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7 Must-Try Breckenridge Restaurants | The Best Restaurants in Breckenridge, CO

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Breckenridge, Colorado, is a mountain town only two hours from Denver that offers a surprising number of restaurants in the downtown area.

New restaurants are consistently opening using renovated historic buildings, so even if you’ve been to Breckenridge before, there is always something new for you to check out. 

The Breckenridge food scene is casual but inventive, from elevated menus and innovative flavors to fresh pizza.

No need to dress up, as jeans are commonplace, but bring your sense of adventure as you explore the many restaurants located in the center of Breckenridge.

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Best Food In Breckenridge

Cabin Juice

605 S. Park Ave. Breckenridge // +19704232299

Cabin Juice is in the Gravity Haus hotel and gives off ski lodge vibes.  Booths are covered in grey and black plaid, while tables are natural wood grain. 

Large windows offer breathtaking views of the mountains, and the restaurant itself is spacious.

Don’t skip the starters, as your table will enjoy the Zucchini fritters. 

Thinly sliced zucchini is battered and fried, and covered in Parmesan cheese with a drizzle of honey.  Even if you aren’t a fan of zucchini, you’ll enjoy this dish as the batter is cornbread-like with a twist of sweet with the honey drizzle. 

Best food in Breckenridge: Zucchini fritters

If you want to add some spice, select the Cast Iron Shishito Peppers. 

Expertly grilled peppers are tossed in Shichimi Togarashi, a Japanese blend of chilies, sesame, and orange peels. 

With a side of garlic aioli, the peppers are a tasty treat that will prepare your palate for the main course.

Cabin Juice entrees feature several seafood options, including diver scallops and curried verlasso salmon.

For a filling dish, select the Avalanche Snow Pea Risotto. The plate is full of a citrus flavor and very filling with Parmigiano- Reggiano cheese and lemon zest. If you prefer a meat dish, go with the Rack of Elk, a ten-ounce serving. 

The elk is a flavor of its own, but is a lean cut of meat and does not have an overly gamey flavor.

Best food in Breckenridge: Scallops

At Cabin Juice, the food is delicious, the staff is kind, and the restaurant itself is comfortable but keeps a mountain town flair. 

The Cheese Shop

505 S. Main St. // +19707713115

The Cheese Shop is located just off the main street, and although there is indoor seating, its sandwiches are perfect for a picnic, so if the weather is dry, grab a bench or bring a blanket to one of the many local parks to enjoy a picnic lunch. 

My favorite spot is Alpine Park, as it is full of flowers native to Colorado, and you’ll have a fantastic view of the mountains.

All the sandwiches are on a whole ficelle, a bread similar to a baguette but skinnier in size. 

I went with the Caprese, which was classic ingredients of fresh mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, and a house-made pesto sauce.  With just the right amount of ingredients, the sandwich was filling, perfect for a picnic lunch.

Best food in Breckenridge: Caprese Sandwich

Other sandwiches of note on the menu included the French, filled with ham, brie, a fig spread, and mixed greens.

The French sandwich is an excellent mix of sweet and savory flavors that will be delicious year-round during ski season or the sunny summer sunshine. 

With the fresh ingredients and mix of flavors, the Cheese Shop is a perfect picnic stop to enjoy the Breckenridge beauty.


207 N. Main Street Breckenridge // +19704539124

Rootstalk is the new kid on the block of the Breckenridge food scene, but worth taking notice of.  Chef Matt Vawter owns restaurants in Denver but came back to his roots in Breckenridge. 

The restaurant is in a renovated Victorian house. The menu is upscale, but the interior is welcoming, and the staff is relaxed and kind.

The menu is what sets Rootstalk apart, and I’m still talking about the dishes I enjoyed.  Would you please bring your appetite, because you do not want to miss the appetizer options? 

The flavor profiles are out of this world, and I would start with the Goat Cheese Agnolotti. Homemade Agnolotti pasta filled with goat cheese and tossed lightly in brown butter, poppy seed, nectarine, and pistachios.  The flavor is light, and the goat cheese is not overpowering.  You can tell the pasta is homemade. 

Next, try the rigatoni, pasta made in-house with pork and veal bolognese and Grana Padano cheese. The flavors are rich but not overdone as the sauce is light. 

Best food in Breckenridge: Rigatoni Bolognese

For the main entrée, I chose pan-fried Romanesco. Romanesco is a cool-weather vegetable originating in Rome, Italy, similar to broccoli or cauliflower. 

Rootstalk pan-fries the vegetable and serves with tahini sauce and toasted farro for incredible flavor with the tahini sauce on the side. The romanesco was such a unique dish I’ll be dreaming about trying it again.

Last but certainly not least is the dessert at Rootstalk. 

The cheesecake with seasonal fresh peaches was the perfect sweet treat to end the meal. Don’t forget the s’mores chocolate torte served with graham cracker ice cream and a rich chocolate torte meant for sharing.  

Best food in Breckenridge: Peach Cheesecake

The menu at Rootstalk is inventive, and the flavor profiles are out of this world. Bring some friends so you can share and try a variety of menu items.

Tin Plate Pizza

110 S. Ridge Street // +19709223392

Who doesn’t enjoy a good slice of pizza? Tin Plate elevates the traditional pizza with exciting flavors and house-made crust and mozzarella. 

Tin Plate pizza is in a miner’s cabin that once held “Tom’s Baby,” the largest gold nugget found in Colorado history. 

These days the house has been tastefully renovated and modernized and is ready for some pizza feasting.

The menu offers the classic pepperoni and cheese pizza for those looking for the classics, and each pizza has a sourdough crust with the perfect chew and topping to crust ratio. For those looking for a more elevated pizza, try the peaches and prosciutto. Peaches were in season, the pancetta was quality, and the addition of the blue cheese and honey provided one tasty pizza.  

Best food in Breckenridge Pepperoni Pizza

I couldn’t resist trying the Elote pizza as well. The Elote pizza has corn, roasted poblano peppers, goat cheese, lime pickled onions, and a small taste of tajin.  The flavors might not be what you would expect on a pizza, but it works as it is just the right amount of sweet and spice.

Next door to Tin Plate Pizza is Dynomite Cookies, a Cookie stand owned by the same person as Tin Plate Pizza. The cookies are warm and chewy as the dough also uses sourdough.  Don’t miss out on the chocolate chip and Snickerdoodle if you need something sweet after the pizza.  

Tin Plate Pizza offers unique ingredients that may surprise you, and it’s worth the visit if you find yourself in Breckenridge, Colorado.

The Canteen

208 N. Main St. // +19704530063

The Canteen is located across the street from Rootstalk and is known for its burgers and mac and cheese. The menu is full of comfort food, and the restaurant keeps Breckenridge’s laidback but vibrant vibe. 

As the server recommended the mac and cheese, I decided to try it, and I was not disappointed! The noodles are in a conchiglie shape, which provides a bowl to hold the four different kinds of cheeses used in the dish. 

Cheeses include cheddar, jack, gruyere, and fontina, making for a delicious mac and cheese. Each serving is topped with Cheez-it crumbles, which adds to the comfort food aspect of the dish but also adds a nice crunch to the plate. 

Breckenridge Restaurants: Mac And Cheese

For a small extra price, you can add protein, including chicken or chorizo. There’s also the option to add tomato and green chilis to give the dish an added spice.  I didn’t add on, but the entree was full of flavor and a comforting meal for a rainy last day in Breckenridge. 

Empire Burger

500 S. Main St. // +19704532329

Empire Burger is located on Main Street and has patio seating so people can watch and enjoy the fresh flowers in hanging baskets and flowerbeds lining the streets. 

Yes, I ordered tacos at a burger restaurant, but I was not disappointed. In one order, there are three tacos served on tortillas with Alaskan pollack. 

The fish is not fried but blackened, and the taco includes cabbage, cilantro, lime, and a white sauce, like sour cream, that ups the flavor of the taco. In addition, you’ll get a side of salsa that has just a little kick but nothing too spicy. The tacos tasted fresh and are something I would order again.

Breckenridge Restaurants: Tacos

If you’re in the mood for a burger, go for the Empire cheeseburger with pepper jack.  The bun tastes homemade and leans toward a ciabatta texture. The burger isn’t fancy and includes lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and mustard.  

Empire Burger offers classic American dishes in a prime spot for some of the best food in Breckenridge. The menu might not be as elevated as other restaurants, but you’ll get a delicious meal that hits the spot.

Semplice Café

209 N. Main St. // +19704236407

If you’re headed out for a hike or just a day of strolling around Breckenridge, check out Semplice Café for your first meal of the day. 

As the cafe offers a wide selection of vegan, vegetation, and meat options, there will be something for everyone.  There is some outdoor seating, but it’s a walk-up counter to order. From breakfast burritos to paninis or the ever fantastic bagel, you‘ll find breakfast options galore.

Check out the Skiers Right breakfast panini, which has egg, sweet potato hash, bacon, and cheddar cheese. 

The sweet potato adds a sweet taste to cut through the traditional breakfast items. Check out the variety of toast options, too, including the “Spicy Baby,” which has peanut butter, bacon, and maple sriracha. Looking for a meal on the lighter side? Semplice café offers smoothies made with almond milk and a variety of fruits.

Breckenridge Restaurants: Smoothie

With so many options, you might find yourself a repeat customer as you start your days in Breckenridge.

Best Food In Breckenridge: Conclusion

Breckenridge, Colorado, has a food scene that even the most discerning patrons will enjoy.

I am so impressed by how many local restaurants are available and the variety of cuisines in such a small area. You will never need to go hungry, and you might find a dish with flavors you never would think go together. 

I hope the next time you’re in Breckenridge, you can discover its food scene and enjoy all it has to offer. 

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