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13 Best Things To Do In Sisters Oregon | Best Activities & Tours in Sisters OR

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Within the Central Oregon region of the United States lies the small town of Sisters at the foot of the Cascade Mountains. From hiking trails to casual walks to cycling and mountain biking, as well as the Hoodoo Ski Area, you can never run out of things to do in this beautiful mountain town.

Things To Do In Sisters Oregon: Three Sisters Mountains Oregon

I highly recommend a visit to Sisters if you enjoy the arts, the outdoors, and the sense of community a small town has.

How will you spend your time in Sisters? Experience beautiful scenery and dramatic elevation changes, coupled with a wide range of recreation options. 

Hiking, horseback riding, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, and skiing are just a few of the things you can experience while staying here. Want to find out what are some of the top things to do in Sisters Oregon? Below are a few of my favorites from this remarkable place.

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The 13 Most Fun Things To Do In Sisters Oregon

Downtown Sisters – Take A Walk Around

W Main Ave Sisters, OR 97759

Sisters has something to offer to everyone. The lovely old downtown of Sisters is filled with small shops (including lots of local artisans), fantastic restaurants, and cozy lodgings. Take in the variety of colors in the wooden facades of the detailed architecture as you walk around downtown and shop. 

Things To Do In Sisters Oregon: Downtown Sisters
Photo Credit: dtroyka

Shopping and dining are convenient at Sisters. The main street is lined with welcoming storefronts, many depicted in rustic decor and adorned with wagon wheels.  

If you are someone who enjoys eating amazing local food while admiring the scenic views of the Three Sisters Mountains, this is the spot for you!

Clear Lake

Oregon 97759, USA

The town of Sisters, Oregon, is home to Clear Lake and the nearby petrified forest. With an elevation of more than 3,000 feet, Clear Lake is the largest lake in the state. If you plan your hike around this natural treasure accordingly, you won’t overexert yourself.

Things To Do In Sisters Oregon: Clear Lake
Photo Credit: Kajtek

A famous attraction in Sisters Country known for its crystal clear water, Clear Lake is nestled among the land of beautiful lakes. A wide variety of fishing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming are popular year-round activities.

Many hiking trails and gravel roads surround the lake, providing ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Are you one of them? This is just one of many on the list of the best things to do in Sisters, Oregon.

Three Creeks Lake

Oregon 97703

This is one more great location to introduce you to the natural marvels of this area and get your trip started. There is no better summer getaway than Three Creeks Lake. 

Things To Do In Sisters Oregon: Three Creeks Lake
Photo Credit: mikepdx

Visit a trout stream or explore a new trail. Spend the day on the beach, swimming, or tanning. Relax on the lakeside by kayaking or simply hanging out.

 Sisters, Oregon offers plenty of opportunities for swimming, hiking, day trips, and family fun. 

Proxy Falls

Oregon 97413

Among the area’s most popular hikes, Proxy Falls is no exception. In addition, there are two waterfalls on the trail, Upper Falls and Lower Falls, and available places to eat lunch or relax before continuing. 

Things To Do In Sisters Oregon: Proxy Falls

You can stand 226 feet above the Columbia River Gorge and look straight down at a dramatic cliff face that can be seen clearly from this vantage point. Despite some steep climbs along the way, there are also plenty of places with accessible paved trails that will make your trek easier. 

While visiting Sisters, take time to explore Proxy Falls and the natural beauty it has to offer.

Upper Chush Falls

Oregon 97413

In the vicinity of Sisters are several beautiful hiking trails. Upper Chush is just another on the list. The Upper Chush Falls in Sisters, Oregon, offers a relaxing day out in nature for anyone looking to experience the beauty of the outdoors. It also comes with wildlife and fresh mountain air, miles away from other Cascade Lakes in Oregon.

Things To Do In Sisters Oregon: Upper Chush Falls
Photo Credit: yunckette

Upper Chush Falls is one of the most famous waterfall hikes in Oregon. There is a 200-foot drop, nearly twice as tall as Lower Chush Falls. The trail to the falls is six miles long, and it passes by ravaged sections caused by recent forest fires and avalanches.

 You can see many beautiful views along the way if you are interested in discovering a natural treasure.

McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Loop

Oregon 97413

Are you going to Sisters for the weekend? A two-pass loop drive through the McKenzie Pass, and Santiam Passes in Central Oregon is 82 miles long, taking you through two of the most spectacular mountain passes in the state.

Things To Do In Sisters Oregon: McKenzie Pass

The journey will take you through lush river valleys and grasslands, lava fields, black lava cliffs, snow-covered mountaintops, and three spectacular Cascade Lakes. 

Have you been looking for something to do in Sisters, Oregon, this weekend? I highly recommend taking this road trip! 

And if you find yourself lacking weekend plans once again, I recommend reading our guide here, which will help you get an idea of where to travel next!

Alder Springs Trail

Oregon 97413

Explore Alder Springs trail and hike alongside a creek as you admire the scenery. The hike offers so many sights that listing them all is almost impossible.

On the canyon floor are abundant Alder trees, which can grow to 16 feet tall. Keep an eye out for them as you hike along.

Staying outside Sisters puts you just minutes from this incredible spot.

Hoodoo Ski Area

27400 Big Lake Road // +15418223799

One of Oregon’s most quaint mountain resort towns, Sisters, Oregon, is best enjoyed during the winter months. This ski resort is one of the oldest in the Pacific Northwest, offering a variety of fun all winter long.

Things To Do In Sisters Oregon: Hoodoo Ski Area
Photo Credit: Jarl Berg – Ski Bum Dad and loving husband

Hoodoo Ski Area has 34 runs, 16 of which can be accessed by four lifts with night skiing. As well as snowboarding and hiking, tubing is another on-slope activity. In addition to a freestyle terrain park, Hoodoo has some cross-country trails, as well as some small jumps and rails.

There is nowhere better to go if you are into winter sports. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Raven Makes Gallery

182 E Hood Ave // +15417191182

During your visit to Sisters, be sure to stop by the Raven Makes Gallery, a unique store that displays an impressive range of art by Indigenous people, representing the creations of all North American tribes.

 Among all the amazing items that can be found in this store are jewelry, acrylic paintings, ceramics, pottery, and other handmade and original articles.

The gallery strives to ensure fair prices for its artists as well as buyers, ensuring that everyone can find something they like. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring a unique souvenir home.

Imagination Gallery

222 W Hood Ave // +15419120732

You are immediately transported into another realm as soon as you pass through the unique metal gate in Ken Scott’s gallery. The Imagination Gallery has a collection of metal works that constantly changes, with steel and other metals used to create artistic pieces of varying styles.

 It features eclectic lighting fixtures, as well as whimsical pieces of garden furniture and art.

A collection of steel wall art, which consists of solid steel sheets cast into metal castings, is also among his collections. Each piece in this collection is handcrafted to exacting standards, and they can be found in homes all over the world.

Sisters Meat And Smokehouse

110 S Spruce St // +15417191186

When you step inside the red barn doors of Sister’s Meat and Smokehouse, you’ll feel transported to another era. From the Elliott family that settled in Sisters comes the rich story of the rustic wooden building this place is located in.

Things To Do In Sisters Oregon: Sisters Meat And Smokehouse

The Sisters Meat and Smokehouse is a small, family-owned meat market with an in-house smoker in the heart of Sisters. There are many specialty types of meat to choose from at this shop, such as cured pork and beef jerky, as well as smoked turkey, and you can special order items like salmon and buffalo.

I enjoy the selection of dishes here, and you will too if you are a gourmet who loves to experience the authentic taste of the cuisine this place has to offer.

Depot Cafe

250 W Cascade Ave // +15419044660

All that shopping and walking around made you hungry?  The Depot Cafe is the small town’s favorite hangout. This cozy cafe can be the place to start or end each day.

Things To Do In Sisters Oregon: Espresso

At the Depot Cafe, you can enjoy fresh, delicious meals and keep going all day with its refreshing coffee. Depot coffee is all about espresso, with many options from Coffee Angel, but it also has fun selections like lavender mocha and orange bark mocha.

Don’t forget to check out the seasonal specials if you need something other than what the menu has to offer. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Sisters Coffee Company

273 W Hood Ave // +15415490527

With a wide selection of coffees, a cozy atmosphere, and tempting pastries and breakfast items, visiting Sisters Coffee Company goes well beyond your average cup of joe.

Things To Do In Sisters Oregon: Sisters Coffee Company
Photo Credit: kaeleymcmahan

A full coffee menu is available at Sisters Coffee Company, along with take-away coffee and tea. Breakfast options include bagels, muffins, scones, fruit, and yogurt. Additionally, the coffee roastery sells food items like cheese, jam, and honey made by locals.

It’s definitely worth visiting when staying here! It’s a fun and intimate community with lots of character.


In conclusion, Sisters is truly a gem that offers endless ways to discover the magic of Oregon’s Central Cascade Mountains. Simply a beautiful place with amazing landscapes, natural treasures, inspired artisans, and craftspeople. 

Offering a unique shopping and dining experience, Sisters is a magical place to relax and explore, especially for those who are seeking adventure and looking forward to discovering a new, charming little town.

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