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The 9 Best Restaurants In Rock Springs Wyoming

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The American state of Wyoming contains the city of Rock Springs in Sweetwater County. It is a location where the expansive Western plains meet the azure sky.

Many Rock Springs restaurants offer the experience of eating while listening to the wind blow through the grass and trees.

With the wind and sun at your back, you’re sure to feel energetic and refreshed after a short break.

There is much to enjoy in Rock Springs, whether you’re looking for great restaurants in Rock Springs Wyoming, or visiting nearby attractions like the Crazy Horse Memorial or Monument Valley. 

In the list below, you’ll find the nine best restaurants in Rock Springs for quality food!

My Top 3 Picks of the Best Restaurants in Rock Springs Wyoming

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
Casa Chavez Mexican Restaurant
Molcajete stew5/5
Broadway Burger StationElk Burger5/5
Eve’sWedge Salad5/5

The 9 Must-Try Restaurants In Rock Springs Wyoming

Sapporo | Japanese Steakhouse

2461 Foothill Blvd., Rock Springs, WY 82901, United States // +13073820680

Rock Springs, Wyoming, is a small town that, at first glance, appears to have only a few restaurant options. However, Sapporo | Japanese Steakhouse may be one of the best restaurants in Rock Springs Wyoming.

This spot has been around for a long time, so it has something no one else in town has, a terrific reputation!

The food is delicious, and I appreciate how diverse their menu is. They also have other dishes for your kids to try, such as sushi, chicken nuggets, and other favorites!

The original Japanese Teppanyaki technique is prepared right in front of your eyes, serving up delectable Hibachi grilled delicacies.

Best Restaurants In Rock Springs Wyoming: Sapporo Japanese Teppanyaki

If you like sushi, they have a full sushi bar and casual seating for those who prefer a more intimate dining experience. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with an upscale feel you would not expect to find the best restaurants in Rock Springs Wyoming.

Remember that if you have a smaller party, you may be seated with other groups around the Hibachi grill, which can be entertaining because their dishes will be cooked alongside yours.

We’ve been there for lunch and dinner, and the amounts were always more than enough. The restaurant caters to gluten-free guests as well, and the food is equally delicious.

The restaurant is suitable for all ages, specializes in Japanese cuisine, and does not have the feel of a chain restaurant. Definitely a must-visit for Asian food in Rock Springs!

Chill Grill

1525 Elk St., Rock Springs, WY 82901, United States // +13073629000

Chill Grill is a restaurant that serves delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner at affordable costs. The atmosphere is that of a classic diner from the 1950s, complete with counter seating.

Chill Grill provides a nice, relaxed environment where you can enjoy dinner with friends or family, with a wide variety of tasty meals!

We were stuffed after a delicious dinner at the Chill Grill. Shakes, cheeseburgers, and onion rings were all delicious; a great place for classic American food in one of the best restaurants in Rock Springs Wyoming!

Chill Grill Cheeseburger

The burgers were thick, char-grilled patties cooked by hand. The onion rings are large and practically juicy, and you get a good serving with each burger for just $1.99.

The service was quick, and the server assisted us in understanding the menu. I really liked the whole atmosphere of the restaurant, as well as the final price. I definitely recommend stopping by for their tasty burgers in one of the most exciting restaurants in Rock Springs Wyoming.


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Remedies Grill

409 Broadway St., Rock Springs, WY 82901, United States // +13073626691 

Remedies Grill is a wonderful old-fashioned café in Rock Spring, Wyoming. Remedies has a nice casual ambiance with a comfy seating area and plenty of tables.

They serve handmade meals, excellent coffee, and a comprehensive menu that includes homemade soups, 

We were greeted and seated as soon as we got in. The server was quite pleasant and provided some excellent recommendations.

They have a cool fountain for drinks and an infinite number of options with their fountain setup. The burgers and fries were delicious. While you wait for your food, you can browse the general store in which this café is located.

Remedies Grill Burgers And Fries

Unfortunately, the service was quick, and there wasn’t enough time to look around, so plan on going dessert shopping! I will, of course, return to this hidden gem, and I recommend that you do as well!

Broadway Burger Station

628 Broadway St., Rock Springs, WY 82901, United States // +13073625858

Broadway Burger Station is a small, old-fashioned diner that serves gourmet burgers as well as vegetarian options. The restaurant has a long history of being a popular date spot on Friday nights.

Both the decor and the cuisine are traditional diner fare. Broadway Burger Station can handle any order, whether you want something unique or just a beef bowl.

The Elk Burger I had was delicious, and I recommend trying it if it’s in season. The burger was very juicy and delicious, and the fries were perfectly prepared and complemented the burger very well.

Broadway Burger Station Elk Burger

My friend enjoyed his “Leader of the Pack” burger, shakes, fries, and onion rings.

Everything was very reasonably priced with excellent value. A must-visit location while in town!

Bitter Creek Brewing

604 Broadway St., Rock Springs, WY 82901, United States // +13073624782

The Bitter Creek Brewing Company is a must-do in Rock Springs, Wyoming. I was extremely impressed with the kindness and accommodating nature of the owners.

Try the Fried Buffalo Wings if you’re feeling adventurous! It was unlike anything I’ve ever had, and it made a great meal.

The beer was pretty good. Furthermore, I ate the Bunkhouse burger, which came with bacon, cheese, and barbecue sauce.

Bitter Creek Brewing Burger

With a 1/3 lb burger, it was wonderful and the ideal portion size for me. Ask for a double if you want a larger burger. The fries were delicious!

My buddy ended up eating fish and chips. Small fish chunks, but the beer batter was crisp and light.

They serve it with either a salad or soup. He decided on the beef vegetable soup, which featured substantial beef pieces and a delicious broth with some onions and carrots.

I highly recommend visiting if you are interested in brewery food and craft beers in Rock Springs!


1996 Dewar Dr., Rock Springs, WY 82901, United States // +13073621888

Stop at Bonsai if you’re in Rock Springs, Wyoming, and searching for an excellent meal. This restaurant is well-known for its authentic Chinese cuisine!

I’ve had supper here several times and have always been satisfied with the food.

No matter what you order, the food is amazing! You have the option of sitting at a table, or at the counter, where the chef makes your food right in front of you!

The chefs at the grill not only prepare delicious food for you but also make your meal and evening enjoyable and entertaining!

The atmosphere is just as good as the food, and, depending on what you order, it’s pretty cheap.

The menu had lots of options, and while we didn’t eat any of the sushi, what we saw on other people’s tables looked delicious.

I had beef broccoli, and the meat was so delicious that it melted in my mouth. My friend had sesame chicken, which was delicious and full of flavor. We brought half of the food back with us and enjoyed it for dinner the next night.

Bonsai Beef Broccoli

Stop by if you are in the mood for Chinese food in Rock Springs, Wyoming, even if only passing through on I-80, and enjoy some good food and fun!

Santa Fe Southwest Grill

1635 Elk St., Rock Springs, WY 82901, United States // +13073625427

Many people in Rock Springs choose Santa Fe Southwest Grill as their go-to destination since they have been serving the area for decades. Their menu features everything from traditional Mexican meals to Tex-Mex dishes.

They also serve an incredible selection of delicious drinks, including margaritas and mojitos, pomegranate martinis, and their own signature tequila mixologists delight mixed martinis.

We ordered the filled sopapillas and the Navajo tacos. Both were excellent. The creamy jalapeno sauce was flavorful.

Santa Fe Tacos

The salsa was delicious, having a unique smoky flavor. We could tell that the food was prepared on-site. They do not use any canned ingredients.

We were quite impressed with the entire staff’s attitude and efficiency. They assist one another and are respectful to their coworkers and all visitors. They are constantly busy. I wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant!


1501 Clubhouse Dr., Rock Springs, WY 82901, United States // +13075225756

I’ve been to Eve’s several times and have always been pleased with the service. Their service is prompt and friendly, their food is delicious, and they have a wide range of prices. This restaurant offers a diverse menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.

Eve’s has indoor and outdoor seating, so your entire group can enjoy delicious meals regardless of where you sit!

I ordered the nicest wedge salad I’d ever had and the Steak Frites with potatoes. Everything was presented elegantly.

Eve's Steak Frites

The wedge salad was a work of art, not merely a half-head of iceberg lettuce with some toppings and dressing. The steak was cooked perfectly with a tasty au jus and crispy french fries.

My friend ordered the Mahi wrapped in prosciutto, which he described as unique and delicious.

The service was also excellent, with very friendly and attentive young people providing it.

If you want a special evening of fine dining in Rock Springs, I highly suggest Eve’s.

Casa Chavez Mexican Restaurant

744 Pilot Butte Ave., Rock Springs, WY 82901, United States // +13073623686

If you’re searching for a delicious, convenient Mexican restaurant in Rock Springs, Wyoming, you’ve come to the correct location! Casa Chavez Mexican Restaurant provides superb meals and excellent service.

I’ve never tasted a better Molcajete stew! Excellent work! We also had Ceviche, which was delicious! All of the fresh ingredients were cooked to perfection. My friend had seafood enchiladas, which were also delicious.

Casa Chavez Mexican Restaurant Ceviche

Even the chips and salsa were delicious! I can’t express how impressed I was by this small restaurant in the middle of Wyoming.

The service was excellent and friendly, and the prices were very reasonable. Come here! You can order anything with confidence.

FAQ About The Best Restaurants in Rock Springs Wyoming

What is Wyoming’s signature food?

Jerky of any form is a Wyoming institution. Elk and buffalo jerky are particularly popular. Beans, in general, are a popular meal in Wyoming.

Does Wyoming have good food?

Wyoming’s food culture is heavily influenced by its wide-open areas, Western traditions, and good hunting land.

For decades, the state’s culinary specialists have executed farm-to-table principles, from delectable Angus beef and flavor-bursting buffalo to Rocky Mountain trout and crisp seasonal vegetables.

Is Wyoming cheap to live in?

Wyoming has the lowest average cost of living in the Rocky Mountain region, beating out neighbors such as Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana. It is also one of the country’s top 20 most affordable states.

Final Thoughts About The Best Restaurants In Rock Springs Wyoming

If you’re looking for a tasty and visually appealing meal for your family, don’t miss our list of the best restaurants in Rock Springs Wyoming. These choices are not only good but also among the best in the country.

So, take a break from the mundane and find a tasty morsel in Rock Springs. The sandwiches and steaks available here will make you glad you took the time to treat yourself to something that tastes as good as it feels.

The view can be spectacular, and specific menus are so flexible and delectable that you’ll think there’s no finer place for your taste senses!

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Mike Behrman

Monday 17th of April 2023

You missed my favorite for over 50 years! The Renegade Cafe on Elk st. Has great American and Chinese cuisine and my Favorite Chilimeat sold only in Rock Springs WY!

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