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6 Best Things To Do In Florence SC | Florence SC Things to Do This Weekend

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Are you looking for fun things to do in Florence SC? If you are, then you are in the right place.

Do you know the meaning of the name “Florence”? It means flowering or in bloom. Bloomy, lively, and sweet. That is how I would describe this delightful town located in South Carolina’s coastal plain. Florence is in the northeastern part of the state and the northern part of Florence County.

There is plenty of entertainment, outdoor recreational activities, and local cuisine to enjoy in Florence.

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Things To Do In Florence SC: Florence SC
Photo Credit: Kevin Thomas Boyd

6 Best Things To Do In Florence SC

Palmetto Peddlers Antiques Mall

2295 Hoffmeyer Rd // +1 843-665-8663

One of the largest antique shops in South Carolina, Brandon and Jilian own the business locally.

Here, you can find everything from antiques, collectibles, vintage items, jewelry, old items, home decor, a vinyl records section, to just interesting stuff. They even offer old furniture and house decorations, and some of them caught my eye.

If you want to see some of their things, go to their online gallery on the web page that I linked above. It’s not hard to find something you would like to buy!

I always enjoy exploring these kinds of shops. On the plus side, you’ll never know what gems you will discover. For example, I bought myself several things. I found a fantastic wooden souvenir and a very old book which was so gripping that I read it all in just one day.

Another plus is that usually antique shops can sometimes put high prices on their items. But that was not the case here. Palmetto Peddlers Antiques Mall was not pricey at all.

Things To Do In Florence SC: Palmetto Peddlers Antiques Mall

Seminar Brewing

551 W Lucas St // +1 843-665-9200

As crazy as it sounds, it’s as good as it gets. One of the things to do in Florence SC, is to drink beer and throw axes.

Such a cool and unusual place. They also brew their beers. They have many types of their own beer. So you come in, order food and beer, and then you throw axes at a wooden target. After a beer or two, you are even getting better at it.

For an hour, it costs about twenty dollars per person, not including beer and food.

Their beer is also good. They have a very talented brewmaster. Seminar Brewing is a partnership between four brewers, Bryan Fisher, Travis Knowles, Shawn Steadman, and John Mattheis, plus business partner and project manager Dave Peters. 

The brewers have a combined experience of over twenty-two years.

When I was there, I spoke with Bryan. By the way, I have never met a bigger beer enthusiast! He said that he was very happy that we live in a prosperous age for the culture of beer.

I did not know that. But there are many small businesses and many craft beers. That is very good and a big appreciation to tradition and local foods.

Things To Do In Florence SC: Seminar Brewing

Florence County Museum

111 W Cheves St // +1 843-676-1200

Things To Do In Florence SC: Florence County Museum
Photo Credit: ktmqi

Florence has grown and progressed immensely in less than a decade, and this museum is one of the best examples. Don’t wonder how or why it got its place in one of the best things to do in Florence SC.

It is located in a beautiful building, part of the upcoming downtown area. They call it the “new” downtown museum. I saw a wonderful collection of historical and cultural artifacts on display.

Florence County Museum displays 140 works of Southern art, as well as works by native Floridian William H. Johnson. It provides a range of exhibitions, studios, lectures, and family programming for visitors of all ages. 

The Pee Dee History Gallery focuses on Native American and Colonial artifacts, as well as Civil War artifacts from the Florence Stockade prison camp and the Confederate Naval Yard. Natural science exhibits cover regional topics such as Pee Dee River formation and biodiversity. 

It takes an hour or so to see everything. Quite small but quite informative. You can even take a free tour with a knowledgeable docent on certain days of the month.

Museum admission is free, but some activities are charged. If you ask me, this is a must in Florence if you are curious about the local history of the place. Florence is a small town but has a rich history.

Locked Inn

214-A Dozier Blvd //  +1 843-621-8942

I had a blast here. It was my first time doing an escape room, so it was very exciting and gripping.

Locked Inn offers three rooms. You need to find clues and solve puzzles. Some of them are pretty easy, but some of them are pretty hard. That is why this place is suitable for all ages, teenagers, adults, or families.

You have only an hour to solve the puzzle and get out of the room. Time seems so tricky here; one hour seems too long and too quick at the same time. I solved the Winchester Room in 53 minutes. The other two rooms are House of the Yaga and Bellingham Asylum. Remember that you need to book a room before you go.

Things To Do In Florence SC: Locked Inn

It costs $35 per person. The groups can be from four to ten participants. To be honest, it is not very cheap, especially if you want to go there with your family. But they have some promotions, discounts, and special offers which you can read about on their web page that I linked above. 

The workers were very nice and helpful. I am sure you can contact them online.

Don’t forget Locked Inn if puzzles are your thing.

Wholly Smokin’ Downtown

 150 S Dargan St //  +1 843-407-7545

This is one of the best BBQ restaurants in the area, with a great dining atmosphere. Eating here felt very pleasant, and I would like to visit this place again and again. It certainly deserves its place in your list of things to do in Florence SC.

First, you should let me introduce you to my impressions of several of their most recognizable dishes. 

I think that Smoked Chicken Wings are beyond delicious. They have crispy skin, juicy meat, and they are served with celery. Celery makes this taste perfectly combined; it is the cherry on the top.

The second time I visited this place, I gave their ribs a try. After all, they are widely known for them. They are slow-cooked and very tender. You would not want to miss Wholly Smokin’s Downtown specialty.

I would like to mention that their prices are not very high. They are pretty reasonable for quality food and service. This place is especially suitable for a family dinner because they have special offers if you are with a group of people. But that could also be your friends. 

Julia Belle’s

 2106-50 W Lucas St //  +1 843-407-4686

A quiet and peaceful restaurant located in Florence, they offer a wide variety of dishes and a very cozy ambiance. Their menu also includes a children’s menu, daily dishes, and delicious seafood. Prices are very reasonable for their excellent quality and variety.

I came here with a couple of friends. We ordered four meals and we divided them among ourselves because we wanted to try more dishes. We had Crab Cake Dinner, Fried Shrimp, Chicken & Waffles, and Southern Fried Chicken on our table.

At first, the waiter struggled to put all the plates on our table. Soon that wasn’t a problem anymore. The table was empty in a very short time. It was a very satisfying meal.

Then we got into a discussion about whether any of us had tried Chicken & Waffles before. We all agreed that it was one of the most unique combinations of tastes we have ever tried. It contained a bakery-fresh waffle topped with Carolina peach sauce and juicy chicken tenders.

In my opinion, Florence stands out mostly with its cuisine. There are so many restaurants, and locals appreciate both their traditional and international cuisine.

Things To Do In Florence SC: Julia Belle’s

Wrapping Up On Things To Do In Florence SC

Florence citizens seemed like big local patriots. They have every right to behave so. Their town is charming, modest, and lively. I only spent a few days in Florence, but I wish I had a bit more time. Small towns always require a lot of time to deliver their full energy. You can see the big things, but it takes time to catch the larger details. 

I hope I made a good list of the best things to do in Florence SC. When you visit it, I promise you won’t waste time wondering where you will go.

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