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Best Seattle NorthCountry Restaurants | 7 Must-Try Places

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With a nonstop flight from Palm Springs to Seattle NorthCountry on Alaska to Seattle Paine Field, it was hard to resist when asked by Seattle NorthCountry promoters to come and explore the area.

Seattle Paine Field is an International Airport located on the grounds of the Seattle Boeing manufacturing facility- the largest undercover manufacturing plant in the world.  

Seattle NorthCountry covers 2,000 miles in Snohomish County. Mountains, rivers, farmland, coastal waters, land, and cities are all waiting for you to come and explore the area’s beauty.  

Best Seattle NorthCountry Restaurants

After visiting the cities of Everett, Snohomish, Mukilteo, and Tulalip, I have concluded that I have just begun to discover the area.

Even more surprising is that I lived in Vancouver, Washington, for 24 years and never explored Seattle NorthCountry, for I had no idea of the attractions and cuisine that would help me fall in love with the area. This is my review of the best Seattle NorthCountry restaurants.

The 7 Best Seattle NorthCountry Restaurants


3105 Pine St, Everett, WA 98201, United States // +1 425-339-2000 

As a person who frequently goes to conferences, I’ve gotten used to, oh hum, breakfast meals at large hotels. Delighted the Venture Kitchen & Bar was an exception.  

I ordered Eggs Benedict, taking the risk that the Hollandaise Sauce would be just right, for I have found only high-end restaurants tend to get the sauce just right. Often, lemon takes over the sauce flavor or ends up bland.  

Eggs Benedict

The Eggs Benedict served to me checked all the boxes for a superb breakfast. Plus, my waitress was attentive and kind, with a demeanor perfect for an early-morning breakfast for a day filled with appointments.  

My second breakfast, with scrambled eggs prepared and perfectly served, confirmed I would organize early morning meetings if I lived here.  


1410 Seiner Dr, Everett, WA 98201, United States //+1-425-610-3616 

Parking the car at the Port of Everett’s Waterfront Place made it immediately appear this area in Seattle NorthCountry was popular. The archway with Fisherman Jack’s name proudly shouted this was a restaurant that was taking itself seriously.  

Outside Fisherman Jack’s Restaurant, a line was forming for this newly opened Asian-spired seafood restaurant. There are two areas to dine with my friends. We opted for the glass patio, where the sound level was lower for catching up. 

Fried Rice

We ordered our meal family style so we could share some tapa-like size plates. Oh my, the lobster dumplings with shrimp, seasoned with their house blend, were the first to disappear, followed by the sauteed green beans, lightly fried with a dash of garlic.  

The vegetable dumplings made of corn, carrots, mushrooms, and cabbage will delight any vegan dinner. Pictured is the Fried Rice, with shrimp, peas, and carrots tossed with the rice. Fortunately, I got a picture before we cleaned the plate. 

It’s definitely one of the best Seattle NorthCountry restaurants.


913 1st St, Snohomish, WA 98290, United States // +1 360-243-3060 

When was the last time you dined in a restaurant with ghosts, not alone one considered the most haunted restaurant in the State of Washington?

This 100-year-plus space with a checkered past is now a lively place for visitors and locals to regale stories they have heard about this downtown Snohomish Oxford Saloon and its ghost inhabitants.  

Live music playing on the stage at the other end of the restaurant entertained the after-work crowd that rallied up the long wooden bar gracing one side of the building.

Ghost Burger

With western décor, it seemed only appropriate I order their famous Ghost Burger. It arrived, and there was no way I could pick up the Applewood Smoked Bacon, Ghost pepper cheese smothered with poblano puree.  

Word is that their truffle oil mac and cheese is more than worthy of some awards. However, in my wildest imagination, I could not see how I could eat it after consuming my gigantic Ghost Burger.

Make sure you ask the server for extra napkins. While eating the burger, I laughed about how messy this goodness was to eat.  


1206 1st St, Snohomish, WA 98290, United States //+1-360-568-9866 

Shopping on First Street is fun, as there are many antique stores. Some are huge, with individual vendors sharing the space and displaying their collections for sale. Snohomish is known for its antiques, so people come from far distances to browse the shops.  

At the far end of First Street, I chose Heidi’s Sandwichboard for lunch. Walking in, I smiled for the décor fit right in, for it was filled with what turned out to be Heidi’s, the owner’s antiques. 

turkey and cranberry sandwich

Finding it unusual to find a deli with craft cocktails, I decided I had earned a Paloma, which was served in a pint Kerr jar. Then I turned to the menu. 

The idea of a turkey and cranberry sandwich was swimming in my head; thus, I was delighted when I saw it on the menu. It came with a dish of potato salad that rivaled my mom’s, and I loved it. It’s definitely one of the best Seattle NorthCountry restaurants.


621 Front St, Mukilteo, WA 98275, United States // +1 425-512-8080 

I will admit I was hungry after a tour of Everett’s Flying Heritage and Combat Museum. The short drive to Mukilteo was picturesque as you descended the hill down to the harbor on the banks of Puget Sound.  

The Diamond Knot Brewery is housed in a building once used as a bus garage. The roll-up doors can be seen to the right as you go through the entrance. Historic photos grace a hallway wall, illustrating how the surrounding area has changed through the years.  

This long venue has a bar on the left, and tables line the windows. Outdoor seating is available on the patio, but I sat in the backroom area adjacent to a walk-up ice cream window, a popular place mid-summer. 

Blonde Ale Batter Cod with Panko breadcrumbs

Peanuts are served in the shell as you settle in. There is something rewarding: throwing peanut shells on the floor. I ordered one of their ales, and I browsed the menu.

However, later, I discovered they make their root beer. I wish I had known, for it is not common for a brewery to make root beer, but a new trend is developing.  

Fortunately, I ordered only one piece of the Blonde Ale Batter Cod with Panko breadcrumbs. It was immense, accompanied by homemade tartar sauce and vinegar ‘slaw. It’s definitely one of the best Seattle NorthCountry restaurants.


717 1st St, Snohomish, WA 98290, United States //+1-360-799-6822 

Bakeries are abundant in Snohomish. One intersection, which includes Grain Artisan Bakery, has a bakery on every corner. However, this bakery has established itself by serving only gluten-free pastries and cakes.  

There was a vast array of pastries. I was a little leery since I have tasted some gluten-free pastries throughout my travel writing career, and there was much to be desired regarding flavor.  


However, my warmed muffin was more than satisfying for my breakfast. I ended up wishing I had bought another one for my wait at Seattle Paine Airport.  

Talking with the server, he proudly told me they were the only location in the area to order gluten-free cakes for any occasion. The display shows that gluten-free people have more options here than any place I have ever visited.  


615 Millwright Lp N, Everett, WA 98201, United States // +425-954-8888 

Seattle NorthCountry is celebrating the opening of The Muse Whiskey Bar and Coffee Shop in a 100-year-old building originally the home of the Weyerhaeuser display office. The Port of Everett readily welcomed the fourth movement of this historic building to the water’s edge.  

Restored to its grandeur with beautiful wooden paneling, this magnificent building is a whiskey bar by night and a lovely breakfast meeting space in the mornings.  

They have a beautiful patio to sit and sip your premier whiskey as the sunsets. Small lounge rooms, with comfy chairs and small tables, now fill the once-office spaces.  

Asian-inspired lamb Chops served

Sitting in one of the lounges, I enjoyed sipping my excellent Old Fashioned while perusing the small plate options. There are no large entrees to order, so if you want, stop here for Happy Hour, the perfect place.  

I ordered a fabulous small plate of Asian-inspired lamb Chops served on a bed of greens, which were marinated in a garlic/ginger-inspired sauce and seasoned with rosemary. The Lamb Chops hit a very high note with me; it combined some of my favorite seasons.   

Wrap Up: Seattle NorthCountry restaurants

While I was expecting to eat a lot of seafood while I was in Seattle NorthCountry, going with the flow and asking for recommendations from visitors or servers proved to be a good move for me.

I tried the various dishes the places were known for—thus, I have no regrets. I suggest you rent a car, leave the downtown area of Seattle, and explore this beautiful part of Washington State.  

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