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The Best Thai Food In Tampa | 5 Must-Try Thai Restaurants In Tampa, FL

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The beauty of travel lies in its ability to transport you to unfamiliar territories, awakening a sense of wanderlust that lingers long after you’ve returned home.

Every destination is a treasure chest waiting to be unlocked, revealing hidden gems that captivate and inspire. 

Without a doubt, Tampa is a destination that your eyes and soul deserve to feel, its beautiful beaches and warm climate, and vibrant energy, along with the spots to find the best Thai food in Tampa, left me wanting more.

One of the highlights of my visit was Tampa’s stunning waterfront. The city boasts a picturesque skyline framed by the glistening waters of Tampa Bay.

Aerial Beach View of Tampa

Strolling along the scenic Riverwalk, I enjoyed the breathtaking views and the refreshing breeze, while various attractions dotted the way, including the Tampa Museum of Art and the Florida Aquarium.

After enjoying and visiting all significant features, this city has, we started with our research for the best Thai restaurants. 

Thai cuisine is a vibrant and aromatic culinary delight that never fails to leave a lasting impression. As a fan of international flavors, I have had the pleasure of indulging in Thai cuisine on multiple occasions, and each time, I am captivated by its exquisite flavors, striking balance of sweet, spicy, sour, and salty, and the sheer artistry in its presentation.

Tampa, Florida, is home to a diverse culinary scene, and Thai cuisine is well-represented with a variety of restaurants that cater to enthusiasts of this flavorful cuisine. Here are some popular Thai restaurants in Tampa:

Top Three Picks of The Best Thai Restaurants In Tampa

RestaurantTop PickOur Rating
Si-Am Thaimerican RestaurantTom Yum soup5/5
Pinto Thai RestaurantPad Thai4.5/5
Thailand RestaurantCrispy duck4/5

The 6 Spots For The Best Thai Food In Tampa

Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen

3635 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609, United States +18135144349 

Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen is a hidden culinary gem that offers an unparalleled dining experience for lovers of Thai cuisine. 

From the moment I stepped foot into this inviting restaurant, I was greeted with warm smiles and an atmosphere that exuded authenticity.

The ambiance at Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen is both cozy and vibrant, with Thai-inspired decor and soft lighting that create an intimate setting.

One dish that left an indelible impression on me was the Pad Thai. The combination of delicate rice noodles, perfectly cooked shrimp or chicken, and the expertly balanced blend of tamarind sauce and Thai spices created a harmonious symphony of flavors.

Lemon Grass is one of the best restaurants for thai food in Tampa!

The vegan spring rolls were very crispy, light, delicate and quite hot served. They were just delicious. Thai fried rice with shrimp was cooked perfectly and aromas of Thai spices were flavorful making it tasty.

Another standout dish was the Green Curry. Made with a creamy coconut milk base and an array of fragrant herbs and spices, it showcased the perfect balance of heat and depth of flavor.

The generous portions of tender meat or vegetables added to the overall satisfaction of the dish, leaving me longing for more.

After the dinner we had Sweet Sticky Rice with mango. The sweet dish was delicious and it was icing on the cake after the dinner. 

Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen in Tampa is a culinary haven for Thai food enthusiasts. With its inviting ambiance, attentive service, and authentic flavors, it promises an unforgettable dining experience.

If you’re in search of an oasis of Thai cuisine in the heart of Tampa, look no further than Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen.

Thai Island Restaurant

210 E Davis Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606, United States  +18132519111

Thai Island Restaurant is an adorable tropical bungalow-style restaurant that will make you feel as if you really are on an island somewhere on vacation in Thailand while you are far away. 

It is located on Tampa Bay’s beautiful Davis Island just a couple miles north of the Peter O. Knight Airport and the scenic Davis Island Beach.

This place serves amazing Thai seafood. The Thai seafood here is a true delight for seafood lovers, offering a tantalizing array of flavors, textures, and aromas.

With its abundant coastline and access to fresh seafood, this restaurant has perfected the art of incorporating seafood into its cuisine.

The Pla Rad Prik, a whole fish deep-fried to perfection and topped with a zesty chili sauce, is a standout. The fish is cooked to retain its moistness, and the sauce adds a delightful kick that enhances the flavors of the dish.

 The signature dishes here include delectable filets of snapper and catfish as well as soft-shell crab.

One standout dish is the Pad Thai, a quintessential Thai noodle dish that Thai Island Restaurant executes with finesse.

The delicate balance of flavors, the perfectly cooked rice noodles, and the combination of shrimp, tofu, and crunchy peanuts make this dish a crowd-pleaser. Each bite delivers a harmonious blend of sweet, tangy, and savory notes that leave a lasting impression.

Thai Island is one of the best restaurants for thai food in Tampa!

Thai Island Duck was a smooth and tantalizing and flavorful dish that showcases the artistry of Thai cuisine. I also recommend the green thai tea drink. 

The Panang curry is wonderful too. This dish captivates with its rich and aromatic flavors. This creamy and savory curry is characterized by its deep red color, velvety texture, and a complex blend of spices that create a symphony of taste on the palate.

Thai Island Restaurant provides a welcome escape to the flavors of Thailand. With its inviting atmosphere, flavorful dishes, and attentive service, it offers a taste of paradise right in the heart of Tampa.

Si-am Thaimerican Restaurant

713 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602, United States  +18132299710

Si-Am Thaimerican Restaurant is no exception when it comes to the amazing Thai food in Downtown Tampa Bay. 

It is a hidden gem right next to the historical Tampa Theater in downtown Tampa.

The atmosphere inside is gorgeous and perfect for a nice evening out, romantique dinner or causal night with your friends. The restaurant is absolutely beautiful, in the heart of Tampa. The food was served quickly and delicious; very flavorful,

They have a huge list of stir fry options with things like cashew nuts, garlic and black pepper, eggplant with basil, and many more.

I had the sampler appetizer, Tom kha soup, Thai tea, Mango sake, and panang seafood. The menu combines.

Si-am is one of the best restaurants for thai food in Tampa!

The Tom Yum soup was fabulous as was the spicy duck dish.  The soup was spicy, sour, and aromatic that is traditionally served with rice.

While I was eating one of the healthiest Thai dishes, I was thinking about how Tom Yum soup  is loaded with nutrients, has very few calories, is low-carb, low-fat and gluten free. And it is absolutely amazing, especially if your choice is  Si-Am Thai American Restaurant.

Si-Am Thaimerican Restaurant is a lovely and cozy restaurant with beautiful appointments and decorations, making the complete dining experience a real pleasure. My only regret is that I don’t live in the area to be able to dine here more often!

This restaurant is a must-visit spot when you’re looking for Tampa Bay Thai food because their menu is absolutely massive, so you are almost guaranteed to find something you’ll love.

Pinto Thai Restaurant

 4205 S MacDill Ave Suite F,G, Tampa, FL 33611, United States // +18133745378

This restaurant is the perfect place to come when you’re craving a traditional Thai experience with foods like roasted duck, tom yum shrimp, and, our personal favorite, pad see ew.

We shared a huge bowl of soup and the lunch special included a salad and a desert afterwards.

We love this place because you can grab some of Tampa’s best Thai cuisine in one lovely setting.

The first thing that struck me about Pinto Thai was its warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant’s tasteful decor, adorned with traditional Thai artwork and accents, created an ambiance that was both elegant and comfortable.

The friendly and attentive staff further enhanced the dining experience, providing excellent service and knowledgeable recommendations.

Pinto Thai is one of the best restaurants for thai food in Tampa!

Now, let’s talk again about the star of the show—the food. Pinto Thai’s menu boasts an extensive selection of Thai delicacies, each crafted with precision and care.

One standout dish that I absolutely loved was the Pad Thai. The combination of delicate rice noodles, perfectly cooked shrimp or chicken, and the aromatic blend of tamarind sauce and Thai spices created a harmonious medley of flavors that left me craving for more.

The restaurant also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, catering to those with dietary preferences. The Green Curry with tofu was a true delight, with its creamy coconut milk base and a harmonious blend of green chilies, Thai basil, and other aromatic herbs.

The Thai iced tea and mango sticky rice dessert were the perfect sweet endings to a delightful meal, further adding to the overall authenticity and completeness of the dining experience.

Pinto Thai Restaurant in Tampa is a must-visit for any Thai cuisine enthusiast or anyone looking to embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant flavors of Thailand.

Thailand Restaurant

 5252 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33611, United States  +18138371793

Thailand Restaurant is a place that will transfer you directly to the vibrant Thailand through the diverse flavors and the ambience in the restaurants itself. 

Everything was amazing, starting from the food, the atmosphere, the kindness of the owners and stuff.

Our choice of appetizers was  superb. As you already know we’re big fans of Thai cuisine and to be in this restaurant was a great treat for both of us.

The crispy duck didn’t disappoint me, it was spectacular. I also try to get the Fish of Siam dish. Deep fried snapper in the sweet and sour sauce.

Thailand Restaurant is one of the best restaurants for thai food in Tampa!

The Crab Ragoon left me wanting more. The LemonGrass Soup was really amazing and flavoful. 

The ragoons were delicious, the Tom yum soup was very good, the beef noodle soup as well as the chicken pad thai.

This place is an incredible cultural experience that’s fun for the whole family. You’ll love the food, and you’ll learn tons of fascinating things about Thai culture and Buddhism. 

If you are willing to experience unforgettable journeys and enjoy tasty home style Thai food made with love, this is the place where you will find love and respect. 

Foodies Also Ask

What kind of restaurants can we expect?

In Tampa, you can expect a diverse range of Thai restaurants that cater to various preferences and dining experiences. 

These restaurants focus on presenting classic Thai dishes that capture the essence of Thai cuisine. They offer a wide selection of authentic dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Yum soup, Green Curry, and Massaman Curry.

These restaurants prioritize maintaining the traditional flavors, cooking techniques, and presentation of Thai cuisine. Some Thai restaurants in Tampa may specialize in specific regional cuisines, such as Isaan (Northeastern Thai), Southern Thai, or Northern Thai cuisine.

These restaurants highlight the unique flavors and ingredients associated with their respective regions, offering an opportunity to explore the rich culinary heritage of Thailand.

With the growing popularity of plant-based diets, you can find Thai restaurants in Tampa that cater specifically to vegetarian and vegan customers. 

Are these restaurants expensive?

The pricing of Thai restaurants in Tampa can vary depending on various factors, including the type of restaurant, location, menu offerings, and ambiance.

Tampa is home to several Thai restaurants that offer affordable dining experiences.

These restaurants often feature casual settings, with prices that cater to budget-conscious diners. On the other side, Upscale Thai restaurants in Tampa, which offer a refined atmosphere and premium ingredients, may have higher price points.

Do these restaurants offer takeout or delivery options?

Many of these restaurants offer takeout and delivery options. Also, many restaurants offer a catering service.

Conclusion: Best Thai Food In Tampa

Whether you’re seeking an authentic Thai experience, a modern twist on classic dishes, or a taste of Thai street food, Tampa’s Thai restaurants have something for everyone, catering to a variety of culinary preferences and dining preferences.

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