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14 Great Must-Try Ohio City Restaurants | Where To Eat In Ohio City, Cleveland

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Downtown Cleveland is great to visit. There, wonderful museums like the Great Lakes Science Center and Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, the lovely Public Square, and all the city’s sports arenas are within an easy walk from your hotel. However, if you want to do as the locals do and eat where the locals eat, getting out of downtown Cleveland is key.

If you head west across the bridge into Ohio City, Cleveland’s historic neighborhood, you’ll hit the foodie jackpot. Check out this list of great Ohio City restaurants.

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Top 14 Places to Eat in Ohio City: Best Ohio City Restaurants, Cleveland

Best Ohio City Restaurants on West 25th Street

You can’t go to Ohio City without stumbling across West 25th Street. This street has garnered quite a reputation for its bars, restaurants, and breweries. Five breweries stand on this street alone! Be prepared for some truly amazing places to eat, all in this one spot.  


1909 W 25th St. // +1 216-344-9400

TownHall offers you the best brunches, coffee, and even evening outs at West 25th Street. You can watch the latest Cleveland sports game on TV, order one of their many craft beers on tap, and maybe even spot a Kardashian with their posse sitting in a corner.

But above all, diners praise TownHall for its diet-friendly menu. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, Keto, non-GMO, Paleo, allergies…you name it, TownHall has tasty food for every restriction. And, we’re not just talking salads. Check out their food truck tacos with organic corn tortillas, options of pork belly, chicken, tofu, or vegan chicken, slaw, salsa, and cilantro-lime crema or harissa roasted cauliflower with toasted cashews, avocado oil, and spirulina vegan bleu cheese.

While there, pair one of their amazing smoothies with your TownHall veggie burger without cheese and a vegan bun. You’ll feel healthier already.

Ohio City Restaurants: Burger

Music Box Supper Club

1148 Main Ave, Cleveland // +12162421250

Music Box Supper Club is a world-class restaurant and concert venue situated on the Cuyahoga River with spectacular views of the downtown skyline. 

With nearly nightly concerts, it’s a great place to listen to live music while enjoying a meal.

The Music Box Supper Club menu offers simple yet exquisite dishes that taste like homemade food and have won awards from Cleveland Magazine and Cleveland’s Scene Magazine. 

The menu offers a variety of fresh, local ingredients served in season, whether it is Cornish hen, Lake Erie perch or summer squash ravioli. Everything is amazing!

Bar Cento

1948 W 25th St. // +1 216-274-1010

While Bar Cento offers fancier fare, like grilled octopus, dry-aged strip steak, or steamed mussels, this Ohio City pizzeria has won renown for the amazing pizza.

They serve plenty of interesting combinations, from the seaside pizza with garlic cream, mussels, calamari, scallops, shrimp, anchovies, and capers to the sunnyside pie with provolone, pancetta, eggs, and black pepper. Come hungry and order your own, because some things aren’t meant to be shared.

Another fun thing about this Italian eatery on West 25th—they have a club in the basement. So, once you’ve finished devouring your tasty pizza, you can head downstairs and dance it off!

SOHO Chicken & Whiskey

1889 W 25th St. // +1 216-298-9090

This classy little southern establishment serves all the fixin’s for a delicious meal. When I get homesick for my home state of Kentucky, I head over here for an Ale 8 ginger ale. Or, if I need something a little stronger, I order a bourbon-infused cocktail and indulge in some amazing fried chicken.

You could get the classic mornin’ dish with your standard chicken and waffles, the nooner, SOHO’s take on Nashville hot chicken, or dine there Wednesday night for the Chicken Pickin’. Every Wednesday, you can pick the pieces of delicious fried chicken you prefer, tell them how spicy you like it, and even add classic sides like mac n cheese, hammy collards, or deviled eggs. Also, you can pick from their array of very creative cocktails!

It’ll have you saying “y’all” the rest of the evening, all while wishing you were back on the “holler”.

Phnom Penh

1929 W 25th St. // +1 216-357-2951

If you’re craving Cambodian food, then there is nothing like Phnom Penh. Tucked between a middle-eastern deli and an architect studio, this place is not to be missed. With a huge menu featuring Cambodian classics like amok or green curry, you won’t leave hungry.

Get the chha kroeung, steamed rice with lime leaves, garlic, turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, red onions and peppers. After that first bite, you’ll feel transported to the charms of the Cambodian countryside.  

West Side Market

1979 W 25th St.

Though definitely more a market than a restaurant, this immense place is full of food. Part farmer’s market, part food stands, you won’t go hungry wandering the many stalls of this eclectic market.

Head to the organic food stands in the fresh fruits and veggies section to see what’s in season. Then, explore inside the giant, yellow-bricked market complex. Upon entering, you’ll witness a cheese stand lady carving up her latest creations and a man stacking various meats and sausages in a glass case as the quiet echoes of voices across the way bounce off the high ceilings.  

Here, you’ll find almost anything you desire: fresh pasta, creamy cheeses, pierogi stands, and even whole parts of animals. Aside from ingredients, food stands sell everything from macaroons to mochi, bratwursts, and even one of the best gyros in town.

Pro-tip: Be prepared to negotiate, and go near the end of the day for the best deals! We’ve been offered a plate of strawberries for only $5!

Market Avenue Wine Bar

2521 Market Ave. // +1 216-696-9463

Across from West Side Market along an adorable cobblestone street lined with street lamps, this wine bar serves amazing views with small plate goodies you can enjoy year-round.

Split the artisanal cheese plate and their amazing French Bordeaux. If you’re looking for a cute place for drinks after work with appetizers to share, this place is perfect.

Fast Casual Ohio City Restaurants

From burritos to soup and salads, you’re bound to find something on this list for a quick takeaway meal. Here are the best Ohio City restaurants for when you’re on the go.

Ohio City Burrito

1844 W 25th St. // +1 216-664-0908

Forget Chipotle! If you want the best burrito around, head to Ohio City Burrito. There, you can pile on the cilantro-lime rice, choice of black or refried beans, barbacoa, chorizo, tilapia, veggies, carnitas, or chicken tinga. Plus, top your burrito with cheese, lettuce, and one of their 6 salsas!

But if you’re not feeling like a burrito, try their 25th Street taco: double-layered refried beans sandwiching a fried and soft taco shell, your choice of meat and toppings. When you try that first bite, you’ll be amazed at how good this is. It’s so simple, yet so delicious.

Boaz Café

2549 Lorain Avenue // +1 216-458-9225

Wondering where to eat in Ohio city for lighter fare? Look no further than Boaz Café. Located right off of West 25th Street, this place is great for takeaway Mediterranean food.

Make your own Mediterranean bowl with green lentils or rice base. Then, pick your protein, add hummus or baba, and top it off with tons of veggies. If you want,  you can also opt for their delicious falafel or hummus wraps. Don’t forget to grab a fresh fruit smoothie to wash it all down!  

Souper Market

2528 Lorain Ave. // +1 216-737-7687

I mean… who doesn’t love soup, right? Whether you’re under the weather, it’s cold outside, or you just want some good ole comfort, do you really need a reason?

Souper Market is the place for hearty and delicious soups. From unique concoctions like the chicken paprikash soup to their Parmesan, potato, and kale soup, this place makes it fresh every day and serves new specials each week. Or, if you just want the classics, like chicken noodle or tomato, they’ve got you covered too.

Best Hidden Gems among Ohio City Restaurants

Some of the best Ohio City restaurants are hidden in plain sight. Though many are off Ohio City’s main drag and may require you to hunt them down, these restaurants are truly worth the search.

Johnny Mango

3120 Bridge Ave. // +1 216-575-1919

Serving eclectic fare like pad Thai AND burritos, Johnny Mango has earned its title as an Ohio City staple. Start with the surprisingly gooey and delicious vegan nachos, and then move on to the pad Thai. Pro-tip, add the fiery lime sauce on the side! When you pair all that with one of their famous, and huge, margaritas, you may be confused by the flavor combination. But, your stomach will love it!

Le Petit Triangle Café

1881 Fulton Rd. // +1 216-281-1881

Want French fare, but don’t want to pay top dollar? This is your spot. To start, get the assiette du Fromage with three French kinds of cheese, crackers, fresh fruits, and currants.

Next, you could order the delicious and classic cassoulet or beef brisket and bourguignon, but some favorites here include the ratatouille crepe and the cheesy Croque monsieur.

This establishment is perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner. But no matter when you dine, save room for dessert. From sweet crepes to chocolate soufflé, this place is sure to please.

Banana Blossom

2800 Clinton Ave. // +1 216-696-5529

You don’t have to look far for amazing Thai cuisine in Ohio City. Banana Blossom has you covered with traditional Thai dishes like pad Thai, Tom Yum soup, and various curries. Be sure you come hungry because their portions are large!

So, grab yourself a Thai iced tea and prepare for you to get your taste buds amazed.

Heck’s Café

2927 Bridge Ave. // +1 216-861-5464

A Cleveland staple, this location in Ohio City has been around for years! First, start off with the most amazing baked brie in puff pastry and served with cherries and crackers. Even if you’re not an appetizer person, this is well worth a try!

And if you like salads, this is the place to get them. Here, they don’t settle for a chef salad that is basically iceberg lettuce and cheese. No, Heck’s Café does it right. The grapes and arugula salad come with everything and more, from candied almonds and goat cheese to molasses vinaigrette.

But, the fan-favorite (and we’re the fans) is the wild mushroom ravioli. Made with the famous Ohio City Pasta’s ravioli and combined with baby spinach, wild mushrooms, goat cheese sauce, and toast, it’ll definitely become your favorite too.

One neighborhood, so many amazing eateries. You don’t have to go far to find the best restaurants in Cleveland. Whether you prefer healthier fare or cuisines from across the world, Ohio City is the place to go for an amazing meal. Be sure to check out the Where to Eat in Cleveland post, which contains other amazing Ohio City restaurants we love, including The Black Pig, Jukebox, Momocho, and Great Lakes Brewing Company. 

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Which of these Ohio City restaurants do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below!


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