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12 Must-Try Romantic Restaurants in Tacoma, WA

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Washington in the United States of America is home to the port city of Tacoma. Given that it offers the best weather for vacations and delights over the holidays, it is a lovely city.

Tacoma also goes by the nickname “the City of Destiny” since the Northern Pacific Railroad chose it as its primary western station. It is well-known not just as the City of Destiny but also for its wonderful restaurants and other tourist destinations like the museum, schools, and Union Station.

12 Must-Try Romantic Restaurants in Tacoma

Fun fact: The movie Ten Things I Hate About You was filmed in one of the high schools there, so let’s talk about romance here. This is why you need to schedule yourself for holiday goodies in the city. Tacoma will add to your holiday memories; the city has so much that you can choose from for sightseeing. During your trip, make a point of stopping by some of Tacoma’s romantic restaurants. So come along with us on this tour of romantic restaurants in Tacoma and our recommendations for them.

12 Must-Try Romantic Restaurants in Tacoma

Le Sel Bistro

229 St. Helens Ave., Tacoma, WA 98402, United States +12533271015

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Sel (French for salt) in the Stadium District offers home-cooked French cuisine that has been jazzed up.

I would say this is one of the most romantic restaurants in Tacoma. The café has a very stylish ambiance and features an open area for relaxation with well-maintained seating and gleaming precious stone accents.

There is a warmed deck with a long concrete table covered in plant life-covered tree limbs and enjoying spectacular views of the Port of Tacoma.

Le Sel Bistro: Risotto

For starters, you’ve got to try the Pastry Wrapped Triple Cream Brie Triple which is cream Brie, puff pastry, Granny Smith apples, a toasted baguette with jam and balsamic glaze, and some chopped hazelnuts.

If you’re in the mood for a cozy soup, try the French Onion Soup and for sure, the Mushroom Risotto. They all contribute to making this one of the more romantic restaurants in Tacoma.

Over The Moon Cafe

709 Opera Alley, Tacoma, WA 98402, United States +12532843722

This restaurant, which ranks among the greatest romantic dining options in Tacoma, is the best choice for a quick date. Not only is the food great, beginning with the starters, but this is unquestionably the spot to unwind.

If you want to take your partner to a romantic lunch, or perhaps you want to have some quality time while you experience their various cuisines and you enjoy your meals, this is the place.

Over The Moon Cafe: Butternut Squash Pasta.

To start, you can get the Asparagus and Burrata, which is grilled asparagus spears, lemon, burrata, and a balsamic reduction, and, along with that, the Angus Beef entree with a Beet Salad.

You could be a little full at this point, so you can share a plate of Butternut Squash Pasta. Have a glass of wine with that and finish with the Turtle Pie dessert.


2810 6th Ave., Tacoma, WA 98406, United States +12532727770

Asado has some talent for cooking with a Latin American or even more Argentine influence.

Given the title of Best Latin American Restaurant by Evening Magazine, this eatery creates amazing dishes employing high-quality, covertly obtained ingredients, including Black Angus burgers that are infused with Argentinean flavors.

If you’re a steak person, definitely get the Frenched Rib Steak with the asado chop entree salad.

Asado: Rib Steak

Marzano Italian Restaurant

516 Garfield St. S, Tacoma, WA 98444, United States +12535374191

Marzano offers classic Italian cuisine in a very romantic Tacoma restaurant setting with a contemporary twist. It’s a cozy place to unwind after a busy day because it’s tiny, lively, and intimate, so you can have some quality time with your partner if you like.

They serve hand-made pasta, seafood from the Pacific Northwest, and traditional broths. They are surely passionate about cooking Italian-inspired cuisine.

Since they make homemade pasta, you have to try some pasta here, of course. The Fusilli Siciliani with fusilli pasta, Sicilian sauce of spring onions, castelvetrano olives, capers, fennel pollen, eggplant, tomatoes, and feta is so delicious you might be craving a second plate.

Marzano Italian Restaurant: Pasta

Cliff House Restaurant

6300 Marine View Dr., Tacoma, WA 98422, United States +12539270400

As you eat, admire the beautiful Mount Rainier. This romantic restaurant in Tacoma is perfectly located in a metropolitan neighborhood where you can take in the picturesque view of the mountain.

All tourists can enjoy their delicious local cuisine and seafood at reasonable prices. They provide a wide range of meals on their menu that will have you craving more and ready to try their other dishes.

The very good dishes I recommend are the Curried Mussels and the Alaskan Cod Fish and chips.

Cliff House Restaurant: Mussles

Primo Grill Restaurant

2701 6th Ave., Tacoma, WA 98406, United States +12533837000

A chef-driven Mediterranean by Northwest romantic restaurant in Tacoma, Primo Grill features the best of the region’s food. The grill and brick oven served fish gathered locally in the wild, meats from nearby farms, and foraged veggies are menu highlights.

Chef Charlie McManus and Jacqueline Plattner, the restaurant’s owners, provide a casual yet elegant atmosphere with a focus on Washington wines and hand-muddled artisanal cocktails.

One of my favorite dishes is the Apple Wood Smoked Pork Chop and the Black Manhattan drink.

Primo Grill Restaurant: Smoked Pork Chop

Stanley & Seafort’s

115 E. 34th St., Tacoma, WA 98404, United States +12534737300

A Tacoma success, Stanley and Seafort’s Steak, Chop, and Fish House serves supper and weekend brunch with views of the noisy Commencement Bay waterfront.

The restaurant is the ideal location for a romantic meal in Tacoma because of its spacious lounge area, which has a contemporary-jazzy sophisticated design and large windows that flood the space with natural light and showcase views.

New American cuisine is served in an open kitchen, including delicacies like housemade lobster bisque, grilled lamb chops with garlic zest, braised stuffed veal with potatoes au gratin, crème brûlée, and berries and cream.

Stanley & Seafort's: Lobster Bisque

Citron European Bistro

10716 A St. S., Tacoma, WA 98444, United States +12532121153

We recommend trying the French and German cuisines at this establishment. Order some nice smoked salmon, French onion soup, and pies at Citron European Bistro to break up your usual meal.

A lot of people will say to try the delicious fruitcake, tiramisu, and crepes. You can taste an excellent malbec, French beer, or white wine, none of which you will soon forget.

It’s a pretty, cozy, and private place for you and your partner to visit if you want to try a romantic Tacoma restaurant.

Citron European Bistro: Onion Soup

Harbor Lights

2761 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98402, United States +12537528600

This romantic restaurant offers a traditional Northwest dining experience in a rustic setting on Commencement Bay’s shore with beautiful views. They have a devoted following of customers and are widely known for serving large portions of seafood, such as the two-pound bucket of steamed clams.

This unique waterfront restaurant not only caters to vegetarians but also gives vegans a choice of options to choose from. Their seafood is regarded as some of the finest offered in the city.

Harbor Lights: Hashbrowns

The restaurant also provides wheelchairs for people who are physically disabled. Think about eating in a setting that is accommodating to all people, regardless of age.

On the famous charcoal broiler pit here, enjoy their Northwest beef, chargrilled to your preference. The beef is complemented by champ potatoes, a baked potato, or hash browns, and paired with a seasonal fish selection.

It’s in many one of the best Tacoma romantic restaurants lists because of the beautiful view.

Indochine Asian Dining Lounge

1924 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, WA 98402, United States +12532728200

If you want to have an Asian cuisine-tasting date night, this place has the perfect Tacoma romantic atmosphere.

This lounge, located conveniently in the Museum District, is a unique dining destination with exposed block veneers and a peaceful lake that offers a lovely Asian-mix segment.

The inventive cuisine of Indochina incorporates elements from China, India, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam to create a perfect culinary experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Indochine Asian Dining Lounge: Thai Noodles

The guests of this restaurant who prefer gluten-free cuisine are also considered. All of their meals are expertly made and presented.

Large events, such as birthday parties, can also be hosted at the restaurant. It is the best place for you to have all of your professional and romantic dates as well. It’s no secret why everyone loves this place.

Lobster Shop

4015 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98402, United States +12537592165

The Lobster Shop is a charming waterfront restaurant that provides fresh seafood, lobster, and catch-of-the-day fish.  It is located on Ruston Way with views of Commencement Bay.

The restaurant, which opened in 1977, is known for serving some of the greatest seafood dishes in the Pacific Northwest, including clam fettuccine, cedar-planked seafood trio, aglio prawns, and pan-seared day boat scallops.

So, if you and your partner are seafood lovers, this is the place for you!

Lobster Shop: Shrimps

The restaurant offers outside dining and has a dock accessible to boaters during the summer. Guests can taste the superb cuisine against a backdrop of breathtaking vistas of both Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountain Range.

The restaurant’s lovely scenery will make your time there worthwhile, making it the perfect place to have a romantic anniversary dinner in Tacoma.

Thekoi Japanese Cuisine

1552 Commerce St. #100, Tacoma, WA 98402, United States +12532720996

We always have something for our sushi lovers! This place is a trendy restaurant that serves traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes in a modern, sophisticated setting. It is conveniently located in the center of the museum area and is only a short stroll from the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center.

The restaurant is managed and owned by Executive Chef Jackie Young Koh and serves upscale food such as freshly produced sushi and sashimi, mouth-watering entrées, and delectable vegetarian alternatives.

The restaurant, which is perfect for date nights, offers comfortable seating with views of Tollefson Plaza and the Tacoma Art Museum. There is also a pleasant sushi bar with a view of the open kitchen where skilled chefs can be observed at work.

Thekoi Japanese Cuisine: Sushi


Tacoma is a beautiful city with a wide range of tourist attractions. It won’t be possible to see the entire city in a single day. For your tour throughout the city, you should make a good strategy.

Find out about the city’s past, everything from the museums to the many mountains. In Tacoma, there are a lot of restaurants for you and your spouse to have a great romantic date night and spend quality time.

You should be familiar with the various cuisines of the city in order to have a successful trip. Get to try the many cuisines from Tacoma’s top romantic restaurants.

Every day, go to a different restaurant and you can be the judge of which one is your favorite!

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