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The 12 Best Things To Bring Back From Jamaica

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Jamaica’s tropical beaches, unique cuisine, and non-stop entertainment make it a perfect destination for a vacation. But what good is a vacation if you don’t bring back an item to remember your time in this tropical paradise? 

Jamaica has no shortage of activities, from snorkeling to day cruises. But what about potential gifts to bring back or give to friends and family? Ideally, you want something authentic and unique. Luckily, you won’t have any trouble finding items, gifts, or memorabilia from Jamaica to ensure the memory of the trip stays for good. 

To make the selection process easier, we’ve compiled a list of twelve souvenirs to bring back from your trip to Jamaica. So with all that said, let’s start.

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Best Things To Bring Back From Jamaica

Street vendor culture is perfect for bringing back a wonderful item to remember on your trip to this paradise island. Luckily, the street vendor culture in Jamaica is considered the backbone of the tourist industry. That’s because street vendors are everywhere around Jamaica, and their wares make great souvenirs from Jamaica.

Whether they sell food, handmade crafts, or memorabilia, there is something for everyone to pick to make their trip to Jamaica a lasting memory. 

Authentic Reggae Music CDs and Vinyl

One thing you’ll constantly hear on the island is reggae music. Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae, and we’ve all had Bob Marley CDs when we were kids. 

But there is so much more to reggae than Buffalo Soldier or Three Little Birds. Moreover, you’ll hear plenty of other vibrant Caribbean genres, such as Ska, Dub, and Dancehall. 

Things To Bring Back From Jamaica: Authentic Reggae Music CDs and Vinyl

Authentic reggae jams are one of the best gifts to reminisce about your time on the island. Jamaica’s music scene will accompany you on every beach and bar, and you can take a piece of that back with you. Luckily, you can find authentic Jamaican music on almost every corner, from CDs to vinyl. 

Popular places to shop for authentic reggae CDs and vinyl include Mount Debre Zeit and Variety Store. Both stores are located in Kingston, where the reggae vibes never stop.

Blue Mountain Coffee

Decadent Things to Bring Back From Jamaica

Coffee enjoyers must try Blue Mountain Coffee. The authentic Jamaican brand is well-known for its taste in the coffee community. Moreover, Jamaicans know how to package their coffee, and you won’t find a better-looking package. 

Blue Mountain Coffee is particularly famous for its authentic taste. They source the beans from high elevations, which some say is the secret to the fantastic taste. The coffee is so good that Japan imports 80% of all Blue Mountain Coffee products. 

Blue Mountain Coffee

Even so, Jamaicans are mad about coffee, and Blue Mountain is the brand to purchase. You’ll find coffee everywhere around Jamaica, from coffee farms to gift shops. We highly recommend you bring back Blue Mountain Coffee as gifts from Jamaica. 

Although pricey, the authentic taste is definitely worth the extra baggage space. 


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Jamaican Rum Products

Party Things to Bring Back From Jamaica

In addition to coffee, Jamaica is well-known for its rum. More specifically, white rum. Jamaica is home to hundreds of local rum shops, each producing a unique product you won’t find anywhere else. 

Rum enjoyers say Jamaican rum is some of the best in the world, and for good reasons. Jamaican rum is smooth, classy, and perfect for your cocktail. 

Jamaican Rum

You might even find a tour guide to take you to one of Jamaica’s many local rum distilleries. While rum is Jamaica’s favorite drink, you should see what else they make. Of course, a must-try is a rum cake. You will even find rum-flavored coffee!

Jamaican Street Art Paintings

You will find Jamaican street artists selling authentic and original art on almost every corner of the island. This is because the art scene in Jamaica is on a different level. Therefore, tourists shouldn’t think twice about authentic oil paintings as gifts from Jamaica. 

Jamaican Street Art Paintings

In addition, Jamaican street art paintings aren’t costly at all. Quite the contrary, the pieces are pretty affordable. Jamaican street art is best characterized as lively and will do wonders for your home decor. 

If you want to bring a piece of Jamaica back with you, consider visiting the many local street artists who put their heart and soul into creating amazing art. 

Jamaican Wood Jewelry

You will notice all kinds of items made from wood carvings in Jamaica. But there’s no better item to bring back with you than a pair of Jamaican wooden round earrings. Jamaican souvenir jewelry is quite Boho, which is perfect for anyone that’s into handmade jewelry. 

Jamaican Wood Jewelry

On top of that, the variety of jewelry Jamaican crafters create is astonishing, from earrings to necklaces and bracelets. The best thing about Jamaican wood jewelry is they’re handmade. 

So you’re not only bringing back something authentic as a gift from Jamaica, but you’re supporting the many local artists who create quality wooden jewelry that will last.

Spices and Seasonings

Jamaican spices and seasonings are some of the best in the world. And for a good reason; who wouldn’t want to bring the taste of Jamaica back with them?

You can find the best spices and seasonings in supermarkets and local bodega stores. These spices are perfect for preparing the best jerk. After all, no one makes a better jerk than the local Jamaican chefs and culinary experts. 

Spices and Seasonings

So if you want to bring the authentic taste of Jamaica back with you, pick up a few bottles of spices and seasonings on the last days of your vacation. 

Jamaican Dolls

Classic Things to Bring Back From Jamaica

You might think Jamaican dolls are the perfect gift for your niece. And that’s certainly true, but Jamaican dolls aren’t age-exclusive. The wonderful thing about Jamaican dolls is that they’re handmade and excellent as home decor. 

Jamaican Dolls

Think of these dolls as Tiki masks, if Tiki masks were soft, made of sponge, and rocking the traditional Jamaican hairstyle and flag. You can put these dolls anywhere around the house, and they will instantly lighten the mood. 

Oh, and let’s not forget – children love them!

Calabash Wooden Bowls

When it comes to souvenirs with multi-purpose uses, a Calabash wooden bowl is the best item to bring back from your Jamaica trip. Of course, calabash is a unique tree to Australia and Oceania, but Jamaicans make a pretty mean handmade calabash wooden bowl.

Calabash bowls are so popular in Jamaica that you’ll find them literally at every street corner. These bowls are crafted from the Calabash tree and are very durable. Calabash is one of the most durable non-edible fruit. 

Calabash Wooden Bowls

Since we can’t eat them, why not make amazing wooden bowls for any occasion? There are many uses for a Calabash wooden bowl, and you won’t make a mistake as a Jamaican souvenir with this item. 

Coconut Cups

Speaking of handmade items to have around the kitchen, coconut cups are totally IN right now. You’ll see all kinds of handmade goods around Jamaica. One of these goods is handmade coconut cups.

In addition to cups, you’ll find wine glasses, beer glasses, and every other type of cup made out of a coconut in Jamaica. Simply put, the island has an abundance of coconut trees, so you should mind where you’re going.  

Coconut Cups

Coconut cups are the perfect Jamaican souvenirs to bring back from your trip, and they’re pretty cool to welcome guests. 

Jamaican Coconut Oil

Coconut cups aren’t the only item you should bring back from your trip. We mentioned that Jamaica has an abundance of coconut trees. One use for the coconut is to make coconut oil. In addition, Jamaicans use coconut oil for skincare. So whether you want to use it on your hair or skin, for makeup removal, or for general health benefits, make sure to bring a few bottles of coconut oil with you back from your trip.

Jamaican Coconut Oil

Coconut oil isn’t expensive and is widely available throughout the island. In addition, there are very reputable coconut skincare brands that sell quality products, such as OKAY. 

Jamaica-Branded Clothing

Are you seriously not going to buy a Jamaican shirt while on your trip to Jamaica? You must go shopping in Jamaica to remember your time in the tropical paradise. 

Fortunately, Jamaica-branded clothing shops are abundant throughout the island. There are so many stores and street vendors that you can easily spend a small fortune on clothes. 

Jamaica-Branded Clothing

But remember that these are all authentic pieces and worth looking into. Jamaican clothing revolves around three colors- green, yellow, and black. But Jamaica-branded clothing is generally colorful. 

Apart from the usual shirts and swimwear, you will fund rasta hats, belts, baseball caps, towels, and other authentic pieces. 

Bob Marley Memorabilia

Legendary Things to Bring Back From Jamaica

How can we forget about the man that put Jamaica on the map? Of course, if you’re visiting Jamaica, you’ll constantly hear about Bob Marley. If you’re visiting in early February, you’re just in time for Bob Marley Week.

Bob Marley is a Jamaican icon. Even though he was beloved by everyone, his influence on music made him one of the most popular Jamaicans ever to live. 

Bob Marley Memorabilia

So it would be a shame not to bring back a piece of Bob Marley memorabilia. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of Bob Marley memorabilia, from original CDs to authentic wall art. So buy Bob Marley wall art if you have an empty wall in your home. If you genuinely love his music, you might find an original album CD or vinyl.  

Conclusion: Things to Bring Back From Jamaica

That concludes our guide on the things to bring back from your trip to Jamaica. Of course, the paradise island will firmly cement itself in your memory. But what better way to remember your trip than to bring a piece of Jamaica back with you?

FAQ About Things to Bring Back From Jamaica

What’s Jamaica Famous For?

Jamaica is most famous for reggae music, Bob Marley, jerk meat, and for having one of the best coffee brands. Therefore, consider buying similar gifts to remember your time on the island.

What are the Best Things to Bring Back From Jamaica?

The best things to bring back from Jamaica are:

  • Authentic Reggae CDs and Vinyl
  • Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Jamaican Rum Products
  • Jamaican Street Art Paintings
  • Jamaican Wood Jewelry
  • Spices and Seasonings
  • Jamaican Dolls
  • Calabash Wooden Bowls
  • Coconut Cups
  • Jamaican Coconut Oil
  • Jamaica-Branded Clothing
  • Bob Marley Memorabilia

What Single Item Should I Bring Back From Jamaica?

If you have space for only one item to bring back from Jamaica, we recommend going out of your way and buying an authentic Jamaican Street Art Painting.

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