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The 10 Best Restaurants In Riverton Wyoming

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Riverton is not the most popular tourist attraction in the United States. Nonetheless, with its hiking and fishing facilities, this quaint, small village can be a lot of fun!

It is a quiet town in the middle of nowhere that offers various cuisines, whether you are visiting for a weekend getaway or just passing through. 

The Riverton restaurant scene offers everything from American food to Italian, Mexican, Asian, and Thai cuisine.

Fortunately for those searching for good cuisine, there are many excellent restaurants in Riverton Wyoming After all, what’s better than dining on quaint streets and gorgeous old buildings?

Here is a list of some of my favorite restaurants in Riverton Wyoming, where you can enjoy well-prepared food, friendly service, and memorable experiences. Enjoy!

My Top 3 Picks Of The Best Restaurants In Riverton Wyoming

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
The BreadboardBBQ chicken sandwich5/5
Red Willow RestaurantSpicy Cajun pasta5/5
Smokehouse Burgers & Fries BBQSmokehouse Mutha Burger4.5/5

The 10 Best Restaurants In Riverton Wyoming

The Depot Restaurant

110 S. 1st St., Riverton, WY 82501, United States // +13078562221

Want some Tex-Mex food in Riverton? For all your Mexican-inspired cravings, go to The Depot, which is close to Riverton’s downtown center.

The restaurant is named because it was constructed on an ancient train station site in the early 1900s and has been serving delicious, inexpensive meals since 1994.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but once you enter, you’ll find yourself in a cozy, homey setting with wood furnishings and festive Mexican decor.

The menu is filled with all your favorite Mexican dishes, including fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, tostadas, and burritos!

As an appetizer, we started with their Nachos Grande dish, which was piled high with beans, olives, tomatoes, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream.

Restaurants In Riverton Wyoming: The Depot Restaurant Nachos Grande

As soon as we were done with that, we placed an order for their Smothered Burrito, a sloppy, disorderly platter of a tortilla stuffed with your choice of contents before being covered in their unique green chili and cheese. Delicious!

Although the food isn’t incredibly spicy here, you can always ask the helpful staff to make it hot!

Thanks to their excellent drinks menu, you can also enjoy beverages like Margaritas, Pina Coladas, and interesting Mexican beers.

This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Riverton Wyoming if you are craving some fantastic Mexican food!

Roasted Bean & Cuisine

514 W. Main St., Riverton, WY 82501, United States // +13078566448

Roasted Bean and Cuisine are well-renowned for their fantastic coffee, but make some delicious lunch and dinner meals as well!

It is one of the restaurants in Riverton Wyoming with more fashionable eateries; it has a devoted local fanbase and serves generous quantities that rival those of a typical diner while tasting as if it came from a very posh establishment.

Despite the small number of seats inside, the wood accents, the black tables and chairs, and the adorable coffee-themed decor give the space an upscale and welcoming appearance.

Their lunch menu focuses on gourmet burgers, sandwiches, wraps, meat platters, and light salads.

We started with their famous slow-roasted beef slices on a dish with Swiss cheese, sautéed onions, and homemade gravy.

Roasted Bean & Cuisine Beef Slices

You might want to try their delicious pasta dishes for dinner since all of their sauces and pasta are cooked from scratch!

We chose the Fish Basil Cream Fettuccine, which arrived with Alaskan salmon on top of a creamy sauce and fresh basil.

They serve Prime Rib on Friday nights, and their meat is always served house-cut, cooked to your liking, and accompanied by veggies, a garden salad, and a side.

It’s worth waiting the entire week for this plate of deliciousness! This is one of the fascinating restaurants in Riverton Wyoming, which you must visit.


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519 W. Main St., Riverton, WY 82501, United States // +13078577306

Good Italian cuisine is hard to come by anywhere. Fortunately, Perrett’s has been providing the locals with delectable, genuine Italian staples for many years.

This little diner, located around the center of the town, features a cute, small interior dining space and a covered patio with nice wooden tables, chairs, and summertime flowers.

Their menu features classic Italian dishes like pizza and calzones and covers every aspect of one of the most authentic restaurants in Riverton Wyoming.

For those with adventurous tastes, I suggest the Spicy Hoola Pizza, which mixes bacon, chicken, pineapples, and jalapenos over a sweet and sour barbecue sauce.

Perrett's Pizza

If you don’t like pineapple on your pizza, choose Dad’s Pizza, which contains all the delicious, dependable ingredients you know and love, like pepperoni, bacon, sausage, and a ton of cheese.

Oh, and don’t forget to try their subs, which are cooked using handmade bread that has just been baked! 

I tried the classic meatball sandwich with its heaping helping of marinara and mozzarella and the accompanying crispy fries. I was blown away by its taste and satisfaction!

Wash it down with one of their numerous beers, and you’re ready for the day. Worth a try for classic Italian food in Riverton!

Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery

203 E. Main St., Riverton, WY 82501, United States // +13078561116

Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery is a great spot to grab a cup of coffee. I like supporting local establishments more than chain restaurants. They’re usually pretty fine, but this restaurant was amazing.

If you want something upscale and one-of-a-kind, this could be the greatest restaurant in town. If you’re an early riser like me, It’s perfect that the coffee shop opens much earlier than the restaurant.

They are known for their excellent coffee, but they also serve delicious sandwiches. The coffee is freshly roasted and brewed with high-quality equipment.

You have the option to make your custom coffee or pick from a variety of diverse flavors. Additionally, Brown Sugar has a great variety of pastries, cookies, and doughnuts.

The smoked salmon bruschetta, beet hummus, and Greek nachos were out of this world. I couldn’t choose just one. I’m delighted everything was so unique and lovely.

The fresh Battered Shrimp and Fries were delicious. Chicken Diane is a house favorite, and I can see why. 

Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery Battered Shrimp and Fries

The 14-ounce ribeye meat quality and flavor were amazing, especially with the butter on top. The rosemary fries were served beside the meat.

I had the delicious carrot cupcake and pink lemonade for dessert. I had a great time here. It is certainly worth a visit if you are looking for great coffee in Riverton.

Trailhead Restaurant

831 N. Federal Blvd., Riverton, WY 82501, United States // +13078567990

It’s no surprise that Trailhead is one of the busiest restaurants in Riverton Wyoming. After all, the classic American cuisine is outstanding, and the service is second to none.

This place is all about indulgent steak dinners in an unpretentious environment.

It has a distinctly western feel to it, with wood paneling and quirky design, as well as bar seating to accommodate as many visitors as possible. There’s a soup and salad bar where you can pile your dish with fresh ingredients.

What about dinner and lunch? Many delicious options include fresh burgers and sandwiches for lunch, steaks, and pasta for dinner.

I love their made-to-order burgers, which have fresh patties with a beautiful char, especially the classic Trailburger, which contains sautéed mushrooms, onions, and crumbled bacon all wrapped up in melted cheese.

You should try the Chicken Fried Steak, their most popular meal, with handmade, creamy mashed potatoes for dinner.

Trailhead Restaurant Chicken Fried Steak

It’s no secret that The Trailhead’s cinnamon buns make a wonderful after-meal treat, but be warned: they’re massive, and one may be enough for two people! 

This spot is a perfect spot for classic American food in Riverton, joined with friends or family. Enjoy!

The Breadboard

124 E. Washington Ave., Riverton, WY 82501, United States // +13078567044

The Breadboard is a cute little restaurant with fantastic sandwiches, healthy salads, and a welcoming ambiance.

There is something unique about each sandwich. You can have yours with lettuce, tomato, and onion or soft rye bread.

I ordered the BBQ chicken sandwich on bread with bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce. Wow! One of my all-time favorite sandwiches!

The Breadboard Chicken Sandwich

It was covered in a homemade sauce and stuffed with chicken that was entirely white flesh. With all the meat on it, the six-inch was also more than plenty.

My friend had the smokestack with turkey, jalapeno bacon, and provolone cheese with a cup of chicken dumpling soup.

I enjoyed eating it much more than a sandwich from Subway! We both ummed and awwed throughout the meal.

Locals also seemed to enjoy it. It had adorable train decor, a clean bathroom, and friendly, helpful staff! If you’re looking for a delicious sandwich, I highly recommend this place!

Red Willow Restaurant

180 Red Wolf Place, Riverton, WY 82501, United States // +18666571604

The Red Willow Restaurant is a AAA Diamond-rated establishment for excellent service and cuisine.

The Breakfast Buffet is a great way to start your day, followed by lunch or dinner at the Red Willow Bar & Grille.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, please check out their late-night menu, which includes all your favorite cocktails, snacks, and desserts!

This restaurant’s chef is one of the greatest in the area, and he prepares his crew to perfection. You should visit this restaurant for dinner or lunch even if you are not a gambler.

The Spicy Cajun pasta and burgers were our favorites amongst all the restaurants in Riverton Wyoming. The artichoke dip was a fantastic appetizer. Most of the menu items are worth tasting, especially the Prime Rib.

Red Willow Restaurant Spicy Cajun Pasta

You won’t regret visiting this restaurant if you’re a foodie!

Bar 10

114 S. Broadway Ave., Riverton, WY 82501, United States // +13078562337

Looking for some fantastic local beers and delicious sports bar meals in a pleasant setting? Look no further than the aesthetically pleasing Bar 10 sports bar in Riverton.

This place is always packed with locals because it serves a little bit of everything, but despite its popularity, the vibe here is quiet, relaxing, and welcoming.

It has great bar seats, tables, a chicly decorated wall, and dim lighting. On some evenings, there is even live music, but the majority of the time, there is soulful country music playing in the background.

The cuisine is always freshly prepared, and the menu contains something for everyone. However, their Cuban Sliders with pulled pork, mustard, Swiss cheese, and pickles are a must-order. We absolutely love them!

Also, don’t miss out on their pizza, made with housemade dough, which comes in various flavors and is one of the cheesiest among all the restaurants in Riverton Wyoming.

A unique and mouthwatering delicacy called the Sweet Heat Pizza mixes chorizo, Italian sausage, jalapenos, and caramelized onions over some Thai sweet chili is a must-try! Their cocktail and beer menu is seemingly unlimited, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy some of the greatest Sangrias and Bellinis in town here! Definitely a place worth visiting!

Bar 10 Pizza

Chopstix Asian Bistro 

824 N. Federal Blvd., Riverton, WY 82501, United States // +13078562828

Chopstix Asian Bistro is the place to go for flavorful, convenient, and cozy Asian food in Riverton, WY. This restaurant does Asian cuisine with straightforward fare but subtly nuanced. 

It is a small, spotless restaurant with cozy booth seating, an eclectic collection of decor, and the intimate feel of a neighborhood eatery.

You’ll need help choosing what to order because the menu is so large.

There are dishes that are Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and anything else that is Asian-inspired! Even their sushi and sashimi platters, which are consistently fresh and deserving of a try, are always up for a choice.

We chose to try some exciting dishes, such as the Honey Glazed Walnut Shrimp and the Mandarin Beef, which were accompanied by a delicious soup and rice.

You can also order Vietnamese favorites such as Pho or delectable Thai dishes such as Kang Ka Ree, which features authentic yellow coconut curry.

Chopstix Asian Bistro  Pho

You’re likely to order more food than you can handle, so bring an appetite!

Despite the wide selection of dishes here, the staff is knowledgeable and efficient, making this one of the best restaurants in Riverton Wyoming, to stop here for a quick, flavorful meal!

Smokehouse Burgers & Fries BBQ

116 N. 6th St. E., Riverton, WY 82501, United States // +13074632050

Smokehouse Burgers and Fries is one of the greatest restaurants in Riverton, Wyoming, if you’re a fan of BBQ. 

This little sports pub is family-owned, located in the center of the community, and serves some of the greatest barbecues, burgers, and sandwiches in the area.

It is a peaceful location that is roomy, tidy, and straightforward, with a buzzy, energetic, and family-friendly vibe. 

While most of Smokehouse is filled with comfortable booth seating for larger groups, there are a few tables with bar stools in the center.

Similar to the surroundings, the food here is served in a down-to-earth manner, but it is always flavorful and tasty.

Consider ordering their famous brisket, cooked with mesquite wood, and it melts on your tongue like butter! It’s served thinly sliced on a grilled baguette with your choice of sauce.

Smokehouse Burgers & Fries BBQ Brisket

Did I mention that all of their sauces are homemade? It’s no surprise they’re so tasty and fresh!

Also, while you’re here, taste their tantalizing burgers and sandwiches, which come with handmade fries.

I adored their Smokehouse Mutha Burger, which had ciabatta buns stuffed with Bermuda onions, hickory smoked bacon, melted cheddar, Smokehouse sauces, and an Angus beef patty.

I can assure you that it is delicious. After my filling and delicious meal, I indulged in one of the many beers they offered. A fantastic spot for barbecue in Riverton that is worth the visit!


What is Riverton, Wyoming known for?

Riverton, located along the “Yellowstone Highway,” is a popular rest stop for visitors to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. It is also a historic crossroads for Native Americans, explorers, cowboys, and travelers.

Why is Riverton called The Rendezvous City?

Riverton, where the 1830 and 1838 rendezvous for the fur trade took place, was home to many of the legendary figures of the mountain man era.

Among the illustrious trappers and traders assembled here in 1838 were Jim Bridger, William Sublette, Kit Carson, and Jedediah Smith, to name a few.

What is the state dish of Wyoming?

There aren’t any recognized state foods in Wyoming. However, the Cowboy State is home to various well-known food and burgers made from bison. This is not surprising, given how many bison live in the state.

Final Thoughts About the Best Restaurants in Riverton, Wyoming

This concludes our list of the top eateries in Riverton, Wyoming. Although Riverton may not be the most fascinating town in the world, its food scene deserves attention.

Consider making one of these restaurants your go-to spot for lunch, dinner, or drinks with friends when visiting or living in Riverton. You will not be sorry!

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Bill Collister

Tuesday 13th of December 2022

For the style of restaurant, I find the Trailside lacking. The service was slow and underwhelming. The food was lackluster. On the other hand virtually across the street is the Sundowner. Same style of restaurant, with much more accommodating hours of operation. The servers will actually converse with friendly attitudes. The fare is similar, with more satisfaction for my palate. These are the only places with general family dining, and the Sundowner, like I mentioned has better hours.

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