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Top 10 Salt Lake City Burgers, UT | The Best Burger Joints

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Burgers. It is hard to imagine anything more comforting than a thick, juicy beef patty wrapped in melted cheese, surrounded by two fluffy pillows of carbs, and topped with anything you want. Bacon, perhaps? Avocado? Grilled onions? I love it all. 

Even though it is a “small” city, some of the Salt Lake City burgers will blow your mind; from the classic to the innovative and from the simple to the outrageous.

Salt Lake City Burgers: Salt Lake City

If you can’t find a great burger in Salt Lake City, you’re doing it wrong. You can find everything from cheap and cheerful mom-and-pop joints to luxurious gourmet restaurants in the city from north to south. 

Salt Lake City burgers seem to be in high demand. Here are ten of my favorite burger choices across the city known as the crossroads of the West.

10 Best Salt Lake City Burgers

Crown Burgers

118 N 300 W, Salt Lake City // +18015325300.

This Utah original is popular for a good reason. With a blend of American and Greek fast food, the Katsanevas family has been running a tight ship for more than three decades. 

There are several Crown Burger locations in town, with many claiming to be the best, but what you’ll see flying out of order windows is their signature Crown Burger. Topped with tangy pastrami, this burger is matched with a grilled burger patty, and it’s delicious!

Salt Lake City Burgers: Crown Burger


418 E 200 S, Salt Lake City // +18015399999

HSL originated from Handle, their first restaurant, located on top of Park City, with the owner and chef Briar Handly.

Their menu always changes with the seasons, which means they are dependent on local farmers and producers.

One thing that remains constant is their solid beef cheek burger, available seven days a week. In addition, HSL Burgers are available at lunch and dinner and are truly unforgettable. 

Salt Lake City Burgers: Burger

You won’t find anything too fancy or frivolous about this burger- it’s just a delicious beef patty topped with the best American cheese you’ve ever tasted with pickled red cabbage and tomato jam.

Lucky 13

135 W 1300 S St., Salt Lake City // +18014874418

Salt Lake City has been raving about Lucky 13 for years, and there is a good reason why! Their restaurant is located just a block west of Smith’s Ballpark, so there is always a line of customers looking to get their hands on some of their delicious (and huge) beef patties.

They have some of the best house-smoked bacon in all of Utah. A menu packed with fabulous creations makes it hard to recommend anyone a specific burger, including a mind-boggling burger challenge that few can beat.

Celestial Burger was my choice. The large beef patty is topped with house-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and house barbecue sauce. I loved it!

Salt Lake City Burgers: Celestial Burger

Proper Burger Company

865 Main St., Salt Lake City // +18019068604

Do you know those restaurants where you would be happy to spin in circles and point to random items on the menu just because you want to try everything on the menu? That’s where Proper Burger Co. comes in. 

You’ll find that this place houses the best Salt Lake City burgers to satisfy any taste, whether you want something sweet or savory, hot or creamy. It is slightly off the popular downtown path, but these guys are amazing at making burgers.

It’s no secret that I love a yummy burger, so this was no surprise to me. When I walked in, I glanced at the menu and knew I would have difficulty deciding what to order. There were so many delicious options!

Thankfully, the staff was kind, patient, and welcoming. It was a fun and vibrant environment reflecting the employees. After some suggestions, I ordered the Hipster and the Proper Style, and I got a side of fries too!

Salt Lake City Burgers: Burger With Fries

Therefore, if you’re craving the best Salt Lake City burgers today, tomorrow, next week, or every day, head over to Proper Burger Co. They have a variety of options to satisfy any palate. But, as they say, they’re “Never prim always PROPER!”

Coppercreek Pub & Grub

3451 S 5600 W Suite A, West Valley City // +18019696026

West of downtown, you will find this fantastic pub grub spot. It’s the Chubby Burger at Coppercreek Pub & Grub in West Valley that should be on your list if you haven’t been there yet. 

The burger consists of a ground chuck patty smashed between two grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s served with grilled onions, mushrooms, and Thousand Island dressing. 

Salt Lake City Burgers: Burger

I had a Chubby, and it was everything I envisioned- glutenous, savory, cheesy, and juicy. While my waitress warned me that I wouldn’t be able to finish it on my own, I was barely able to do so! It was definitely an exciting experience!

Garage on Beck

1199 Beck St., Salt Lake City // +18015213904

Located in a former auto repair shop that has become a roadhouse bar, The Garage on Beck serves comfort food items that blend well with the ambiance.

There are over a half dozen quality burgers at The Garage, though they are known for their Fried Mormon Funeral Potatoes and Southern Fried Chicken. 

Salt Lake City Burgers: Southern Fried Chicken Burger

The Cowboy Burger was my choice and it’s definitely one of the best Salt Lake City burgers. With a dollop of BBQ sauce, this hand-pressed patty is accompanied by golden-brown onion rings, bacon, cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce, and fresh tomato. Incredible.

From Scratch

62 E. Gallivan Ave., Salt Lake City // +18019619000

The food at From Scratch has become one of my favorites in town! It is located on a lesser-known street – Gallivan Avenue, just off State Street and Broadway downtown. 

The new-ish restaurant in SLC lives up to its name by literally making everything from scratch, even the ketchup.

There is also a locally sourced menu of bistro fare, including pizza, salads, pasta, and burgers. I recommend the Egg Burger. 

Salt Lake City Burgers: Egg Burger

Besides the stunning interior, the great location, and the incredible staff, the food is amazing. From Scratch was founded on the principle that food should be good and homemade, using the freshest and best ingredients.

I was encouraged to order the risotto cake by my server during my first visit to From Scratch. There is something unique about the consistency, delicious savory flavor, and slight zing from the roasted pepper sauce.

Furthermore, the pizza at From Scratch is out of this world. Although they don’t follow the traditional wood-fired pizza format, Scratch’s pies have impeccable flavors and high-quality toppings. Honestly, I was really impressed with their pizza.


402 900 S #2, Salt Lake City // +18015323760

There is a wide variety of burgers on this list, but the lamb burger from Manoli’s has to be one of the best amongst the Salt Lake City burgers.

The red pepper feta spread, garlic aioli, and fennel slaw serve as the perfect accompaniments to this lamb and beef patty. 

With a light side salad, all are served on artisan buns. In Manoli’s dining culture, small plates and sharing are encouraged. However, this burger is simply not meant for sharing. It’s delicious!

Salt Lake City Burgers: Burger With Light Side Salad

Hires Big H

425 700 E, Salt Lake City // +18013644582

The perfect place to gather friends and family from all walks of life, Hires Big H is known for its sensational Big H, fresh-cut fries, homemade onion rings, special dipping sauce, and frosty mugs of root beer.

They make nothing crazy or extravagantly fancy – just good, classic burgers.

Salt Lake City Burgers: Classic Burger

They serve a burger named after them, the Big H, made with ground chuck and topped with fries, lettuce, tomatoes, and American cheese. Personally, I like to top mine with grilled onions and avocado.

Don’t forget to enjoy an Oreo shake and some of their homemade onion rings and hand-cut fries while enjoying your Big H.

BGR Burgers Grilled Right

1202 Wilmington Ave. #120, Salt Lake City // +18014876301

While BGR might be a national chain, it’s one with a modest, boutique feel; and it focuses on quality and is certainly worth your attention and time. Utah’s only BGR is located in Wilmington’s Sugar House neighborhood.

The name already gives you a sense of what to expect from this gourmet burger joint. BGR’s burgers are cooked to your specifications – rare, medium, well done, or anywhere in between.

Additionally, you can choose from brioche buns, gluten-free buns, pretzel buns, or lettuce wraps.

It is a restaurant that is happy to serve you burgers to your specifications. You know you can expect quality and this is why it houses some of the best Salt Lake City burgers.

Their premium 6 oz. beef patties are top shelf and fresh at BGR, as are their chicken burgers, turkey burgers, sushi-grade ahi, and hand-made veggie burgers. 

Salt Lake City Burgers: Chicken Burger

Additionally, they offer a selection of complimentary and premium toppings, all made fresh in-house where possible. It’s amazing!

Summary About The 10 Best Salt Lake City Burgers

The city of Salt Lake City is known for its burger culture. 

It’s no secret that this town has some of the most mouth-watering burgers in the state, regardless of whether you live here or just visit. 

Salt Lake City has plenty of local burger joints that you won’t want to miss on your next visit, whether old or new, simple or outrageous. Enjoy your burger!

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Which of these Salt Lake City burger restaurants will you try first? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Stylo Skinner

Saturday 12th of August 2023

The Garage on Beck is owned by a racist asshole that makes his employees sign an agreement not to work at any restaurant in the same area after you quit or get fired or he can sue you.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.