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The 8 Best Italian Restaurants In Holland MI

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The much-photographed Big Red Lighthouse is a popular destination in Holland, Michigan, situated midway between Chicago and Detroit.

There are many beautiful gardens and museums in this charming town, some of which have windmills.

The city is also home to a good selection of local Italian restaurants that welcome tired and hungry tourists touring the city.

There are several excellent Italian restaurants in Holland, Michigan, where you can enjoy a variety of Mediterranean dishes and the best authentic pizza without traveling far.

The following are the best Italian restaurants in Holland, Michigan. Make reservations for your favorites, and make sure to save room for dessert!

The 8 Best Italian Restaurants in Holland MI

Crust 54

45 E. 8th St., Holland // +16163943002

A quaint, rustic restaurant serving delicious pizza, salads, and sandwiches, Crust 54 offers a great dining experience. With its inviting ambiance, Crust 54 is an ideal spot for family gatherings, as well as business lunches.

You should try the Italian cuisine at Crust 54 if you have never tasted it before. Pizza, salad, and pepperoni pizza are all excellent options for gluten-free diners. You should also try the tasty lemonade.

Best Italian Restaurants In Holland MI: Pepperoni Pizza

A wide variety of dishes are available in the restaurant, so everyone can find something to enjoy. It is a great place for service as well.

Papa Romano’s

1153 S. Washington Ave., Holland // +16163939115

Papa Romano’s is located on S. Washington Avenue, a great neighborhood for the whole family.

The staff at Papa Romano’s is dedicated to providing exemplary service and genuinely cares about you.

This is an excellent place for you to enjoy a meal with family and friends. It also offers some of the best pizza, breadsticks, and strombolis around!

Best Italian Restaurants In Holland MI: Stromboli

Additionally, you can order food from this restaurant online and have it delivered. Papa Romano’s Pizza is the place to go if you’ve never eaten and experienced a sense of peace at the same time.


29 W.. 16th St., Holland // +16163965900

Since 1992, Petrino’s Pizzeria has been serving up some of the best pizza in Holland, Michigan. The restaurant is friendly and family-run. You can enjoy tasty pizza, calzones, and pepperonis at this restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere. Unofficially, it’s the best amongst the Italian restaurants in Holland MI (according to my own ranking).

They have a friendly and well-trained staff. Once you enter this restaurant, you will see the mouthwatering spicy sausage and delicious pizza.

Other items on the menu include sausage rolls, brie, scampi diablos, garlic mushroom pizza, free refills of tea or soda, bacon roll-ups, and tiramisu. Petrino’s specializes in memorable experiences – you won’t regret it!

Best Italian Restaurants In Holland MI: Sausage Rolls


850 Butternut Dr., Holland // +16163992570

At Mario’s, you can enjoy tasty Italian and Mexican cuisine! There are hot wings, burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas available. There is also a salad option. 

Best Italian Restaurants In Holland MI: Pizza

There are several flat-screen TVs located throughout the bar where you can watch sporting events. Additionally, more than 20 wines by the glass and bottle are available, as also freshly brewed premium draft beers.

Besides pizza, burritos, and spaghetti, there is also Mexican pizza. It’s worth a try and one of the reasons why Mario’s made the best Italian restaurants in Holland MI list!

Marlena’s Bistro

909 Lincoln Ave., Holland // +16163556640

Marlena’s Bistro and Pizzeria is a cute little Italian restaurant located in downtown Holland, Michigan. The Bistro provides a beautiful ambiance with a warm, cozy atmosphere to enjoy a good meal. 

Though known for its food and service, the Bistro is also known for its fine wines at reasonable prices offered on the wine list.

Marina’s Bistro And Pizzeria offers well-made pizza, pies, and salads in a friendly atmosphere. Come enjoy their pizza, pies, salads, and countless other delicious items on the menu.

Best Italian Restaurants In Holland MI: Italian Salad


321 Douglas Ave., Holland // +16163959777

Since the mid-1990s, Sluggo’s has been a favorite in Holland. This family-owned pizza parlor offers a range of specialty items and uses the highest quality ingredients.

This restaurant features an open kitchen and friendly staff and is perfect for gatherings with family and friends!

With its convenient location along Douglas Avenue, Sluggo’s is a popular place to get stone-baked pizza like those in Naples, Italy.

Best Italian Restaurants In Holland MI: Stone Baked Pizza

They serve several tasty dishes, including subs, pasta, salads, breadsticks, and frozen custard. In addition, if you’re feeling creative, you can create your pizza like the Devious Four or The Works by taking advantage of their online order form.

This is easily one of the best pizza places in Holland MI!

Low Carb Grill

1180 Washington Ave. Suite #1, Holland // +16163681474

If you’re looking to satisfy your Italian cravings, look no further than Low Carb Grill. This is your local pizza joint, serving hand-tossed pizza and authentic Italian cuisine and deservedly one of the best Italian restaurants in Holland MI. 

Low Carb Grill has been in business since 1993, and people keep coming back for a reason. With an extensive menu of pasta, seafood, veal, and more, you’ll learn why this eatery has such a loyal customer base.

At this place, visitors can enjoy the calm atmosphere and divine decor. And, if you don’t feel like eating in the restaurant, there is also take-out food you can eat in the comfort of your home.

They offer a wide selection of delicious dishes such as grilled chicken, Bbq pizza, and mushroom risotto, to name a few. 

Best Italian Restaurants In Holland MI: Mushroom Risotto

Also, make sure you try their tasty treats like chocolate cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or strawberry cheesecakes. Then, enjoy your meal with a flavorful rum or one of their other refreshing cocktails.

Butch’s Dry Dock

44 E. 8th St., Holland // +16163968227

Butch’s Dry Dock is a classy Italian restaurant with a beautiful setting in Holland. The restaurant is the perfect venue for an intimate dinner or a business meeting over lunch. 

There are many unique dishes on the menu, such as Butch’s version of seafood linguini, which is topped with conch and other delicious seafood. Each meal is prepared fresh daily, using only the best local ingredients.

Butch’s Dry Dock is a great choice when you want to try something new. It serves delicious food at an affordable price. In addition, you can order anything on the menu without fear of being overcharged.

You can enjoy perfectly cooked belly pork, scallops, and lamb at Butch’s Dry Dock. Also, make sure to try their madeleines, black forest cakes, and crème brûlée. 

Best Italian Restaurants In Holland MI: Crème Brûlée

There is a wide variety of wines to choose from, satisfying the tastes of every visitor. It’s definitely one of the best Italian restaurants in Holland MI.

Summary About The 8 Best Italian Restaurants In Holland, MI

There is a good chance that if you plan to go to Holland, Michigan, you will enjoy the town and its excellent Italian restaurants.

The list above includes a few of the best Italian restaurants in Holland MI, but you can surely find others with which you’ll be equally pleased. Each of these restaurants offers a unique dining experience. 

Most of them have reasonable prices, and their food is sure to satisfy if you are hungry for some Italian food.

Have fun checking out these restaurants, and be sure to search for more options if you like what you find!

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