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Best Downtown OKC Restaurants | 15 Must-Try Restaurants in Downtown Oklahoma City

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Looking for the best restaurants in downtown Oklahoma City? Look no further! During my most recent visit home I teamed up with VisitOKC to bring you this guide to my favorite downtown OKC restaurants.

Growing up in Oklahoma City, our choices in restaurants were much more limited than they are now, especially with restaurants in downtown Oklahoma City. 

OKC Restaurants: Oklahoma City

Sure, since you were approaching the southside you could find the one off Mexican spot or even some Asian food and actually really good BBQ but today the scene has changed. And of course, you’ve always been able to find places serving up classic Oklahoma food such as chicken fried steak. 

Now, some of the best restaurants in OKC are located downtown with choices ranging from Brazilian to Italian and more than a few Oklahoma City fine dining options. 

Downtown Oklahoma City restaurants have something for everyone- from vegan to some of the best steaks you’ll find in the entire country, the food in Oklahoma City continually impresses me every time I return home for a visit. 

I’m always impressed with how much the city has grown since my last visit and the restaurants in Oklahoma City are growing and changing alongside the city. At this rate, we all hope the city could have it’s first Michlein starred restaurant soon – we’re all watching you, Chef Jonathan Stranger. 

My Top 3 Picks of The Best Downtown OKC Restaurants

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
Stella Modern Italian CuisineItalian Sausage and Jalapeno Pizza5/5
Packard’sPork Chop5/5
Bob’s Steak And Chop HouseSeared Scallops5/5

The Best Downtown OKC Restaurants

Here is a list of 15 incredible restaurants you can visit when exploring gorgeous downtown Oklahoma City. 

Stella Modern Italian Cuisine

1201 N Walker Ave // +14052352200

Eating food should be treated as a celebration, and that’s what Stella Modern Italian Cuisine focuses on. The owner, Lori Burson, started the business after having over 20 years of experience in the food industry. 

Bringing an exquisite taste to your plate, Stella carries seasonal menus with classic Italian cuisine mixed with local ingredients. You can have a fine dining experience even when you aren’t dressed for one.  

Stella Modern Italian Cuisine

Photo credit: Stella Modern Italian Cuisine

Their cuisine is lush with delicacies that make for an authentic Italian experience. A thin-crust pizza would go well with their vast collection of drinks—be it imported beers, customized cocktails, or their impressive wine selection. I especially love the Italian sausage and jalapeno pizza with a glass of bold red. 

OKC Restaurants: Thin-Crust Pizza

One thing I appreciate about OKC downtown restaurants is that they have unique combinations of meat and veggies. Craving an excellent roasted chicken to go with organic greens? Well, you will find the best version of it—there’s no end to the dishes you’ll find here. 

Stella provides vegetarian options as well, and has a wonderful choice of pasta, pizzas, salads, and desserts. They also have a gluten-free menu.

Cafe Do Brasil

440 N.W 11th // +14055259779

A fine dining experience is enhanced when you mix live music with it. The best part about this restaurant is how it brings Brazilian happiness and a colorful experience through its interior and cuisine. 

This is one of the finest downtown OKC restaurants that not only delivers authentic flavors of Brazilian Cuisine but Chef Ana Davis has made sure the atmosphere is as fun as the menu.. Their interior is designed with bright yellow paint on the walls to bring joy to your soul.

With comfortable seating and plants as accessories decorating the perimeter, the restaurant has the perfect vibe. 

  • Offering different lunch and brunch menus.
  • It’s vegetarian-friendly and has many vegan and low-calorie options. 

Some of my favorite dishes include the Sao Paulo chicken and black bean dish, the cheese bread (pao de queijo) or the Brazilan national dish feijoada. 

OKC Restaurants: Feijoada
Brazilian Feijoada Food. Top view.

Cafe do Brasil was one of my go to brunch restaurants when I lived in Oklahoma City. Brunch favorites include chicken and herb croquettes, brazilian pie, migallas, or the Brazilan scramble. 


305 N. Walker Ave // +14057027660

There’s no way one can ever get tired of eating Italian food, am I not right? Patrono, the brainchild of Chef Jonathan Krell, brings us to the deliciousness of Italian ingredients in distinct ways, including foody experiments. 

Also, guess what? Chef Jonathan has served as an executive chef at Stella Modern Italian! I was amazed when I first heard about it. 

Patrono is one of the finest downtown OKC restaurants as it serves everything—from simple dishes to elegant and refined cuisine. 

This OKC downtown restaurant is welcoming and provides vegan and gluten-free options for health-concerned individuals. 

If you ever decide to visit Patrono, you need to try out Roman Carbonara! It’s made with Guanciale and bucatini pasta with garlic and crushed red pepper. Describing the dish itself has increased my cravings. 

OKC Restaurants: Roman Carbonara

Another thing that I loved about this restaurant was how cozy and comfortable it was, yet so luxurious at the same time. It has a great assortment of Italian wines and some seasonal menus that you might be lucky to eat. 

Bar Cicchetti

121 NE 2nd Street // +14057955295

Do you wish to dine at a place with an artistic ambiance? Art is precisely what Bar Cicchetti harbors—the full-service restaurant features some of the fairest artworks I have seen. 

Chef Jonathan Stranger has dedicated this restaurant to one purpose—combining worldly flavors with neighborhood appeal. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely swooned by it. 

The ambiance of this OKC downtown restaurant is equal parts casual and classy. It offers a full bar and has happy hour specials (you don’t want to miss them). 

While the space is open, it also has intimate areas available for romantic couples. The bar keeps up with upbeat songs, so I guarantee a close-knit evening for the two of you.

The upper level seemed better for couples, while the lower level was perfect for a family outing. The restaurant provides vegan and gluten-free food upon request, ensuring that you enjoy ideal dishes with your suitable palate. I recommend slow-braised pork ribs, served with honey, parmesan, and garden herbs.

OKC Restaurants: Pork Ribs

The most satisfactory thing about Bar Cicchetti is that it provides many options for drinks, be it wine, beer or cocktail. This OKC downtown restaurant is a must-check to have a pleasant and thriving experience!


201 NW 10th Street // +14056053771

I am a fan of places that have fairy lights, open-air spaces, and great views. Not to mention, it must also serve American cuisine and retains one of the best playlists on shuffle.

Downtown OKC has a scenic view, and many downtown OKC restaurants with rooftops let us enjoy that view. Packard’s secures a great outlook and a full-service bar throughout the week.

While the restaurant’s menu is only one page, it offers a nice variety of food that you can easily enjoy on a sweet evening. The staff is also amiably making the overall vibe of this place very convincing for you to stay longer than an hour. 

They provide low-calorie options, and their menu has a wide range of seafood. I enjoyed eating salmon and Pork Chop—the former is combined with Basmati rice and Grilled Squash, while the latter has hints of Jalapeno Cheddar and pickled onions.

OKC Restaurants: Pork Chop

They have a generous selection of wines, beers and cocktails for you to choose from, including tasty non-alcoholic drinks. I loved their local draft Kombucha. If you are craving seafood, you must visit Packard’s!


320 NW 10th St // +14057786800

Want to experience casual and elegant dining suitable for business or family meals? Do you wish to go on a date to a place that provides plenty of intimacy?

In this case, I genuinely recommend Ludivine. The interior and the soft aroma wafting off this place will surely make you spellbound. Chef Russ Johnson and his culinary team fuse contemporary American food with classical techniques and provide a daily menu for the customers.

From the food’s delicious flavor, you can tell that they use fresh ingredients and have a lovely assortment of meat and seafood. This is one of the downtown OKC restaurants that has wheat-free, vegan options and Kosher too.

OKC Restaurants: Ludivine Dish

Ludivine also provides outdoor dining, and the patio is as elegant as the interior. As their menu changes daily, based on the produce they get from the farmer’s market, you have a lot to try and experiment with.

They also have a lavish wine selection. The chef’s tasting menu is rich, and I relished their roasted bone marrow and charcuterie platters. You should add this to your list if you want to experience a little adventure with food.

Kitchen No 324

324 N. Robinson // +14057635911

If you want to eat at an establishment with a profuse historical association, this is the place. The building was once home to Paul R. Braniff’s airline company, which is now home to Kitchen No. 324! 

Using classic preparation techniques, this restaurant serves an excellent American Rustic Cuisine. It includes vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well. Their menu has fresh breakfast and lunch options. 

OKC Restaurants: Breakfast

I ate the most relaxing meal one could ever imagine at this venue—House Bacon. “Good” might be an understatement, this dish was terrific. They prepared House Bacon in a homemade style, and I balanced its overall flavor with their strong coffee.

Kitchen no 324 is perfect for “dinner with friends” and “lovely morning breakfast for couples.” While the restaurant is built in an old building, the interior is contemporary and chic—with white walls and elegant movables. 

Grey Sweater

100 NE 4th Street // +14054456274

One of the best things about this gem amongst the downtown OKC restaurants is its beautiful and creative interior.

The restaurant has a three-tiered tasting menu and provides the customers with International and contemporary American options. It is also vegetarian-friendly.

OKC Restaurants: Grey Sweater Dish

You should take a seat near the counter to witness the cooking technique used by their main chefs—it’s artistic.

Moreover, you can contact them beforehand and let them know about your dietary needs. It gives you the option to choose from the 3-tiers but doesn’t compromise on the quantity. I, on the other hand, went for their 5-course menu.

The restaurant’s concept comes from Chef Andrew Black, who believes in providing customers with a sleek and refined experience. They have a bountiful variety of drinks to go with your date night or party. 


1101 N Broadway Ave. Ste 100 // +14056098936

Breakfast is the most critical part of any productive day, and you deserve to have all the required nutrition. Luckily, Hatch provides a fantastic breakfast flaunting American cuisine.

The café offers vegan and low-calorie options. It has an aromatic charm, making it very difficult for you to resist dining there. You should try out the Tumblers—it is one of the most popular dishes at Hatch.

I had Classic Eggs Benedict, which included grilled duroc ham, English muffin and minced chives; boy, was it good! It made me realize why I shouldn’t skip my breakfast and grab my morning meal at Hatch. 

OKC Restaurants: Classic Eggs Benedict

The exterior and interior of the place have a rustic, ancient appearance with brick facades and 

The place has some of the finest accessories to go with the walls, giving it a luxurious design. You can take some insta-worthy pictures on your next visit to Hatch. 

I genuinely love the variety that downtown OKC restaurants provide, and I adore crashing at ace brunch locales that don’t bring too many surprises when it comes to the dishes.

Red Prime

504 N Broadway Ave // +14052322626

There’s no way that you visit Oklahoma City and not eat an authentic steak meal. Red Prime Steak has modern fine-dining dishes which are different from what one might see in traditional steakhouses. 

The interior has skylights and a remarkable amount of space, establishing picturesque urban beauty and drama. Internationally-recognized architect Rand Elliot designed it—Red Prime is a historical building renovated during the renaissance of Automobile Alley.

Fortunately, it is very close to the entertainment district Bricktown, which saves a lot of time when you want to enjoy a festive meal. Their grilled meat is a delight to have, and in general, the restaurant might make you a pescatarian. It has wheat-free options, and the dining style is casual yet graceful.

I love how the steakhouse is suitable for a rendezvous and any special occasion. My combination included crab cakes, black truffle risotto, and green beans, and needless to say, it tasted marvelous.

OKC Restaurants: Black Truffle Risotto

I won’t hesitate a second to revisit this restaurant and devour its delicious food!


803 N Hudson // +14056019131

Craving something Spanish but want to keep American options open? This is one of the downtown OKC restaurants that presents both cuisines deliciously, keeping an option open for Bahamian cuisine too.

I was ready to have one of the best Spanish delicacies when I went to the restaurant, and I wasn’t disappointed. The interior of the place has a sleek texture, with the lights complimenting the nature of the restaurant.

The menu was unique, and the food was served with an artistic touch.

The wait staff was very attentive, and it had an impressive 10-course tasting menu. Nonesuch also had seasonal food, which means that whatever they serve is of the finest quality.

They have vegetarian as well as wheat-free options for tasting. I had Farro risotto containing crispy oyster mushrooms and Dan Dan Noodles—made in a tahini-like pecan sauce. 

OKC Restaurants: Risotto With Oyster Mushrooms

Oh, and don’t forget to try the Thai chocolate bomb; it tastes like heaven descended on earth!


120 N Robinson Ave // +14059006789

There are never enough Italian dishes one can have. Tellers is one of the great downtown OKC restaurants that serves authentic Italian cuisine.

The chefs use customary methods of Italian cooking with seasonal ingredients to offer utmost quality. I had the Burrata, which has a lasting after-taste of toasted hazelnuts.

OKC Restaurants: Burrata

Tellers is located in the historic First National Bank gallery and has a distinguished interior, giving a royalty feel. They have lush options of Italian wines, which will wash away all your worries.

The restaurant is suitable for a classic romantic date with your partner or to treat your business partner with sophisticated food. The décor and the ambiance give a dignified aura, with a goldish hue all over the place. 

You shouldn’t even think twice when planning to dine here. This is one of the downtown OKC restaurants that will transport you to the greens of Italy.


835 W Sheridan Ave. Ste 100 // +14052122346

Do you want to experience the urban wilderness and celebrate the coffee culture? Add Stitch to your list of downtown OKC restaurants to visit.

This café has a very sober interior, with long windows and bright lights. They have many plants inside, providing a peaceful element for work or dates.

The restaurant has a gluten-free menu and has covered interesting outdoor seating as well. The workers are super-friendly and know what they are doing. I even made a friend! 

I had the chocolate croissant, and—may Lord have mercy, it tasted the right amount of flaky chocolatey. Even the cinnamon rolls went supremely well with it. Top that with a blend of coffee, and you cannot have a better meal.

OKC Restaurants: Chocolate Croissant

With its good breakfast options, the place is a suitable venue for lunch and dinner too! I was amazed to find this gem amongst the downtown OKC restaurants.

Hall’s Pizza Kitchen

1004 N Hudson, Suite 106 // +14056001991

Pizza is one of my favorite treats, and that’s what led me to try Hall’s Pizza Kitchen. This is also one of the downtown OKC restaurants that provides vegetarian options and is a delectable match for either lunch or dinner.

Their pizza dough is very soft and they are perfectly generous with their toppings. The place has a very chill and laid-back atmosphere, suitable for a lazy and less stressful day.

I had the company pizza with mushrooms accompanied by the not-so-daily salad. My friends ordered the smoke, having smoked chicken and country BBQ sauce. I am not kidding when I say this—the restaurant has a well-renowned taste to it. 

OKC Restaurants: Smoked Chicken

They have an opulent variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Their blueberry pomegranate sweet tea had the perfect blend of sweetness. You have to promise to have cheesecake at the venue. It tastes SO good.

Bob’s Steak And Chop House

100 West Oklahoma City Blvd. // +14054386475

As mentioned earlier, you cannot skip on the steak when in Oklahoma. Bob’s Steak and Chop house provides the finest prime steaks along with seafood options for diners.

The interior of the place is amiable. I loved the way their ceilings were designed and how well-maintained and good-looking their bar was. Bob’s Steak and Chop house’s atmosphere is very lively and they have a very enthusiastic staff. Without any doubt, it is one of the greatest places amongst all downtown OKC restaurants for steaks.

I am not joking when I say it, they have an enormous collection of wines. Bob’s Steak has its own unique wine inventory that features “Wine of the Month” for the guests to try.

You need to have their Seared Scallops which are served with Texas burnt honey. Add velvet espresso martini to your dinner and the night serves itself beautifully. You won’t have a bad experience, trust me.

OKC Restaurants: Seared Scallops

Where to stay- the best hotel in Downtown Oklahoma City

You’re going to need a base to explore all of the amazing restaurants in downtown Oklahoma City. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

On my most recent visit home The Ambassador Hotel generously offered to put me up for a few nights and I have to say- I was seriously impressed.

The hotel is perfectly located in downtown OKC, in fact sitting directly across two of the restaurants on our list- Stella and Cafe do Brazil. You would not even need an Uber to visit any of the restaurants on our list– more money for wine!

Located inside the gorgeous renovated Osler building, The Ambassador set out to retain the buildings 1920’s charm while at the same time providing a completely modern experience.

The rooms are spacious, incredibly comfortable, and stylish and the hotel offers several room types so you’re sure to find something perfect for your travel plans.

The Ambassador is even part of the Autograph Collection of hotels so you know it’s going to be nice! There’s even an onsite fitness center to burn off all of the calories from working your way through this list.

Click here to visit the hotel’s website directly or click here to check rates on!

Frequently Asked Questions: Foodies Also Ask

What types of cuisine can I find in Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City offers a wide variety of cuisines, including American, Italian, Mexican, Asian, and more. You’ll find everything from upscale dining experiences to casual food joints.

Are there vegetarian or vegan-friendly options among these restaurants?

Yes, many of Oklahoma City’s restaurants on our list offer vegetarian and/or vegan options. 

What’s the average price range for dining downtown?

The price range can vary widely depending on the restaurant and type of cuisine. However, you can expect to spend anywhere from $10-$50 per person. Fine dining options are generally on the higher end of this range.

Are there any restaurants that offer hearty Oklahoma-style dishes?

Yes, several restaurants are mainstays for Oklahoman cuisine, offering hearty dishes that reflect the state’s rich culinary history.

Where can I get craft beer in downtown OKC?

Oklahoma City (OKC) had a growing craft beer scene, with several places in or near the downtown area where you could enjoy a variety of craft beers. Here are some places you might want to consider:

  • Stonecloud Brewing Company
  • Bricktown Brewery
  • Twisted Spike Brewery and Tap Room
  • Skydance Brewing Co.
  • Prairie OKC

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Conclusion: Best Downtown OKC Restaurants

The restaurants in Oklahoma City do not disappoint, whether it’s the food, the atmosphere or the interior. 

Downtown Oklahoma City restaurants need to be awarded for their specialty and unique experience. If you decide to visit Oklahoma City, you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to dine at the best outlets. 

Disclaimer: I would like to thank both VisitOKC and The Ambassador Hotel for sponsoring a portion of my visit. All opinions remain my own. 

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