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The Best Coffee Shops in Orlando, FL | 7 Must-Try Places

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Orlando is located in Central Florida, flanked by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west. It’s the most visited destination in the US, thanks to world-class beaches and theme parks.

You’ll need some caffeine to fuel all of the adventures the city has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of hot, strong, and steamy or iced and sweet, you’ll find a coffee drink to suit your palate. Even non-coffee drinkers will find something to enjoy at our favorite Orlando coffee bars.

There’s a place to suit every occasion, from swanky and elegant to college-town comfort. And don’t forget to check out the food, from Korean-inspired Croffles to vegan breakfast sandwiches. Dive in to find out more about Orlando’s 7 best coffee bars. 

My Top 3 Picks of The Best Coffee Shops in Orlando

Coffee Bar Top PickOur Rating
Craft & CommonThe Dunes Latte5/5
FrameworkKyoto Cold Brew4.5/5
Lineage Coffee RoastingQuick and Cozy 4.5/5

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Orlando, FL

Lineage Coffee Roasting

1011 East Colonial Drive // +1 (407) 205-8096

This no-nonsense Orlando coffee bar wants you to love coffee as much as they do. That’s why they’re on a mission to educate customers with tips and tricks for brewing the best possible coffee at home. To meet this goal, they offer classes and books through the Lineage Academy.   

You can smell the commitment to quality when the aroma of fresh coffee greets you as you walk in. The industrial chic space offers communal tables, often filled with the working crowd on laptops. Others gather around the espresso bar, which sits in the heart of the space.

Their pursuit of the perfect cup started 10 years ago, and a decade later Lineage followers remain strong. The Dark and Cozy menu showcases drinks made with the Dark and Cozy Dark Roast, yielding a stronger flavor profile. 

Try it in a Cozy Cloud Latte, or an abbreviated version: the Quick and Cozy. The bold flavor was tempered by steamed half and half, which was whirled into beautiful latte art floating on my cup. Don’t worry, there are lighter roasts available too for those who want a more subtle coffee. 

QUICK AND COZY in one of the Best Coffee Shops In Orlando

Don’t miss the selection of croissants. Whether you’re a fan of sweet or savory, you’ll find one you can’t resist. The Spinach and Feta Croissant is a new favorite, but you can never go wrong with chocolate raspberry. It’s definitely one of the best coffee shops in Orlando.

Haan Coffee

1235 East Colonial // +1 (407) 906-5119

Haan Coffee is located in the Mills 50 district of Orlando, heavily populated with Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, markets, and tea shops. It’s fitting for this Korean coffee shop, which exudes an elegant Asian aesthetic, with white lanterns, leather seats, and sleek wood tables. Here’s why it’s one of the best coffee shops in Orlando.


The Black Sesame Latte has a roasted nutty flavor that makes a great substitute for coffee. Coffee lovers can add a shot of espresso to this black and white drink. Matcha is big here too, with finer, ceremonial grade matcha used in the signature Strawberry Matcha Latte


Haan takes coffee seriously, considering it an expression of love to source, roast, and serve the finest quality coffees from around the world. They’re constantly searching to share Korean flavors, like the sweet Toasted Rice Cold Brew

If you’ve never had a Croffle, Haan is the place to try this flaky breakfast treat. It’s basically a croissant that’s been pressed in a waffle iron to give it a crispy, textured crust. This savory snack originated in South Korea, and is just one way the owners integrate their Korean heritage.

Qreate Coffee & Studio

1212 Woodward Street  // +1 (407) 601-1796

Many of the best coffee shops in Orlando have selfie spots. Qreate takes things a step further with a full photo studio. You can book a spot and rent time in this professional studio to work on a project, hire a photographer to shoot family portraits, or just take some really great selfies.

You might dust off your camera (or whip out your phone) to capture some pictures of the coffee drinks because they’re that beautiful. A rainbow of colorful ingredients, like taro, strawberry, and matcha layered with coffee makes drinks worthy of a magazine cover shot.

The Purple Pearl is the shop’s signature drink. It starts with a lavender-hued base made from taro, a popular Southeast Asian root vegetable. Then it’s layered with smooth espresso and milk. Like it sweet? Stick the straw in deep and sip the house made purple syrup first. 


Good Vibrations (seasonal) is another favorite and pays homage to Florida with key lime pie, graham crumbles and vanilla foam flavors layered into a latte. Not a coffee drinker? The Green Tea Lemonade is a hit too. 

I love that the studio’s founder Quay Hu is often in the shop, perched at the counter working on his laptop. He’s friendly and always up for a chat, which creates a welcoming vibe at Qreate.

Stemma Craft Coffee

328 North Orange Avenue // +1 (407) 440-3018

For Stemma mother-daughter team Rebecca and Maria Blandon, coffee is more than a drink;  it’s a legacy. They import coffee from Nicaragua, where the family has deep roots in coffee farming. The aroma of coffee is one of Rebecca’s earliest childhood memories, and her passion. This makes it one of the best coffee shops in Orlando.

In order to honor her late father and fulfill her dream, Rebecca opened Stemma Craft Coffee. A mural on the wall pays homage to the late patriarch of the family Alvaro Blandon. Other murals depict the bean to cup process of making the perfect cup.

Beans from the family farm in Nicaragua are roasted in the store, behind glass for easy viewing. There’s a full line of brewed coffee and espresso drinks to choose from, including a Dirty Mama, espresso with Mama Blandon’s homemade horchata.


I tried the Té de Pulpa, sweet iced tea made from coffee cherries, lemon, and cinnamon. “Coffee grows like a cherry. We strip the bean away to roast it and use the cherry to flavor the tea,” the server explains. Nothing is wasted.


It’s one of the most unusual coffee-related drinks I’ve ever tried. Sweet, citrusy and slightly bitter from the coffee cherries, the té de pulpa was refreshing without the jolt of caffeine. 

I’ll be back to try the Beef Empanadas and the Nica Bowl, made from white rice and red beans topped with scrambled eggs, corn, shredded queso fresco, plantains, avocado, and  pico de gallo.

Craft & Common 

47 East Robinson Street // +1 (407) 723-8078

I don’t get downtown often, but that’s about to change. Craft & Common is worth the hassle of finding parking. Peaceful plant walls and playful rattan seating nooks welcomed me in, and carefully crafted drinks will bring me back.


Whether you like it straight up and strong, iced or sweet and fancy, you’ll find your favorite coffee on the menu. 

It’s hard to pick one out of all the creative concoctions, but when I told the barista I had heard about The Dunes Latté, he said “Yeah, that’s a staff favorite. You should definitely try it.” Well, who better to listen to than one who makes java for a living?

The Dunes Latté, listed under the “Craft” section of the menu, really is more of a work of art than a craft. The velvety swirled milk painted an intricate leafy pattern on my drink; I knew something good was coming before I took my first sip.

I breathed in the cinnamon fragrance and a hint of orange from the curl of orange peel on the saucer. With the first sip, the sweetness of the condensed milk combined with strong smooth espresso I was hooked. 


It was breakfast time and my stomach was calling for food, so I ordered the Bacon Croissant. This warm and flaky morning sandwich was filled with crispy bacon, egg, and cheese. I heeded the server’s advice to add avocado. He’s two for two now on recommendations. 


There are vegan and gluten-free lunch and treat options, as well as mimosas served all day long. Definitely one of the best coffee shops in Orlando.

Drunken Monkey Coffee

444 North Bumby Avenue  // +1 (407) 893-4994

You might think “Drunken Monkey” sounds more like the name of a theme park ride or bad dance move than a coffee shop. But it catches your attention, right? So do the monkeys on the sign and murals on the buildings.

Crazy moniker aside, this well-loved joint amongst the best coffee shops in Orlando is popular for its quirky décor and vegan fare. And of course the coffee, which is roasted in house daily, using fair trade organic beans. 

The owners strive for a place where everyone feels comfortable. That means you can get a simple coffee for half the price of those chain places, and sink into a chair that reminds you of grandma’s house.

The Mojo is their signature drink. Think of it more like liquid dessert with a kick: espresso, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. Paired with a petite egg and cheese Baby Burrito, it fueled me through the morning for less than ten bucks. 


The kitchen turns out scratch made soups, and offers tons of veggie-friendly, and gluten-free sandwiches, treats, and breakfast items. A name like Drunken Monkey makes this place easy to remember. The welcoming vibe and scratch made fare  make it hard to forget.

Framework Craft Coffee House

1201 North Mills Avenue // +1 (321) 754-7605

My visit to Framework made me rethink my coffee drinking habits. I’ll confess I’ve been known to add a touch of cream and sugar to my daily cup of Joe (ok, maybe more than a touch).

Enter Framework’s Kyoto Cold Brew, a slow drip concentrate with no acidic or bitter flavors. What’s left is pure, strong coffee flavor – no sugar needed. The silky liquid lingered pleasingly in the back of my throat, making me wonder why all coffee couldn’t be this smooth. 

The batch coffee rotates seasonally, featuring different local coffee roasters. My server warned me that November’s featured Ethiopian Batch Brew “is kind of funky, with lots of fruity flavors.” I tasted blackberry and cherry, and a bit of likable funk. 


Framework believes everyone should have access to a good cup of coffee, no matter where their bank balance lies. They have a “pay what you want” model to create equality in the coffee community. 

If hunger strikes, answer the call with sandwiches and flatbreads pressed to order, or a tempting treat from the pastry case. I’ll be back to try the Chicken Breakfast Flatbread, roti paratha topped with eggs, chicken, and cheese served with curry dip. No wonder it’s one of the best coffee shops in Orlando.

Best Coffee Shops in Orlando: Last Words

Whether you’re lucky enough to call Orlando home or just here to visit, plan some time for coffee bar visits. These local java shops are where the diversity and community of this sunny city really shine. Orlando’s best coffee bars are sure to leave you buzzing. 

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