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10 Must-Try Augusta Restaurants | Best Restaurants in Augusta GA

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Augusta, Georgia is a city situated across the Savannah River from South Carolina. It is a beautiful and spellbinding place that gives enthralling experiences and memories for travelers. All the outdoor fun activities that the city offers will leave you hungry as hell.

Fortunately, Augusta as a city is popular among food lovers for its top-notch cuisine game that competes with the quality of Savannahs and Avens’ restaurants. In this article, we will look into the best 10 Augusta Restaurants.

Restaurants Augusta GA: Augusta, Georgia

First-time travelers always have a hard time choosing which restaurant to eat at! As a traveler and foodie myself, exploring Augusta introduced me to various things to do in the town and multiple exotic restaurants. 

Whether you want to spend less or more, eat in a cozy ambiance or a lavish one, Augusta, GA, has everything to please food lovers at its best. 

Augusta will present you with international cuisines, Indian curries, vegetarian meals, Asian fusion, oyster specialties, seafood, Italian delicacies, and so much more!

Where to start eating and what to eat in the town? Don’t worry, I have got you covered! Here is the list of some of the terrific cafes and restaurants that serve mouth-watering foods and cocktails in Augusta that will make any gourmet hang around.

Augusta Vegetarian Restaurants

Humanitree House

305 8th St. // +17063642518

Being a fanatic for traveling is amazing, but when you are a vegan, finding a vegetarian restaurant is challenging. 

Well, the best of its kind is Humanitree House; the very first cold-pressed juice venue and organic restaurant in Augusta’s River Region. This place’s most famous foods are an acai bowl, smoothies, and a Chipotle Big Daddy Burger (made with their secret recipe) that leaves people in awe. 

Restaurants Augusta GA: Acai Bowl

It’s a great diner and a quick snack-bite avenue for solo dinings or group parties. The amenities they served made it an overall place to come and enjoy with family and kids.

Different artwork, diverse paintings, a greener interior close to nature, and soft colors adorn the walls of this restaurant. 

The cozy ambiance of this restaurant invites peaceful romantic dates and warming family dinners. Humanitree also has outdoor seating to enjoy craziness with pals. Not only this, but the restaurant also has a live music section, a movie screening theatre, and performance space. 

It’s an all-rounder avenue for solo travelers or even a party. Humanitree is a little pricey but still a “must-go-to” Augusta restaurant.

Augusta Restaurants On Washington Rd.

Abel Brown

Surrey Center, 491 Highland Ave // +17067386491

Situated in the suburbs of Augusta, Abel Brown is one of the most delicious southern kitchen Augusta restaurants.

Taste authentic southern flavors and an oyster bar with its romantic European ambiance and cozy fine-dining feasts. They proudly serve fresh seafood and oysters with terrific secret ingredients.

Talking about their hospitality and friendly staff, it makes this deluxe dining stand out from the list of the best. I revisited Abel Brown not just for the food but for their generous staff and locally-sourced ingredients. 

Along with the ambiance, Abel Brown’s food presentation was equally worth every shot. From smoked salmon to bacon-crusted salmon, this restaurant has multiple delicious delicacies to offer. For the perfect lunch combination, order their superior broiled oysters, Jamon Serrano, and bacon-crusted salmon. 

Restaurants Augusta GA: Smoked Salmon

You have a sweet tooth? Well, the desserts menu is delightful, especially their Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding.

To enjoy the all-around authenticity of this place, a reservation is a must-do thing. 

Augusta Italian Restaurants

Oliviana Italian Bar

399 Highland Ave. // +17067231242

“Parla come mangi.”  

(Speak the way you eat)

“Essere la ciliegina sulla torta”

(Being the icing on the cake)

I am rehearsing some Italian phrases for our next restaurant. 

Oliviana Italiano is an Italian-centric restaurant and a bar situated in Highland Avenue, Surrey Center. It is one of the most popular eateries among the locals and a decently known place for tourists. The interior of this place has an authentic Italian touch— it boasts a copper roof that provides a romantic and soothing ambiance for the guests. 

They also serve outside dining where you can come for a date with your pets.

Talking about the menu, Oliviana serves different varieties of Italian-style bread, pizzas, pasta, calzones, fresh fish/shrimp dishes, traditional pork, and freshly prepared salad. My favorite appetizer would be the Italian-style Bruschetta Pomodoro. For the main course, try their authentic Nonna’s lasagna and carbonara.

Restaurants Augusta GA: Lasagna

Also, the restaurant features a dedicated bar section that serves unique wines. Their menu is selective, but every pizza will take you back to Italy, especially the quattro stagioni.

Oliviana Italiano is a great place to treasure Italian flavors with a contrasting ambiance. Well then “Siamo alla frutta.”

Restaurants On Broad Street Augusta GA

Pineapple Ink Tavern

1002 Broad St. // +17068424401

Pineapple Ink Tavern was awarded the Best New Restaurant of 2020 in Augusta Magazine. Proudly located in the heart of downtown Augusta, this new establishment stays open until 12 AM during weekends. Enjoy late-night dinner with your partner or alone at this beautiful venue offering delicious food,  cocktails, and main courses. 

Changing seasonally, there’s something new at the venue almost every day—you are bound to come across a new menu, recipes, and ingredients. I visited Augusta during fall and was introduced to a wide range of Fall Cocktails.  Among all, my favorites were Apple of my eye and a “hot mezz.”

If you are into the art of creating cocktails, don’t forget to try their signature masterwork called Open Door Policy. It’s made using rum, pineapple, ginger, walnut, and vodka—slightly sweet and tropical with vanilla whiffs. 

Their menu is quite appealing as well, especially the Tavern Burger, poutine, the Shrimp Burger, and beef empanadas. 

Restaurants Augusta GA: Shrimp Burger

Events like late-night DJs on Saturday and live music on Wednesdays frequent the location to light up dinner more enthusiastically. If you are stepping into this place, you’ll surely walk out with a promise of coming around.

Craft & Vine

1204 Broad St. B // +17064968442

Situated downtown, Craft & Vine is the perfect avenue to enjoy a light cuisine with beer and wine. The servings of their handcrafted cocktails offer a very authentic and refined taste and aroma. The small-plate eateries on their menu go beautifully with the wine served. 

Craft & Vine will surprise you with its wide range of wood-fired pizzas, crafty sliders, sea delicacies, and garden & farm selections. Given its popularity for wine & beer, my sole aim was to get wasted, but their exotic food presentation, ambiance, and extravagant interior turned it into a lavish dinner. 

The plating of food here is astonishing, and the small-plate cuisine is equally mouth-watering. I enjoyed their unique garden-sourced peppadew Caprese skewers and garlic sausage poutine. Charcuterie Poutine is the most popular serving of Craft & Vine. 

Restaurants Augusta GA: Poutine

For cocktails, I’ll highly recommend Dirty Cherry, Blood and Honey, and Briar on Fire. They also have a hearty menu for beers, white wine, red wine, and spirits. You will not only enjoy getting tipsy here, but also the food selection and taste. Craft & Vine could be a great venue for a lavish date evening if you are in the city. 

Augusta Breakfast Restaurants

The Boll Weevil

10 James Brown Blvd. // +17067227772

George Harrison, the founder of The Boll Weevil, decided to name their restaurant after a cotton-eating bug, given the restaurant’s history since 1850. The locality was once a major cotton warehouse. To reminisce its existence, most of the eateries in the alley named their restaurant based on cotton. 

Located near Riverwalk Park, The Boll Weevil Cafe and eatery specializes in producing authentic southern-style cuisine. 

The Boll Weevil provides high-quality food prepared with freshly-sourced farm and& garden ingredients. The cafe also serves food at a very reasonable price, so you are bound to enjoy a hearty dinner with massive portions. 

With over 30 homemade desserts, nobody can compete with The Boll Weevil when it comes to sweet delicacies, desserts, or even southern-style food. I’m not a huge fan of desserts or sweet dishes, but their chocolate is to die for. 

If you love bittersweet chocolate, you should try their Seventh Heaven cake and the perfect chocolate cake.

The Boll Weevil Cafe was awarded the Best Desserts for four consecutive years by Augusta Magazine and in Metro Spirit award inception. 

With crazy desserts, they also serve a variety of delicious sandwiches, soups, and fine wines. From the menu, try their Mexican-style black bean quesadilla baked in a tomato tortilla, Havana chicken, and the popular shrimps and grits.

Restaurants Augusta GA: Shrimps And Grits

Speaking about the ambiance, The Boll Weevil Cafe has a pleasant wooden bakery look. A morning breakfast at this location or a cheat cheesecake day would soothe your overall day.

Augusta Restaurants That Deliver

Curry Hut

2810 Washington Rd. // +17069224616

Although spicy, Indian cuisine is the true definition of flavors, spiciness, and richness. From mouth-filling portions to exotic textures, there’s nothing like Indian cuisine. 

If you are in Augusta and a fan of Indian food, Curry Hut will be a traditional treasure to soothe your heart with culture and fill your stomach with delicious food. Not only their food, but Curry Hut itself features a traditional interior to the venue. 

With vibrant colors, textures on the wall, and aesthetic metal utensils, Curry Hut will be your small trip to India. 

You must have heard of tandoori chicken, naan, kebab, korma, and curry, but for a vegetarian, I highly suggest trying the Indian Paneer gravy (Kadai paneer, paneer tikka masala), malai kofta with butter naan or roti, Indian pickle, mango chutney, and papad. 

Restaurants Augusta GA: Tandoori Chicken

On a slightly less-spicy and vegan note, the restaurant also offers South Indian cuisine, including Dosa and Uttapam. Both the dishes have milder, yet traditional Indian flavors.

For spice lovers, Curry Hut has a massive menu to offer, from tandoori chicken tikka, boti kebab, badami murgh, chicken Hyderabadi with butter naan, papad, Indian salad, chutneys, pickle, etc. 

Enjoy a lengthy lunch/dinner with vibrant decor and a great ambiance broadcasting the essence of India. They serve a buffet by changing the menu daily, so there is always something new to a gourmet. A curbside pickup and online deliveries are available too.

Wrapping up the above info, it’s a must-go location in Augusta for Indian food lovers. 


3043 Washington Rd. // +17064474959

“Trying new things will surely make one’s story worth listening to.” Trying sushi for the first time was scary for me—I’m not a fan of raw seafood or meat, in general, but eventually, things got better. Fujiyama is one of those restaurants that changed my perception.

Fujiyama is an authentic Japanese-style restaurant and bar in Augusta, serving the food teppanyaki-style (grilled over an iron plate). They are glad to host you with the finest seafood and steak dishes throughout the week and help with around 50 types of fresh fish sushi and sashimi.

Restaurants Augusta GA: Sushi and Sashimi

Fujiyama will fill your appetite and soothe your soul with multiple drink varieties, including their famous traditional specialties. 

SAKE-WA-HONSHIN-WO-ARAWASU, or sake, is a rice beer popular in Asian culture. When visiting a cultural restaurant, it’s a must to relish their regional food and beverages. 

Asians always enjoy their lunch or dinner with sake. So, I ordered their very-famous Love Boat consisting of 10 sushi, 15 sashimi, and many specialties with sake. 

Love boats are supposed to be shared, so visit this restaurant with a huge party! Also, order their triple combination of meat—lobster, filet mignon, and chicken. It was a delicious fusion. Surprisingly, all the ingredients, sauces, and meat complemented each other into a mouthwatering dinner. 

The ambiance of this place is relaxed and warm. The furnishings, interior, a small artificial pond, and hospitality will certainly drive you to Japan. 

I did plan to visit Japan after enjoying a hearty evening at Fujiyama.

Augusta Curb-Side Pick-Up Restaurants

Arsenal Tap Room

1419 Monte Sano Ave. // +17069252960

In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in the water there are bacteria.” Arsenal taproom features over 150+ crafted beers from all around the globe! 

They sure do invite individuals to get tipsy in Augusta’s streets. Not just craft beer, the Arsenal Tap Room also serves custom sandwiches; you can choose your personal favorite bread (Texas, wholewheat, rosemary focaccia), cheese, add-ons (mushrooms, pork, bacon, etc.) while custom-designing the sandwich. 

Restaurants Augusta GA: Sandwich

The restaurant also serves pre-customized house sandwiches, chef’s special filet Au Revoir, small plates of hummus, pretzels, fried avocado, etc. 

Arsenal is one of the finest and the most prominent taprooms in Augusta, inaugurated at 1419 Monte Sano Avenue. The food was delicious without a doubt, and so were the crafted beers. What pleased me more was the setting and ambiance of this place. 

Arsenal features a cozy outside patio surrounded by greenery, aesthetic lights, and a vintage appeal. Evergreen trees naturally shade the outdoor seating. Multiple vintage golden bulbs adorn those tree branches and the whole area. 

At Arsenal, the beer and drinks are served through taps! Isn’t it cool? You can visit the destination with your partner and drink away the night. In fact, reserve a seat and enjoy a great breakfast, lunch, or brunch outside under the broad sky—it’s beautiful! 

Restaurants On Washington Rd.

The Juicy Crab

2834 Washington Road // +17069228088

Step into The Juicy Crab restaurant and have a taste of one of the best seafood cuisines in Augusta. I’m not a seafood lover, but I wanted to try! Least to say, the food was delicious, and literally something I was missing for such a long time. 

From their massive menu, you can choose the ½ lb. shrimp served with corn and potatoes. The restaurant has over 64 unique delicacies of seafood, pastries, desserts, etc. Surf through the menu and enjoy their appetizers, fried delicacies, custom recipes, main course, and side dishes. 

Restaurants Augusta GA: Shrimp Served With Corn And Potatoes

The Juicy Crab is unique because it combines seafood with corn and potatoes—a magical Central American twist to the recipe. They have a wide range of corn side dishes that go deliciously with the main course—don’t forget to try their corn on the cob with sweet potato fries. At Juicy Crab, you can also choose the level of spiciness you want in your food.

This place creates a very peaceful mood with decent lightning and the therapeutic smell of freshly cooked seafood. If you are a seafood freak, then this place is surely made for you.

Conclusion of the Best Restaurants/ Taverns/ Cafes in Augusta

Coming to an end, these are all the restaurants I found while touring Augusta. From seafood to exotic continental dishes, Augusta has it all. 

Locals say the middle of the year is the best time to visit the town, but I believe it’s beautiful year-round. Every season will bring new local ingredients, menu, recipes, food, and a new charm to the city! So, don’t stop yourself and try these ten best restaurants in Augusta, Georgia. 

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Which of these restaurants in Augusta Georgia do you want to try first? Let us know in the comments section below!

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