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16 Amazing Things To Do In Georgia USA | Best Georgia Tours & Activities

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As a state with many contrasts, Georgia is a beautiful place to visit. Visitors that step foot here can visit the state’s dazzling modern architecture and natural attractions, which range from its antebellum squares of Savannah to the mighty Lookout Mountain and the Okefenokee Swamp. 

There are plenty of things to do in Georgia, and not feel bored even a day. Being a  family-friendly state, enthusiasts can enjoy outdoor activities, historical attractions, golfing, and plenty of shopping places. 

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Savannah, Georgia

Famous tourist attractions in the area include Stone Mountain Park, World Congress Center, Olympic Centennial Park in Atlanta, Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Stone Mountain Park, Fort Yargo State Park, Southeastern Raptor Center, and the Stephens County Historical Society.

And these are just some of the things to do in Georgia USA. Regardless of whether you travel to Georgia for business or pleasure, you are sure to have a really great time.

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16 Top Things To Do In Georgia USA

Enjoy the Amazing Atlanta Botanical Gardens

1345 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta // +14048765859

While Atlanta is full of fun things to do, there’s one family-friendly attraction quite easy to visit if you are staying in or traveling through the Midtown area, The Atlanta Botanical Garden. It is located just off Piedmont Avenue, right next to Piedmont Park, in a ten-acre parking area.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Atlanta Botanical Gardens

A visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden is an excellent idea at any time of year, but the greenhouses, especially during the winter, are a great attraction. In addition to seeing some beautiful flowers and plants, this garden also helps you experience various climate zones.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Atlanta Botanical Gardens

There are four different climate zones in the botanical gardens, each with flora characteristic of that region. These include a Tropical Conservatory and an Asian Pavilion located in building one, the Desert Conservatory and Tropical Greenhouse located in building two, and the Cold-Climate Conservatory and the Fern Bank Native Plant Center, both located in building three. 

Visit the National Museum Of The Mighty Eighth Air Force

175 Bourne Ave, Pooler // +19127488888

It is a military museum in Pooler, Georgia, that displays artifacts from the Mighty Eighth Air Force. As part of the museum, stories of patriotism and courage by individuals of the Eighth Air Force are preserved. These stories include World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Operation Desert Storm. 

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Museum Of The Mighty Eighth Air Force

I visited the museum to learn much more about this piece of history, and the experience did not disappoint. While stepping into this museum, I was able to see and learn the history of the American Armed Forces through the preservation efforts of a historical airplane. Also, I  listened to stories from war veterans and heard their perspectives on war. 

I was allowed to take pictures of some of the historically significant airplanes used in World War II, a great choice of activity for those who like to dig a little deeper into history.

Admire the Savannah Historic District

301 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Savannah // +19129440455

As we are still on historical attractions, and your curiosity needs some more, consider a visit to the Savannah Historic District. Throughout its history, the district has been one of the most significant influences on the cultural and historical heritage of the United States. 

It remains remarkably unchanged, featuring a unique collection of 18th and 19th-century structures characterized by majestic neighborhoods, squares, parks, monuments, churches, and a beautiful riverfront.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Savannah Historic District

The district left me so impressed with its Victorian-style architecture. Here, you’ll get a glimpse of 200-year-old houses with carefully crafted wooden frames and visual records of African American history in the area.

So, if you love history, this is your chance to enjoy it while taking in all kinds of historical sites and activities. Many people spend numerous hours trying to uncover everything, and everyone on their sightseeing tour will be drawn to the place. Consider spending at least half of your day here, with your camera fully charged and a pair of comfortable shoes.

Visit the Breathtaking Georgia Aquarium

225 Baker St NW, Atlanta // +14045814000

Georgia Aquarium has been voted the best aquarium in North America and is the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere. Its focus is on animals from the nation’s rivers, oceans, and rain forests, all displayed in habitats as close as possible to the animals’ natural settings. Also, it is working toward finding a cure for cancer and other diseases.

Children and adults will be amazed by the dolphin show, held multiple times a day and featuring several species of dolphins often trained just for this purpose. 

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Georgia Aquarium

The aquarium has three floors, several hearing loops, and lighted pathways that allow visitors to walk around without bumping into each other. I should mention here that you should visit this attraction between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. during non-peak times. But be aware that there are no elevators at this aquarium, so you will need to climb some stairs.

Check Out the Fort Pulaski National Monument

US-80, Savannah // +19127868182

At about 46 miles east of downtown Atlanta, the Fort Pulaski National Monument can be found along with the mouth of the Savannah River. It preserves Fort Pulaski, the brick-and-stone stronghold that emerged from almost four years of Confederate and Union bombardment. 

The fort’s massive walls withstood more than a year of attacks before U.S. forces captured the fort in 1862 as a springboard for advancing upriver to Savannah. More than 500,000 men were stationed in the fort during its Civil War era.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Fort Pulaski

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Fort Pulaski National Monument. Not only was it a beautiful day for the visit, but it also was fascinating to be inside the fort and know what it must have been like in 1862. 

We were the only people inside the fort because it was only open for a few hours. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, sharing facts about the fort. His unique way of explaining how it happened during that time period got me in a time travel state of mind throughout the whole stay.

Visit the Pin Point Heritage Museum

9924 Pin Point Ave, Savannah // +19123550064

You may have passed through the small seaside town of Pin Point, Georgia, and not known a thing about it. Sure, you may have gotten off the ferry to eat a sandwich or buy a souvenir, but did you know that Pin Point was once a thriving oyster cannery town? 

You wouldn’t necessarily think that an old oyster factory would turn out to be a museum, but that’s precisely where the Pin Point Heritage Museum is. 

Former slaves from Mount Holly and Haddonfield, New Jersey, settled the tiny town (community) in 1886. Many original inhabitants came from the island of Pinpoint, GA.

The Pin Point Heritage Museum is the only museum in Georgia that documents the Gullah culture and its history. Gullahs are descendants of African-American slaves who were brought to this area by cotton plantation owners. They settled in small, isolated communities with thick accents of West African languages as soon as they could escape them. 

Take A Tour Of The Center For Civil And Human Rights

100 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW, Atlanta // +16789998990

The Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia, is a must-see landmark for anyone visiting the city. It’s a non-profit organization that works to promote “The Power of Nonviolence” and human rights across the globe by educating people on essential history lessons from the American Civil Rights Movement.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Center for Human Rights

I was very fortunate to visit in December. However, I wish I would have had more time to see all of the exhibits because my short two hours in the building were not enough to see everything I wanted to see.

Honestly, I had never heard of this organization before my visit, but now I know how much they do for the community, and I will return because I still have so much to learn.

Explore the Consolidated Gold Mine

185 Consolidated Gold Mine Rd, Dahlonega

Dahlonega lies more than an hour’s drive northwest of Atlanta. It is highly regarded as the first site in Georgia where gold was discovered. In 1828, a friendly deer hunter named Benjamin Parks stumbled onto an unusual boulder after having his coffee and noticed it was more magnetic than ordinary rocks, which he attributed to high iron content. 

He proceeded to crack open the boulder with his hunting knife, finding that it contained a vein of gold.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Gold Mine

Tourists can descend 200 feet underground to see the inner workings of the upper mine today, despite the mine being closed in 1906 due to flooding. 

There is a guided tour lasting forty minutes, where you will learn how to pan for gold from experts and will have the chance to try it out for yourself. There is a gift shop in the mine that sells everything from mining equipment to souvenirs.

Visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site

450 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta // +14043315190

Welcome to the birth home of Martin Luther King, Jr. The place is still the same as it was in 1950. Ebenezer Baptist Church is also located here, with its new sanctuary built on the original foundation. 

You can learn about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life, his family’s contributions to American culture, African-American history, and the struggle for justice at this historic site.

Things To Do In Georgia USA:  MLK Historic Site

An excursion to the First National Historic Site of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Atlanta is a great way to spend a day with the family. It’s free when you visit the house itself (though there are fees for parking and tours). 

In addition, there is a small museum that you can tour in the Visitors Center. Of course, if you’ve got an hour or so, you can pay to tour the church as well – but I think it’s worth it to just explore on your own.

Visit the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park

3370 Lafayette Rd, Fort Oglethorpe // +17068669241

I highly recommend visiting Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park if you are interested in the American Civil War period. A national military park is located in Georgia along the Tennessee-Georgia border.

As the only two battles fought in Tennessee during the American Civil War were fought inside the park, in addition to a portion of the original line of Confederate defense from Atlanta to Chattanooga, its location is particularly significant.  The park protects 6,647 acres in two separate areas: Chickamauga Battlefield and Lookout Mountain.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Chattanooga National Military Park

In this park, you can get a feel for the Civil War and the Civil War Era. As well as east-west battles along the line of a major railroad, you’ll also find evidence of north-south movements that brought Union and Confederate troops into the same area in late summer 1863. 

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Chattanooga National Military Park

There are three areas within the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Entrenched Camp: Orchard Knob, Lineville, and Missionary Ridge. 

Today, you can take guided tours led by rangers in car caravans, which last approximately two hours.

Tour Roosevelt’s Little White House

401 Little White House Rd, Warm Springs // +17066555870

Little White House – named for its white clapboard siding and black trim, was originally an overgrown farmhouse. In 1905, Theodore Roosevelt’s youngest brother Elliott, who was recovering from a long illness, and his family were housed in the building, owned by Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt. 

In 1913, when the former President Theodore Roosevelt visited his brother at the Little White House, Archibald planned to restore the property as a hunting lodge and named it after another Georgia residence he was familiar with, “Washington Hall.” He was so impressed with the setting that he purchased nearby land and, from 1914 to 1919, built a retirement home for himself close by.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Roosevelt’s Little White House
Photo Credit: Friends of Roosevelt’s Little White House

From Memorial Day to Labor Day and on weekends during the off-season, the Little White House is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday. Except for Christmas and New Year’s Day, the house is open seven days a week between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tickets are available for purchase at the entrance gate during visiting hours for $10 each.

Watch a Show at the Savannah Theatre

222 Bull St, Savannah // +19122337764

I have been to many theatres, but none is as picturesque as the Historic Savannah Theatre. The National Park Service has designated the building as a national landmark, and it is the first constructed theatre in the United States. 

In 1818, it hosted a “The Soldier’s Daughter” production in Savannah, Georgia, United States of America. Since then, many world-famous actors have graced its stage, including W. C. Fields, Oscar Wilde, Tyrone Power, and Ellen Terry.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Savannah Theatre

The stage of the Savannah Theatre is quite attractive. The large flat floor in the northeast corner of the building retains its original configuration, most probably built for a larger purpose. 

The Savannah theatre had been destroyed twice by hurricanes and twice by fires in the 20th century. It was remodeled in a current art deco design in 1948 after the fire, and patrons find its newly refurbished theater to be spacious and comfortable. 

Today, musicals are performed regularly, and visitors can view photographs, newspaper articles, and artifacts in the lobby.

Visit Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

900 Kennesaw Mountain Dr, Kennesaw // +17704274686

A crucial part of the American Civil War’s Atlanta Campaign was the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. On June 27, 1864, 100,000 Union soldiers under General William T. Sherman and 65,000 Confederate soldiers under General Joseph E. Johnston engaged in a bloody battle in which close to 6,000 men died. Although the Confederacy won the battle, it didn’t stop the Union soldiers from marching on Atlanta.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Kennesaw Mountain Park

This area is an excellent place for hiking and fishing. Many of the fortifications remain on the battlefield, though most of them are now included in Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. 

There is still evidence of both armies’ earthworks at Kennesaw Mountain, and through the trees, it is possible to see Atlanta in the distance. It has an interesting museum and an interpretive center, and several self-guided tour trails that explore the park. Bird lovers come here in the winter because of the abundance of migrating songbirds it hosts.

Enjoy Freshly Picked Fruits at Mercier Orchards

8660 Blue Ridge Dr, Blue Ridge // +17066323411

Mercier Orchards is a family-run business that has been in operation since 1943. It started off as a ten-acre orchard and is now over 220 acres. The owners of Mercier Orchards, Bill and Adele Mercier, initially started out with apples and peaches, and in the early days, they produced cider from the apples they grew. 

Nowadays, the orchards include mixed fruit orchards, a corn maze and pumpkin patch, a country store, bakery, winery on-site, and event centers.

Things To Do In Georgia USA:  Mercier Orchards

{image} Mercier Orchards {image}

You can come and pick strawberries, peaches, blackberries, blueberries, and many varieties of apples. Additionally, you can take tractor tours of the orchards, where you will learn about the history of this orchard, as well as about fruit and management. 

It’s also home to a tractor show in the fall, and in the spring, it’s a starting point for a charitable run.

Tour the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum

30 Meddin Dr, Tybee Island // +19127865801

Tybee Island is a barrier island off the coast of Georgia, and it’s home to one of the seven remaining lighthouses from the Colonial era. This point marks the entrance to the Savannah River in the northeastern part of the island. Here, the first lighthouse was built in 1732 under the orders of General James Oglethorpe, the governor of the 13th Colony. It was later destroyed by a hurricane.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: Tybee Island Light Station and Museum

A second lighthouse was built later on, but one was severely damaged by soil erosion, while a third was destroyed during the American Civil War. As the tower stands today, it was built in 1871, and it is situated on five acres with its support buildings.

There is a lighthouse museum located in the former Fort Screven, a military outpost of the Spanish Civil War, where visitors can climb 178 stairs to the top of the lighthouse, look into the keeper’s cottage, and view the lighthouse.

Visit the High Museum of Art

1280 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta // +14047334400

One of the most significant museums in the southeastern United States is Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. There are more than 15,000 pieces in the collection, divided into six areas: American art, decorative arts and design, modern and contemporary art, folk and self-taught art, African art, and European art. The High Museum features works from luminaries such as Monet, Bellini, Pissaro, and John Singer Sargent.

Things To Do In Georgia USA: High Museum of Art

You can take museum tours via the Georgia Public Broadcasting Channel and weekly field trips to area schools. And if you wish to bring home some reminders of your visit here, there is also a gift shop. The museum offers many educational opportunities, including toddler art programs, art talks, and Friday jazz concerts.

Last Words On The Best Things To Do In Georgia USA

The list of the best things to do in Georgia can be quite extensive, but based on my own experience and a few recommendations, these were the absolute winners. You’re promised to have a fantastic time exploring this part of the Southern United States, as I had. My Georgian tour was not all about history, even though I felt like I was time traveling with all the museums. Excellent food and drinks are still among my staples for a great time. So, if you’re on a road trip in Georgia, check out my list of the 5 Amazing Must-Try Restaurants in Helen.

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