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The 10 Best Restaurants In Buffalo Wyoming

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Buffalo, Wyoming, is located in northern Johnson County and is home to the Cloud Peak Scenic Byway. 

The Cloud Peak Scenic Byway takes you through the towns of Buffalo and Moran before taking you along the foothills to Yellowstone National Park.

Although Buffalo isn’t quite as famous as some other drives in Wyoming, it still has a lot of unique sites. 

The town itself is rich in frontier history, allowing visitors to step back in time to the days of cowboys, outlaws, and sheriffs. 

You’re likely to enjoy everything from cozy cafes, upscale dining, and fresh local cuisine to rustic bistros and fast-food spots that serve burgers and fries on the go.

Buffalo, WY restaurants make it an ideal place for your next road trip along the Cloud Peak Scenic Byway!

My Top 3 Picks Of The Best Restaurants In Buffalo Wyoming

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
The Virginian RestaurantScallops5/5
Cattleguard Steakhouse & SaloonFillet Mignon5/5
Pie ZanosItalian beef with smoked brisket 5/5

The 10 Best Restaurants In Buffalo, Wyoming

4th on Main

4 S. Main St., Buffalo, WY 82834, United States // +13076845317

When it comes to Buffalo, Wyoming restaurants, 4th on Main is a great gastropub! This is what initially drew me to this location. It doesn’t get any fresher or more delicious than that.

You’ll be glad you visited this place because you’ll want to taste some of their distinctive dishes, such as BBQ tofu sandwiches and fresh salads. If you want to go somewhere with friends or family, 4th on Main is the place to go!

Our servers were excellent, and the meal was innovative, imaginative, and delicious. I had a tasty cheddar cheese, potato, and bacon soup. My salad was topped with a warm bacon vinaigrette. 

My friend ordered a massive whiskey maple glazed burger on a ciabatta baguette with homemade chips.

We also enjoyed nicely cooked halibut topped with preserved lemon bearnaise sauce, celeriac mash, and quinoa risotto with fava beans and edamame.

Restaurants In Buffalo Wyoming 4th on Main Halibut

For dessert, we had pannacotta with huckleberry sauce on top. Everything was homemade and excellent. 

The wait staff was friendly and helpful, and the prices of wine and cocktails were reasonable. This Buffalo gastropub is quite a find in this little town!

Busy Bee

10 N. Main St., Buffalo, WY 82834, United States // +13076840451

The Busy Bee Restaurant in Buffalo, Wyoming, is one of those quintessential small-town establishments that you just can’t get enough of.

The diner stands on its own two legs, high on a hill overlooking Main Street, like a massive wooden seat.

It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a meal or just have some coffee and a conversation with friends, as it serves as a restaurant and coffee shop, all wrapped together.

The handmade biscuits and breakfast burritos are standouts.

Its position, right on the Main Street of the equally picturesque town of Buffalo, contributes to its allure. The view of Clear Creek is a fantastic treat!

My friend had the two-egg breakfast while I tried oatmeal. The oatmeal was thick and tasty (rather than watery, as it sometimes is when I dine out), and the milk and brown sugar added the finishing touch.

Busy Bee Two-Egg Breakfast

My friend remarked the sliced potatoes were the nicest he’d tasted in a long time. He ate the whole wheat toast with honey instead of jam because he couldn’t find any of those omnipresent jam packets.

There were around ten tables, so they filled up quickly. If none are available, you must wait in line. There is no taking of names, numbers, or buzzers. Located in a 95-year-old building, it boasts a quaint Wyoming restaurant experience. Take it for what it is, and enjoy it!


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The Bozeman Trail Steakhouse

675 E. Hart St., Buffalo, WY 82834, United States // +13076845555

On your Wyoming road trip, the Bozeman Trail Steakhouse is a terrific place to stop with some buddies. You will be delighted with the food and service.

Everyone was especially kind, and it is one of my favorite places to visit in the area! It has the appearance of a luxury steakhouse and an affluent bar/pub vibe.

The atmosphere is what sells this restaurant, with around thirty animal hides on the walls. A brochure shows you where everything is and what you’re looking at. What a collection!

This is a popular hangout for locals, and we met a bunch of cattlemen who had just returned from a cattle roundup. It was nice to see!

We decided to enjoy a steak meal and potato soup. Our server was extremely accommodating. The steak was butterflied and cooked to perfection.

The Bozeman Trail Steakhouse Steak

There was a homemade honey mustard salad dressing which was really delicious. A bacon, cheese, and chives topping would improve the potato soup, just as they do with their mashed potatoes. 

Despite our fullness, we chose the homemade cherry pie and were delighted we did because it was amazing. If you find yourself looking for a steakhouse in Buffalo, I highly recommend Bozeman’s!

The Virginian Restaurant

10 N. Main St., Buffalo, WY 82834, United States // +13072780205

The Virginian Restaurant is a fantastic spot to eat. The environment here will warm your heart. And it’s well-known for serving delicious food in an authentic Old West environment.

Because each dish is handmade from scratch with love and care, there are never two meals the same.

The Virginian Restaurant is well-known for its steaks, pastrami, other deli sandwiches, pizza, and various other menu items.

We both ordered Bison Steaks as a daily special and shared scallops. I enjoyed both of them, as well as the sides.

The Virginian Restaurant Scallops

The scallops are among the best we’ve ever had. The grilled Caesar salad was also delicious.

We sat at the window table and enjoyed watching people walk by and take photos. Many photos were photobombed by us. The staff was accommodating and attentive.

This Buffalo restaurant has been established for decades and is still popular with both residents and guests! It is an absolute must-try!

Cattleguard Steakhouse & Saloon

117 US-16, Buffalo, WY 82834, United States // +13076848636

Cattleguard Steakhouse & Saloon serves excellent steaks. It features a large menu with delicious meals and excellent service. The staff is always pleasant and courteous.

They can easily accommodate any taste, from traditional American favorites to contemporary Western cuisine.

Don’t overlook their delicious desserts, including fresh fruit and other delectable delicacies.

The design was Rustic-Western, with a cozy fireplace inviting us inside on such a cold night.

The service we received was not “small town,” but rather, quite professional. To share, we got a 10 oz medium-well Filet Mignon, which was delicious and juicy!

Cattleguard Steakhouse & Saloon Filet Mignon

The steak was served with soup or salad, fresh veggies or potatoes, and a basket of warm bread and scones with real butter. This dish was very delicious in every way.

We also treated ourselves to a warm brownie with ice cream and fudge sauce; yum! The Winchester Steakhouse in Buffalo comes highly recommended by me. You will not be let down.

Occidental Saloon

18 N. Main St., Buffalo, WY 82834, United States // +13076848989

In downtown Buffalo, the Occidental Saloon is a colorful, historic landmark that serves wonderful cuisine and drinks.

It’s an excellent place to stop for lunch or dinner on your way through Buffalo. From the exterior, this may be mistaken for another ancient building on Main Street.

But once inside, it’s clear that this place has been around for a long time and has a lot of history behind it.

The flat iron steak was suggested by our excellent waiter. My friend got the ribs, which were so delicious that they fell off the bone, and I had the flat iron steak with noodles and gravy. Everything was great, and I would definitely stop here again.

Occidental Saloon Ribs

They also have an excellent wine selection. A thoroughly nice evening. And there’s a lot of history in this little hotel. This is a Buffalo restaurant jewel definitely worth seeing.


15 N. Main St., Buffalo, WY 82834, United States // +13076847670

Sagewood is a hidden treasure of a restaurant. It’s in a lovely little town, but it’s hidden away and only open in the morning.

When you come in, you instantly feel like you’re in a French country cafe, with artwork on the walls and photographs of food and pastries everywhere.

The windows overlook a lovely blue meadow, far from the rush and activity of downtown Buffalo, which is only a short distance away across the river.

{image} apple pie {image}

We had a half sandwich and a cup of homemade Lemon Asparagus Soup. I ordered the “dillicious” sandwich. Both were great, especially the dill bread!

Then there was dessert! Our favorite homemade sweets were the butter pecan cheesecake, peach crisp with ice cream, and apple pie with ice cream. This location is well worth seeing!

Sagewood Apple Pie

Papa Bino’s

343 N. Main St., Buffalo, WY 82834, United States // +13077511517

If you’re looking for outstanding Mexican food in Buffalo, WY, Papa Bino’s is the place to go. Papa Bino’s serves everything from Tex-Mex to traditional dinners, as well as a variety of appetizers and desserts.

The restaurant is located in a modest converted home surrounded by a red/green/white picket fence, with the dining space in a front room. 

There is plenty of parking in front, and if the weather is beautiful, there is a nice covered patio space off to the side of the property.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating. The food was delicious. My friend ordered the burrito, and I had the combo plate with enchilada and taco.

Papa Bino's Enchilada And Taco

He couldn’t finish the burrito since it was too large. I enjoyed how the dish arrived with a lot of fresh salad stuff.

The dish had a good amount of lettuce and tomatoes. We also got a side of guacamole, which I ate with the chips that came with it.

This is definitely a family business, and it is a good one. You must come in and see for yourself.

Pie Zanos

17 N. Main St., Buffalo, WY 82834, United States // +13072780161

Pie Zanos is a fantastic Italian restaurant. This restaurant boasts a new menu with high-quality ingredients.

The meals they serve are crafted from the freshest and tastiest ingredients. Pie Zanos is a good alternative if you want to eat well without going overboard.

The decor was lovely. They did an excellent job of retaining the original brick walls and maintaining the high ceiling.

The amount of sauce is generous, and the quality of the toppings is far superior to what you’ll find at most restaurants.

Their meats are pretty tasty. The spaghetti with smoked meatballs was delicious. Their Italian beef with smoked brisket was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted. 

Pie Zanos Smoked Brisket

The meatball sandwich my friend had was also delicious. We also tried the chicken saltimbocca, which was delicious. The pub has a good selection of local microbrews as well as house-made sangria and mojitos.

If you are looking for some delicious and authentic Italian food in Buffalo, this is the spot! 

The Fix Coffee Shop

323 E. Hart St., Buffalo, WY 82834, United States // +13076842788

If you’ve never been to The Fix Coffee Shop, you’re missing out on one of Buffalo, Wyoming’s top cafés!

The Fix Coffee Shop is a small, comfortable coffee emporium that serves high-quality drinks and snacks. They take tremendous pleasure in making their consumers feel at ease.

The Fix Coffee Shop sells a wide range of coffees, from classic to flavored, worldwide, including New Orleans, Guatemala, Colombia, and Italy.

The Fix offers an excellent assortment of desserts and coffees. Their specialty dish, however, is Basque sandwiches

The Fix Coffee Shop Sandwich.

Due to the use of cured meats and unusual cheeses, these sandwiches burst with flavor. This cafe will not disappoint you!


Is Buffalo, Wyoming, worth visiting?

Buffalo, Wyoming, is a beautiful community between Yellowstone National Park and Mount Rushmore, near the breathtaking Bighorn Mountains. 

Many tourists and curious travelers visit Buffalo every year because of its friendly inhabitants.

Is Buffalo, Wyoming, a good place to live?

Living in Buffalo provides inhabitants with a minimal suburban vibe, and most locals own their homes. There are numerous bars and eateries in Buffalo. Buffalo has a large number of seniors and residents who are conservative.

Why do people visit Buffalo?

It’s entertaining, historical, delicious, outdoorsy, sports-obsessed, varied, and inventive. It has outstanding art, music, and architecture. 

Did I mention it’s a simple, pleasant, and inexpensive place to visit? If this sounds shockingly wonderful, it’s because Buffalo is precisely that.

Final Thoughts About The Best Restaurants In Buffalo Wyoming

Buffalo, it goes without saying, can be a tourist trap. But this small town has a lot to offer as well.

Everyone will find something to their favor in this small town, from real Mexican cuisine to Greek delights.

Furthermore, there is no shortage of entertainment alternatives, ranging from beer gardens to prohibition-style speakeasies.

Buffalo is the ideal destination for a night out on the town, and we hope that our suggestions inspire you to visit again soon.

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