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The 14 Best Bars & Restaurants In Queretaro, Mexico

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Culinary tourism has never been particularly popular in Querétaro. Despite this, there are some excellent meals to be had here.

There are many contemporary and traditional restaurants in the Centro, and more than a few great international eateries to give variety to the eating selections.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Queretaro

In some of the better venues, the environment is more important than the food: Querétaro, in contrast to most modern cities, has been able to preserve a number of its traditional cafeterias and fondas, which still draw a sizable local clientele.

Even while there aren’t as many street vendors here as there are in other regions of the country, you’ll still find lots of inexpensive foods and tacos. I’ve listed 17 of the city’s top bars and restaurants below. Enjoy!

The 14 Best Restaurants In Queretaro


C. Carlos Septién García #22, Cimatario // +5214421784198

You should stop by ZAIKA if you want to have some Indian food. Not only is it tasty, but it’s also reasonably priced. We were searching for Indian food when we came upon ZAIKA.

Both the cuisine and their treatment were superb. You immediately feel at ease and at home with Chef Vinod and his wife.

It was an absolutely incredible culinary experience to eat real Indian food. The dish is flavorful and really wonderful. To fully enjoy spicy and hot cuisine, you must enjoy it.

We ate samosas, bhel, biryani, lamb vindaloo, chicken masala, paneer dishes, butter chicken, and more. Everything was incredibly delicious!

Restaurants In Queretaro: Lamb Vindaloo

The staff provided excellent, amiable, and professional service. There are only five tables in the courtyard-style dining area at the back of the building; it has a pleasant vibe and is tastefully designed.

Not only did the meal taste excellent, but the restaurant was also incredibly clean, pleasant, and well-tended by Vinod and Laura, the owners. 

They welcomed us into their restaurant and treated us to one of the nicest meals ever. If you enjoy Indian food, I would definitely recommend it. I’m eager to come back soon.


Blvd. Bernardo Quintana 23 // +524422400919

It’s a modern location. It is nicely decorated and has a clean, uncluttered industrial look. Banal is a setting that makes you feel at ease and liberated, a casual environment devoid of preconceived notions, without fear of upsetting the “status quo,” to offer a pleasurable experience complemented by top-notch cuisine and great service.

The décor and the location itself set the tone for the enjoyable encounter. The restaurant’s manager, Mr. Amador, is a terrific gentleman with a lot of experience in recognizing the quality of the food and what delighted customers.

We ordered Kumamoto oysters, tuna tartare, Ensenada taco, grilled tatemado octopus, truffled French fries with parmesan, gaonera taco, and mac & cheese.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Tuna Tartare

The tuna tartar and octopus were simply outstanding. Not just in Querétaro, but ever, they were the greatest I’ve ever had. If you love mezcal, you absolutely must try the Terco cocktail. I recommend reserving a spot on the patio because there are screens for sporting events.

PÍA Cocina Libre

Hidalgo 23 // +524421933425

The only location in Querétaro with a Slow Food endorsement is Pa Cocina Libre. Breakfasts that are delicious and made with regional ingredients chosen by Chef Juan Pablo Inés.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Breakfast

A unique experience if you are visiting the Historic Center of Querétaro. This is not the place for you if all you want is more of the same (pancakes, quick and easy breakfasts, chorizo like you get at the grocery store).

Here you may get fresh herbs that add a distinctive touch to your dish as well as the region’s vegetables with the strongest flavors.

You won’t find anything like it in Querétaro, so come with an open mind to new tastes! For instance, they added a touch of mustard to the Chocolate and Oatmeal Porridge, which contrasted beautifully with the nuts and seasonal fruit.

Another recommendation is the Tartin Ranchero, which features homemade chorizo and sourdough toast. You’ll be astonished by the nopales’ color and flavor in this meal.

It is a wonderful location if you enjoy food. Good eating, and many thanks to everyone at P.A. Cocina Libre for the wonderful experience they provided for us.

La Dulce Compañía

Calle Melchor Ocampo 27 // +524424610099

Wow, I never expected to discover such a fantastic Italian-style bakery cafe in the heart of Mexico. The best European dessert shop in Queretaro so far! There was an amazing combination of architectural details, natural light, cozy seating, and friendly, inviting service in the colonial house that had been recently renovated. 

I wish I had taken more pictures. The pastries were exhibited in gorgeous old wooden cabinets, and the coffee options were excellent. We had the ideal empanada with slow-roasted mushrooms and onions.

I tasted a large chunk of melted chocolate cookie that was crunchy on the outside edges, somewhat crunched across the surfaces, and had a gooey mushy middle, exactly how I like my cookies but rarely find them.

And you must try their chocolate eclair, the best I’ve ever had in the world. It had a deep dark chocolate topping that was slightly firm, the eclair itself was soft and moist, it had a light cream filling that was slightly sweet but not overpowering, and the best part was the orange liqueur drizzle on top.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Chocolate Eclair

This is definitely a place I recommend visiting during your next vacation to Queretaro!

Nama Sushi

Hacienda el Campanario 99 // +524421695743

Nama Sushi is a must-try amongst the restaurants In Queretaro, serving authentic Japanese cuisine. It is located on a quiet street and offers generous portions, reasonable rates, and tasty meals. They specialize on various sorts of seafood, poultry, and grilled meats.

If you want to sample something else than traditional Mexican cuisine, here is the place to go. It’s a great place to visit with family or friends.

The restaurant is nicely decorated and furnished, the music is appropriate, and the fish is of great quality. The service is excellent, and it is helpful without being obtrusive. Cesar is an expert in his field, and the rest of the crew is attentive.

We sat at the bar, and the bartender was extremely cool and responsive to our needs. We were surprised when he served us an unexpected omakase. I recommend getting the nigiris while they are in season.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Nigiri

The setting is simple, and sitting at the bar is quite an experience; the cooks are quite nice; they recommend the best dishes, and if you ask them, they provide a simple and understandable explanation. It was a very wonderful experience to eat there. If you want Japanese cuisine, this is the place to go!

Black Juice & Coffee Lab

Calle Vicente Guerrero 15 // +524421199955

Black Juice is a place that, despite not being considered a specialty, is a place that makes you special. It is a cafe specializing in the attention it tries to provide to its customers and its continuous innovation regarding its dishes with each year’s season. 

The place has a rustic design that is quite pleasing to the eye, it has both bars to work and tables with chairs or comfortable armchairs to hang out with family or friends. 

They have a board game loan system that can liven up your afternoon and background music to improve your experience. 

The food had a good flavor and varied flavors. Great variety and a balance in the coffee that is quite pleasant to the palate, either simple or in some combination.

I had the acai bowl with Moroccan mint tea. My friend had the overnight oats and berries with a coffee. Both were made fresh and tasty.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Acai Bowl

 I would personally recommend it for going to work or having breakfast on a nice morning. Definitely one of the the coziest restaurants In Queretaro.


And. Libertad 82 // +524422996207

In Queretaro, this French bistro is legendary. tucked away on a pedestrian street behind the Hotel Meson de Santa Rosa. a wonderful semi-open air upper terrace at a delightful French bakery.

The best French breakfast in town, without a doubt. The greatest ingredients are used to create everything in the classic French way.

It offers mouthwatering breakfasts and lunches, with meals like beef bourguignon, steak frites, and mussels marinara, in addition to superb coffee and pastries to go.

It was a beautiful sunny day with a clear sky as we sat on the terrace. We began with ginger, pineapple, and orange juice, followed by a delicious spinach quiche, and we finished with a stunning thousand leaves dessert made of red fruits, which left both my palate and my stomach feeling incredibly full.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Spinach Quiche

Everything was well during the main meal. Each of the four of us placed a different order, and we all ended up snatching food from the neighbor’s plate.

The croissant ooh la la sandwich was delicious, and the potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms were oven-roasted to bring out their best flavors and textures.

The highly attractive interior design, welcoming ambiance, reasonable costs, and gracious service are what makes this place one of the restaurants In Queretaro to visit.

Terraza La Grupa

Av. Prol. Luis Pasteur 25-Norte // +524422124249

The restaurant Terraza La Grupa is a great choice for foodies. The patio has a pleasant ambiance, is calm and totally private, and offers the chance to take in a breathtaking view of Queretaro’s ancient city center.

They feature specialty drinks like New Moon, Blue Moon, and Red, which have a delicate aftertaste for the picky taster, and the prices are reasonable and the food is first-rate.

I stayed at the hotel and tried the breakfasts. They consist of fruit and drink, omelets, scrambled, divorced, and eggs to taste.

There are also chilaquiles and green or red enchiladas filled with cheese. These can be consumed on their own; adding chicken or eggs will incur additional costs. Toasty bread and a sizable cup of American coffee are served with them.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Green Enchiladas

The service was quite friendly, and the dishes and quantities were of excellent proportion and presentation. The service was flawless.

The combination of the factors mentioned, along with the pleasant weather and the view from Terraza La Grupa, creates a unique and inviting setting for taking in the stunning Historical Center in the illustrious city of Querétaro. Surely is one of the top restaurants In Queretaro.

Moser Cafe Kultur

Av. Industrialización 4 // +524422452733

Moser Cafe Kultur is a cool cafe with reasonable prices, given the fresh and high-quality items they utilize. Their craft beer selection is fantastic, and they don’t just serve what they have on hand – one of the reasons why I put this place in the top restaurants In Queretaro.

The people are friendly and accepting, the cuisine is affordable and delectable, and the ambiance is laid-back, making it simple to hang out with friends, clients, or even by yourself.

It’s a laid-back area where you may eat and drink while sitting outside in the shade. It was delicious to eat a poached egg on toast with mushrooms.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Poached Egg On Toast With Mushrooms

My friend loved his omelet with goat cheese and mushrooms. The site is quite special, and the service was excellent. The freshly baked bread and pastries are also excellent!

This coffee business serves the greatest coffee in Queretaro. Their workers are trained bartenders, and the selection of coffee drinks is excellent. Check out this place and the other fascinating stores in the retail complex.


Calle Cto. Alamos 62A // +524427210505

Sepia is one of the top brunch restaurants in Queretaro, with a one-of-a-kind decor. The portions are generous, the food is delicious, and the service is friendly and courteous. The ambiance is wonderful because it resembles being in a living room or at a friend’s home.

One of the best brunch restaurants in Queretaro for me. It does not accept reservations, yet even with a large crowd waiting for a table, the wait time was just approximately 15 minutes.

I had to take a seat on the patio, which was lovely. The service was excellent and prompt. I ordered some Los Arcos eggs, which were delicious. It was great with a cappuccino and monkey bread from the Bakery located within the restaurant.

The coffee was great and on point, the sandwiches, wraps, and bagels are very well cooked; they are a fantastic option for a complete and nutritious meal, and they are undoubtedly one of the best breakfast options in the neighborhood!

Restaurants In Queretaro: Bagel

Allora Bistro

Calle Venustiano Carranza 37 // +524422241998

With over a decade in business, Allora Bistro has established itself as the ideal option for those looking for exceptional food and hold one of the top places as one of the best restaurants In Queretaro. 

Their menu is well-known throughout the city, and its chef is willing to go above and beyond to make meals with the best flavor and ingredients.

One of the most delicious poached eggs I’ve ever had. The dishes were really well assembled and presented. The waitress was quite pleasant. 

Restaurants In Queretaro: Poached Egg

So, if you’re tired of going to the same places that serve mediocre food, don’t pass up the chance to come here and enjoy a wonderful dinner!


76000, Avenida Universidad 37 a // +524422269473

Hands down, the nicest breakfast I’ve ever eaten in Queretaro! In this tastefully designed restaurant, the quality of the cuisine and service stood out like nowhere when compared to the other restaurants In Queretaro.

They offer valet parking and sell art and other items used to decorate the restaurant. If you’re in town, you should try it!

It is truly a delight to discover a location like this, from the quiet and attractive entrance, they have parking when entering the area the magic begins, first with the impression of the place, elegant, warm, and unique, it really surprised me.

The service was also top-notch, with everyone being extremely attentive and stopping by your table to see if you needed anything. This is unlike other restaurants where you have to wait an eternity for a server to pay attention to you.

I had bread topped with smoked salmon, tomato, and olive oil. It was fantastic in every way! The tomatoes were extremely tasty and recent! The rest of our meal was as great.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Bread with Smoked Salmon, Tomato And Olive Oil

With a really European feel, they also provide you with free glasses of water. There is plenty to discover here. Super recommended!

Botánico Queretaro

Circuito Alamos 64 terraza // +524422862002

Botánico Queretaro is a really nice and comfortable restaurant; we were served immediately and the employees were helpful. 

The meal was great, and there were numerous dishes to select from because this restaurant caters to all groups of people.

The prices of the dishes aren’t expensive either, which makes it easier for both families and friends to enjoy themselves here. It’s one of the reasons why this place is one of the best value for money restaurants In Queretaro.

I ordered chilaquiles, which came quickly and were well-prepared and excellent.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Chilaquiles

The waffles greatly improved the overall experience. It’s a must-visit amongst the restaurants In Queretaro!

Hacienda La Laborcilla

Prol. Corregidora Nte. 911 bis // +524422451695

This place is a must if you visit Querétaro. The Hacienda is stunning, the atmosphere is lovely, and the extensive menu will blow your mind. 

It is a classy restaurant housed in a renovated 18th-century hacienda with a fountain and green patio seating. The food was pricy, but it was worth it; it tasted amazing.

It was a great experience, and the barman was friendly and willing to go the extra mile to customize the cocktails. Our server, Luis Rojo, was superb; attentive, and respectful, and he never left our table without asking us if there was anything else we needed. 

The restaurant has an indoor/outdoor environment and is situated around a pool that is well-lit at night. The food was excellent and had a good selection of meats, fish and seafood, pizzas, and pasta dishes.

My friend got a more traditional dish of shrimp and pasta. After a little experimentation, I ended up with stuffed prawns. Prawns are indeed shrimp as well. However, these were enormous and yet had their full-length shells, antennae, and other features. Along with it was spaghetti prepared with squash, zucchini, and carrots. It was wonderful!

Restaurants In Queretaro: Shrimp And Pasta

The service was professional. Live music was playing the night we came, which was lovely. It was audible, focused, but not intrusive. Very highly recommended, and I hope to return soon. Definitely one of the best restaurants In Queretaro.

Queretaro Bars


C. 5 de Mayo 111 // +525549449393

This is the spot to go if you’re in Querétaro and searching for a nice place to enjoy a few beers. Restaurant and bar with a steampunk theme that serves delicious food, has a great music selection, and always has wonderful things coming out of the kitchen. It is a special location. It has a mysterious feel due to the decoration, which greatly tickles interest. It’s definitely one of the most unique restaurants In Queretaro.

I enjoyed the excellent mixology at a reasonable price, and the music was unique compared to what I’m used to hearing at other bars. The food tasted wonderful, the drinks were plentiful, and the decor was quite hip. You should expect to pay about 200 pesos per person, including a drink.

Good spot to hang out with friends, enjoy drinks and eat delicious cuisine, particularly the extremely hot wings, salmon and pears pizza, guacamole, and nachos.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Hot Wings

The location is not cheap, but it is also not expensive, and it is well worth it.  This is a great place to spend a few hours with friends.


C. 5 de Mayo 71 // +524423840666

The restaurant is located in downtown Querétaro, and it is a good place to stop for a drink while sightseeing. Absolutely loved this place. 

Excellent beer options and a great environment. The staff was helpful and quick in making a drink recommendation.

They provide various drinks to suit any taste, from simple classics to more complex concoctions made with fruity, herbal, floral, and unusual components like apricot jam. I advise you to step outside your comfort zone because you won’t be let down.

Tudor Cocktail Club

Calle Venustiano Carranza 50 // +524427095974

Probably the top martini bar and one of the best restaurants In Queretaro. All items were reasonably priced, and both residents and visitors agree that you get what you pay for when you dine and drink there. 

They offer a sensual, warm environment, terrific music, and positive energy. They don’t need more furniture because the space is modest and already has a few tables and a bar with tall chairs.

Although the menu was small and only consisted of a few salads and main dishes, we were happy with the cuisine’s options and quality!

We ordered from the menu and created amazing individualized drinks, especially because the head bartender had everything in order and provided first-rate service. All the cocktails we sampled were really well balanced.

Restaurants In Queretaro: Cocktails

It stands out from the other bars in the center just because you can visit and request an original drink for yourself.

Stop in, enjoy the array of specialty cocktails, and if you must, challenge them to what they have to offer.  They created our drinks without hesitation and passed our tests.  It is a place that is worth in every way. A good experience waiting for you!

Summary About The Best Restaurants In Queretaro

Querétaro is the place to go if you want to experience real Mexican culture and the country’s best.

Querétaro is a city that should not be disregarded, from the stunning architecture of its landmarks to its charming central square, from its varied local food to its abundant entertainment possibilities.

While there aren’t any huge resorts like in Acapulco, what is offered will provide you with experiences to last a lifetime for sure!

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How to get to Queretaro?

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