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7 Must-Try Restaurants in Katy, Texas | Best Katy Restaurants

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When I lived in Houston for my medical residency training in the 1990s, Katy, Texas was known as a “cow town” west of Houston, best known to me as the location, on the portion of I-10 known as the “Katy Freeway,” for the Taste of Texas, an awesome steak restaurant my husband took me to for every celebration. Today, Katy is part of the bustling megalopolis that is Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States (always battling closely with Chicago).

Today, Katy, with a population just over 20,000 is considered an “old heritage town” and has a highly rated school system. It was only while researching for this article that I learned the heritage or etiology of the name. The Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad was created in 1865, part of the Union Pacific Railroad’s mission from President Lincoln to connect the country. The Missouri Pacific Railroad, which ultimately merged with Union Pacific, served the Kansas to Texas route in the 1890s, and was commonly referred to “the K-T,” which quickly became “the Katy.” 

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The 7 Best Restaurants in Katy

The Taste of Texas 

10505 Katy Freeway // +17139326901

Lucky for me, The Taste of Texas restaurant is still going strong, now 40 years into existence. I visited just before Halloween and the Christmas decorations were up and parties had already started. Everything is bigger in Texas, after all.

It was so crowded, I was seated at the bar. The only challenge I had the entire visit was people reaching over and around me for drinks. I’d never experienced that before. The bartender and server who came to help him did a marvelous job keeping things running and, if you ever need salt during your visit (pepper is immediately available in a giant shaker to be twisted onto your salad), it’s hidden on a little shelf around the corner on the right side of the bar.

The menu remains a single large sheet, front and back, and you may want to look at the dessert tray first (just sayin’). After perusing the menu, I stuck with my lifelong favorite, their filet mignon with baked potato, to confirm it was still my favorite. You can take the salad bar, but I wasn’t a fan of open salad bars even before the pandemic, so was given the option of the house salad or a Caesar Salad.

I chose house and, because I don’t care for blue cheese dressing, was offered strawberry (which I accepted) or vinaigrette or … the bartender never did get to finish the other options.

While my order was placed, I walked around taking photographs, with permission. While the restaurant has grown, the basis is the same. I think I recognize the booth my husband liked best, up on the right with enough room for the baby seat and coats. They’ve added a butcher shop and store. And a large book that contains a lot of information about the history of the restaurant, its owners, suppliers, workers, and family. With their permission, I get to share some of that story with you now.

The Taste of Texas is a family business. Edd and Nina Hendee have always felt strongly about strengthening the Katy community and preparing employees for their future careers. They’ve built such a large following of loyal customers (like me, and President (HW) and Mrs. Bush) and their team that the Taste of Texas is now one of the largest independent restaurants in the county.

By their count, they serve more Certified Angus Beef© than any other independent restaurant in the world. And that’s without me eating here four or five times a year for the last 25 years! Like many Texans, they attribute their success as part of “God’s enduring faithfulness” and, I think, a great deal of hard work and perseverance on their own part.

I love the story of how they met. When I lived in Houston, the other best places to get steak, if you couldn’t get out to Taste of Texas, were The Stables and Steak & Ale. As best I can tell, neither of those are still in existence. But Edd and Nina were both teenagers when they started working at different Steak & Ales in Texas and met at a Steak & Ale restaurant in Richardson, where Nina, who loves to cook, was the first-ever female server in the company’s history and Edd, who was hired as a dishwasher (talk about a match made in heaven!), had been promoted to a manager, who traveled to locations to improve sales or management systems.

They say it was love at first sight; their first date was to buy potatoes for the Steak & Ale on Mother’s Day, and they got engaged in the parking lot. The restaurant business promotes such joy and love in these two, you can tell it in the cooking.

When their son, Edd K. was just two weeks old, they were transferred to Houston’s restaurant, and worked there until they were offered a transfer to Kansas City. With their deep roots and family in Texas, they ultimately declined, sought out a building in the area, and found the property in Town & Country Village.

They spent several months on the building, which had been damaged in a fire for the fourth restaurant it housed, and opened “on November 19, 1977, with a handful of employees and three customers (all relatives). That year, Jimmy Carter had been inaugurated as president, the first Star Wars movie was released, Microsoft was founded, the price of oil was $14.40 a barrel, a gallon of gas was about 65 cents, and Houston had a population of approximately 1.2 million residents.” What a great year.

While their original menu contained fairly typical Tex-Mex fare of the day, “burgers, chicken fried steaks, flaming drinks, and buckets of longneck beer,” they called the bar the “Lone Star Saloon” and it quickly became the meeting place for the neighborhood. 

Today, the menu contains “Just for Starters,” “steaks, Prime Rib & Lobster,” “Complete Your Meal,” “Side Orders,” “Texas Specialties,” “Salads,” “Soups,” and “Local Favorites.” When I go to a place I love, and have a standard order, as I do here with the petite filet and baked potato, I do like to try a “What else would I order?” game to see if I should try something new. And if I’m on a budget, financial or calorie, I’d have to make adjustments.

Here, the marinated steak skewers, grilled tenderloin medallions (which the lady next to me, celebrating a birthday with her husband, enjoyed tremendously), Texas Pecan Crusted Chicken (which the lady two down from me on the left nearly swooned over), Herb Marinated Grilled Chicken, Grilled Atlantic Salmon, Jumbo Grilled Shrimp, Jalapeno Stuffed Shrimp, or Grilled Vegetable Plate (perfect for my favorite daughter), just didn’t have a chance against my center-cut filet.

Grilled Tenderloin Medallions

I agree with them completely that this Certified Angus Beef© is the most tender and delicious filet ever. They say it’s a center cut and perfectly lean. It’s served with bearnaise sauce (which I tried, but didn’t use otherwise; the meat is perfect with just a touch of added salt), and they can bacon wrap your filet should you wish. 

The bartender shared this with the couple next to me, “we age our steaks for two weeks past industry standard, so a minimum of 30 days on the small cut and 60 plus on the large. What this does is ensure you get the softest and juiciest and most tender cut of meat available.

My personal favorite is our Filet Oscar. You can do a 10-, 14- or petite six-ounce filet with the Oscar topping of crab meat, asparagus and hollandaise. If you’re a little greedy, like I am, a little grilled shrimp on top of that makes it even better, that’s up to you. Now, all of our steaks come with a trip to our salad bar and a side order, and then everything under Texas Specialties also comes with a trip to the salad bar. Take your time, any questions, just let me know.”

I was glad I hadn’t eaten breakfast with the busy-ness of my day. I was able to eat the entire six-ounce filet and a very stuffed baked potato (butter, sour cream, spring onions, and cheese) after what seemed essentially to be an entire head of iceberg lettuce, sliced in two, with bacon and a ring of a delicious vinaigrette to complete the plating.

Stuffed Baked Potato

My bartender recommends the Oscar Topping, but I knew there wouldn’t be room in my stomach for any more.

And if I hadn’t been set on my baked potato, I did have the option of Steak Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Texas Au Gratin Potatoes, Fresh Green Beans with Almonds and Bacon, Fresh Broccoli with Hollandaise, Baked Sweet Potato with Pecans, Sauteed Fresh Spinach, Fresh Asparagus with Hollandaise, Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Jam, Sauteed Fresh Mushrooms, or Megan’s Macaroni and Cheese.

That’s another advantage of walking around for a little bit, either after ordering, or before your appetizer and main meal. It gives you just a little more room in your stomach.

Despite the hovering bar crowd, I really enjoyed my meal. The ladies to my left noticed my DSLR camera and commented on how one of them had been a wedding photographer. She told me that she’d not been doing it this last year plus (during the pandemic) and we shared a few tips and tricks. She’d learned to do a pre-shoot of a bride and place a large portrait at the wedding. Clever. That way the groom still hadn’t seen the bride on the actual wedding day.

I shared a trick some of my photography pals had given me when I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated to photograph; choose a color and focus on getting photos of that for a day or a week. She had a gorgeous black and red dress on with a red bag, so it wasn’t hard to pick red for her. She thought that was a great idea. They were great to chat with around bites of our meals and made recommendations for more restaurants to try.

That’s the thing about Taste of Texas. You can go in solo or with family and friends or leave with new friends; there doesn’t seem to be any “alone” when you go there. That’s part of the legacy the Hendees have created. 

I tried to get out of there without dessert. I knew I was full. Anyone who ate that amount of food should be full. But when the bartender asked, with a wicked twinkle in his eye, about my interest in dessert, I told him I was full but that he should convince me.

He said, “Let me go get the dessert tray,” and I knew I was in trouble. The Houston area’s dessert trays are lethal to most anyone’s good intentions. It’s so hard to say no. But I was thinking of you, dear reader, and took one for the team.

Hold on, I’d better go get my breakfast. Writing this is making me hungry all over again. Be right back.

It’s a good thing my egg salad and spinach salad come in at a 200-calorie mark and are so filling. The bite of dessert from the take away, well; not so much.

I’ll let the waiter describe the dessert tray for us. I thought to turn my voice recorder on to give you the “like you were there” experience:

“We have New York-style cheesecake; you can have it topped with strawberry, raspberry, or caramel sauce. Right here is our brand-new carrot cake that’s very, very popular. Key lime pie is one of our owner’s favorites. Pumpkin cheesecake for the season. There’s our Crème Brule with fresh berries served with that. Baked greens with apple dumplings is a yum. A slice of heaven, did I already say that? (you did not) is a white and dark chocolate mousse wrapped in a velvety chocolate (that was close!).

Key Lime Pie

The Snickers cheesecake, that’s my favorite, right there. A deep-dish pecan pie. This is our cinnamon slammer (in a fountain soda glass), cinnamon ice cream mixed with amaretto and crème de cocoa, sort of an adult-themed milk shake. And then I have a four-layer tall chocolate cake (not on the tray) that we have changed the recipe on and made it so moist that there is no way it can stand on its own. It just has to be laid down. It’s ridiculous.”

That’s awesome. And I almost made it out the door without, because I wasn’t hungry. But he did mention carry out, and I just couldn’t say no. He said he’d make it so it didn’t even tempt me (right away), and returned with it safely bundled in a large dinner size carry out container with white bag wrapped around it so you couldn’t even see it. Now that’s how you sell a $16 piece of cake. 

It was tough, taking that dessert bullet for you, dear reader, but I am glad I did.

When I opened it later, after I got home, I was shocked by the size. Nearly a foot long, with four deep layers and half a centimeter of deep chocolate icing, I think they mix a little coffee in with it; a couple of bites last a long time. I think he was right when he said I could eat it over three days.

So, when in Katy, be sure to go to Taste of Texas. And let me know which other dishes you tried, since I think I’ll be eating my petite filet and baked potato with every visit.

And make reservations if you’d like to sit in the restaurant. Especially at holiday times, Taste of Texas is usually booked solid. They do have a seating app if you want to download it directly to your phone.

And if you’re staying local, do stop at their store and pick up some steaks to grill at home. You’ll be glad you did.

For all the other restaurants on this list, I took advice from Katy locals. I bet there are even more for me to visit during my next trip and enjoyed all of these.

Ray’s Mexican Restaurant Cantina

870 S. Mason Rd. // +12813926681

Recommended as a meeting place by someone I knew 25 years ago, Ray’s feels like the Cheers bar from the TV show back in the day. Everyone turns to see who’s walking in the door, and instantly makes you feel welcome. From the cheerful ladies at the cashier who waved as I spotted my person and went to his table, to the waiter who happily supplied drinks and service throughout our visit.

The menu is extensive with Appetizers, Nachos served at least five ways, quesadillas, chile con queso, Ray’s Dip (with Taco Meat), and guacamole that is made fresh when you order. You can’t get better than that. And they had unusual items like Brocheta stuffed Jalapenos (Hot) and PK Brocheta (Hot) which is four pieces of chicken breasts filled with a slice of fresh jalapeno and a slice of panela cheese wrapped in bacon, served with sour cream and guacamole. Wow.

They have a full page of tacos and taco salads and another of chalupas, burritos, and tamales.

Their house specialties include Tampiquena, a fajita steak, La Gratinada, a fajita steak or chicken breast lightly marinated and topped with cheese, mushrooms, broccoli, poblano, green and yellow squash … of course they do. With those unusual options in the Appetizer section, I knew they were going to be some extraordinary things in here. 

Other options include Pollo con Rajas, Asado de Puerco, Carne Asada, La Guisada (tender fajita cooked with onions, tomatoes, and potatoes. Mole Poblano and Relleno Poblano are on the menu. After getting Hello Fresh, my palate has finally expanded to accept some of the spices, especially after making a pineapple-poblano salsa for fresh fish tacos while in Belize. It was great to see these on the menu. They have Pollo a la Parrilla, Grilled Fish Fillet, and La Gringa (fajita steak or skinless, boneless chicken breast, lightly marinated, served with sweetcorn, broccoli, and carrots – we gringas like that!), or a stuffed avocado.   All are served with rice, beans, and guacamole. 

Fish Tacos

The Fajitas de La Casa had some great choices, from the always festive sizzling fajitas, Fajitas Mexicanos, Quail a la Mexicana (two jumbo quail cooked in butter with grilled onions and bell peppers laid on a bed of rice and served with pico de gallo and guacamole!), Parrillada (for two or four), Camarones al Chipotle (my favorite daughter probably would’ve chosen these six jumbo shrimp), Camarones Adobadas, Camarones a la Planch, Pollo del Mar (chicken covered with shrimp and crabmeat), and Carnitas de Puerco. Some great options there, and really an interesting look at how the chef sees the world. But we kept looking.

There are thirteen enchilada specials or plates available, great for people like me with a truly pre-conceived notion of what to get at a Mexican restaurant. I have no doubt they are excellent, but most of us went with the chef’s more elaborate dishes.

The Tex-Mex Combos took a lot of time to get through. Our wonderful waiter kept refilling my water glass. He was the perfect attendant, there when we needed him and left us to our conversation otherwise.

The Mexico City Dinner is a combination of crisp taco, puff chile con queso (which I’d never seen before), cheese enchilada, tamale, bell pepper-chile relleno, with rice and beans. But The Acapulco Dinner won my companion’s heart. He had to have one of the puff chile con queso, so made his decision based primarily on that. He says you shouldn’t miss it (and didn’t even let me have a bite). The Acapulco includes a crispy taco, side of guacamole, puff chile con queso, cheese enchilada, and tamale, served with rice and beans.

I asked him to describe it and it sounded almost like a beignet, without the powdered sugar but with cheese instead. He loved it. Like I said, enough that he wouldn’t share it.

There Veracruz Dinner included a taco, enchilada, and tamales. So there is something for everyone. With the shrimp appetizer, my favorite daughter might have chosen the Vegetarian dinner with crispy bean taco, cheese enchilada covered with a Spanish Sauce.

I liked Armando’s combo with taco and enchilada and Ray’s combo even more with a burrito de fajita and a cheese enchilada, but am not a fan of gravy, so went with chicken flautas, three deep fried taquitos filled with chicken and asked them to hold the guacamole, sour cream, rice, and beans. 

Cheese Enchilada

You see, even when I lived here, I knew I had to plan my days around where I would eat and how hungry I could be. I didn’t want to “waste” any space, or their food when I couldn’t take it home with me. The server had some fun with me when he served my three chicken flautas on a bed of shredded iceberg lettuce (perfect!) while my companion had his two large plates. But I was supremely satisfied and didn’t (but would’ve upon request) shared a bite.

Ray’s does have a “light” menu, breakfast specials, and kid’s meals as well as a daily lunch special.

For lunch, it’s a great place to meet and catch up. Later in the day, it’s still a great meeting place, but the noise and music prevent a lot of conversation. It’s a joy, either way, and I’m really glad it was recommended.

Studio Movie Grill

822 Town & Country Blvd // +13462996456

I spotted this place as I was leaving the Taste of Texas (traffic is chaotic and this was a serendipitous wrong turn kind of event). My daughter and I have loved the cinema table service restaurants since we enjoyed the Road House Cinema in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

The compound has eight theaters, outfitted with the latest and greatest in cinema quality, with a full-service bar and lounge, perfect for meeting friends before the movie. Once you’re in the theater, you need only push a button for quick service.

And something I’ve not seen before; they make specialty cocktails based on the movies being shown. Now, that’s clever.

For example, for the 007™ movie, No Time to Die, they’ve created “The 007™” which they describe as “A sweet and tart cocktail fit for a secret agent – Smirnoff Vodka, Lemon Juice, and Grenadine, Garnished with Mint.” Shaken, not stirred, I’m sure.

For the Addams Family movie, they offer a “Spooky Berry Punch.” What fun.

And for the non-drinkers among us, they offer Pepsi products, strawberry lemonade (yes, please!), bottled water, iced tea, hot coffee, Rockstar Energy drinks, and frozen hot chocolate that I highly recommend.

There is a Kids’ Menu, but you have to have your under twelve-year-olds actually with you. Shucks. 

Now, for starters, we like to keep things fairly simple, so go with the two for $28 starter menu. I love soft pretzel bites, no mustard or creamy queso for me, and their corn tortilla chips are great without the fire-roasted salsa but, if you have the salsa, be sure to order a few extra bottles of water. Small popcorn, check. And then the choice of half cheese fries or half nachos. My friend likes the cheese fries, so there you go. Unlike Scottsdale, they don’t offer bottomless drinks or gourmet popcorn.

Corn Tortilla Chips

That’s more than enough for me for a movie, the soft pretzel bites and frozen hot chocolate and strawberry lemonade, but for a meal, they have so many offerings.

For me, the Awesome Chicken Wings were pretty perfect. They’re jumbo boneless chicken wings with a choice of Sweet Thai Chili Dipping Sauce, Honey BBQ, or Buffalo Red Hot. I chose the Sweet Thai Chili Dipping Sauce and really loved the sweet. The chilled carrots and celery were a great compliment to the meal.

Boneless Chicken Wings

I also discovered a previously unconsidered benefit of eating at the movies. You know how you don’t want to eat salad on a first date because you might make a mess of things? Since you’re sitting next to each other, he can’t see me. So I can take as big a bite as I want, or he could, as long as we’re not loud eaters (and, let’s be real, better to figure it out early than late, right?), you can enjoy or inhale your salad.

So the Strawberry Avocado Salad was a go! Created by SMG Chef Allie Colgin, the grilled chicken salad with strawberries, super greens, red onions, cucumber, avocado, and balsamic dressing was a bargain at $14. I held the Cotija cheese but want you to know it’s available for the flavor profile Allie created.

You know I have to check what my favorite daughter would eat, as well as what’s left for my next visit. 

I project (see what I did there? Pro-ject. At a movie theater. Okay. Moving on.) that she would have the coconut shrimp and a hummus plate, and I’d have a hard time choosing between the SMG Burger (choice of protein is a lean beef patty, turkey patty, grilled, chili lime or fried chicken breast or an impossible burger™) and the Brisket Sliders with BBQ sauce and fried onion straws on toasted brioche mini buns (they’re so cute, I want them to be gluten free and mailed to me in monthly installments) or a margherita flatbread. 

Yes, there are plenty more items to try when the next movie we must see comes out.

Do you think they’ll ever have a movie theater with gym equipment? I’d be better on the elliptical with these things coming at me, but maybe we could do a combination? Because what’s coming up next will blow your calorie budget for the month.


With options of Brownie Sundae, vanilla AND chocolate ice cream with moist brownies and homemade cinnamon chips, Beignets, served with a side of chocolate dipping sauce, Cookies, FOUR(!) soft and warm chocolate chip cookies, the aforementioned frozen hot chocolate, blended hot chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and Ghirardelli fudge, or ice cream milkshakes or theater treats, the candies you’ll remember from childhood like M&Ms and Milk Dud and Raisinets and Twizzlers to modern-day treats like Sour Patch Kids and Nestle Buncha Crunch, you could be in a sugar coma before you leave.

It makes it easier to understand paying $75 or $100 to go to the movies, but they’re great seats (I like to take a blanket with me to be cozy warm), and it’s a meal and a show and, mostly, an experience.

Diverse Dishes & Cocktails

25551 Kingsland Blvd. // +18324371135

This restaurant was highly recommended by my co-diners at Taste of Texas. The description that got me in the door was “you have to have the Brava Upside-down Cake. It’s a homemade pineapple cake that tastes like guava with a wonderful house sauce.” Then she made that snap gesture that makes you know you have to do it. It’s like a command.

It’s a Cuban restaurant, serving Miami-style Cuban Food. And they are not overstating it when they tell you right up front that they have great food, drinks, and atmosphere. It’s all true.

When you walk in, they’ve hit most of your senses. The music is festive and made me want to salsa right there (ok, maybe I did just a little), the smells are amazing, the sight is mostly tables indoor and out, but wide, open smiles. Once you order, touch and taste are covered.

Martha, the mixologist and owner, points me to two other customers when I ask about the cocktails, since I don’t drink. They happened to be Latino and told me the tastes are very on point with their home countries in the Caribbean, light and refreshing. 

The customers also said the ceviche is “amazing.” I thought you’d want to know since it’s not a dish I typically eat. They give it a big thumbs up.

Favorite daughter would have a tough time choosing here. Under their island specials, they offer shrimp in a creamy garlic lime coconut sauce, Cajun BBQ shrimp, and Cuban Pineapple Fried Rice. The latter has twice cooked pork belly, but she could hold that. I have a feeling she would choose two out of the three for the first visit.

Pineapple Fried Rice

For me, the Vaca Frita was a nice, light option, with crispy shredded chicken, sauteed onions, and Cuban mojo. That certainly will get your engine running and the mojo back.

And the sweet plantains reminded me of my time in Belize. I’d have that as my evening snack if I wanted to finish the night on a sweet note.

Oh, and that yummy pineapple upside-down cake? The specialty house sauce is Rum Raisin. No wonder everyone loves it.

If you’re up for some delicious Cuban food with a great group of people, this is the place to go!

A Taste of Haiti (food truck)

5007 E. 3rd Street #100 // +1 614-962-0450

This was another fan favorite from the Taste of Texas crowd, though it hasn’t been open reliably and understandably during the pandemic.

People that “know” Haitian food tell me it is “legit” and the quality and quantity of food served is impressive for the prices. Their specialties include variations of rice, based on specific blends of spices and fresh ingredients. 

For foodies, the Griot, “fried pork from heaven,” will be in your sweet spot.  The cubed pork is a customer favorite. You’d probably enjoy the Haitian goat and tasso, too.

For my non-pork diet, I stayed with the jerk chicken and plantains (no beans) and really enjoyed it. The chicken is flavorful and isn’t too hot or spicy, just the wonderful tang that we achieved after buying jerk seasoning in Haiti during our last Caribbean cruise.

Jerk Chicken

Next visit, I’ll probably try the Red Snapper, though I’m not sure whether I’d have it deep-fried or sauteed, I’m accustomed to having it grilled. 

Favorite daughter would probably have the snapper or the Legim Ak Vyan Beef, if they can make it without the beef maybe. Maybe not. The stew is all vegetable with things she loves, eggplant and carrots, cabbage, watercress, and spinach. We’ll have to see. 

Many people who come here are repeat visitors, some for days in a row (see what I mean about the Houston area requiring you to schedule your days around where you’ll eat?).

There are so many great restaurants in the area, I feel like eating my way through the state is a lot like driving. There was a sign I saw on the highway the other day that speaks perfectly to how this feels:

“Slow down. You’re already in Texas.”

So it’s great that I’m here for more than two weeks to see how many different and new places I can explore. Katy has grown so much, it’s like watching the baby I left with and then return and she’s a grown woman, and the town is, too.

Hunan Garden

3154 N. Fry Road // +12815786665

When I lived in Houston, I learned that I like Hunan better than Szechwan, and it’s all about the sauce. So when Hunan Garden was recommended, I was excited.

While it’s not the Hunan Hut I used to eat at regularly, even on my wedding day(!), it’s a wonderful place for carry-out or delivery, if you’re within a five-mile radius.

What I really appreciate about them is their willingness to make adjustments to my order. 

My daughter learned how to make crab Rangoon when she was in second grade and took Chinese lessons. We’d go to one specific restaurant in Omaha after her CCD classes every week. She’d fold the crab Rangoon as our order was being made, and she was getting her lesson. It was a good barter.

And because of that, we’re very specific about how crispy our crab Rangoon is. You have to be careful here because it can get soggy with take-away, but if you open and eat it in the car – delicious!

For me, the General Tso’s was great, and the chicken with garlic sauce (two spice, thank you) with celery and carrots instead of their usual vegetables was perfect.

Chicken With Garlic Sauce

As always, check your order before you leave the restaurant. I’d received fried rice instead of steamed rice, but they changed it out quickly.

Chick Houz

14838 Park Row Suite E // +18323215726

I’m going to take a liberty here, since Nathan wants seven restaurants for Katy, and Katy residents seem to think Chick Houz is part of Katy, not Houston, and it is right on the border to the west of Houston.

This Peruvian restaurant has a menu featuring rotisserie chicken that is marinated for at least 24 hours with 18 spices imported from Peru, and cooked with natural charcoal in an ecological oven. 

That hits my boxes for reducing the initial carbon footprint, and I love that everything is handmade. We spent a few weeks in Peru around our 24 hours in Machu Picchu and found so many things to love, especially the people and the landscape.

You get a taste of that here at this restaurant, filled with lovely people, open smiles, and they fulfilled their promise, “You will enjoy every moment with us.”

The restaurant itself is simple, with orange chairs and plain countertops with a brilliant orange display on the wall. But there’s nothing simple about the flavor profile they serve.

The Peruvian Classic Combo is perfect for the entire family, perhaps for two meals, with an entire chicken with six sauces, large French fries, house salad and two liters of soda pop! No one goes hungry in a Peruvian restaurant.

Entire Chicken

The single person eating classic combo is two pieces of chicken (a quarter chicken), salad, and fries. It was more than enough to fill me.

And there are a few options beyond rotisserie chicken. Their Salchipapa includes a beef frank with pink, yellow, and olive sauce and French fries.

We ordered for take-away, so check the website before you go and confirm they’re open. 

If you’re taking it for a picnic, consider adding Inca Kola for a nice surprise. I like it best chilled in the bottle (not can).

And that’s my first visit to Katy in 25 years. Thanks for going on the journey with me. I’m impressed that, in addition to my favorite steak restaurant and a movie theater, all y’all got me to explore so many foods that aren’t normally in my diet – Mexican and Chinese, sure. But Cuban, Haitian, and Peruvian? It’s rare. Thanks for getting me out there. I hope you’ll enjoy my tour through midtown Houston as well. 

Which of these restaurants in Katy, TX do you most want to try? Let us know in the comment section below!

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