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Best 13 Zipolite Restaurants: Where to Eat in Zipolite, Oaxaca

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Straddling two rocky headlands, Zipolite is a low-key beach resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Home to a long, sandy beach known for its strong surf, the area is popular with surfers and sun worshipers alike. 

A row of thatch-roofed restaurants and bars backs the beach, while a cluster of shops peddles artisan crafts in the central Colonia Roca Blanca.

Colonia Roca Blanca is a community nearby. It is known to be a nude beach due to its lack of regulations and law enforcement. Serenity, squinty-eyed sunrises, and deep orange sunsets are most common in this beautiful place. 

With hippie vibes and a naked stretch of sand, this is where backpackers, budget travelers, and people who want to leave the rest of the world behind come to unwind. 

Perfectly located in the state of Oaxaca, with so many exciting indoor and outdoor adventures nearby, this laid-back beach town has something for everyone.

Best 13 Zipolite Restaurants

Not only does Zipolite have the most beautiful beaches in the world, but it’s also a great place to eat as well. Opportunities range from open-air fresh seafood and meat vendors to produce stands, bakery carts, and snack bars serving fresh oysters, empanadas, and more. 

Zipolite restaurants are wonderful and not expensive! If you are looking for great seafood and traditional Oaxacan food, Zipolite is the place to go. Swim in the Pacific Ocean and then enjoy a lovely meal watching the sunset. 

This guide will help you find the best Zipolite restaurants.

El Alquimista

Camino hacia Shambala Roca Blanca Zipolitea // +529585878961

Gorgeous setting, view, and food. The restaurant offers a really good menu with plenty of variety, as well as an excellent cocktail selection. The staff is always warm and welcoming and ready to recommend some great dishes for you.

The food is consistently delicious, from starter to dessert. The menu includes local cuisine, such as handcrafted pasta, seafood, and international fare such as burgers, a wide variety of pizzas cooked in their brick oven, and salads. 

Zipolite Restaurants: Seafood Pasta

A fine dining experience with top-notch service, a spot in the sand at sunset, the sounds of the ocean crashing into the cliffs nearby, delicious food and drinks—what more could you want? If you’re looking for great food right on the beachfront, look no further! El Alquimista has it all covered!

Orale Cafe

C. las Casitas, Playa Zipolite, 70947 Arroyo tres // +529581177129

Are you tired of going to the same breakfast places day after day? 

This is the perfect surprise for you. There is a hidden gem in Zipolite called Orale Cafe. They offer delicious food, great service, and they are located in a beautiful garden. You will almost feel like you are in the jungle! 

The best part is that their French toast is widely regarded as the best breakfast spot among the Zipolite restaurants. 

Zipolite Restaurants: French Toast

This restaurant has been a symbol of the best food in Zipolite. It offers an amazing breakfast with many varieties of unique and delicious dishes, including French toast, quiches, omelets, baguettes, and Mexican breakfasts featuring eggs. 

Many people go back for more. It is made with local ingredients, giving you a delicious and memorable experience. Prices are really reasonable; locals say that is because they import their own products from the mainland, so they don’t have to pay the high local prices.

La Providencia

 Calle Shambala Colonia, Av. Roca Blanca, 70902 Zipolite // +529581009234

If you want to enjoy good music and a great atmosphere, welcome to La Providencia. A new concept in a new space offers its customers the most innovative and fun scenes in Zipolite. 

Experience a beautiful restaurant with a varied menu, with options for all tastes, where the chefs will delight you with the best of the region. From salads to desserts, to a wide variety of meat, seafood, and vegetarian plates, in La Providencia, you will find dishes to please any taste.

Zipolite Restaurants: Seafood

They are a restaurant with many years of experience, characterized by their dedication to their customers by providing them excellent service, delicious food, and a warm ambiance that invites you to enjoy your favorite dishes. 

It is the coolest restaurant in town, featuring a spacious parking lot and an open kitchen. Emancipate yourself from formal dinners for casual nights out with a drink and an appetizer from the menu. Reservations are recommended. 


 Av. Roca Blanca s/n, Playa Zipolite, 70902 // +529581301330  

At Kellyko, every morning is a perfect morning to make you smile. 

In addition to their warm and friendly treatment, they always remember to include the necessary small details. Tasty breakfast at the end of the cobblestone in a familiar environment. 

Their wide menu of fresh products makes them one of the must-visit Zipolite restaurants.

Breakfast is an important meal, so at Kellyko, they want to delight their guests by starting their day with a delicious, satisfying breakfast. The Motuleños Eggs are one of the star dishes and a favorite among their guests. 

Also, try their Fluffy Pancakes or Creative Omelets. They strive to ensure that every detail in their guest experience is delightful and assures their guests feel at home.

Zipolite Restaurants: Omelet

La Castelet

Av. Roca Blanca, Playa Zipolite, 70902 // +529585843186

At La Castelet, the ambiance is relaxing and homey, and the food is very organic, clean, and fresh. Excellent service, very friendly, and fast. The prices are good too, and portions are decent. The restaurant is nicely designed and very clean, and they have a beautiful garden also.

Their menu includes healthy and fresh breakfast plates such as omelets, smoothies, bowls, perfectly baked pastries, and delightful crepes. Enjoy your morning with their excellent American coffee in their amazingly tranquil lush garden.

Zipolite Restaurants: Omelet

Alma Verde

Av. Roca Blanca 222, Playa Zipolite, 70902 // +52 958 109 5551

Alma Verde is a restaurant with an original and very personal character. Enjoy a unique moment that combines healthy, fresh, and sustainable food with the environment. 

They are committed to offering you dishes full of love, totally inspired by international and traditional cuisine. An extensive and delicious vegan and vegetarian menu are available to enjoy with your friends and family. 

Zipolite Restaurants: Vegan Dish

The menu features a variety of dishes and drinks, including salads, main dishes, desserts, and more! 

The philosophy of Alma Verde is to provide a space to live, share, and take care of yourself, where friendliness, solidarity, and social well-being are essential. 

Therefore, they are engaged in promoting responsible consumption and health, creating dishes full of love so that you feel and enjoy yourself in harmony with the environment.

DonDe Franco

 Playa Zipolite, 70902 San Pedro Pochutla // +529585843290

Go for a visit to eat, drink, and experience this cozy place, DonDe Franco. Enjoy friendly service and excellent Italian food for reasonable prices. From their delicious breakfast to their house-made fresh pasta, this small restaurant offers a pleasant dining experience. 

Experience a taste of Italy with a passion for pasta. This bright and airy spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner brings homemade pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and traditional Italian wine to the table. Be sure to sample the extensive salad bar for unforgettable farm-fresh bites like cured meats, cheeses, and remarkable seasonal salads.

Zipolite Restaurants: Pasta

Mao Mau Thai 

C. Mangle s/n, Playa Zipolite, 70904 // +529581870266

Mao Mau Thai Restaurant is an authentic Asian Thai restaurant. At Mao, they strive to offer their guests the most traditional and enjoyable Thai meal with friendly service.

They also offer a happy hour and specials every day! Their menu provides many traditional favorites as well as some exciting new creations using the freshest ingredients available. 

This restaurant is a real gem. The service is warm, fast, and excellent. The fish dishes are something that makes them famous. At Mao Mau Thai, you will have a great experience in an authentic setting.

Zipolite Restaurants: Fish


Playa Zipolite, 70902 Oaxaca

At Emilia, chef Alvaro Navarrete transforms fresh ingredients from the sea and local farms into dishes that combine old and new culinary traditions. 

Try out his Octopus with Four Chilis or Dorado with Chili Pesto Sauce. Then, finish your meal off right with one of their exquisite desserts made by his pastry chef’s wife. With its fine French techniques, delicate sauces, and strong Mexican flavors, Emilia is a perfect example of a fine dining Zipolite restaurant.

Zipolite Restaurants: Octopus

If you want to surprise yourself with creative and delicious cuisine, a menu that changes every three months, all in a charming atmosphere enjoying some of the best cocktails around, Emilia at Zipolite is the place for you!

Nicole Tacos & Tlayudas

Av. Roca Blanca, Playa Zipolite, 70902 

Tacos Y Tlayudas Nicole’s food is quite authentic and very tasty. This is Mexican cuisine, a street fast food spot that offers fast and welcoming service, and what is important, the prices are not expensive. 

They usually have a good variety on the menu, but if you are looking for something fancy—this isn’t the place. This place is great if you want a quick, easy meal that is extremely delicious at a very reasonable price. Enjoy their tacos with a good crunchy texture and absolutely covered in meat.

The street tacos with carne asada, fish, or pollo asado are juicy and marked with homemade salsa. Lots of things to choose from. Tacos are small, but that is a great chance to try a few of them without getting much change on your bill either. Excellent flavors of Mexican cuisine.

Zipolite Restaurants: Carne Asada Street Tacos


 Pelícano, Playa Zipolite, 70904 // +529581168045

Bacco was born with the purpose of delighting the palate of visitors who come in search of fusion Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine that merges the best of a variety of styles. 

Their varied menu includes select pizza, pasta, and salads. The best wines from around the world to accompany every dish are available in their cellar. For those wishing to finish their meal with something sweet, their dessert menu is full of delightful options. 

Zipolite Restaurants: Pizza

Bacco is an art space where the decor pays homage to Zipilote and life on the beach and features live music on some nights.

At night, Bacco becomes a special place with a magical atmosphere. It’s not just the food or the drinks that make Bacco an extraordinary place; it’s the people and the setting, which are a mix of creativity and passion for dining. 

A great spot for relaxed dining, drinking, or hanging out. The tapas are delicious with quality ingredients and flavors. The best are the salads—crisp with nice greens, avocado, and tomatoes, plus creative toppings such as chorizo or chicken. 

La Fenice

Col. Av. Roca Blanca s/n, 70904 Zipolite // +529581116964

The top pizzeria in Zipolite and one of the best on the Oaxacan coast, according to Tripadvisor. La Fenice offers a taste of the Old Country right at the water’s edge. 

Watch as the friendly pizza masters cook up your tasty wood oven pizza by hand. Choose from a wide variety of favorites and traditional Italian pizzas, or build your own creation with all your favorite toppings.

Pizzas are cooked in wood ovens with wheat flour. There are various options such as Marinara, Margherita, and the delicious Pizza Capricciosa. They also offer a wide range of options for vegetarians. 

Zipolite Restaurants: Margherita Pizza

This place where your friends and family can meet will give you moments of joy with delicious foods and the best music with chefs that make a great show preparing your pizza!

Sal Y Pimienta

 Mexico 175 6274, Playa Zipolite, 70902 Zipolite // +529581200353

Sal y Pimienta is one of the best places if you are looking for a relaxed lunch on the beach, fried fish, grilled shrimp, ceviches, hamburgers, or vegan options. The food is very tasty and authentic Mexican. The lunch special is a great deal. A lovely spot to have lunch on the beach, watch the waves roll in, experience great food, wonderful service, and an amazing view. The fish burger is something that is famous among their customers, and their cocktails are excellent.  

Zipolite Restaurants: Fish Burger

The place is often very busy with limited parking, so expect to wait in line a bit. But the wait is worth it! Awesome spot with excellent food, great service, and very friendly staff. Prices are good, and the experience is unforgettable!

Discover Zipolite’s Cuisine

The best restaurants in Zipolite are home to a handful of great, high-profile places, as well as an abundant supply of hole-in-the-wall eateries that specialize in local street food. 

The top Zipolite restaurants are the stories of passionate foodies and their commitment to impeccable service, the freshest ingredients, and the most exclusive culinary creations. 

It’s time to discover the must-try dishes at Zipolite restaurants.

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Which of these Zipolite restaurants will you try first? Let us know in the comments section below!

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