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10 Must-Try Toledo Restaurants | Best Restaurants in Toledo OH

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In the northwest corner of Ohio, the city of Toledo is located at the western tip of Lake Erie. The best Toledo restaurants are located in Old Town, where you can find cozy cafes, trendy eateries, bars and pubs, and fine dining restaurants.

It is a city full of romance. Toledo is home to several exciting attractions, including the Toledo Museum of Art with its superb Glass Pavilion, the Imagination Station, and the Toledo Zoo.

The Toledo area is home to one of America’s most scenic settings; it is also home to lots of perfect places to enjoy a romantic dinner. 

Toledo is considered to be the place where the Midwest begins and boasts its unique character that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Have you traveled to Toledo recently, or are you planning on taking a trip there? Whether you are seeking a fine dining experience or something more simple, and you are looking for restaurants in Toledo, Ohio, this list is for you.

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The 10 Best Toledo Restaurants

Restaurante Adolfo

Cerro del Emperador, S/N, 45002 Toledo // +34925227321

Restaurante Adolfo, an excellent underground restaurant located in Toledo, has earned a reputation as one of the finest dining establishments in the city.

Descend into an impressive vaulted ceiling dining room with towering walls featuring wood beams and gargoyles that look down at you as you dine on some of the most elegant and elaborate cuisines the city has to offer.

Located in a 12th-century Jewish house next to the cathedral, this restaurant offers a degustation menu with a variety of plates that may include local cheeses, traditional Zurrukutuna rice dishes, or magnificent ętoloa ham from Salamanca.

Toledo Restaurants: Degustation Menu
Italian cuisine concept flat lay. Cutting board, Parmesan Cheese chunks, grated cheese in black bowl, thinly sliced ham, cherry tomato, basil leaves branches, bread, kitchen towel on wooden background

Here, visitors can pick individual dishes from the main menu or make a reservation for the degustations. The chefs create an elegant and elaborate cuisine that is sure to delight and impress.

For a one-of-a-kind experience, pay a visit to Restaurante Adolfo in Toledo!


Ctra. Circunvalación, 1, 45003 Toledo // +34925223924

Hierbabuena is one of Toledo’s best restaurants. The restaurant has a privileged location, where you will get a fantastic view of the city and its surroundings. 

It has a wonderful panorama of the valley beyond. The decoration is tastefully designed, giving it an elegant atmosphere. The cuisine is innovative and combines different flavors to achieve exquisite taste. 

Using both traditional and modern techniques, it showcases Toledo’s gastronomy at its best, offering elaborate but simple dishes, all carefully prepared with top-quality ingredients.

I recommend the tuna with honey and cinnamon, Catalan style. Also, try the octopus salad or the creamy casserole with rice. 

Toledo Restaurants: Octopus Salad

Hierbabuena is the perfect place to try Toledo’s modern cuisine, with various fusion flavors and local ingredients. Every dish is an artistic masterpiece, worth spending an afternoon on!

Alqahira Rincón de Oriente

Calle Ciudad, 7, 45002 Toledo

Alqahira is a restaurant that offers home-style cooking, outdoor dining, and above all, a cozy atmosphere.

The menu is not extensive because all of their dishes are homemade, using fresh ingredients, including produce grown on the restaurant’s farm. The focus is on the quality rather than quantity.

As soon as you enter, you will be transported via the elegant decoration and the smell of fresh pastries to the Arab world, making you feel like you’ve stepped right into one of their houses. 

The dishes differ from the regular Spanish food, and, They. Are. Perfect. Onion and red pepper bhaji (fritters), kebab and salads, and finally, baklava (a dessert made of nuts and melted honey) – all dishes you must try!.

Toledo Restaurants: Baklava

If you are looking for a restaurant to take your family or friends to, Alqahira is an excellent choice. The atmosphere is very homey, the decor is outstanding, and the service is impeccable. In addition, the portions are large but inexpensive, which makes it a perfect spot for any occasion.

Toledo is a multicultural city, and the Alqahira restaurant aims to show this, so if you like Middle Eastern food or simply want to experience something different, Alqahira is worth trying!

Patata y Olé!

 Calle Tornerias 15, 45001 Toledo // 925 59 00 18

Do you want to visit Toledo’s best-kept secret? Patata y Olé! is a fun fast-food restaurant dedicated to bringing you delicious, unique meals based on potatoes. 

They have an amazing variety of potatoes stuffed with original combos of ingredients that will make for a quick yet satisfying lunch or dinner.

Just a short drive from Toledo’s downtown area, Patata y Olé! is a must-try place if you are looking for a good meal. They have their unique ideas about food, and each and every one is quite tasty.

Their specialty is chunky, mashed sweet potatoes filled with ingredients like ground beef or ham, but their menu also includes other types of potatoes, nuggets, melted cheese on top of fries, and desserts like brownies.

Toledo Restaurants: Nuggets and Fries

With the variety of great food and a great atmosphere, Patata y Olé! is a must-try for those visiting Toledo, whether it is your first time there or your tenth.

It is an excellent place to visit, where you can truly taste the food, meet people, and relax in a casual environment. You won’t be disappointed!

Restaurante Tobiko

Rda. Buenavista, 27, 45005 Toledo // +34925210589

Restaurante Tobiko is a restaurant that takes Japanese influences and melds them with Spanish cuisine. You will be surprised at how traditional Spanish food can go hand in hand with international influences while never forgetting its roots.

The small plates give you a chance to taste a few things or order a la carte from the menu. Try some pintxos (Basque tapas), which are an ever-present classic on the menus of Spanish restaurants.

Toledo Restaurants: Pintxos

The price point is good for the quality of food, as well as the quantity. Service was friendly and efficient, and the place also offered a nice atmosphere, decorated in a simple yet efficient fashion.

It’s the kind of small, laid-back place that only adds to the charm of Toledo while providing excellent quality and service.

Casa Valero

Av. de Irlanda, 22, 45005 Toledo // +34925040672

Casa Valero will undoubtedly enhance your experience in the Northern Spanish city if you are a fan of seafood. The restaurant has a relaxed and elegant atmosphere that is perfect for a date or to celebrate a special occasion.

They serve excellent tapas while you enjoy some excellent wine and beer at their bar. However, if you are looking for a better experience, they have a wonderful dining room with exquisite seafood dishes served tapas-style.

Their bar doesn’t disappoint either. Even if you aren’t having dinner at their superb restaurant, it is definitely worth stopping in for some wine and tapas while enjoying the ambiance of the local area.

{image}Seafood Pasta{image}

The Risotto De Marisco (seafood risotto) and Tortilla de Bacalao (Spanish-style potato omelet) are worth trying!

Toledo Restaurants: Risotto De Marisco

Listen to the ocean sounds while you eat and take in the historical scenery.

It is a decent walk from the city center, but well worth the trip for any foodie.

La Abadia

C. Núñez de Arce, 3, 45001 Toledo // +34925671457

Located in a beautiful historic building in downtown Toledo, La Abadia serves high-quality traditional Spanish cuisine. It is known for its delicious food, attentive waiters, great value for money, and very pleasant atmosphere.

Visitors can choose from a classic menu filled with interesting options, an express menu filled with tasty tapas, or a degustation menu filled with fine examples of dishes that can be enjoyed one at a time or in pairs.

Toledo Restaurants: Tapas

Sitting at La Abadia, visitors will be able to try the best gastronomic specialties from this part of Spain. The set menus offer a great variety, from traditional to innovative dishes, from foie to fresh fish, from Iberian pork to free-range chicken.

The restaurant only works with the freshest ingredients, and everything is made from scratch. Visitors must try the house specialty – Toledo-style fried chicken – and the selection of wines from the restaurant’s vineyard.

Besides the food, interior design plays an important part at La Abadia. Different dining rooms are decorated with beautiful tiles, marble tables, special decorations, and tapestries. 

From the food to the decor, everything here has been carefully thought out!

La Fábrica de Harinas

C. de los Reyes Católicos, 5, 45002 Toledo // +34925283549

This is a charming place, a stone’s throw from the attractions of Toledo. Expect a friendly welcome and a menu that offers more traditional dishes.

La Fábrica de Harinas, or The Flour Factory, is an elegant restaurant located close to the Museo Del Greco, and part of the Hotel San Juan de los Reyes.

The restaurant has a daily menu that is filled with an array of classic Spanish favorites. The suckling pig at La Fábrica de Harinas is a specialty, as are the creative cocktails on the beverage side.

Toledo Restaurants: Suckling Pig

This establishment offers a wide variety of dishes, including stews and traditional Spanish meat cooked in a wood-fired oven. The restaurant’s terrace is ideal for warm weather when you can take your food outside.

Because of its elegant and welcoming decor, it is considered one of the most characteristic restaurants in Toledo, where guests can enjoy some of the best dishes in this beautiful city!

La Mar Salá

C. Honda, 9, 45003 Toledo // +34925254785

Visit La Mar Salá, an outstanding restaurant located in Toledo. This place serves incomparable rice dishes, as well as seafood plates. Quality is meaningful for this restaurant, so only the best quality ingredients are used to prepare their dishes.

It boasts a spectacular view of the city’s cathedral, and its seafood-based meals are out of this world. The workers are also very helpful and attentive, and ready to answer any questions about the area or history of the restaurant.

{image}Seafood Risotto{image}

Every dish presented in this diner is just as delicious as the food itself, from the different types of rice to the tender fish.

With a wine list to match and friendly service, this restaurant is highly recommended by the locals.

Enjoy shrimp, lobster, or other seafood dishes accompanied by a glass of great wine, and I’m sure La Mar Sala will reach the top of your “best seafood restaurants in Toledo” list!

Toledo Restaurants: Shrimp Dish

Restaurante Iván Cerdeño

Cigarral del Ángel, Carretera de la Puebla // +34925223674

And last but not least, I recommend you dine at this elegant country house built over Roman remains, which is now the finest dining place in Toledo. 

Seated on a quiet corner, the restaurant offers a spectacular view of Toledo from one of its two patios. It is decorated to evoke a country house or “cigarral” in Spanish.

This restaurant is a shining example of the sophistication and level of gastronomy that Toledo can offer. The menu highlights traditional Spanish products from nearby La Manchega pastures, including ham of Iberian pig, Cordoban cheeses, patés, duck breast cooked with wild mushrooms, or a fantastic menu which offers suckling pig roasted with oregano.

Suckling Pig Roasted With Oregano

Chef Iván Cerdeño uses local produce to create imaginative dishes with an emphasis on tradition and seasonality. This is a food lover’s dream come true!

Summary Of The 10 Best Toledo Restaurants

If you are looking for a getaway weekend in Spain, Toledo is the place to go. It was once home to the Spanish royal family, so it is full of beautiful buildings, monuments, and artistic treasures. 

Also, it offers a fascinating snapshot of the role Toledo played in shaping Spain over the centuries.

To top it all off, Toledo is full of great restaurants serving food from all around the world.

The city has a vibrant dining scene, surrounded by farms and orchards. 

Even though many people come to Toledo to visit the main attractions, they often leave with a longing for Toledo’s cuisine. So if you are here, make sure you do not miss the tasty food!

Which of these best restaurants in Toledo OH do you want to try first? Let us know in the comments section below!

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