the anticipation of new flavors and creations to explore. 

My first choice was the Heirloom Tomato Salad, a dish that brilliantly showcased the tomatoes’ freshness against a backdrop of whipped ricotta, fregula tabouleh, pistou, and preserved lemon. Each component worked in harmony, delivering a refreshing start to the meal.

Next, the Roasted Local Mushrooms caught my eye. This dish, with its earthy mushrooms complemented by beluga lentils, piperade goat cheese, aleppo chiles, and scallions, was a masterclass in balancing flavors and textures.

It was clear that each ingredient was chosen with care, contributing to a rich, satisfying dish.

Heirloom Tomato Salad

Pasta was a must-try at Pago, so I opted for the Rigatoni all’Arrabbiata. The dish was a hearty embrace, with handmade pasta and spiced pork and beef meatballs nestled in a rich tomato sauce. 

The depth of flavor in the sauce alone was remarkable, making it a memorable part of the meal.

However, it was the Cacio e Pepe that truly captured my culinary heart. The simplicity of the dish, with its smoked black pepper, ricotta whey, and pecorino, belied the complexity of flavors within. 

Each forkful of the handmade bucatini was a revelation, perfectly seasoned and utterly addictive.

Beyond the culinary offerings, Pago’s atmosphere plays a significant role in the dining experience.

The space marries elements of the earth with modern touches, creating a setting that feels at once inviting and sophisticated. 

This blend of the traditional with the contemporary is mirrored in the service—knowledgeable, attentive, yet unobtrusive, enhancing the meal without overshadowing it.

Give this place a visit, you are not going to regret it!

Feldman’s Deli

2005 E. 2700 S., Salt Lake City // +18019060369

For one of the best bites in Salt Lake City, head over to Feldman’s Deli for the best sandwich in town, or better yet, something you’ve never tasted before. 

In a gorgeous, vibrant café setting, Feldman’s Deli offers a variety of traditional Jewish deli sandwiches, as well as some of the old-time classics.

You will go back again and again for their killer sandwiches, made with bread that comes directly from bread heaven. Feldman’s Deli should be one of the first restaurants you visit in Salt Lake City as soon as possible.

Feldman’s is a family-owned and operated delicatessen, and their menu is long and impressive and packed with some of the best sandwiches in town. 

The pastrami and corned beef arrive lean and tender, and if you’re feeling particularly interested, one of their gourmet sandwiches would be the way to go. 

Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City: Pastrami Sandwich

They feature chicken, turkey, or meatball,as well as unparalleled fixings such as fresh mozzarella, pesto mayo, fresh basil, homemade vinaigrette, and roasted peppers.

Table X

1457 E. 3350 S., Salt Lake City // +13855283712

Table X is a chic restaurant that serves fantastic food in an upscale, contemporary setting. Try the restaurant if you’re looking for a molecular, modernist feel in one of SLC’s best restaurants. 

You come here on special occasions to impress your significant other, or just to have a gastronomic experience worth dressing up for. 

There is a five-course tasting menu and a seven-course extended tasting menu that includes a variety of snacks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. 

Popular items on the menu include the house-made burrata, the bavette steak, and the hazelnut cake. You’ll want to grab one of their homemade sourdough loaves to take home – it’s the best you’ll find in the city.

Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City: Bavette Steak

La Casa Del Tamal

2843 S. 5600 W. Suite 140, West Valley City // +13852668729

Despite not being a taco mecca by any means, Salt Lake City has a few solid taco joints. Which one’s the best? It’s simple. West Valley City’s La Casa Del Tamal. 

Aside from tacos, this Mexican restaurant serves a wide variety of delicious, authentic Mexican dishes, such as tamales, sopes, and gorditas. 

The tacos de birria con consome are definitely the highlight here. Served in homemade corn tortillas, these tacos are filled with juicy beef and topped with melted cheese. Likewise, tacos de birria are served with a side of consomme.

Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City: Tacos de Birria

They’ve only been around for just over a year, but they’re already one of the best Salt Lake City restaurants.

Red Iguana

736 W. North Temple, Salt Lake City // +18013221489

You should take your friends and family to Red Iguana if you’re looking for the best Mexican restaurant in Salt Lake City. 

This Mexican restaurant in the area has an extensive menu and a popularity to match it (two restaurants in close proximity to each other). 

My favorite dishes here are the Chile Verde, Puntas de Filete a la Norte, and Tacos La Iguana. 

Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City: Tacos

Get a sampler of their moles with your guacamole and a side of guacamole – a small plate with quarter-size samples of each mole they make in-house! 

Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade

54 W. 1700 S., Salt Lake City // +18019531978

Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade is one of Salt Lake City’s must-try restaurants. You’re simply missing out if you haven’t tried it yet. 

It’s hard to miss the beautiful limeades filled with fresh mint leaves and thick lime wedges at the Salt Lake City Farmers Market, and it’s no secret that this is the best brunch in town. 

The decor matches the menu because it’s a brunch/lunch that must be experienced at the venue. The rustic-chic theme is closely mirrored with a dining room that is spacious and brightly lit, along with a beautiful outdoor patio complete with string lights and bistro seating.

You can choose a variety of breakfast options at Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade, including organic wheat pancakes, asparagus toast with egg and parmesan, and sourdough toast with egg, egg yolk, and cheese. 

Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City: Asparagus Toast with Egg and Parmesan

I would strongly recommend heeding the owner’s advice and ordering The Hoss. You won’t be disappointed.

10 Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City, UT: To Visit List

1. Finca

  1. Cuisine: Spanish
  2. Location: 1513 S 1500 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, United States
  3. Price: $
  4. Rating: 4.4 out of 344 reviews.

2. Tucci`s Cucina Italiana

  1. Cuisine: Italian
  2. Location: 515 S 700 E #1D, Salt Lake City, UT 84102, United States
  3. Price: $$
  4. Rating: 4.4 out of 1442 reviews.

3. Bartolo’s Sugar House

  1. Cuisine: Italian
  2. Location: 1270 S 1100 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, United States
  3. Price: $$
  4. Rating: 4.4 out of 425 reviews.

4. Spitz Restaurant – Sugarhouse – Mediterranean, Greek Food & More

  1. Cuisine: Mediterranean
  2. Location: 1201 Wilmington Ave #101, Salt Lake City, UT 84106, United States
  3. Price: $$
  4. Rating: 4.4 out of 1639 reviews.

5. Thai Archer Restaurant Utah

  1. Cuisine: Thai
  2. Location: 1429 1100 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, United States
  3. Price: $$
  4. Rating: 4.5 out of 305 reviews.

6. Rodizio Grill Brazilian Steakhouse Salt Lake City

  1. Cuisine: Brazilian
  2. Location: 600 S 700 E 2nd Floor, Salt Lake City, UT 84102, United States
  3. Price: $$$
  4. Rating: 4.5 out of 4862 reviews.

7. The Dodo Restaurant

  1. Cuisine: Bistro
  2. Location: 1355 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, United States
  3. Price: $$
  4. Rating: 4.4 out of 3427 reviews.

8. Blue Iguana Salt Lake City

  1. Cuisine: Mexican
  2. Location: 165 S W Temple St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, United States
  3. Price: $$
  4. Rating: 4.2 out of 2978 reviews.

9. The Old Spaghetti Factory

  1. Cuisine: Italian
  2. Location: 189 Trolley Sq, Salt Lake City, UT 84102, United States
  3. Price: $$
  4. Rating: 4.3 out of 3271 reviews.

10. LOLA

  1. Cuisine: Mexican
  2. Location: 856 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, United States
  3. Price: $$
  4. Rating: 4.5 out of 440 reviews.

Travelers also ask: Frequently Asked Questions 

How does Salt Lake City’s altitude affect its food scene?

Salt Lake City’s high altitude influences its food scene by enhancing the flavors of certain dishes and impacting cooking times, especially for baking. 

Chefs and bakers adjust their recipes to account for faster evaporation and lower boiling points, leading to a unique culinary experience. 

This altitude also contributes to the freshness and quality of local produce used in the city’s farm-to-table dining options.

Can you find international cuisine in Salt Lake City?

Yes, Salt Lake City offers a wide range of international cuisines. From authentic Mexican and Italian to Vietnamese and Nepalese, the city’s diverse restaurant scene allows diners to explore flavors from around the globe.

Where should foodies visit in Salt Lake City?

Foodies should explore the Downtown Farmers Market, local breweries, Ninth and Ninth, and the Granary District for a mix of fresh produce, artisanal eats, craft beers, and diverse dining options. Each area offers a unique taste of Salt Lake City’s culinary diversity.

Summary Of The 10 Best Restaurants In Salt Lake City

Once you visit SLC, you might find yourself planning more than one trip here in the future. That’s because there’s no shortage of things to do, restaurants and attractions to visit. From restaurants near the airport to discrete ones with vegan options, this city has something for everyone.

Salt Lake City has become a culinary destination in its own right, thanks to amazing chefs, restaurants, bakeries, and food carts. 

Also, downtown Salt Lake City is where you’ll find the best independent boutiques, most brick-and-mortar bookstores, art galleries, and small music venues. 

Salt Lake City is indeed an emerging dining destination. Add to that a phenomenal roster of things to do and stunning hotels, and you’ve got yourself a travel bucket list-worthy city you should consider visiting as soon as the possibility arises!

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Which of these SLC restaurants do you most want to try? Let us know in the comments section below!

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