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The 8 Best Restaurants In Sheridan Wyoming

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Sheridan, Wyoming, is a city built over the Bighorn Mountains and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

This location has a lot to offer, from its scenic beauty to the people who have lived here for generations.

Sheridan also has a great selection of restaurants that will make your dining experience unforgettable. 

You will undoubtedly want to eat at some local eateries while visiting this city. Here are the top eight Sheridan, Wyoming restaurants.

The 8 Best Restaurants In Sheridan Wyoming

Cowboy Cafe

138 N. Main St., Sheridan, WY 82801, United States // +13076722391

Cowboy Café serves breakfast, lunch, and supper and is the place to go for a full meal. It is an excellent spot to begin your day before going touring or enjoying a noon rest.

The morning menu includes standard breakfast items, while the lunch menu includes burgers, sandwiches, and salads. During evening service, additional dishes are available, most of which are typical American comfort meals.

After reading the menu, I decided on the Swiss Mushroom Chicken. It was a mushroom cream sauce with a fried chicken cutlet! It was incredible. It also came with a mix of fresh and grilled veggies!

Restaurants In Sheridan Wyoming: Cowboy Cafe Mushroom Chicken

My friend had the half-rotisserie chicken, which he enjoyed as well. Because the drinks were in cans, we were both given glasses when we ordered beers.

Not only did we receive glasses, but they were frosted as well. Make space for pie because they offer a huge selection and sell out quickly. We had pecan pie, which was delicious.

This place is a gem amongst the restaurants In Sheridan Wyoming! Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed.

La Herradura

437 N. Main St., Sheridan, WY 82801, United States // +13076558090

If you’re looking for the best Mexican food in Sheridan, Wyoming, this is the right place. La Herradura is well-known for its delicious Mexican dishes produced from fresh ingredients and slow-roasted in an open kitchen.

Unlike some Mexican restaurants in Sheridan Wyoming, they have a variety of authentic cuisine to pick from, in addition to fajitas and quesadillas. It might become packed when busy, but there’s also a great patio.

The Carne Asada was fantastic! The meat was delicious and nicely seasoned. In addition, the portion size was somewhat larger than I required, which, in my opinion, is just ideal.

La Herradura Carne Asada

You won’t be disappointed if you give it a try. Furthermore, the personnel is quite nice, and the food is authentic.

Shabby Shack Eatery & Catering

330 N. Main St., Sheridan, WY 82801, United States // +13077634133

Shabby Shack is a wonderful small-town restaurant that could thrive in a larger city. The Shabby Shack Eatery is known for its creative food, excellent service, and welcoming atmosphere.

The Shabby Shack is a fantastic find amongst the restaurants In Sheridan Wyoming. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you’ve never been.

If you’ve been there, you already know why. All their meals are great, and their quantities are not too large or too tiny. They’re just perfect!

We got their famous Lobster Mac & Cheese and Horsey Brisket Tacos for dinner.

Shabby Shack Eatery & Catering Lobster Mac & Cheese

Both were delicious and far more than we could eat. I found the Mac and Cheese to be a little rich, but it was to be expected given the amount of cheese and large chunks of lobster included.

The tacos were delicious, although the horsey sauce was a little too strong. A simple yet wonderful salad with a delightful huckleberry dressing accompanied the Mac & Cheese!

We also had a signature Bloody Mary and a local craft beer with our meals, and we left with a delicious dessert. I wholeheartedly recommend this place!

Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse

1062 E. Brundage Ln. # 101, Sheridan, WY 82801, United States // +13076558711

Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse has more restaurants around the United States. It is open every day for lunch and supper.

Although the restaurant specializes in hibachi, it also serves sushi and other Japanese foods.

There are also samples of various Asian cuisines on the menu. Diners rave about how well prepared the meals are and how delicious the tastes are.

Watching the chef cook the food is one of the delights of visiting this restaurant, as it adds an element of entertainment to the eating experience.

I went with their two-roll lunch deal and a cup of miso soup. The soup was the greatest miso I’ve ever eaten. It had a hint of heat, which I enjoyed.

Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse Miso Soup

The spicy crab and California rolls were both fresh and excellent. The crab had the ideal combination of creamy crab and a peppery bite. The California was sweet with a wonderful vegetable crunch.

If you’re craving Japanese food in Sheridan, I highly suggest this restaurant!

Powder River Pizza

803 N. Main St., Sheridan, WY 82801,  United States // +13076558040

When it comes to pizza, Powder River Pizza is the place to go in Sheridan. The restaurant offers an impressive selection of toppings, making it the area’s best pizza joint. 

Their pizzas are always freshly made, which is apparent at the first taste. In addition, you will feel relaxed and happy during your meal as they offer a sports bar atmosphere with friendly staff.

This was the most delicious pizza I’ve ever tasted! I know the sampler is pricey, but it was well worth it.

Powder River Pizza Pizza

The German taco and cowpoke are both excellent choices! They are fantastic at piling many toppings—they don’t scrimp like other restaurants. It’s a good pizza at a fair price. 

It was such a fantastic experience that made this spot really worth the visit!

Las Delicias

201 Broadway St., Sheridan, WY 82801, United States // +13076558121 

While many of the restaurants In Sheridan Wyoming serve classic American fare, there are also options for those who wish to eat something different.

Las Delicias, the best Mexican restaurant in Sheridan, is one of these. This restaurant features indoor and outdoor seating areas, so you can sit anywhere you choose, depending on the weather.

There are Mexican staples on the menu, as well as vegetarian selections and lighter lunch options. This restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere, making it ideal for family meals or dining with friends.

We came here for dinner and were satisfied with our decision. We were seated, and we were given salsa with chips right away!

After ordering the Chimichanga and Flauta dinner plates, I must admit I was blown away by the taste! I also got the Taco Salad as a side, which added freshness to the flavorful main course.

Las Delicias Chimichanga

My friend decided to get the Steak Fajitas. They were amazing looking! They are really one of the best Mexican food spots in town. Give them a try!

Pony Bar & Grill

3 S. Gould St., Sheridan, WY 82801, United States // +13076747000

The Pony Bar & Grill has something on the menu for everyone. There are both southern-inspired foods and Mexican-inspired selections on the menu.

This is just a lovely laid-back restaurant with fantastic food, and on the evenings we visited, the crowd was youthful and lively! Not raucous; simply folks having fun and enjoying their meals.

We both ordered burgers, the Jammin Bacon and Bacon Blue Jack. The bacon jam on the burger was too sweet for my friend, though they were both delicious. It was fantastic!

Pony Bar & Grill Burger

This location was a welcome change! We received excellent service, and several waiters asked how our meal was and if we needed anything, even during a busy period.

The taste was incredible, and the portions were a great size for the price. Don’t forget to include this stop in your plan if you’re going through the town! It’s one of the best restaurants In Sheridan Wyoming.

Firewater Smokehouse Grill

2125 N. Main St., Sheridan, WY 82801, United States // +13076751027

The Trail Ends Motel Sheridan on North Main Street houses the Firewater Smokehouse Grill. American favorites are offered on the menu, and all of them are handcrafted.

There is a bar at the restaurant, and some guests stop by just for a drink.

Visiting this spot is perfect if you have a tight budget because there are happy hours every day. Also, there may be karaoke or other entertainment on some evenings.

One of the greatest briskets we’ve ever had, in my opinion. The German sausage and pulled pork were excellent and melted in our mouths. No grease at all.

Firewater Smokehouse Grill Pulled Pork

Their house ranch was rich and delicious, and the barbecue sauce was the ideal combination. There were even fresh cherry tomatoes in the salad and no grey leaves.

In the end, we had the portobello poppers and fries cooked to perfection in the fryer. The French fries were beautiful in every way; they had the right amount of salt and pepper, and the outside was incredibly crispy and golden in color.

You won’t be disappointed with this restaurant if you’re on the fence about where to eat. It’s one of the best restaurants In Sheridan Wyoming.


Why is Sheridan, Wyoming famous?

Sheridan is rich in Old West history and offers a glimpse into life as a cowboy, rancher, or pioneer along the westward migration pathways. Historical sites and displays highlight the upheaval of the American Plains Indian Wars.

Is Sheridan, WY worth visiting?

Sheridan, Wyoming, is one of those off-the-beaten-path vacation spots that many people fall in love with on their first visit. 

There are plenty of vast open areas here, as well as breathtaking mountain views, plenty of western heritage, and all of the home comforts you’re used to when traveling.

Is Sheridan, WY windy?

Summers in Sheridan are brief, hot, and dry, with mostly clear skies, but winters are cold, snowy, windy, and partly overcast.

Temperatures typically vary from 14°F to 89°F throughout the year, with temperatures seldom dropping below -7°F or going over 98°F.

Final Thoughts About The 8 Best Restaurants In Sheridan Wyoming

Ultimately, a trip to Sheridan is as much about the experience as it is about the food. There’s nothing like the scenery here, and a mouthwatering meal only makes things better.

But if you’re torn on where to go or what to try, start by heading over to one of these stellar restaurants. You won’t regret it.

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