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The 10 Best Italian Restaurants In Austin

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Austin has a wide variety of Italian cuisine, including authentic Neapolitan pizza, fresh, springy pasta, and restaurants serving Italian-American red sauce.

Austin’s abundance of Italian restaurants might be a little overwhelming, but in the nicest manner possible. Italian cuisine comes in a vast range, which Austin is fortunate to have.

You’ll find everything from family-run food trucks to quaint terraces with a view of the city to mouthwatering red sauce.


I’ve compiled a list of ten best Italian restaurants in Austin, each with its distinct flavor and level of brilliance. I hope this list helps you find the most outstanding Italian restaurant for your needs, whether you’re looking for pasta and pizza or something different.

You will definitely discover a choice you like, and I know you will appreciate visiting one (or more) of these top-notch places.

The 10 Best Italian Restaurants In Austin

Vespaio Restaurant

1610 S. Congress Ave. S, Austin, TX 78704, United States // +15124416100

For more than twenty years, South Congress has been home to Vespaio, a restaurant known for its homemade pasta, bread, and sweets.

They are well-known for their handcrafted, gluten-free pizzas and pasta prepared with organic ingredients, but they also offer some delicious non-carbohydrate options.

The classic Italian menu items you would expect to see are available, including standard antipasti, pizza, and first and second-course Italian pasta and meat dishes. Everything is created with the love and care necessary to maintain a popular restaurant for over twenty years.

We began with some calamari and a Caesar salad. Particularly expertly prepared, gently cooked, and quite tender was the calamari. I’ve had some of the best. The Caesar was fine, as one might anticipate.

Best Italian Restaurants In Austin: Vespaio Restaurant Caesar Salad

Our entrées were excellent. Although the short rib in the risotto was a little less soft than I preferred, it was still fantastic, just like my friend’s shrimp and pasta meal.

I found the waiter to be extremely courteous and helpful. Our supper was delicious. I highly recommend this location because it’s one the best Italian restaurants in Austin!

Red Ash

Colorado Tower, 303 Colorado St. #200, Austin, TX 78701, United States // +15123792906

Red Ash is a popular hotspot and one of the trendiest Italian restaurants in Austin. The highlight of this Austin Italian restaurant is their grill component, so in addition to the delectable homemade pasta, try anything from the wood-burning grill, such as osso buco or wood-roasted halibut.

My group ordered the Italian country bread, the vine tomatoes and Burrata, the bone-in fillet, and the Frutti di Mare. Every dish was executed flawlessly from start to end.

Considering that it was a little plate, the Italian bread was rather fantastic; the butter had a rich flavor. Bread with olive oil is typically reasonably heavy, especially when served at Italian restaurants, but this was incredibly flavorful and light.

The grana and garlic added spice to the meal, but they did not overshadow the other flavors since a lot of garlic was used and a lot of olive oil was used. The crust was just the right amount of crunch without being overcooked.

The Burrata and vine tomatoes were both incredibly fresh. The richness of the fire-roasted tomatoes contrasted beautifully with the burrata’s intense creaminess and milkiness. The recipe came together brilliantly when it was combined with the bread and the balsamic vinegar, which once more offered a jolt of bitter and sour flavor without being overbearing.

Red Ash Burrata

The bone-in fillet was ridiculously delicious. Amazingly delicate and tender, the meat had a flavor profile that was almost barbecue-like from the dry aging, and the shallot butter was the ideal accompaniment.

The exterior char and smokey flavor elevated the dish, which contrasted exquisitely with the meat’s freshness and tenderness.

Red Ash Bone In Fillet

The Frutti di Mare surprised me, which was beautiful. The sauce of this dish nicely balanced the two flavors to the point where both flavors shone without being unduly biased toward one; from my experience, pasta and spaghetti dishes at Italian restaurants are either highly creamy or have an intense tomato flavor.

The spaghetti had a perfect texture—soft but still springy and not soggy. However, the dish’s biggest surprise was its seafood. None of the shellfish in this recipe had a watery or fishy taste, which is often typical of seafood in pasta dishes.

The shrimp were perfectly cooked, firm with a bounce but soft and flavorful. The clams and mussels were delicious, and lacked the off flavor typical of regular clams, which signifies freshness and good cooking. Everything was perfectly seasoned, and the lobster tasted quite fresh. If you are looking for an authentic Italian meal in Austin, look no further!


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It’s Italian Cucina

1500 S. Lamar Blvd. #110, Austin, TX 78704, United States // +15124828655

Its Italian Cucina is one of the most reputable Italian restaurants in Austin. However, this restaurant won’t disappoint you if you’re seeking a natural Italian supper. They offer a wide selection of standard dishes, pizzas, and specialty pasta dishes that are made using premium ingredients. Each day, they make fresh tomato sauce and serve it with various kinds of cheese.

This place was amazing! Because of the plain name, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Calamari was our first course, and it was excellent. They wrapped it in cheesecloth to ensure that none of the lemon seeds landed on the squid. It was one of the greatest calamari dishes I’ve ever eaten between the breading and the aioli.

I had the Salmone as my entrée, which featured a sizable filet of grilled salmon, a grilled artichoke, and pasta in a garlic cream sauce. The garlic cream sauce was fantastic and contained whole bits of sautéed garlic that were incredibly tender and not overbearing.

It's Italian Cucina Salmon

My friend tried the osso buco, which the waiter said was one of his favorites. The polenta went perfectly with the meat because it was so soft. You might remove the bone marrow using the little spoon provided.

Even though we were full after the appetizer and the entree, we continued and ordered the Torta di Crema. It was an amaretto cookie-topped Italian cream cake. Give it a try!

Mandola’s Italian Kitchen

4700 W. Guadalupe St. #12, Austin, TX 78751, United States // +15124199700

With so many Italian restaurants in Austin, it might be challenging to believe this. However, whether you’re searching for straightforward pasta meals or an entire pizza pie baked in the oven, Mandola’s Italian Kitchen is one of the best Italian restaurants in Austin.

This restaurant has a welcoming, casual, but elegant ambiance. It’s a terrific place to spend the evening drinking wine with family or friends.

With an open view of the kitchen, the decor is charming. A gelato bar and an open cooler with take-out food are available. The bar was small, but they had some great wines by the glass and bottle. Off to the side, there was another area with more seating.

While we waited, I ordered some garlic bread with mozzarella; it arrived promptly and was good.

The pasta was delicious; my companion ordered spaghetti and meatballs, and I had fettuccine alfredo with grilled chicken.

Mandola's Italian Kitchen Spaghetti And Meatballs

The fettuccine was unquestionably fresh and cooked to perfection. I loved the chicken since it was wonderfully seasoned. I strongly advise going there to see their interior because it is fascinating!  If you are looking for pasta in Austin, this is a great place to start. 

Enoteca Vespaio

1610 S. Congress Ave. S, Austin, TX 78704, United States // +15124417672

A restaurant with a lovely atmosphere that is sophisticated, romantic, and welcoming. The cozy Italian eatery Enoteca Vespaio, situated in the center of Austin, has a great wine list.

It’s difficult not to adore the atmosphere within the restaurant. It has excellent cuisine and fantastic service, and I can’t get enough of it!

We began with stuffed bell peppers and marinated mushrooms, which totally blew me away. The heat is perfect and not even somewhat overpowering, making them a must-try.

The bread was fresh and served with butter and a wonderful hummus sauce. Then we had a salad of arugula with a lemon aioli dressing and fresh mozzarella with a smoky tomato puree. Another dish I particularly enjoyed was the extremely rare smoked garlic bread; you could taste the mesquite wood in it.

The lasagna, prepared with green, yes, green noodles and unlike any I had ever had before, was the meal’s highlight. 

Enoteca Vespaio Lasagna

Since the sausage that came with it was cooked to perfection, I found it difficult to stop eating the pasta. As a result, I can see why it was described as award-winning when someone recommended it.

I drank Moscato with the meal; it was fairly sweet, blatant, and exquisitely flavored with grapes, frequently missing from other varietals.

Simply said, it’s among the best Italian restaurants in the Austin area, and I heartily endorse it. Although the price is considerable, it must be justified. Ideal location for a date and definitely one of the best Italian restaurants in Austin.

Sammie’s Italian

807 W. 6th St., Austin, TX 78703, United States // +15124742054

If you’re new to Austin, you could be searching for some fantastic Italian cuisine there. Where do you go, though? A classy Italian eatery from the MMH restaurant company is called Sammie’s. You can get pizza, salads, sandwiches, and fresh pasta dishes and dinners at Sammie’s.

Italian-American staples are served in a sophisticated setting at this Jersey-proud red sauce establishment from local hospitality icons McGuire Moorman Lambert. Look for meals like smothered pork chops, chicken parmigiana, and linguine vongole.

Our waiter was excellent, with many delicious food selections, and guided us on the appropriate route. We ultimately decided to split the fried calamari and the Caesar a la Tommy, the most pleasing Caesar salad I’ve ever tasted.

We selected chicken piccata, pork chop, lasagna, and chicken parm for our main courses. They were all excellent. Out of all the dishes, the chicken parm was the best.

Sammie's Italian Chicken Piccata

Two entrees that came with side pasta might have been eaten on their own because of the delicious noodles. This spot is a must-visit!


2400 E. Cesar Chavez St. #304, Austin, TX 78702, United States // +15122209421

If you’re seeking elegant choice amongst the Italian restaurants in Austin, make a reservation at Juniper. It’s an east Austin hidden treasure that serves northern-Italian-inspired cuisine.

Juniper provides Italian favorites in an elegant, modern atmosphere inspired by Northern Italian cuisine. Take a seat at the chef’s station for dinner and a performance. The focaccia and delicate pasta dishes are not to be missed. There are both inside and outdoor dining options, one of the best gin menus in town, excellent service, and phenomenal Italian food.

Juniper Focaccia

A well-thought-out menu. Each meal was delicious and unique in its own way. The stracciatella and the risotto with tomato leaf pesto were my favorites.

The items were presented in a logical order – I’m not sure if this was planned – but the flavors and textures were so distinct that each made an impact.

The food was delightfully inventive. Juniper took risks and succeeded. This is what makes it a great place for fine Italian dining in Austin. Congratulations to the server who inquired about the experience. Bravo!

L’Oca d’Oro

1900 Simond Ave., Austin, TX 78723, United States // +17372121876

This beautiful restaurant in Austin’s Mueller district is one of the most thoughtful Italian restaurants in the city.

They are a farm-to-table restaurant that supplies ethically and responsibly, and they take pride in paying their employees a living wage.

Dine here for delicious Italian appetizers, meat meals, veggies, house-made pasta, and an extensive wine selection.

We enjoyed a couple of Amaro Argento Spritz because they make some of their liquors in-house. 

We started with the Fresh Mozzarella, Wagyu Sirloin Tartare, and Beet Cashew Dip, which were all excellent.

L'Oca d'Oro Wagyu Sirloin Tartare

The dip has a surprising flavor; even if you don’t like beets, I guarantee you’ll enjoy this dip. We had the Cavatelli al Pomodoro, Bucatini, and Rigatoni alla Amatriciana for our main courses. Everything was terrific once again.

We expected the Rigatoni to be a little thicker, but it was incredibly light without surrendering any of the cream sauce characteristics. The Bucatini had a citrus flavor that improved the dish.

The service was excellent; you could tell their crew enjoys working there and is enthusiastic about the menu. Unfortunately, we did not leave room for dessert, but we will return to try more, and I recommend you do too!

Il Brutto

1601 E. 6th St., Austin, TX 78702, United States // +15125808779

Il Brutto is simply a good time in east Austin! It’s a lovely restaurant with a wide rectangular bar (a nice place to stop for a cocktail in east Austin even if you’re not dining here) and one of my favorite patios in the neighborhood.

We got the formaggi with crostini and honey and the trio taste, which went well with the cheeses. For the main, we chose the Agnototti, which was exquisite, and the Lamb Scottadito, which came with delicious fried artichokes.

Il Brutto Lamb Scottadito

Of course, we tried the gelato; my favorite pistachio was delicious, as was the trio. The wine list pairs well with all of the dishes. 

I would recommend a digestive because their drink menu is pretty tasty. However, they did deliver our check along with a house limoncello as a bonus, very excellent!

Inside has a fantastic vibe but be prepared for a small venue. When the weather is cooler, I would consider sitting on the patio. It was an excellent Italian meal. Give it a go!

Olive & June

3411 Glenview Ave., Austin, TX 78703, United States // +15124679898

The ambiance at this Italian restaurant is one of the best in Austin! Olive & June is a multi-level restaurant with a 200-year-old oak tree surrounding it.

Their patio is delightful. Not to mention, the food is rather good. Try the Texas peach bruschetta, the outstanding corn and truffle risotto, or any of the pasta dishes created in-house.

We had texas peach bruschetta and classic caesar for appetizers. My friend ordered the seared scallop for the second dish, while I chose the seared gulf snapper.

We ordered Pappardelle and Campanelle for the main course. We ended with a torta della nonna with lemon custard. The quantities were generous, and everything was great.


Our server was really accommodating and attentive. She brought us numerous samples of wines because we couldn’t decide on one. Our car was waiting for us at the entrance when we finished our meal and exited the restaurant. I’ll surely return. I suggest you visit this wonderful spot! It’s one of the finest Italian restaurants in Austin.

Final Thoughts for the Best Italian Restaurants in Austin

There’s no question that Austin has an abundance of delicious Italian food. The city is teeming with eateries that serve the food, from well-known classics to eagerly awaited newbies.

Whether you’re searching for a casual neighborhood restaurant or an elegant fine-dining experience, the city’s abundance of options will satisfy any pallet.

Italian restaurants in Austin come in various styles, sizes, and price points. So naturally, the fashions also vary greatly, from traditional red sauce venues to chef-driven pizza and pasta establishments to the trendy, new Italian restaurants.

Fortunately, you can get practically anything you want in the Italian restaurants in Austin, both in terms of decor and cost.

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