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11 Must Try Bars & Restaurants in Cancun | Best Places to Eat in Cancun, Mexico

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It’s finally time to take that trip to Cancun! You can’t wait to hit the beach and enjoy the clubs, right? Spring break woo hoo! Whatever the reason for your trip, there is one essential question: where to eat in Cancun! Even though it isn’t known for being a foodie pilgrimage place, there are some delicious hidden restaurants in Cancun. Here are some of the best places to eat in Cancun!

Also, I need to give a huge shoutout and thank you to Adrian of Eat Mexico for helping me with suggestions for this list. Adrian was my tour guide on both my walking food tour of Mexico City and then again on my walking food tour of Cancun. Not only is he a food tour guide but he’s also a professional chef so I knew his suggestions would be spot on. Be sure to check out Eat Mexico’s website to book your own tour while you’re in Mexico. 

Before your trip: check out my packing list for Mexico and read this post about whether or not you need travel insurance for Mexico.

11 Best Places to Eat in Cancun to Eat & Drink


La Organica – Largest Portions in Cancun

Av Yaxchilán Mz 2, Coral Rivera, 17 // +52 998 883 9920

If you’re starving, then you need to head over to La Organica. They have some of the largest portion sizes anywhere in Cancun. All of their ingredients are incredibly fresh, from the seafood to the juices! This hidden gem is just outside of the downtown area, located across from a Costco. 

restaurants Cancun

If you want a little bit of a show for dinner, be sure to order the Camarones al Tequila. They prepare it tableside with a flambé show La Organica gets its name because it is the best organic restaurant in Cancun. Everything on the menu is fresh and organically sourced through local vendors. 

restaurants Cancun

Not only are the portion sizes big, but the service is also very friendly and attentive. Any problem that is addressed with your servers is immediately fixed without question. They have a really nice indoor and outdoor seating area, with garden tables. 


Sirena Morena – Best Brunch in Cancun

 Av Carlos Nader 66 // +52 998 887 9774

If you’re looking for the best brunch in Cancun, then you will love Sirena Morena. They have one of the best breakfasts in all of Cancun. They are also a great choice for other meals. If you’re looking for vegan food in Cancun, they have a variety of options. 

Cancun breakfast smoothie bows

One of the things that makes this place so amazing is that their ambiance is so breathtaking. They have a gorgeous garden patio that makes you feel like you’ve been invited into someone’s backyard to eat a special home cooked meal. They also have a shop full of locally crafted goods at very affordable prices. 

Cancun breakfast restaurants pancakes with fruit

Their menu evolves with the season, so all the flavors are fresh and at their peak ripeness. They also offer weekly specials and discount days, like Meatless Mondays and Taco Tuesdays. They focus on healthy foods for an active lifestyle.  


La Casa De Las Mayoras – Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Cancun

 Calle Guadalupe Victoria M51 L16 C46 x Calle Miguel Hidalgo Donceles 28 // +52 998 256 8300

If you love the bold, fresh flavor combinations of traditional Mexican food but embrace a vegetarian diet, then this is the spot for you! This is absolutely the best vegan restaurant in Cancun. La Casa De Las Mayoras serves all your favorite enchiladas, tacos, and bowls with vegan and vegetarian flair. 

top restaurants in Cancun Their jackfruit chilaquiles are the best ones to be found anywhere, even when compared to meaty dishes. The morita pepper really gives it a nice kick, and the flavors work so well together. If you just need to cool down, then their super fruit smoothies and spirulina are delightful and they offer a host of freshly squeezed juices! 

Cancun Mexican restaurant

For breakfast, try their Acai bowl full of superfoods. It will give you the energy to take on the day’s activities! If you want something a little heartier, then gran some green eggs with Chaya and beans with homemade tortillas! 


Lu’um Cocina Creativa – Best Fine Dining in Cancun

Av Carlos Nader 111 // +52 998 884 4206

For a special date night splurge take a trip to Chef Felipe Morales’ restaurant, Lu’um Cocina Creativa. Don’t let the rustic wooden tables inside fool you; this is fine dining at its best! The gorgeous ambiance of the restaurant is only the beginning.

The presentation of each dish is just as stunning as the restaurant’s ambiance. Each dish is served in rustic stone boards or stark white dishes so the natural colors in each perfectly prepared dish pop. The ingredients are the star here. 

Cancun food

Despite being premium and high quality fine dining, this meal won’t set you back more than you can afford. Prices range from $10 to $40 depending on your order, and they have vegan and vegetarian options. They also have gluten free alternatives. 

Cancun restaurant

This restaurant is very cozy, owned by the chef and his wife. She is a sommelier, so you get an absolutely perfect meal complete with the perfectly paired wine recommendation for each dish. They have the best local wines of Mexico, as well as several flawless imports. 


Mostaza Cocina de Huerto – Best Tasting Menu in Cancun

Calle 5 Pargo 18 // +52 998 230 1077

This restaurant is extremely busy, so you definitely want to call ahead and make a reservation before arrival. They are another great fine dining restaurant in Cancun, with menu prices ranging from $25 to $75. 

best places to eat in Cancun

The chef is young and incredibly talented, gathering awards for himself in festivals around the country. They have several specials and a Friday wine club. If this foodie haven looks closed, just ring the doorbell. 

Cancun restaurants fine dining

The tasting menu is to die for, and includes stand out dishes like pumpkin seed hummus, grilled octopus tacos, and fish cheek ravioli. They also pair the perfect Mexican wine with each dinner. The tasting menu will take you on a culinary adventure and allow you to try new things that you wouldn’t necessarily think to order otherwise. 

places to eat in Cancun fine dining

This place also offers impeccable service to match the amazing food. Your meal is perfectly paced with attentive and friendly service. The servers are knowledgeable about each dish and know exactly how to describe them to you. 


Chef Cristian Morales – Best Celebrity Chef in Cancun

Av Xpuhil 8 // +52 998 251 9145

Chef Morales believes in his food so wholeheartedly that he has confidently put his name on the building. At Chef Christian Morales Cocina De Autor, you will have one of the most incredible experiences of your life. 

You will need to leave the tourist area and head to a residential zone, but the ambiance is exquisite. Go through a gated entrance and walk down a stone pathway that leads to a grand home. When you get to the porch, you will feel like you’ve been invited into a Mexican castle for dinner.

best local restaurants in Cancun

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by hosts in tuxedos. The experience will even rival the best of Los Angeles fine dining. The chef uses exotic ingredients and checks his ego at the door, customizing each course based on special requests. This means that no matter what dietary restrictions you have, and what you love to eat, you will have a personally prepared meal by an award winning chef.  


Tempo – Best Michelin Star Restaurant in Cancun

Located inside the Paradisus Cancun Resort, Blvd. Kukulcan Km 16.5, Zona Hotelera // +52 998 881 1790

Tempo is run by Chef Martin Berasategui, who has accumulated a whopping 10 Michelin stars over the course of his career! If you want a great date night in Cancun, impress your special someone by taking them to Tempo. 

Thy have elevated traditional Mexican cuisine to a new modern flavor, preserving the important traditions while infusing new life. They take dishes from both the seaside and the country’s inland farms and cook them perfectly. 

Cancun Hotel Zone restaurant

The restaurant is located in the best resort in Cancun, the Paradisus Cancun Resort, and has won the prestigious 5 Diamond Award by AAA.  The interior of the restaurant is breathtaking, with avant garde decor and warm tones. 

Cancun Hotel Zone restaurant

The menu features Basque flavors and the chef focuses on providing authentic experiences. He aspires to make every dish perfect and satisfy every palate. There is a dress code for this restaurant, so make sure to dress appropriately for this experience. No shorts, open toed shoes, or sportswear will be allowed. 


Mar-Bella – Best Seafood in Cancun

López Portillo 328 // +52 998 843 0202

If you live for seafood, you won’t want to miss out on Mar-Bella. The downstairs is a seafood store, with fresh catches and perfect options. Upstairs, they have a restaurant that is one of the most unique dining experiences you can encounter.

At Mar-Bella, there is no menu. When you arrive, they will tell you what the catch of the day is and what can be done with them. You tell them what you want to eat based on the fresh catch they received from the fishermen that morning and they prepare it to your liking. It’s that simple.

ahi tuna best Cancun restaurants

 The shop looks like a little hole in the wall, and if you walked by it you would never know that above the mini supermarket is a restaurant with one of the most breathtaking views you will find. You will be seated on a rooftop exterior that overlooks the ocean and a beautiful pier. 

best restaurants in Cancun

Seriously, this is one of the coolest culinary outings you will ever experience. The ocean view is breathtaking, but the food is divine. Where else can you pair a protein that was caught that morning with whatever spices strike your fancy and have a professional chef design an entre just for you?


El Kiosco Verde Marisqueria – Oldest Restaurant in Cancun

Av. Lopez Portillo S.M. 85 Lotes 14 y 15 

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Cancun, but they have not gotten stuck in the old ways. They continue to reinvent and elevate themselves as the times change, while still managing to prepare dishes to traditional standards of excellence, drawing inspiration from their heritage.

Cancun seafood

The menu is created with fresh, local ingredients ad the dishes are presented with creativity and flair. If you’ve never had an octopus canapé, you can get one here!

places to eat in Cancun Mexico

Every meal is delicious, no matter what you order, and they have been consistently delicious for over 2 decades. 

Best Places to Go For Drinks in Cancun

Ok, so now that you’ve had dinner it’s time for some drinks before you  head back to your hotel. But, if you’re like me, you don’t want to go to one of Cancun’s more infamous nightclubs. No offense to Coco Bongo, but it’s just not my thing. Here are a couple of suggestions for where you can grab craft cocktails or even sip on some premium mezcal- my favorite Mexican liquor!


Amarula– Best Cocktails in Cancun

Av Carlos Nader 104 // +52 998 884 8046

Amarula is a stunningly gorgeous bar with very modern minimalist décor. In fact, the only way to identify it from the street is by a small neon sign and a doorway. The bar and lighting are incredible artistic, setting this place up and amazing from the moment you walk in the door. 

Located in the heart of Cancun, it has amazing music with the best live DJs in town. They have an extensive menu with a wide range of liquors. The cocktails are the start of this place, not the food. Their signature drinks use classic ingredients like Jamaica, chili peppers, and regional flowers. Each drink lives up to the bar’s name, because amarula con acento means “with a tropical twist.” 

Cancun bars


La Sabina Mezcaleria – Best Mezcal in Cancun

 Av Carlos Nader 80 // +52 998 117 5378

One of the best things about Mexico is the blue agave, mezcal can be made from any agave plant, giving it a diverse range of flavor possibilities. La Sabina has some of the best mezcal in Cancun.

Their food is hearty, combining fresh and delicious flavors, and they pair very well with the different mezcal options available. This makes it easy to see why La Sabina is a Cancun restaurant locals love! 

Although it has rustic décor, the service and flavor more than make up for that. Each server knows all of their mescal, and can tell you which mescal will pair best with your food choice. They treat mezcal like wine; they have a huge variety and know how to pair it perfectly. 

Which of these places to eat in Cancun do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below! 

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