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Must-Try Puerto Vallarta Restaurants | Best Places to Eat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. There are gorgeous views of the Sierra Madre mountains, pristine sandy beaches, and breathtaking sunsets from this Pacific Coast city.

Puerto Vallarta is a resort town and has a wide array of restaurants. There are even restaurants at your Puerto Vallarta vacation rental that let you dine by the beach or by the pool. 

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta offers up many opportunities to get out there and explore while you’re staying in condos or homes in Zona Romantica or wherever else your preferred spot might be.

There is no shortage of dining options in Puerto Vallarta, no matter whether you’re with family and friends, alone, or with new amigos. 

Puerto Vallarta

There are a number of excellent restaurants in Vallarta, from spots overlooking the water to small tucked-away eateries dotting the foodie beach suburbs north and south of town. Enjoy freshly caught seafood at a beach cafe while digging your toes in the sand. 

Come for a bite at a local cafe or taco cart and be treated like a local. And if the occasion calls for it, choose a fine dining restaurant. 

I’ve spent nearly a year eating my way through restaurants in Puerto Vallarta to come up with this guide for you so I hope you enjoy it!

The Best 45 Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

Best Casual Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta 

Bonito Kitchen

De Los Tules 325, Jardines de Las Gaviotas // +523222596958

If you’re looking for Asian plates and hand-crafted cocktails, Bonito Kitchen is a sure bet. The menu of locally sourced food products makes this place the best Asian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta and one of the restaurants you can find me at the most often.

Bonito Kitchen has two locations offering small plates, ranging from Fried Veggie Wontons to Slow-Cooked Pork Belly Dumplings. But their Camarones de Coco Frio is the winner on the small plates menu list. 

Puerto Vallarta: Fried Veggie Wontons

However, Bonito Kitchen is largely known for its specials, which rotate during the week. For example, Wednesdays offer Green Curry, Saturday offers Pho, and the Bonito Kitchen Centro location used to offer a dim sum every other Sunday, before they had to move locations. The owner told me she hopes to bring it back soon- watch their social media channels for that update. I recommend making a reservation for dim sum as it’s popular and fills up quickly!

If you want a high-quality Asian dining experience you don’t have to browse any further.

Pizzeria Fiamma

Calle Havre 111, Versalles // +52 322 365 5615

Hands down, in my opinion, the best authentic Italian-style pizza restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

This is some of the best pizza you’ll find outside of Italy! Probably due to the fact that the owner is from Italy and imports many of his ingredients.

The menu has dishes other than pizza including rotating specials but the pizza was what impressed me the most. Although, another friend told me their lasagna was amazing as well.

I even took an Italian friend that was in town visiting and she was very impressed.

The service and setting are casual, almost family-style. The owner wanders from table to table, refilling wine glasses, recommending dishes, and making small talk.

The experience is one where you want to linger with your friends, order that second bottle of wine and make the night last a little bit longer.

Pancho’s Takos

Basilio Badillo 162, Zona Romántica // +523222221693

Panchos Takos serves up what many believe to be the best tacos in Puerto Vallarta. And judging from the hour-long line that forms outside literally every night, it seems that most agree. And it’s not just tourists that line up- if you see locals waiting in a line this long for tacos you know they must be good!

Pancho’s has a full menu, but the al Pastor tacos are what they’re famous for. Their tacos are loaded with crispy pork, cilantro, onions, roasted pineapple, and then topped with your favorite salsa, making for taco perfection. 

tacos al pastor

For the fantastic tacos and the genuine style, Pancho’s Takos is one of the best places to eat in Puerto Vallarta and has some of the best tacos that Puerto Vallarta has to offer.

La Fina

Atmósfera 149, El Caloso //  +52 322 136 7662

La Fina’s food could have easily landed them in the fine dining category but the restaurant itself leans more casual and the location is a bit out of the way so I’m including it with other casual restaurants.

Deciding which dishes to try was difficult as the entire menu sounded delicious. Thankfully my friends decided we would all share plates! We decided we would need a return visit before we had even placed our appetizer order.

Favorite dishes included the short rib and pork shank sope but the menu is constantly changing- you’ll easily find something you love.

You’re definitely going to want to make a reservation- I had to book several days in advance to get a table at the time we wanted but it was definitely worth the wait! Also, service runs a bit slow but the food is worth the wait.

Archie’s Wok

Francisca Rodríguez 130, Zona Romántica // +523222220411

Archie’s Wok is one of the best Asian fusion restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. Their food is vibrantly colored, and their chef-designed menu is simply unbeatable. 

Archie’s Wok might sound like a casual fast food place, but it’s one of the best places to get Asian in Puerto Vallarta. 

Puerto Vallarta: Beef Tongue

Those brave enough to try the beef tongue in green curry should go for it, but if you’re not feeling adventurous, the menu has plenty of traditional options as well. I love any of their curries or wok/stir fry dishes.

Tacos Sonorita Olas Altas

Pino Suárez 232, Zona Romántica // +52 322 244 2155

In the never ending debate about where to find the best tacos in Puerto Vallarta, Tacos Sonorita is a strong choice.

In fact, if you don’t feel like braving the line at Pancho’s, Sonorita is my number one choice. Some friends even feel it’s better than Pancho’s.

I do love that here there’s more space and you don’t feel rushed, whereas at Pancho’s the line of people makes you feel like you need to eat and hurry and leave.

Sonorita also has a full bar, which is nice. Again, they have a full menu but I usually go for the tacos al pastor or the especiales, which are the classic pastor tacos with beans and cheese.

Be sure to ask for blue corn tortillas if you like those as much as I do!

Joe Jack’s Fish Shack

Basilio Badillo 212, Zona Romántica // +523222222099

Some of the best seafood in Puerto Vallarta comes straight from Joe Jack’s Fish Shack. This casual dining restaurant offers a lively dining experience and an energetic bar environment. 

If you’re looking for a vibrant nightlife experience with Mahi Mahi or some excellent Fish and Chips, you’ll feel right at home at Joe Jack’s. The grilled octopus is always perfectly cooked as well and their ceviche sampler is a perfect way to try several great versions of the classic dish.

Puerto Vallarta: Fish and Chips

And even though they’re a seafood restaurant, they are also well known locally for their fried chicken specials on Sunday and Thursday. 

Take a look at their extensive menu, which comes complete with a bilingual guide for non-Spanish-speaking visitors. 

India Gate

Allende 124, Centro, Malecon // +523222232424

India Gate offers some of the best customer services in all of Puerto Vallarta. On top of that, they feature exciting menu selections like mango rice and coconut rice, all varieties of curry, and several naan choices.

Puerto Vallarta: Curry Rice

Their food is good, and some dishes are even very good, but it was the service that really stood out to me. They were going for a fine dining experience.

Monzón Brewing

Venustiano Carranza 239, Zona Romántica // +523222609718

Monzón Brewing is primarily a brewhouse with local beer, ale, IPA, and craft selections. However, they also have a great menu with vegan options. Their IPA is my favorite craft beer in Puerto Vallarta.

Their beer-battered fried fish tacos are great, as well as their aguachile and loaded nachos.  

And if you’re looking for something a bit heavier, the BBQ Beer Brisket Tacos are number two on the menu, and the burger my friend had looked great as well.


Calle, Olas Altas 507 // +523222232060

 With a new menu and concept, Azafrán opened its doors in October 2017. The restaurant is named after the Spanish word for saffron, and it’s more than just a restaurant; it’s an experience that offers a unique culinary journey while providing gracious service. 

A unique menu highlighting the best products from around the region drives the restaurant’s cuisine. Some of the menu items include Mushroom and Ricotta Filled Chicken Breast with a Creamy Saffron Risotto, Fresh Tuna Carpaccio in a coriander sauce, and for dessert the delicious Passion Fruit Sorbet with Pistachio Foam.

Puerto Vallarta: Tuna Carpaccio

The restaurant offers a contemporary Mexican-style menu with a wide variety of dishes to please every palate, including a variety of seafood specialties, steaks and desserts made in-house. 

This is another spot that could have ended up on the fine dining list as well but the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed than some places I would call fine dining. The food, service, and plating are all fine dining worthy.

Also, be sure to check out their wine menu as it has several of my favorite bottles from Mexico.

Red Cabbage

Rivera del Río 204A, El Remance // +523222230411

Red Cabbage provides gluten-free meals, healthy dishes as well as standard fare. The friendly service is a big plus of this restaurant, and the prices are very reasonable.

The ambiance of this place is distinctive because it has a cozy atmosphere with homey decor that has helped it gain faithful clientele who return again and again.

Some of the entrees include Chiles En Nogada, Carnitas En Salsa Verde and Albondigas Enchipotladas. Their meatballs in the chipotle sauce are delicious!

Puerto Vallarta: Chiles En Nogada

I adore this establishment! The meals, drinks, and atmosphere all come together to form a great experience. Red Cabbage Cafe is a fantastic restaurant and it’s no wonder they have such a faithful clientele.

Los Muertos Brewing

Lázaro Cárdenas 302, Zona Romántica // +523222220308

The restaurant/brewery has a distinct US sports bar vibe and, with TVs all over, you can eat and watch a game from pretty much any corner at the restaurant. 

Located in the old town at a fairly busy intersection, the restaurant draws much attention due to its open-air concept. 

Their dining menu includes classic pub food like burgers, fries, chicken fingers, and pizza. Since it is a brewery, there is a decent choice of beer, including eight craft beers. Their IPA’s are my favorites.

Puerto Vallarta: Pizza

Watching sports events here is a fun experience, with a full-service bar, draft beer, pizza specials, and more. The atmosphere is very welcoming. There is also a wide selection of music sure to please every generation.

The open-air location is quite comfortable with ceiling fans. There is also seating downstairs as well as upstairs.  We’ve joined people at the large bench tables when it was crowded.  So don’t pass it up if it looks full!

Merida Grill

Venustiano Carranza 210, Zona Romántica // +523222227211

Mérida Grill is two blocks from the main street of Puerto Vallarta, yet tucked away enough not to be noticed- except for the giant tree adorned with lights that grow from the center!

It’s an open restaurant with a ton of character, friendly waiters, and a menu full of Yucatecan dishes. I used to live in Merida, the capital of the Yucatan and their versions of the classic dishes definitely impress.

No other customers were at the restaurant when I walked in, but the host greeted me warmly. Then, he proceeded to seat me at a table by an open window with wooden shutters covering it. It was nice eating out of the heat for a bit.

Stacked high with an array of tacos and entrees, this Puerto Vallarta Mexican restaurant has a menu that will impress even the pickiest eater. Some menu items include Red Enchiladas, Yucatan-style ceviche, panuchos, salbutes and many other dishes that were familiar to me from my time living on the opposite coast of Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta: Red Enchiladas

From seafood dishes to pork and the vegetable side of things, there’s something for everyone here at Merida Grill. You can even find tlayudas which are one of my favorite dishes in Mexico but are actually a Oaxacan dish rather than Yucatecan, but let’s not split hairs!

If you want to learn more about Yucatecan food, check out this article to find out the 12 of the best Yucatecan dishes.

Also, check out this article to find out the best restaurants in Merida!

Casa 449

C. Fco. I. Madero 449, Zona Romántica // +523226887000

Casa 449 is a small restaurant in Old Town serving a good breakfast for reasonable prices. This is a place with a lot of heart- one of the places you really want to see succeed.

It is definitely one of my favorites in Puerto Vallarta. There is a local family that runs it, and the owner is an experienced and talented chef. He also serves as a bartender and server. He does all these roles exceptionally well.

The indoor dining room had a wonderful ambiance, and every dish and drink was excellent. 

Their excellent breakfast menu includes very delicious Eggs with Chorizo from Talpa and a few other breakfast choices, and they also have amazing waffles for dessert.

Puerto Vallarta: Eggs with Chorizo

Casa 449 also serves up an impressive dinner menu and while it’s not just a vegetarian restaurant my vegetarian friends love their veggie options. The friendly owners and staff are always willing to make changes to the dishes to accommodate vegetarian diets.

Vegan Ramen Mei

C. Juárez 467, Proyecto escola // +523223150171

This charming, cool, and relaxed place is a bit hidden and could use a bit more window marketing. 

I was so happy to find a tasty vegan option in Puerto Vallarta. An uncreamed (and a little spicy) ramen seals the deal. 

I had excellent veggie gyoza the day I was there, too—great staff and owners.

Puerto Vallarta: Veggie Gyoza

The orange chicken, gyoza, edamame, soups, and service were all given high praise from my vegan and vegetarian friends that I took for lunch. We cannot wait to go back!

Oregano Caribbean Cuisine

Aldanaca 130, Versalles // +527551311505

Lead by Chef Graciela, Caribbean cuisine at its finest in Puerto Vallarta matches the place’s colorful wall art with her excellent culinary skills. 

There is even a pet pig named Taco who wanders the premises with his curly tail constantly wagging. In addition to accepting food, Taco snorts and nudges you with his cute wet nose when your hand is near.

Puerto Vallarta: Oregano Caribbean Cuisine Dish

The food is authentic Caribbean, so delicious, so fresh, and vibrant. Having been to a handful of Caribbean destinations before, this one hit the spot with its oxtail stew and chicken curry- reminiscent of some of the Jamaican dishes I had during my visit last year.

The menu has an elegant design with mouth-watering pictures of the food they serve. A line of fresh herbs, spices, and condiments adorns the right side of the menu, and you’ll want to take note of these because they add so much flavor to their dishes. You can also see in an instant that the restaurant uses only the finest ingredients when dining here.

The flavors were well balanced and not overpowering. The best part is the service. Vincenzo serving and Roberto making drinks are a great duo. They made us feel comfortable and welcomed.


Hamburgo 108, Versalles // +523222253800

This Puerto Vallarta restaurant blew me away. Lamara is located in the heart of Versalles, which is known as an up-and-coming neighborhood with some of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

There are many ways they serve flavorful, fresh seafood at Lamara, all presented in large portions that can also be shared. My favorite are the tostadas, especially those with fresh fish and coconut.

Puerto Vallarta: Lamara Dish

As well as a full bar, they also offer a wide selection of craft beer and good desserts. They provide excellent service at very fair prices.

A great time to get to Lamara is early in the afternoon, since they frequently have a wait, and late in the afternoon. They run out of things when they get busy.


Hamburgo 155, Versalles // +523222210983

There is no doubt that this is one of Puerto Vallarta’s best authentic Asian restaurants. Of course, tacos and ceviches are a must in Mexico, but you shouldn’t skip this restaurant for lunch when you’re craving Asian food. Taiwanese food of this caliber is among the best I’ve ever tasted outside of Asia.

It is a culinary adventure into flavors rarely found in Puerto Vallarta, and one can not go wrong with any item on the menu.

Puerto Vallarta: Dumplings

Besides offering homemade noodles in their soups and cold noodle salads, they have lovely baos, dumplings, wontons, fried noodles, and a great selection of teas with the option to add tapioca. 

Along with friendly service, the menu offers traditional flavors and high quality. There are several options for seating, including counters and tables in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. 

You won’t be disappointed by Budaixi. I consider it one of my favorite neighborhood hangouts.

Be aware Budaixi only accepts cash so be sure to bring some or you’ll need to hit the ATM located just a few blocks away.

Opa Greek Bistro

Francia 199 D, Versalles // +523222934500

Puerto Vallarta’s Mediterranean-style gastronomic scene has been enriched with the addition of Opa Greek Bistro. This brings the total number of Mediterranean-inspired restaurants in town to two, that I’m aware of.

With its excellent service and refined dishes, this restaurant has taken the dining concept in this region to the next level.

My friend and I shared plates so that we could sample more of the food. Everything we had was delicious. The menu included spanakopita, falafel, tzatziki, lamb gyros, and the most beautiful fig mousse to end the meal. 

Puerto Vallarta: Lamb Gyros

The place was squeaky clean and air-conditioned, which is a huge plus here in the summer. And the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. 

Florios Versalles

Hamburgo #167, Versalles // +523223653849

Florio’s, another restaurant located in trendy Versalles, makes it ideal for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. Its food menu offers pizzas, meats, and traditional Argentinian empanadas.

This restaurant, located on a quieter street (by Versalles standards), is quaint with outdoor seating and fabulous music. But that’s just for starters. Favorite dishes include steaks, pizza, and pasta.

Salud Super Food

Olas Altas 534-A, Zona Romántica // +523221399398

For a tasty and healthy way to detox from all the heavy food in Puerto Vallarta, check out Salud Superfood.

You can relax at Salud Superfood in Puerto Vallarta after eating spicy or greasy food for a change without sacrificing any excellence in any way; flavor, quality, and healthiness are what you will find at this super-food spot.

I was impressed by how flavorful all the dishes were! As soon as I took my first bite, I was pleasantly surprised by the grilled chicken sandwich and the dressing on the salad was so good!

Puerto Vallarta: Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Another dish I loved here was the grain bowls. They are awesome! The Thai bowl was my favorite.

The rest of their menu is quite extensive; burgers, noodles, sandwiches, tacos, and wraps, all made with quality ingredients.

Barra Light

C. Rodolfo Gómez 134, Zona Romántica // +523222234756

Barra Light is located steps from the entrance to Muertos Beach and is one of my go-to restaurants for healthy dishes- perfect for hot summer days when you want something lighter.

The menu has other dishes but the most popular is the build your own salad option. You choose your base and then select toppings, dressing, nuts/seeds, veggies- you can even add pasta salad, which is one of my favorite toppings!

If you’re not in the mood for a salad be sure to try the protein potato- it’s another of my favorites. Make sure to ask for the yogurt basil dressing for either your salad or potato- it’s addictive!

Poke Poke Hawaiian Kitchen

Francia, Sobre Liverpool 102-L5 // +523226887401

Poke Poke is the best place for poke bowls and other Hawaiian dishes in Puerto Vallarta.

This is another of my go-to restaurants in Puerto Vallarta for healthy food as their poke bowls are the perfect light lunch to beat the heat! Also, I know I’ve mentioned about a half dozen go-to restaurants but I swear by these places!

Poke Poke offers starters like Hamachi Crudo, Tuna tartare, and Shrimp chips. Hawaiian cuisine is famous for light dishes, and that’s why they serve only natural and healthy ingredients.

Their poke bows have tons of options including raw fish or cooked shrimp, fruits and veggies, rice/quinoa or salad for the base, and every topping and dressing you can think of!

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta 

Tre Piatti

Lázaro Cárdenas 292, Zona Romántica // +523222222773

Tre Piatti was born out of the experience of Chanan Kamen, a chef from Israel with experience at San Francisco, New York, and Miami’s top Italian restaurants, plus Natalie Aguirre‘s skills in pastries and bread. 

It is one of the best Italian restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, serving dishes like calamares con alcachofa crujiente (squid with crispy artichoke) and spaghetti with sausage ragout pesto and gorgonzola. 

Puerto Vallarta: Squid

You can also try the specials, like the duck pappardelle or the agnolotti, and finish with a cake featuring mandarins and vanilla. 

It is the perfect place to return to many times because of the chef’s restless ambition and the menu that changes every two weeks.

Tre Piatti also has an impressive selection of wine and craft cocktails and the waitstaff are very knowledgeable in helping you pair the perfect drink with your meal selection.

This was one of my favorite places for a date or to take foodie friends visiting Puerto Vallarta.


Aquiles Serdán 445, Zona Romántica // +523222211460

At Tintoque, Joel Ornelas brings fine dining to its full potential, with free-flowing wine and some of the best food I’ve had in Puerto Vallarta.

In addition to Pacific soft shell crab, sashimi, and heirloom tomatoes baked for 36 hours, on the menu are blue, white, and yellow corn esquites (Mexican corn salads), truffled, and served with huitlacoche- one of my favorite dishes on the menu!

Wine pairings are made by a sommelier for every dish if you choose to go with the tasting menu, which I definitely recommend. The short rib was also a favorite during our last meal at Tintoque.

Casa Kimberly’s Iguana Restaurant and Tequila Bar

C. Zaragoza 445, Centro // +523222221336

Puerto Vallarta Mexican restaurants range from casual eateries to suit and tie experiences. However, if you’re looking for a high-class night out, then you should try to book a table at Casa Kimberly’s Iguana Restaurant and Tequila Bar. 

Diners will be enthusiastic about the ambiance in the open-air dining area, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to dine to the sound of mariachis. 

Puerto Vallarta: Pork Shank

Casa Kimberly offers top-flight drinks and an evening-only menu, with options ranging from Pork Shank to Wild Salmon. Thus, Casa Kimberly provides not only some of the best food in Puerto Vallarta and a fantastic dining atmosphere, but some of the best seafood in Puerto Vallarta as well.

Hacienda San Angel

C. Miramar 336, El Centro // +528778156594

Hacienda San Angel offers a gourmet dining experience for visitors, complete with mariachis, a rotating chef’s menu, and a seasonal brunch with violinists. In addition, Hacienda San Angel boasts Mexican-infused international cuisine on a gorgeous outdoor patio.

If you’re looking for fine dining on a rooftop restaurant, then Hacienda San Angel offers some of the best food in Puerto Vallarta. 

The terrace of Hacienda San Angel is most beautiful during breakfast and brunch hours, and the dress code ensures that other fine diners will surround you.

The menu selections are on constant seasonal and chef-driven rotation, but if you get a chance to try the machaca, I highly recommend it. Hacienda San Angel offers some of the best scenic experiences.

De Cantaro

Basilio Badillo 219, Zona Romántica // +523226882159

De Cantaro is a mezcal bar and grill offering some of the best food in Puerto Vallarta. Guests will love their traditional live-fire grilling method, and the atmosphere is reflective of their authentic food preparation style. 

My favorite dishes include the roasted salmon, steaks, aguachile (the roasted pineapple base sets it apart), and the lamb osso buco.

Puerto Vallarta: Roasted Salmon

When it comes to a pleasant date night experience at one of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, you can’t go wrong with De Cantaro. 


Lázaro Cárdenas 311, Zona Romántica // +523223549878

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, a boutique restaurant might not be at the top of your list, but it should be. Makal is just a couple of minutes from the main street, but you wouldn’t know it from being inside. 

You feel like you’re tucked away into a hidden gem that you just stumbled across. In an area known for its mid-scale restaurants, Makal stands out as one of the town’s most enjoyable dining rooms. 

Add to that the fact that the food is delicious. It has a wide range of drink options, and prices are affordable – it’s no wonder that Makal receives a great deal of attention from vacationers and locals. Make reservations, because spots fill up quickly.

Makal offers an a la carte menu but I suggest their tasting menu, complete with wine pairings. This would be a great place to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or special event. If it’s a really special night, go for the premium wine pairing as some of the pairings were incredible wines from vineyards I wasn’t familiar with.

Shibui Sushi

Gaviotas 108, Marina Vallarta // +523222764095

Shibui is a fantastic place to visit during your visit to Puerto Vallarta! It’s located in the Casa Ritual Hotel Boutique, and it has Asian food of Michelin Star quality.

Hands down, the best sushi in Vallarta! Shibui offers Omakase-style dining for dinner. If you’re not familiar with omakase dining it means the chef prepares you whatever he wants using what is fresh that day.

If you’re adventurous and love trying new things, then go for it. It was a great experience all around. 

Puerto Vallarta: Shibui Sushi Dish

The omakase-style restaurant means you sit down and watch the chef prepare your meal in front of you, usually on a counter with various knives, all custom-made by the owner’s brother-in-law.

It makes for some great entertainment while waiting on your food. Besides excellent service, the food is to die for, and the fish is so fresh it literally melts in your mouth!

If you’re staying in the Romantic Zone Shibui has a sister restaurant Sendo that is just as good!

Best Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta with a View

Le Kliff

Carretera a Barra de Navidad Mismaloya // +523221214935

Le Kliff is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, with a spectacular view and excellent customer service. And although their food is good (not great), the experience is certainly one worth snagging while you’re in town.

The location isn’t the most convenient for visitors, as the restaurant is located a bit out of town. However, you can arrange a ride to the restaurant via a taxi or Uber, and the restaurant will arrange a taxi to return you to your hotel or Airbnb. 

Puerto Vallarta: Le Kliff DIsh

Le Kliff is a popular place with visitors, so it’s highly recommended that you make a reservation before trying to drop in. Request a table with a view and a sunset hour if you make a reservation.

La Palapa

Púlpito 105-3, Zona Romántica // +523222225225

La Palapa is another Purto Vallarta spot that offers its diners a tremendous view. If you’re looking for a beachfront experience offering Mexican and Mexican fusion cuisine, then you won’t go wrong with this elegant location on Los Muertos Beach. 

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, brunch, dinner, or cocktails, La Palapa is an excellent choice. 

From their Huevos Vallarta breakfast plate with avocado, red sauce, and beans to their la Palapa Shrimp platter, la Palapa offers exquisite dining options and is one of the best restaurants with a view. 

Puerto Vallarta: La Palapa Shrimp Platter

And of course, it’s not just one of the best places to eat in Puerto Vallarta;  it’s also one of the best places to get cocktails on the beach. 

La Palapa offers a vast array of margaritas with mango, serrano chiles, and pineapple. Be sure to check out La Palapa while you’re in town!

Canto del Mar

Lázaro Cárdenas s/n, Zona Romántica // +523222227307

In this small and charming restaurant, you can sit on the beach and sip on your chilled Corona while relaxing your eyes with the sea view. In addition, this location has friendly and attentive staff.

Puerto Vallarta: Fish Tacos

Their tasty menu consists of seafood like coconut shrimps cooked to perfection, red snapper, grilled octopus, and fish tacos.

The prices are fair, the seafood is fresh and the beer is cold. What more could you ask for?

La Capella

C. Miramar 363 B, Centro // +523226886269

This restaurant La Cappella offers stunning views over the city of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.

This is my go-to place for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries and where I would send someone visiting Puerto Vallarta if they were going to propose– the atmosphere is that special.

There is a wide variety of dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and influenced mostly by Italian and French flavors. 

La Cappella also serves various international buffets on weekends, including Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and seafood buffet selections! Their menu includes items such as seared scallops, vegetarian fusilli, and pork Osso Buco Marsala. 

Puerto Vallarta: Seared Scallop

The open-air dining room has spectacular views of the city and the Bay of Banderas. It is ideal for romantic tête-à-têtes or families. The atmosphere is elegant but not stuffy- no suit jackets required!

Also, the restaurant hosts indoor/outdoor private dining rooms and has a wine list that is one of Puerto Vallarta’s best!

Barcelona Tapas 

C. Matamoros 906, Centro // +523222220510

A Spanish restaurant featuring regular tapas and specials that change weekly is Barcelona Tapas, one of the best in Puerto Vallarta. 

From salads to paella to cold and hot tapas, Barcelona Tapas is undoubtedly your safe bet when you crave an insanely tasty meal in Puerto Vallarta. After dinner, you can enjoy a house cocktail, such as the Cadillac Margarita and Sauteed Bananas for dessert.

Puerto Vallarta: Sauteed Bananas

Of course, the food at Barcelona Tapas really can’t be beaten. But their food isn’t the only reason to drop in or make a reservation. 

In addition to a delicious selection of Spanish food, Barcelona Tapas is sure to offer an unforgettable visual experience with its amazing aesthetic. Barcelona Tapas offers an impressive view of the city with the skyline in the distance, making it one of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta with a view. 

Mar y Vino

Olas Altas 380, Zona Romántica // +523222267100

A table with a view? From the pool? While you eat? That’s Mar y Vino, on the rooftop of the Playa Los Arcos Hotel. Tables sit in the shallow end of a swimming pool – with your feet cooling in the water as you get lost in the view of Vallarta’s brilliant blue bay shimmering below and bobbing with yachts. 

Standing just below the arches that covered the patio and helped the hotel exude the flavor of old Puerto Vallarta, we could order from a long list of entrees — many with prices under $15 — and specialties like seafood ceviche. 

Puerto Vallarta: Seafood Ceviche

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta 

Café de Olla

Basilio Badillo 168, Zona Romántica // +523222231626

If you’re looking for a fantastic breakfast restaurant, then you certainly won’t go wrong with Café de Olla.

Café de Olla is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, so try to get in for breakfast early in the morning, before the line forms. Popular dishes include chilaquiles, machaca, and piloncillo. 

Puerto Vallarta: Chilaquiles

If you have the opportunity to stop at one of the best places to eat breakfast in Puerto Vallarta, make sure to try Café de Olla. 

Coco’s Kitchen

Púlpito, Olas Altas 122 // +523222230373

Coco’s Kitchen is a fantastic, laidback place to grab breakfast, especially if you are staying at one of the nearby hotels. Coco’s is a favorite of many regular visitors to Puerto Vallarta and when my friends visit they’ll often eat breakfast or brunch here every morning .

It can get busy at times, but this is because everyone knows that they have delicious food.

The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and is small. Breakfast items such as pancakes and omelets are served on the diner-style menu. 

The real highlight of the restaurant, however, is the French toast. They serve it two ways; with banana slices and honey, or chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Puerto Vallarta: French Toast with Banana and Honey

I started out with the Mixed Vegetable Omelette, which also came with avocado and jack cheese. Fresh vegetables and a perfectly cooked omelet topped the meal. 

Their rosemary potatoes were perfect. Crispy outsides gave way to a fluffy interior with just the right amount of rosemary flavor. 

Enjoy your breakfast with a glass of fresh juice, a relaxed vibe, and friendly people all around at this beautiful restaurant. They also make a dangerous mimosa with freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice- because it’s not brunch without mimosas!

Cafetalito PV

Pulpito 196 -A Colonia, Emiliano Zapata // +52 322 365 1888

Cafetalito is one of my more recent discoveries for where to have breakfast in Puerto Vallarta. Slightly off the main drag, Cafetalito is perched atop a hill.

The casual eatery serves up omelets (try the chicken pesto omelet, it’s a favorite of mine), French toast, pancakes, bagels, waffles, salads, and much more.

The service is quick and friendly and if you’re working during your time in Puerto Vallarta this is one of my favorite places to work from.

Be sure to order a side of hashbrowns with your meal- they’re the best in town!

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Best Bars in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re looking for an evening out, some late-night cocktails, or just some casual drinks, Puerto Vallarta won’t let you down. These options are excellent choices for visitors, and you won’t go wrong with any of them.

Bar La Playa

Lázaro Cárdenas 179, Zona Romántica // +523221002272

Bar la Playa offers impressive craft cocktails, mezcal, beer, and a mezcal special for 75 pesos. Their drinks arrive in authentic glassware, so if you order a frozen drink, expect it in an oversized mason jar.

Puerto Vallarta: Mezcal

Of course, they’re not just known for their hand-crafted cocktails (although that’s a perfect reason enough to visit), but also for their $15 peso natural fruit jello shots that are served on a watermelon rind – talk about presentation! 

And if you prefer a classic drink, la Playa has your back. They serve an impressive selection of martinis and a G&T for people who like to keep it simple.

El Colibrí 

Morelos 582, Centro // +523222947390

If you’re tired of the nightlife or just need a quiet place to relax for the evening, you should check out El Colibrí Bar. This speakeasy bar in downtown Puerto Vallarta is certainly one you won’t want to miss. 

El Colibrí is self-described as a “cozy, friendly, jungle-inspired patio,” and they certainly live up to the description. 

Puerto Vallarta: Cocktails

Their artisanal cocktails and locally-brewed beers fit right into the chill atmosphere that strongly contrasts the nightclub lifestyle that overwhelmed Puerto Vallarta. 

For that reason, El Colibrí is one of my favorite places to get a drink in Puerto Vallarta.


Púlpito 179, Zona Romántica // +52 3222223556

Chictini offers a modern and luxurious atmosphere while serving delicious drinks made by expert staff. 

Chictini is best described as an intimate space where their expert mixologists create hand-crafted cocktails from top-shelf liquors, a selective wine list, and their famous view over the ocean and the city.

Puerto Vallarta: Chictini Drinks

Featuring a custom-built zinc bar, a menu from the owner’s private tequila collection, wicker sofas imported from Italy, an antique speaker system from the 1920s, and even day retro details, Chictini is a labor of love that reflects the owner.

The sleek, elegant space with its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the city is an ideal setting for sunset drinks and one of the places my group of friends most frequented.

El Solar

Paraguay 1294, 5 de Diciembre // +523222224034

El Solar is a great little beach bar located within walking distance from Zona Romantica.

The main bar has a pool table, and the sidebar outside is where you’ll find the DJ. It’s a cool place to go to have a few drinks, eat some food, and have fun without spending too much.

Puerto Vallarta: Cocktails

The beach bar is trendy during weekends. However, I suggest you come on Monday, the place will be nearly empty, and you can enjoy it by yourself if you’re not such a big fan of crowds.  

I’ve not tried the food but every plate that went past our table looked great!

Final Thoughts

For those planning on taking a trip to Mexico and looking for excellent food with stellar views, you should be sure to schedule some time in Puerto Vallarta. 

Whether you’re looking for some of the best tacos in Mexico, hoping for a fine dining experience with fantastic seafood, or just want a casual beachfront night out while listening to the ebb and flow of the ocean tide, Puerto Vallarta has something in store for literally all tastes.

Which of these Puerto Vallarta restaurants will you try first? Let us know in the comments section below!

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How to get to Puerto Vallarta?

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