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11 Must-Try Restaurants in Tulum, Mexico | The Very Best Tulum Restaurants!

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Looking for where to eat in Tulum, Mexico? I’ve teamed up with a bunch of blogger friends to bring you this guide to the best restaurants in Tulum.

Whether you’re looking for fresh seafood from simple beach-side shacks, the best authentic tacos in town, or even gluten-free burritos or tasting menus for special occasions — this list has you covered!

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The 11 Best Tulum Restaurants

El Camello Jr.

Carretera Chetumal-Cancun Locales 1 y 2 Lte 3 Mza 40 // 01 984 871 2036

The freshest seafood prepared simply and expertly in huge portions at fair prices. What else do you need to know?

This place is very well known in town, and it typically has the wait to prove it.

Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

Try the whole fried fish, garlic shrimp, and ceviche — all were amazing! Both times I’ve dined here twice in large groups, and everyone loved their dishes. Service can be a bit slow due to the crowds, but everything tends to move quickly. Grab a beer while you wait!

Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

Pro tip: If you want to avoid a long wait, go for lunch. Also, be aware — El Camello Jr. only accepts cash.


Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila 7

Hartwood is an open-air restaurant located on the jungle side of Tulum’s beach road that is known to be one of the best options for fine dining in Tulum.

The menu at Hartwood changes daily based on what is freshly caught or harvested. All cooking is done by open fire within a hand made wood-burning oven and grill, imparting incredible flavor into each dish. 

Examples of dishes that you can expect to find include fresh fish, octopus and shrimp expertly prepared. If you’re not in the mood for seafood Hartwood also makes excellent steaks and they are famous for their honey-roasted ribs. 

best Tulum restaurants

Also, be sure to save room for dessert as Harwood has incredible sweet finishes for your meal, like these gorgeous lemon bars made in house. 

where to eat in Tulum

Pro tip: The restaurant is dinner only, Wednesday to Sunday and this is somewhere you will definitely want to make a reservation in advance for. Reservations are accepted up to one month in advance by emailing [email protected] Hartwood only accepts cash payments. 

Burrito Amor

Av Tulum Pte Mz 3 Lote 5 Local 1 // 01 984 160 2989

Burrito Amor is not your typical burrito stand — their focus on clean eating sets them apart. All ingredients are fresh and their menu has coconut oil, chia, raw honey, and other superfood options. They even offer a gluten-free burrito option with a hand-made coconut tortilla!

But don’t let all this fool you into thinking Burrito Amor is a hipster place that’s more trendy than tasty — the food is seriously good. Options include rib eye burritos with whole black beans, fish burritos filled with rice and veggies, smoked pork and fresh pineapple burritos, and several vegan and vegetarian options as well!

Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

Be sure to also check out their breakfast burritos — tortillas filled with fluffy eggs and your choice of fillings ranging from Mayan spinach to smoked pork and air-dried beef from Monterrey!

Other breakfast options include homemade cinnamon granola with coconut milk, tapioca custard with toasted coconut, and avocado toast.

Villa Pescadores

Carretera Tulum Ruinas a Boca Paila Km.3 // 01 984 231 1077

Recommended by: Megan of Bobo and Chichi

Located right on the beach, Villa Pescadores is one of the best places to eat in Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is arguably one of the most expensive places to visit in Mexico, and it can be difficult to find oceanfront restaurants that are affordable and delicious, but Villa Pescadores fits the bill.

We highly recommend dining for lunch and ordering their ceviche paired with local beers. We are a bit obsessed with ceviche and ate it every day in Tulum.

Villa Pescadores was our favorite place. The citrus juices, fresh fish, and chunks of avocado paired perfectly with deep-fried tortilla chips to make ideal mid-day beach food that doesn’t leave you feeling too full or heavy after your meal. The ceviche was so great that our entire table ordered this dish.

Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

What’s even better about Villa Pescadores — they do not charge an expensive fee for sitting on their oceanfront restaurant chairs or beds. You just have to order something. This is pretty uncommon, as most beachfront restaurants or lounge chairs have a minimum charge of around 500 pesos per person to enjoy their premium property.


Avenida Tulum, Centro // 01 984 804 3836

Recommended by: Nate of The Travel Lemming

Sure, the epicenter of Tulum’s fine dining scene is beach-side, but if you’re looking for a first-class eatery and don’t want to leave the town of Tulum, Unico won’t disappoint. Situated on an unassuming second floor along Tulum’s main strip, when You enter this cozy yet stylish establishment, you’ll feel as though you’ve left behind the town’s hustle and bustle and stepped into a tranquil oasis.

Unico offers an eclectic menu, serving up everything from tuna burgers to chicken empanadas and pasta. Start your meal off with fried goat cheese, which begins with a spicy kick before melting away into sweet cheesy goodness.

Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

For your main course, Unico spoils diners with their diverse array of cuisines. House favorites include the seared tuna and ribeye.

Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

Or splash out on the restaurant’s signature eight-course tasting menu, which has earned raves reviews for its mix of flavor, freshness, and creativity.

And since you’re on vacation, you’ll of course want some libations to accompany your meal. Thankfully, Unico’s bartenders are the best in town: for a real kick, don’t skip their mezcal margarita.

Whatever you decide to order, you’re in for a real treat at Unico!

Trying to decide what to do between meals? Click here to check out this guide detailing the best things to do in Tulum!

The Dining Experience

Hotel Manglex, Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila Km 10 // 01 984 211 4877

Recommended by: Cat of For Two, Please

For anyone curious about Yucatan Peninsula cuisine, look no further than The Dining Experience – Tulum.

Unlike most restaurants, The Dining Experience – Tulum takes you through an interactive evening and completely immerses you in the region’s vibrant flavors o. Tasty Mexican dishes, inventive cocktails, and an entertaining vibe — it’s the best way to dive deep into the Yucatan food culture in a single night!

The dinner is arranged along a long communal table and limited to only 21 people.

Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

The 3-hour gastronomic adventure starts with a tequila and mezcal tasting and a fun cocktail making lesson. After drinks, the 7-course dinner commences. The tasting menu celebrates the region’s best ingredients – and there are likely some you may have never tried or even knew existed. My favorite dish? Hands down, the cacao mousse with mezcal-infused caramel. That melt-in-your-mouth goodness will have you begging for more!

From the cozy set-up to the exceptional dishes, you’re guaranteed to have a meal you’ll never forget.

Sabor del Mar

Calle Júpiter Sur // 01 984 178 4510

Sabor del Mar is thought by many to be one of the best places Tulum for seafood. In fact, when my friends recently visited, they came for dinner three times during their one week stay! 

Sabor del Mar is no-frills but rather offers fresh seafood done well at very reasonable prices. The restaurant is somewhat of an institution in Tulum. 

Must-try dishes include the tuna tower, ceviches, tuna tostadas, and fish tacos. 

where to eat in Tulum best Tulum restaurants

Pro tips: Due to the popularity of the place, it’s not uncommon to be asked to wait 30-45 minutes for a table at dinner. If you’re not a fan of waiting you can come for lunch, they open starting at noon. It’s usually not as busy at lunchtime. Also, they do not sell alcohol. 

El Sudaca

Beta Nte. 701 // 044 984 169 8467

Recommended by: Megsy of Food Fun Travel

When we visit a new destination, we do our research! We want to make sure we get the best possible meal each location has to offer. When we first visited Tulum, we were worried we’d find ourselves eating tacky tourist food the entire time…that is until we found El Sudaca.
This quaint little restaurant serves some of the best Argentinian empanadas you will find in the region, and with an exciting listing of flavors, this is a place not to be missed! 
The family-owned restaurant is a small place with a just handful of tables down a side street from the hustle of Tulum’s main street, but just because it’s in a quiet spot doesn’t mean that they don’t sell out every single night — their empanadas are that good!
Some of our favorites — the ‘Champi’ with mushrooms, white wine and cheese, and the ‘Cebolla’ with caramelized onion and blue cheese. We know these aren’t exactly ‘local’ cuisine, but if you are after a tasty and affordable meal in Tulum, we will recommend El Sudaca every single time.
Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

El Asadero

Av. Satelite Nte. Mz 23 Lt.5 entre Sagitario y, Calle 2 Ote, Centro // 01 984 157 8998

Recommended by: Claudia of My Adventures Across the World

El Asadero is, by far, the best restaurant in Tulum. Located at the entrance of the city, it’s about as far from the chaos as you can get without leaving the city center.

El Asadero is incredibly popular, and you’ll have to make reservations well in advance to get a table. The restaurant is also on the expensive side, especially compared to Mexico’s cheap street food. But don’t let the prices deter you, the food is delicious and worth every cent.

This is not a place for vegetarians and vegans: pretty much every dish on the menu has meat or fish. El Asadero prepares cooked-to-perfection tacos, but their house specialty is the arrachera steak – a special cut of very soft beef very popular in Mexico. The rib eye, the sirloin and the t-bone steaks are equally mouthwatering.

Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

There’s also a good selection of wines, and their margaritas are addictive.


Bahia Soliman Bay, Caleta Tanka // 984-115-0260

Recommended by: Sandy of Tray Tables Away

On our recent first trip to Tulum, our group stayed on the beach and enjoyed a ton of local restaurants. However most of these places are the grid and use wood-fired ovens, and the food (and high prices) can get old.

We were really craving some cheap and cheerful authentic food (preferably on the beach) — We assumed it was impossible until we found Chamico’s.

Situated about 15 minutes north of Tulum town on an isolated cove, Chamicos is probably Tulum’s best kept secret, and not the sort of place people often stumble across.

They serve beautiful fresh fish, ceviche, salads, and quesadillas along with the best margaritas we’ve had anywhere.

Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

Full of Mexican locals and comprised of plastic tables and chairs and hammocks along a soft sandy protected beach, spending the afternoon here was the highlight of our stay in Tulum. Let’s keep it between us!

Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

Pro tip: Chamico’s has a second location in town with the same great food, but it lacks the view and beach-side location. We recommend making your way to the beachfront location!

Antojitos La Chiapaneca

Av. Tulum // +52 984 112 3249

Recommended by: Claire from Tales of a Backpacker

If you are looking for traditional street-food style Mexican cuisine in Tulum, you have to come to Antojitos La Chiapaneca.

Fine dining it ain’t, but sumptuous grilled meat piled on top of soft corn tortillas make incredible tacos.

 Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

Or perhaps you’ll try the deep-fried salbutes topped with pastor lamb, or the empanadas, or panuchos that are fried and stuffed with refried beans and covered in juicy cochinita pibil.

Best Tulum restaurants where to eat in Tulum

Find a table inside or perch at the bar as the waiters bring you plates of whatever you desire.  There are bowls to dress your tacos with freshly cut limes, diced onion, cilantro and several different hot sauces – a word to the wise though, check the heat of the sauce before you pour it on your food: the habanero peppers are strong!

You’ll find yourself sitting alongside groups of locals and a few tourists, all enjoying the simple yet delicious food. This was easily one of the best, and cheapest meals I had in Tulum. I even went back the next day — it was that good!

Which of these Tulum restaurants looked best to you? Let me know in the comments section below!

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