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The 15 Best Puebla Restaurants And Bars | Where To Eat & Drink in Puebla, Mexico

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The cultural demand for Mexican food is not unheard of— everyone traveling to the country is destined to fall in love with Mexican cuisine. 

Just two hours from the capital, Puebla is the right station to experience and relish Mexican food at its best— to fall in love with its rich flavors, spicy mole, deep-rooted multi-cultural influence(s), vegetable/fruit combinations, Spanish touch, and culinary characters.

Puebla Restaurants: Mexican Food

Amongst all of Mexico’s popular food cities, Oaxaca, Merida, and Puebla are probably the most popular choices.

Puebla is vividly known for its colonial and modern entanglement architecture, Talavera ceramics, and its high-end cultural delicacies, especially mole poblano, tacos, yucateca, cocina poblana, chalupas, chiles en nogadas, Pulque, mezcal, cemitas, and so much more.

With history backing its colonial heritage, monumental buildings, and ancient-cultural stops, there is no doubt in the saying that— Puebla is worth a whole tour and not just an hourly excursion. 

As a history fanatic, this city was a vibrant colonial escape for me from the mundane bustle of the metropolis. 

The azulejos interior, Baroque churches, 18th-century convents, and Spain-influenced Talavera pottery will hypnotize you into relieving its 15th-18th century charm. In 1987, UNESCO declared ‘the historic center of Puebla’ a world heritage site. So, you know what’s in store for you at the destination!

Multiple tourists, including myself, visit Puebla for obvious reasons— regional food, Mexican culture at its best, and alluring neighborhoods. 

The Top 10 Best Puebla Restaurants , Centro

Soon the popularity rose, and Puebla became home to various classic restaurants, eateries, and regional street markets. Here’s the best of what I found in the city— 10 beautiful Puebla restaurants and five exotic bars— offering the best taste and culture. 

Moyuelo— Best Cemitas in Puebla

Av 7 Pte 312, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue., México // +522222324270

Moyuelo is a classic variety amongst the Puebla restaurants you wouldn’t find anywhere else— the details behind every aspect of this eatery are astounding and delicious. More than anything, Moyuelo is a modern break for food enthusiasts tired of the local recipes and regional flavors. 

Moyuelo continues to connect modern techniques to Puebla’s not-so-regional cuisine. Their menu is minimal but expressive and rich— every recipe exhibits new flavors you may have never tasted before in Poblano-style food. 

I have visited both Moyuelo locations, and their interior choices have changed drastically. While the old Moyuelo was rustic and very cozy, their new establishment weighs more on modern architecture— it’s quaint, warm, and welcoming. But that’s not the best part— At Moyuelo, you witness the best food presentation the whole of Mexico has to offer; food has never looked as beautiful as Moyuelo allows it to. 

It’s no secret that authentic Mexican platters often lack visual aesthetics, but not at this restaurant— they have aced the term ‘aesthetic plating’ in all literal senses. The food almost looks ‘too good to be true.’

However, beware, Moyuelo is not your spice-driven restaurant. If you are looking for spicy Mexican varieties at this eatery— the disappointment will sour you down. Their cooking is based on originating dishes with authentic flavors; their whole purpose is to bring out the true essence of all the ingredients in that very dish. 

Moyuelo Cemitas

Start with their tasting menu if you don’t know what to order— their portions are small, but the taste is unmatched. Although their menu changes occasionally, try their cemita varieties, duck magret and peach mole, octopus with garlic mojo, and flan with pumpkin sweet; they are truly phenomenal.

Duck Magret

Le Berenjena Pizza Centro

Calle 3 Ote. 407, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue., México // +522226884754

“Pizza and beer can never go wrong.”

After trying out Mexican food for days, pizza was my first and last desire in the country. Luckily, Le Berenjena was just around the corner, three corners, in fact— Cholula, Sonata, and Centro. 

Spending the evening at Le Berenjena made everything perfect— their pizzas are among the best in the city, and the variety is immense. Coupled with Mexican and Spanish specialists— La Berenjena soon became a hot spot selling mouth-watering tapas, platillos, and Mexican beer

Le Berenjena Pizza Centro Pizza

Try their pork belly; the crust is so thin and fulfilling that you’d want to revisit the restaurant just for it. Along with a thin crust, the topping is abundant and deliciously cooked. 

La Berenjena is a simple space with a friendly atmosphere— I loved the crowd and everything about this chill place. They also offer an outside seating arrangement for sunny days. Their pizza de choco avellana is sweet heaven if you are a dessert fan. 

Le Berenjena Pizza Centro Pizza de Choco Avellana

It’s one of the best Puebla restaurants.


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Puebla Restaurants: Best Mexican

El Patio Y Las Ranas

Av 2 Pte 105, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue., México // +522222424734

El Patio Y Las Ranas was a bustling experience with a homely atmosphere for me— it’s built within the courtyard of a beautiful Mexican building painted in yellow-orange and white hues. 

This courtyard restaurant has an open vertical rotisserie grill where you can witness the cooking technique used to make Al pastor. If you haven’t tried it yet, Al pastor should be your top priority at the destination. 

It’s a pork-based dish marinated with achiote, onion, pineapple, and multiple Mexican spices— Puebla’s Al pastor is chef’s kiss in literal terms, and El Patio Y Las Ranas aces that recipe, trust me. My personal favorites at the restaurant are Al pastor Arabe (for obvious reasons— it’s their specialty and most-liked dish), salsa verde, and taqueria. 

El Patio Y Las Ranas AL Pastor Tacos

Located downtown, El Patio Y Las Ranas is your affordable restaurant proffering local food with mouth-watering Mexican flavors. The eatery personifies a simple ambiance and a casual dining scene— I personally like unpretentious restaurants that offer delectable food!

The courtyard is abundant in space— However, given its popularity, El Patio Y Las Ranas is usually packed with locals and foreigners alike. I was lucky enough to grab a seat and witness their rotisserie in function— the process is charming! Your food is served hot with delicious Mexican sauces. 

My only complaint at El Patio would be delayed service; it turns me down sometimes. 

Attico-303 – Best of the Puebla restaurants

C. 16 de Septiembre 303, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico // +522229332171

There’s nothing more picturesque than a candle night dinner at Attico-303. You may wonder why! Well, Attico-303 is a rooftop restaurant situated on the fourth floor of the hotel Casa Rosa— giving the perfect view of the Puebla Cathedral and the city center. 

Puebla Cathedral

Its ambiance is already a winner— high glass walls, wooden furniture, sophisticated architecture, and a neoclassical touch to its aura. The sky-high above, accompanied by Puebla’s buzzing center, works as a great de-stressor. Add Attico-303’s exotic cuisine to your day, and you will be thoroughly pleased with your visit. It’s one of the more upscale Puebla restaurants.

The nights at Attico-303 are especially beautiful— the city glitters up with thousands of lights, and so does the Cathedral. Attico-303 molds beautifully with the neighborhood and participates with the same enthusiasm and ambiance. 

I visited the destination twice, and my experiences are still unmatched to this date. Nights at Attico-303 are intimate, and breakfasts at the venue are rejoicing. The restaurant occasionally changes its tablecloth to enhance its breakfast beauty— sometimes a contrast of rouge pink and whites. 

As for the food, I munched on various delicacies, both regional and international. If you are mostly unsure what to order, I highly suggest opting for their buffet— it serves a fine selection of Mexican and international dishes. 

My favorites at Attico-303 are Chalupas, rib-eye tacos, seafood, the poblano pepper corn soup, crust of nuts, mole poblano, and arrachera.

Attico-303 Chalupas

For a complete Mexican breakfast, we went for chilaquiles, fried plantains, enchiladas, and a poblano omelet the following day.


  • Service may be delayed sometimes.
  • It can be fairly expensive.

Book in advance (at least a week) to reserve a window-side seat with the most breathtaking view. Attico-303’s website provides more accessible reservations where you can book directly through whatsapp. 

The rooftop bar is excellent at mixology and cocktails— a little expensive but worth the richness.

Comal— Best Breakfast in Puebla

C. 16 de Septiembre 311-b, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico // +522226884888

There’s something peaceful about relishing Mexican cuisine in the heart of its country architecture. While high-end fine eateries provide you with modern ambiance and sophisticated interior— my heart still belongs to Mexico’s house-based venues. They are warm, cozy, homely, vibrant, and very traditional— something I cherish with heart. 

Comal is one such beauty entangled amidst the Puebla restaurants. The venue is massive with a two-story building— each floor offering culture, taste, and passionate cooking. 

I visited Comal and continued visiting the quaint venue throughout my trip. The opportunity to sit beside the balcony (second floor) and engulf Puebla Cathedral’s view is like a dream come true for any history/architecture lover. 

As for the food, it shall not disappoint you, certainly not the cemitas. Comat serves food Poblano-style— highly rich in spices and flavors. Poblana is Puebla’s famous chili pepper (originated in the very land); they are mild and very exotic.

After Cemitas, I highly recommend ordering their chiles en nogada— the presentation will have you drooling, especially the walnut cream sauce with pomegranate seeds. It’s a Mexican specialty and is often cooked during festivals. 

Comal Chiles en Nogada

Chiles en Nogada represents the Mexican flag and commemorates Mexico’s independence. The recipe is unique— it has a rich combination of meat and fruits (dried and fresh). Plus, the sauce is so thick and rich; that you’d be left craving for more. Definitely one of the more unique Puebla restaurants.

El Mural De Los Poblanos— Best Breakfast in Puebla

C. 16 de Septiembre 506, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico // +522222420503

El Mural De Los Poblanos is a classic masterpiece with Mexican antiquity, a wall mural of poblanos by the famous Antonio Álvarez Morán, antique pottery, and an outstanding ambiance that stands out amongst the rest of the Puebla restaurants. 

El Mural De Los Poblanos Wall Mural Of Poblanos

This restaurant is another charming beauty in the folds of the city of Puebla, Mexico. It’s based in a vernacular building that represents Mexican culture outstandingly— 

  • The whole architecture is a combination of orange and white hues. 
  • Green plants line the whole place and provide a beautiful contrast to its warming tones. 
  • The vintage wall lamps accentuate its overall aura and proffer a peaceful dinner/breakfast. 
  • The murals are El Mural De Los Poblano’s famous sight. They represent historical characters who have shaped and changed Mexico’s history. 

In fact, many individuals dress themselves up to go by its overall theme. 

If you are an art enthusiast, you will especially appreciate their serving pottery and crockery— they add details to every aspect of their establishment. 

El Mural De Los Poblano sources its ingredients regionally and supports small businesses— so you will mostly find seasonal dishes to maintain quality. Its recipes are original and sent down through generations to withhold authentic Mexican food. 

You’d love their chile en nogada, mole poblano, manchamanteles, huaxmole, pipian, and escamoles. I highly suggest ordering their mole assortment to go through every delicious mole that Mexico has to offer. 

El Mural De Los Poblanos Mole Poblano

Maíz Criollo Mexico— Best Food in Puebla, Mexico

Av 5 Pte #133-local A, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue., México // +522211786660

You can never go wrong with Maiz Criollo Mexico— every platter on the menu is worth a try. I have tasted various Mexican food throughout my tour, but few places match the taste and flavor of this bistro. It’s unpretentious and delicious; you’d want to revisit the venue throughout your tour, trust me. 

This is one of the Puebla restaurants that is true to its dedication towards maiz (corn) and specializes in a corn-based menu. I’m not a fan of desserts, but their corn cheesecake is worth dying! 

Maíz Criollo Mexico Corn

Criollo maiz is a native corn species with variant color assemblage and appetizing taste— the chef, Rafael Hurtado, endeavors to create every Mexican dish with a hint of corn at Maiz Criollo. In fact, the restaurant even specializes in corn drinks; they are the best I have tried in Mexico. 

This cozy bistro stands across the state congress in all its simplicity and warm ambiance, just a few steps away from Puebla Cathedral. It’s a small space with only a few seating arrangements, making it cozier and less crowded. 

Don’t forget to try their picaditas and pork belly for the main course. Oxtail and pozole Costilla cerdo are great cuisine choices at Maiz criollo if you are craving stew. At last, finish your meal with corn lime soup and pan de elote (dessert). The taste will brighten your day!


Av 9 Ote 16, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico // +522222902378

At the historic center of Puebla, Augurio stands as your modest host for the day; the ambiance is earthly and artistic— paintings adorn the walls, and a massive chandelier hangs high above in the courtyard. Augurio is warmly lit and has sufficient space for entertaining a large crowd. 

Although the restaurant had a colonial ambiance— I preferred Aurugio’s rooftop diner to spend and relish the evening. You can mesmerize the historic center of Puebla up above in all its glittering glory.

The side view of Puebla Cathedral is still an appealing site to withhold along with the historic neighborhood.

The rooftop has a modern ambiance with a limited seating area— it’s quiet and relaxing. Augurio’s rooftop is a comfortable venue if you have had a long day— the miniature swimming pool and their beverage option will soothe your night. 

Their take on regional food was modern; all the dishes had a great presentation and even greater taste. Beef rib, shrimp-pork crackling, and mole are amongst the best I had in Mexico. 

Augurio Beef Rib

Salon Mezcalli

Calle 3 Ote. 610, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue., México // +522225648873

“Authentic Mezcal heaven.” 

Salon Mezcalli is probably the only destination amongst the Puebla restaurants where you will find a variety of mezcals, all authentic to its regional roots. Salon Mezcalli sources alcoholic beverages (mostly mezcal) from all around Mexico. I had the privilege to taste Oaxaca’s, Puebla’s, and Michoacan’s original agave spirit. 

Salon Mezcalli Mezcal

You must know that mezcal is Mexico’s national spirit, prepared by distilling fermented agave— It would be a shame not to try their traditional spirit in its very homeland and in any of the Puebla restaurants.

If you are worried about being intoxicated and wasted, don’t be! Mezcal doesn’t get you drunk— it simply works as a stimulant and re-energizes you into a new euphoric world. Studies suggest that the spirit doesn’t cause hangovers because it’s pure of any contamination or artificial additives.

The beautiful courtyard restaurant will offer you complimentary pulque and delicious green corn starter at arrival. 

Pulque is yet another traditional alcoholic beverage of the country and has a foamy-milk appearance.

Salon Mezcalli Pulque

With mezcal and pulque, Salon Mezcalli is one of the Puebla restaurants that offers English, Spanish, and Mexican appetizers— all delicious and complimentary to the alcohol. The menu wasn’t small, but not big either. Every suggested delicacy is worth a try; salon mezcal has an excellent nibble for cooking, and I have no doubt about that. Try their mole con pollo, cemitas, molotes, and carne asada

For dessert, go for tamal de chocolate and paletes de Hielo— both are chef’s kisses. 

Mercado De Sabores

Mercado de sabores, Av. 4 Pte. 1104, Historiadores, 72090 Puebla, Pue., México

Although not a restaurant— Mercado de Sabores is a food Market you shouldn’t miss for the world. Away from expensive and high-end Puebla restaurants, this market offers the most authentic flavors and Mexican delicacies at affordable prices. The vendors literally steal you away to eat at their place. 

With over 10-20+ vendors, this place is abundant with local specialties, especially the cemitas. 

In Puebla, trying cemitas at every destination is a must. At Mercado de Sabores, you’d come across the street-style version of cemitas which is all the more tasty and delicious. 

Mercado De Sabores Cemitas

Cemitas poblana originated from Puebla and is considered royalty because of the bun they use to make it. Cemitas are considered Mexico’s signature sandwiches but share more similarities with a burger. 

Their unique bread is distinct because it has a high egg and butter content, similar to brioche— a french-style dough. Like a croissant, Cemitas are buttery, tender, puffy, and soft. Furthermore, the buns are topped with sesame seeds. The filling often consists of avocado, shredded chicken, Mexican sauces, veggies, and cheese. 

My Favorite Bars in Puebla, Mexico

This Puebla restaurants list is incomplete without an authentic dose of mezcal or light beers. 

Mezcaleria Miel De Agave

72000, Av 7 Pte 110-1, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue., México // +522226884646

Our visit to Mezcaleria miel de agave was as passionate as the spirit itself. The host, Rafa, introduced me to the world of mezcal— what a world it is!

Instead of cocktails, Rafa suggests having the spirit neat to absorb mezcal’s true essence and bloom. The beverage itself has a strong presence with smoky undertones. That’s not all to mezcal— different bottles may vary in taste and may offer fruity-earthy tones. 

Mezcaleria Miel De Agave Mezcal

I learned a lot from Rafa, and my obsession for mezcal started ever since. If you are an enthusiast, Mezcaleria Miel de Agave will take you on a passionate venture with in-depth knowledge about the beverage, its traditional fermentation, making process, flavors, and how to properly consume mezcal. 

The range of mezcal is astonishing at the bar— the bartender will catch your energy and suggest something similar to your personality. 

Mezcaleria Miel de Agave is a small establishment with a few counter tables only— all the more reasons to visit the bar at night. The space is peaceful, quaint, and calm.

Their interior is soothing, with a colossal mezcal counter that will fascinate you profoundly. The service is impeccable; Mezcaleria’s bartenders are attentive and will talk for hours about their profession and product. 

Their snacks, cocktails, mezcal, beverage options, varieties, and ambiance had me coming twice to the venue— Mezcaleria Miel de Agave was the only bar I visited twice throughout my trip. 

San Pedrito licorería

72000, Av 9 Ote 16, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico 

San Pedrito Licoreria is not just a bar; it’s a wholesome Mexican vibe. The interior, their antique, Arabian lights, wall art, and space design are regionally aesthetic! The bar was definitely cozy, stuffed, vintage, traditional, and colorful. You can even find a game room and rooftop diner at the venue. 

San Pedrito licorería Intirior

I visited San Pedrito Licoreria before visiting Augurio, and that’s a pleasant combination. If you are in Centro, visiting San Pedrito Licoreria is a must before you embark towards Augurio. The beverages will add charm to your late-night dinner/evening snack. 

San Pedrito licoreria specializes mostly in mezcal, tobala, and bacanora. Visit the bar during the evening— it’s beautiful during sunsets. The tipsy intoxication will set your dinner and the whole night. 

Hormiga Negra

C. 5 Sur 705, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue., México // +522221966888

Although a little hard to find, Hormiga Negra is a tranquil space to end your day— it’s small, cozy, and peaceful. You could sit and taste different beverages for hours without much disturbance. 

Hormiga Negra Bar

The bar has an eloquent ambiance with warm wood tones contrasting beautifully with its overall gray theme— the walls exhibit creative art and modern furniture. 

Hormiga Negra aces mixology, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It’s a skillful break from all the mezcal bars in the town. You will find a decent variety of Vodka, Tequila, and Bacardi at the bar. 

The only thing I couldn’t enjoy was the Hormiga food selection and taste. The snacks are good, but they’re definitely not a good choice for a delicious dinner.

La Pasita

Av 5 Ote 602, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico // +522212771891

“To triumph in love, drink Pasita, sir.”

Tucked in Puebla’s center— this bar is a romantic approach to alcohol. The historic building has been entertaining audiences for the last 60 years. The owner of La Pasita, Emilio Contreras Aicardo, invented the dessert alcohol that named and framed the restaurant today— Pasita.

Pasita is a sweet liqueur composed of raisins and goat cheese block— the composition is so delicious it easily camouflages as a dessert. Raisins make Pasita sweet, and the cheese block salts it to balance out the flavors. Foreigners and locals visit this historic bar profoundly to taste and experience their savory drinks.

Pasita is not the only thing the bar is famous for— they have been formulating and serving unique drinks all along. To name a few, the sangre de brujas, Charro con espuelas, and China Poblana are amongst the best beverages at La Pasita. Their ingredients vary from blackberries, pineapple, almonds, apricot, hibiscus, egg, coconut, etc. 

Having been here for 60 years, La pasita is a beautiful historic establishment with a colonial interior and courtyard seating area. Don’t forget to witness the owner’s antique counter collection filled with international and regional art at the bar. 

Utopia Belgian Beer and Bistro— Perfect for Puebla’s Nightlife

Av 9 Ote 6 B, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico // +522222461147

The bar is a beautiful entanglement of ancient antique and colorful vintage artifacts. Although small, Utopia Belgian beer & bistro is a lovely space for your first night date. 

The conversation starters and aesthetics behind these walls are immense and worth acknowledgment. The ambiance at the bar is the actual chef’s kiss; warm lights and rustic interior adorn the lengths of Utopia Belgian beer and bistro. 

Utopia Belgian Beer and Bistro Beer

Most bars in Puebla have light beer without much intoxication. This bar actually introduced me to a great selection of craft beer in Puebla— the taste was unmatched! We tried multiple beers during our visit, and every malt had a unique flavor profile. They have a wide range of Belgian, Mexican, and international beer— all in their distinct glory. 

The snacks are limited but enough to enjoy the evening with a couple of beers.

Puebla Restaurants Wrap Up

When it comes to Mexican food, there’s nothing I can say that will describe its uniqueness and richness in taste. That’s why I try as many place as possible and get them in front of you to decide for yourself if you want to visit them or not. Word of advice? Visit as many Puebla restaurants as you can!

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