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Where to Find the Best Schnitzel in Vienna, Austria | 5 Must-Try Places!

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Finding the best Schnitzel in Vienna should be at the top of any list of things to do when visiting the Austrian capital.

The Schnitzel, Vienna’s signature dish, is a cutlet of veal, pork, or sometimes turkey that’s battered in eggs, flour, and breadcrumbs and then pan-fried.

Although the traditional recipe is simple, Viennese restaurants and cafes fight over honors, using different methods and ingredients to win the title, ‘best Schnitzel in Vienna’.

I recently ate my way through the city, and here are my suggestions for where you should sample this Viennese classic.

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Top 5 Places With The Best Schnitzel in Vienna

Cafe Anzengruber

Schleifmühlgasse 19 // +43 1 587 82 97

Anzengruber is a beautiful traditional Viennese cafe located on a busy street adorned by dozens of galleries and shops.

This legendary cafe, still run by its founding family, offers a diverse mix of Viennese and Croatian dishes that you’ll love. Their menu features everything from local cuisine and craft beer to delicious desserts for a sweet end to the evening.

But the one thing you can’t miss when dining here is their staple, a delicious pork Schnitzel served with homemade potato salad.

Anzengruber’s traditional and appetizing approach to this recipe is recognized by locals and tourists alike as one of the best Schnitzels in Vienna.

Where to Find the Best Schnitzel in Vienna, Austria- Cafe Anzenberger

Best of all, the cafe’s warm environment and welcoming locals make it the perfect place to delight desserts once you’ve finished your Schnitzel.

Work Hours: Monday to Saturday from 16:00 to 02:00.

Reservations:  By phone

Glacis Beisl

Breite Gasse  4, in the center of the MuseumsQuartier // +43 1 526 56 60

In the center of the Museums Quartier, you’ll find a set of three large museums at the end of Mariahilfestrasse street. These make up one of Vienna’s best cultural attractions, and nearby, you’ll also find the Glacis Beisl, a restaurant with amazing Austrian cuisine.

Although in an area with plenty of competition, Glacis Beisl has earned its standing on this list. It offers what many consider one of the best Schnitzels in Vienna, served alongside traditional potato salad and an impressive wine selection.

This Schnitzel is enormous. You could share it with someone, or enjoy it alone as you embrace the abundance of Viennese cuisine. At the time of writing, you can delight in Glacis Beisl’s Wiener Schnitzel for €19.80.

Where to Find the Best Schnitzel in Vienna, Austria - Glacis Beisl

Work Hours: Every day from 11:00 to 02:00



Walfischgasse 5-7 // +43 1 51 222 51

This chain of restaurants has over 5 Vienna locations. Each prides itself on serving premium cuts of meat. However, the Walfischgasse location, named the Plachutta Gasthaus Zur Oper, is best known for serving some of Vienna’s best Schnitzel.

Plachutta offers a wide selection of traditional dishes. Their specialty is the Tafelspitz á la Plachutta, a fantastic boiled beef soup that will leave you wanting for more. But the massive Schnitzel served at Gasthaus has also become a staple of the restaurant.

Since the restaurant is right next to the State Opera House, it’s not uncommon to see couples and groups enjoying a Schnitzel in a formal dress before a performance at the Opera. The Plachutta Wienerschnitzel can be enjoyed for  € 19,80.

Work Hours: Everyday from 11:00 to 00:30 (The kitchen closes at 23:00).



Wollzeile 5 // +43 1 512 61 77

For more than 110 years, Figlmüller has been the staple of Viennese cuisine. It’s so famous that locals refer to the Wolzeille restaurant as the “Home of the Schnitzel”. And the place lives up to that claim.

For € 14.90 you can delight in the house specialty, a famous, and gigantic, pork Figlmuller-Schnitzel. You can’t miss this dish when visiting Vienna.

Where to Find the Best Schnitzel in Vienna, Austria - Figlmüller

Figlmüller’s traditional theme, excellent service, and abundant food make it an excellent location to enjoy traditional Viennese cuisine in a warm, welcoming place. Definitely the best schnitzel in Vienna.

Keep in mind that this restaurant is a busy place, and finding a table might be hard. Make your reservation early to avoid a long wait.

Work Hours: Every day from 11:00 to 22:30


Restaurant Pürstner

Wien Riemergasse 10 // +43 1 512 63 57

In the heart of Vienna, you’ll find the Pürstner Restaurant, a grand locale with several rooms and themes that can accommodate over 100 guests. There is also a beautiful garden landing where you can bask in the sun while enjoying a nice meal.

Although commonly considered a tourist destination, the food at Purstner is impressive and diverse. They serve the very best of traditional Viennese cuisine, including several varieties of schnitzel.

The menu features both veal and pork Schnitzel, but their specialty is the traditional Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb (Veal Schnitzel with homemade fried potatoes). For the Schnitzel, the menu ranges from  € 12,70 to € 18,00 for Schnitzel, depending on your sides.

Work Hours: Every day from 10:00 to 00:00

Reservations:  By phone

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Which of these Vienna schnitzel restaurants do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Where to Find the Best Schnitzel in Vienna, Austria

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Sunday 11th of August 2019

I would recommend Heurigen Zum Pospisil, locatet in Bloschgasse 9, Klosterneuburg/Vienna border. they have the best Wiener Schnitzel :)


Monday 12th of August 2019

Thank you, I'll have to check that one out next time I'm in town!


Wednesday 20th of March 2019

Hi Nathan, Thanks a lot for this information... by next month I'm heading to Vienna... Schnitzel is my favorite dish... Thanks again.


Thursday 21st of March 2019

You're welcome- I hope you find the guide useful! Have a great and safe trip.

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